Sunday, August 21, 2011

My final blog post

Google+ works much better as a family (& friends) conversational tool than individual blogs do. From now on I'll send Buff stuff via email and I'll be posting what I would otherwise post here to my G+ "Family" circle. I'll still watch your blogs if you decide to keep your own, but this is my final blog post here. So....replace your "Groneman Family Blog" bookmarks with and add me to one of your circles if you want to track the nonsense I usually spew forth around here. See ya on the other side..... Signing off.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dastrup boys need these...

Click here for info on cool utensils!

Lindy's blessing/family picture

I just had to steal this picture from off Brett's blog so Buff can see. Our family on Lindy's blessing day in the Boren's back yard.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Foot-Baaalllll !!!

Erica and I are anxious to cheer on BYU. So, we're going to the scrimmage at the stadium tomorrow (10:15 AM). Anybody who wants to is welcome to meet us there. It's free.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Emmy's first-ever dentist appt.

Emmy did awesome in her first-ever dentist appt today. She got her teeth brushed, flossed, flouride brushed on, 2 x-rays, and let the dentist look in her mouth and count her teeth (20, if you wanted to know). She got to pick out a toothbrush, prize for being so good, and then she got a coupon for a free ice cream cone at Arctic Circle, which we used on the way home.

It was great because Chad went in first, and they called us back about when they were ready to brush his teeth, so she got to see that and that the chair wasn't scary at all and got to feel the tickle of the bush on her finger first before they put it in her mouth. The hygienists were so cute with her. She sat/lied down on my lap in the chair while they did everything. Let me just say it went 100% better than I thought it would, and she never cried once! :)

Oh, and if you were wondering, the dentist said her teeth look amazing and she's doing well. :)

Monday, August 08, 2011

To the mountain

This past Friday/Saturday we headed to the mountain again.  This time with Dastrups & Chad's family.  Dastrups stayed this time, Groneman's didn't...which caused all kinds of consternation with little Emmy.  After the hot dogs and smores she was expecting to go to the trailer go to to bed.  Nope...her parents had other ideas (they had to help in the morning with a project to put down sod in the park in front of their house).  When Emmy found out they were going home instead of staying the night she was not a happy camper!  Grown ups just don't realize that when you go to the mountain you're supposed to stay the night!  Jacob spent the night with the Dastrup grandparents and Brigham was working, but Christa, Benjamin, and Ty had a good time exploring, making squirrel houses, shooting bow and arrow, playing in the dirt.  They stayed the night.  We even tidied up a beach.  Yes, we have our own beach now at the mountain.  Sand to dig in, next to the stream.  Christa built a little staircase going up and down to it. We had to re-route AGAIN (Chad and I did it before) the stream to not undercut a big pine tree.  There is now a little (probably about 6 foot by 6 foot) sandy beach there.  I love going to the mountain.  I fixed a few more of the benches to put around the fire so now there is plenty of room to sit for everyone.......if some people don't mind having to dodge the smoke!  There's something about roasting hot dogs over the fire that's just tasty and fun.  Smores too.  Unfortunately, we forgot to take our camera to the mountain this trip. :-\

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Lindy's Blessing Day

Today little Lindy was was a sweet and memorable event that I wish that the Nelsons and Buffy could have attended. But don't worry-I thought about you, and I ate enough to count for you too :)
Kim will have to post some of the pictures we took of the event. It was fun to rub shoulders with Katies great family, they are some of the very best people I know. I kinda felt probably looked like we wanted to segregate ourselves from them while we ate, which was NOT the case. But there was a picnic table in the shade and I had on a brand new (questionably washable) shirt and so I needed to eat at a table where my shirt wouldn't catch it all (for us sloppy types). I thought I would go and mingle with the Borens when I was done eating, but then, when our kids decided it was time to head for our house, I needed to go with let them in....and such. But I LOVE Katie's family! They are so gracious and kind about everything. I was able to make Lindy's blessing dress and several of them told me how beautiful it was. It did pick up the pink in Lindy's cute little cheeks very nicely, but that was Katie's picking of the material, not mine.

It was nice of them to put up with us at the luncheon this special day. Little Lindy was such a good baby, the blessing, everything that I would want my grandchild to be blessed with, and the food: Delicious. The company: PERFECT! It will be a warm memory for me, forever!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hi Buff 2

Nelson update here.  I started a job at a nursing home last week.  I've been doing orientation which has had me working a bit more than I'd like.  Nursing homes, as you know, are understaffed. I'm the only nurse at all in the Alzheimer's and rehab unit which is a bit intimidating.  But, the nursing home happens to be directly across the street from where we live.  So, it works well with only being a 1 car family.
Steve is enjoying being a dentist and getting quicker with his skills.  Lots of ward members have been to see him and beings that we live in a small town, we see his patients all over town.   The other dentist (who is being fired) leaves this week and starts up a practice 2 blocks away.  Steve is expected to miraculously change a very bitter and divided group of employees in that office into a great and friendly place.  If anybody can do it, steve can. 
Kiera and Lydia are still cute.  They are the best of friends-- especially since moving here to Illinois where we still don't really have good friends for them.  Their obsession with princesses continues.  But their favorite game is acting out going to disneyland and riding on all of the rides (we pretend the stairs are Soaring Over Ca, the couch is Small World, etc.)  I wonder how long it will take them to forget because i'm sick of that game!.  We just finished 3 weeks of swimming lessons.  I pulled Kiera out on the 3rd day because of her antics that I wasn't willing to fight anymore while trying to do a mommy-me class with Lydia. 
Since everyone feels the need to post what they had for dinner on the blog, I will too:  corn flakes with strawberries.  I came home from work for my 30 minutes break and there was no food in our fridge.  Cereal is always the dinner of choice in this situation  (it beats eating ketchup). 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hiya Buffaroonie

Just to keep Buff in the loop, we were going to go to the mountain yesterday, but the monsoon rains are back again and people didn't think it would be worth it just to sit in the trailer and watch the rain.  Don't blame them.  So..we stayed home.  We did the Highlands splash pad thing instead.  For some reason, Jacob wasn't as thrilled with it as he used to be.  He played in the water a little, but then wanted to sit on the benches.  Ty had fun running up and down the river from one end to the other. He was also enthralled when one boy brought a monster truck and put in the river and let the current roll the truck down the way.  I think Benjamin needed a buddy to play in the water with..he looked kind of lonely the entire time we were there.  Emmy liked wading up and down but gramps had to kick water on her to get her wet (would I do that?!?) 

After that we came home to Chinese Chicken Salad (from our recipe site).  Jacob has lost his enthusiasm for movies in the basement...he wants to watch Benjamin play Wii.....and only certain games.  If Benjamin is playing the wrong game, Jacob gets upset and cries and tries to get someone to change the game.   It's a hard life being a big brother to Jacob.    Emmy and Ty were up to their Bonnie & Clyde antics.  They were in the back yard by themselves for quite a while and we found they had been in the raspberry patch picking all the raspberries....and as many green apples from the trees as they could reach (which isn't very far up).  No, they didn't eat any, they just liked picking them.  Lindy was an angel though...she didn't get in any trouble at all.

So far no 100 degree days.  Got close a couple of times, but more often than when I've mowed the lawn it has sprinkled on me.   The rest of the country can cook as far as I care as long as we get the cool summer!  Well, we'll try for the mountain again next week if the moisture has left by then. 

Sherman & Mr. Peabody

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