Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've officially stopped nursing Kiera which ment that today was the first day in almost 2 years that I've been able to fast (since you are not suppose to if you are pregnant or nursing). No, wait-- Actually, I fasted for more than 40 days and 40 nights if I remember correctly...... No wonder fasting today didn't seem very difficult : )

I've always dreamed of having a sock collection that only contained one type of socks so that folding/matching socks wouldn't be so challenging. I'd like to announce that I now have a uniform set of socks and have discarded all the others. My life is now complete. I highly recommend it.

We watched the game last night-- go byu!!!!
It snowed here yesterday. I was down helping Chad fix his garage door and it snowed the entire time I was there. I had to brush some snow off the Jeep before I left his place. It was starting to stick to the roads. Snow....Halloween decorations are up....October is tomorrow.......IT'S THE BEGINNING OF MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Erica and I are officially engaged! For posterity, here's how it went down:

Erica knew the ring was coming since she had picked it out and knew that I had bought it. But I indicated to her that "it would be ready by Saturday morning". But I got it on Thursday. I had been telling her that I wanted to take her up to the spot were we became BFGF. I told her I wanted to go up there on Friday before we went to a concert with her family.

I got subways and we went up. We sat down on the trail, ate our subways, and talked. I talked about how much she meant to me and why I loved her (only some of the reasons since there are many and I can't verbalize most of them). After doing that, I asked her to stand up so I could hug her. I did, and she asked me when I was going to ask her to marry me. "Soon" I kept telling her. I told her I couldn't wait 'till I could put a ring on her finger. I told her a few more things, then got down on one knee, took her hand, and said, "Erica Krueger, will you marry me?" She just looked at me. Then I remembered she had said she wanted me to propose with the ring. So I took the ring out of my front pocket on my shirt, and put it on her finger. She said, "YES!"

After a quick peck on the forehead (or more), we were off to announce our engagement to the world. As we talked about it, she told me she was a bit in shock during the proposal, thinking "Is this happening? Is he really proposing to me? He can't be proposing to me because he doesn't have the ring!" She had previously looked for the ring in my pockets, expecting me to have the ring box. But I had taken it out since it was too obvious if I had it in my pocket. So she
didn't think I had it. She says she doesn't remember me putting the ring on her finger. It just appeared there somehow.

We went and met her family. They said they knew she was engaged before she said anything because she was beaming so much. We went to the concert, which was good, and all of us went back to Erica's house for smoothies. It was good.

Pictures are in Picasa

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can I just say that it has been a GREAT month for family news on the Blog??? I am going to sleep with a smile on my face alot lately....something I could get used to without too much coaxing....keep it up guys....and all my darling daughters too, of course!
Help for Brigham. Once in a while I run across an article or something that I feel can be useful for one or more members of our family. Here's something Brigham can use:
A woman went to a walk-in clinic where she was seen by a young, new doctor. After about three minutes in the examination room, the doctor told her she was pregnant. She burst out screaming as she ran down the hall. An older doctor stopped her and asked what the problem was and she told him what happened. After listening, he had her sit down and relax in another room. The doctor marched down the hallway to the back where the first doctor was and demanded, "What's the matter with you? Mrs. Terry is 59 years old, has four grown children and seven grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?" The young doctor continued to write on his clipboard, and without looking up, asked, "Does she still have the hiccups?"
"Gooby" or no, we did have a little hair event on Monday with photos. Maybe Kathy peered in the window on this one.

The occasion was that I was getting my hair cut the next day, so we decided to Mohawk it before we couldn't. The effectiveness of studying during such an event is debatable.

Being "GOOBIE" Kathy called last night and said she was sitting a few rows behind Brett & Katie at the football game. She called wondering what was going on as they were "acting very goobie". She defined goobie but I won't go into that here. :-) are things going with you and Katie?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

so since I'm coming up for conference, I'm going to be watching a session with mom and dad and since I havn't met Erica yet, I think Chad should bring her up to watch it with us so I can meet her...... Thoughts????

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Luke is *SO* disappointed in his father.

Thanks, everyone, for being so nice. Chad and I loved dinner last night. It was especially good for me to see that you feel okay about us. We feel good about us too, for sure! I never thought things would work out this way for me (as far as timing goes), but I am happy, and I'm not about to complain! I look forward to meeting everyone in person. I've heard such good things, and what I read on the blog just confirms it.

Here are some pictures of Chad and me together (these are the most recent).
Get out of my bed you galldurn cat!!!!!
Yer mom & I met Erica & Chad for dinner last night at Otavios in Provo. It was good as now I don't have to wonder what's going on based on rumors floating around the family. My perception of everything I heard 2nd hand was changed somewhat by hearing things from the horse's mouth...(no offense you two). I'm a lot more comfortable than I was (though I really wasn't THAT uncomfortable.) One thing they did say is that they decided their relationship is going fast so have decided to slow down things for the time being. No, they don't have a date, but it was obvious from the discussion they HAVE decided to get married so I still say they are engaged. Erica is a great gal, we were very comfortable with her, and she seems like a good fit to the family. She wasn't even scared off after getting to know me a little. Good job Chad. Erica, good to have you around. [twitch] NOW WHERE'S MY CHAINSAW?!? [twitch]

Monday, September 24, 2007

So Buff,

You and me left eh? We should celebrate. . . by um . . . having a "I refuse to pay a babysitter while I go play" night. Or Skydiving.

Pencil it into your calendar.

Yeah. That day.

So me and my new roommate watched Survivor: China this last thursday and It looks like its going to be an interesting season....did anyone watch it.

Other news in my life, as cambrie mentioned, I moved out and i'm now living in an apt with a girl from my ward. It's great. And i've been working a lot lately... I worked my 7th day in a row today out of 10...but I'll be getting some pretty hefty checks :-) anyways, that's about it.
To answer your questions

1. No, Erica and I are not engaged yet.
2. Yes, we think we will be soon (1-2 weeks)
3. We recognize that we need to tell you all as soon as we pick a date, but the date will most likely come in the same 1-2 week timeframe.
4. Yes, Erica and I do exist, we do have a relationship, we are dating, and we have kissed.
5. Yes we are busy. We've got more things we need to do than what we have time for
KIERA!!!! Cute Pictures. Steve, it looks like you either had some blood taken or you've been shooting drugs. It makes me smile to see Kiera playing in the bottom kitchen drawer...just like Cambrie used to do.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE ERICA AND CHAD! Rumors are floating about the grapevine about them, but, Alas and one seems to be able to contact them to verify a thing! Could it be that they ran away together? Was it really just an Nasty early April Fools Prank? Does she have Chad in chains in her cellar and has taken away his cell phone? STAY TUNED! HOPEFULLY WE WILL GET SOME ADDITION TO THE BLOG ABOUT WHERE THIS MYSTERIOUS COUPLE HAVE DISAPPEARED TO.........AND WHAT IN THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH THEM!
Breanna ! I need you ! I need someone to watch scary movies with me. I'm going to watch the Grudge 2 tonight......alone.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yesterday we rustled up the Dastrup Herd and drove them to the New Mexico State Fair. Everyone had a great time! Jacob loved seeing all the fowls there-- especially little ducks and chicks. Benjamin loved the acrobatic acts and riding on the merry-go-round. Brigham and Christa loved watching the boys enjoy the fair. It was a great time!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I did something today I've never done before: I went to see an attorney. It was actually a pleasant experience as he was a nice guy. He is LDS and actually lives in Springville and commutes to work in LA during the week. Anyway, he is helping me out with our surrogacy contract. He told me he very rarely gets to work with "normal" people-- mostly excentrics. I'm glad I qualify as normal.

Since Buff hasn't updated the blog, I feel it my duty to tell you that she has officially moved out of our house after living with us for 5 months. (I'll let her post the details). Her room has now been set up as a baby's room and we are awaiting a new addition to our household which could happen any day now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

As rumored, Erica exists. To the right we see Erica 4 days after she bought her bike. 2 flats! (She's on the left).

On the way home from our hike this afternoon (see below for pictures), Benjamin said, "If I had to be a food, I would be a french fry." Deep. Don't feel bad if you don't comprehend right away. I invite you all to ask yourself the same question: "If I had to be a food, what would I be, and why?"

Hello! I have officially entered the world of Blogging. This is a new step for me, but one that I’ve been wanting to take for a while now. Now I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say, and I hope I'm doing this right!

I suppose I could introduce myself. My name is Erica Krueger, from Highland, Utah. I work for CES Youth Programs at BYU, planning EFY and Youth Conferences. It keeps me busy. To clarify any concerns, I am a BYU fan through and through ('05 graduate). I like to mountain bike, play Ultimate frisbee, any sport (esp soccer/basketball, etc), and trying new things. Lately I've just loved spending time with Chad.

Well, that's that. I'm sure we'll have more time to get to know each other, and if I find a picture that is somewhat decent, I'll get that posted as well. It's been so neat for me to see how united you all are as a family. I can tell you really love each other. Thanks for being so nice to me so far. :) I feel like a very lucky girl!

If you want to embarrass me, now's your chance. I've given Erica the URL for the Groneman Family Blog. She'll be signing up for a google account probably today or tomorrow, as well.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Travel Plans for October. Yer mother and I will be ending up our annual SysOp Retreat in Las Vegas on October 12th and our current plan is to drive from LV to Cambrie's house on Friday 12th. The tentative plan is to stay there the nights of 12th - 14th, drive to Christa's on Monday and stay there the 15th - 17th then drive home on the 18th. Questions? Comments? Cusswords?
So, for all of you that don't know, Erica & I are officially dating, and have been since Tuesday. I don't have much time right now to blog about it, but wanted to say something. I did the "meet the parents" thing on Saturday evening - her parents hosted a tailgate party for the BYU game. It was kinda funny - they expanded their cable in order to get the CSTV channel. I think that it was probably on versus though, but they had to ensure they got it, since they were having the tailgate party. I think the tailgate party was specifically to meet me. Her whole family was there.

We spent Sunday together. We pretty much spend every day together. She called her mom and was telling her how much she liked me with me right there. That was interesting.

We did the alpine loop thinking the leaves have turned, since the front of the mountains are very colorful. A few trees have changed, but most are still green. We stopped at Mom & Dad's place on the way back for a restroom break, and Brigham & Christa talked to her on the phone for a bit. She was surprised by that, and had to hang up on them because it was too fuzzy to hear, and she felt bad about that.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Extended Family News: Malesa is having a baby girl in Feb (I think), and Devin is getting married the day before Thanksgiving (no, not the girl that sent him on a mission planning to marry him when he returned). Sarah West ? is also having a baby girl at the same time as Malesa.
Update on Grandpa Groneman:
Nothing terribly major really. But in the 5 days we were gone south, it seems like he aged another 5 years. Seriously. He is having such a hard time even forming a simple sentence a lot of the time. He isn't that bad with idle chatter-stuff he has said out of habit for a lifetime...but on anything that he has to formulate a thought into a sentence he struggles, a lot. It takes him awhile. Also, his balance is getting worse. He pretty consistently has his walker going faster than he is and would face plant into the sidewalk without help. Yesterday on a walk that I could have done in 1 minute easily, it took us 25 because he had to stop 5 times to rest (and I had to get Kim to come get him and wait with him cause I had a meeting to go to so it probably took 35 min by the time he got downstairs. He was trembling, and he about passed out (which is when we did a U turn for home). This morning, Kim went down stairs about 10:30 to see how he was, and he was standing in the kitchen looking very confused. Kim asked if he needed some help and he said that he didn't know what the problem was but he couldn't finish dressing himself (couldn't get his pants done up or tuck in his shirt) and he couldn't think how to get himself some cold cereal (he likes to have it occasionally instead of the usual egg breakfast with everything). So Kim helped him get that and started his coffee maker, as he couldn't figure out how to do that either.
He was also having a hard time getting enough air-breathing in rapid, shallow breaths.
Nothing traumatic, but very frustrating for him to lose so many simple abilities in rapid sequence. Perhaps he had more mini-strokes at Saundra's while we were gone, we don't know, but he has really gone downhill. He is very weak it seems.
I talked to a widow in the ward at Stake Conf today and told her some of this. Her husband died of cancer. She suggested that like her husband, that the cancer may have spread to his brain like it did with her husband, that lead to similar difficulties. And then I thought that perhaps it is in his lungs too??? The breathing thing is a new problem...maybe it will go away, we will see. So I guess my question would be to you nurse/Dr people out there with his being on hospice, do you think with what is going on it would be advisable to get a brain scan done? Kim says, "what is the point if we are not going to fight it?" and I understand that. But I think that if we knew what is happening and what would likely happen to him, and how soon, because of what they find, it would help us to be prepared for the eventualities. Maybe hospice wouldn't even pay...but I am curious if you would recommend it.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Well, as of now I'm a college drop-out. Yep, I just dropped out of BYU-I.
Steve and I have been talking to a couple in our ward pretty seriously about them being surrogates for us (her having a baby for us) and we've decided as of this afternoon that it's a go. The plan is for January. The hard part now is scraping up every nickle and dime from the couch cushions, and having a few lemonaide stands to try to get all the money we need for the process. But with my $1000 refund from my schooling, and the extra money I can make from possibly taking in a second foster baby, I think we will barely be able to come up with the $35-40,000 we need. Crazy? definately. Impossible? No. Ambitious? yes. Are we sure? absolutely.
My schooling will just have to wait. I'd like to see my instructors reaction though when she realizes that I've dropped out of the class because I've already turned in 30+ assignments (and classes only started on wednesday). I was trying to get ahead in preparation for how busy I knew I would be with foster care. Oh well-- my teacher is going to be very confused.

Life is doing a 360 right now for us: end of work for steve, end of school for me, starting foster care, dental school, and now the process for surrogacy (which is QUITE the process) . I don't know how it could get any more crazy!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Congratulations to Steve on his last day work before dental school!!!

Steve starts dental school monday and his last day of work is today. I decorated his office and we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate the end of an era and a start of a new one.
PICTURES OF OUR TRIP. View them as a slideshow HERE and read the captions. You can also see a video:
Ever have those moments when you think your are a genius, and then a half second later you realize you're not the brightest crayon in the box?

yesterday I turned in about 20 homework assignments for my nursing class online. Before turning them in I went through all of them and to check for errors. As I've said before, one of the new APA rules is that you can only have one space after a period. So, I used the "find and replace" tool on my computer to replace all of the "period, space, space" with just "period space". It was really handy to find all the errors for me and fix them.
then, last night as I was in Kiera's room I saw a dark spot on the wall. No kiddin' sure enough, it was an ugly spider. I killed it and had the heebiejeebies. I got to thinking about the fact that there are probably 10 spiders lurking somewhere inside of our house that I'm not aware of. That is when I had my brilliant idea: I could just use the "find and replace" tool and find and replace "spider" with "no spider". .....and then I realized that life doesn't have a "find and replace tool". It's too bad-- it was a good idea for one half second!
Hey, were back! Sore tush and all!
Our trip to Bryce Canyon area on Area from Marysvale on ATV's was quite an adventure. It is a place you all would enjoy, but the next time we do it we won't come from Marysvale on ATV's we will drive down with the ATV's on the trailer to like Panguitch and then go from there, thus eliminating 2 full days of ATV riding in places that we don't need to see again. We put on 386 (Clems odometer said 386, Kims said 370) miles on the ATV's in 4 days! And alot of it was really challenging trails! 3 times yesterday I was about pitched off the front of the ATV when it came to a dead halt in a steep ravine, and I just about didn't. The first three days were fun little adventures...but by yesterday, I was sore from all the jolting the day before, so I was struggling to keep the ATV going the right directions (which is also why I was about thrown off 3 times) So, in the future I think I will have a 3 day limit on trips I want to go on. I just finished watching the pictures that we took of the trip...they don't even begin to do it justice.Casto canyon is the place we went to see. It is alot like Bryce Canyon, except you have the place to yourself and you get to drive through it instead of hike. Some of the places in Casto Canyon where we took pictures were so amazing and awe inspiring that I felt like I was on holy ground! Seriously. And yet a picture only shows maybe 30 degrees of a 360 degree view, so of course it cannot be captured. I hope you can all try it someday. Definitely a trip worth doing. Kim will have pictures on here really quick I am sure. He is working on them now. It sure was fun to go check out the Blog this morning. Lots of FUN blogs from you people! Thank you. Kim and I got to meet Erica last night. She and Chad came over to pick raspberries. They thought we would still be gone. We thought that if we got back to Maryvale late in the evening, we would stay overnight there, but we didn't. So they came a picked our berries (which I was happy about as I DONT want to be bothered with that right now...) Erica made a good first impression...we like her! Chad, I was wondering though, what you were doing in this end of the valley? Surely you didn't come JUST to pick 2 quarts of raspberries....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Benjamin is currently going through an occupational crisis. Even though he still likes dinosaurs, he has decided that he no longer loves them enough to be a paleontologist. After going to the Mayan, he decided that he wanted to be a diver. He has been practicing his diving by jumping off the couch into our Love Sac. But then after taking a tour of the emergency room with Daddy and getting free chocolate milk out of the refridgerator there while Jacob was hospitalized, he realized that Daddy's work is "really cool", and decided to be a doctor part time-- so as to not give up his diving. But then a couple of days ago as we were walking home from the playground he told me, "Do you know what would be totally awesome? To be a garbage truck driver! I want to be a garbage truck driver when I grow up so that I can see inside the garbage truck!" I tried to be supportive and show unbiased enthusiasm for his career choice. So at that point his plan was to ditch being a doctor and do diving and garbage truck driving. But then yesterday he asked me what he needs to do to become a diver, and I told him that a good place to start would be to take swimming lessons and learn to put his face in the water. At that point he decided that he no longer wanted to be a diver. He thought for a minute and then asked, "What do I have to do to become an expert?" I asked, "An expert in what?" And he said, "You know-- an expert-- like Uncle Jeremy (our friend in Baltimore who knows everything about insects, animals, and dinosaurs). I always ask him things that I don't know." So now the plan is to be an "expert." Sounds like a good idea to me-- better than being a garbage truck driver at least!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Breanna reminds me that It's been a while since I've written on here. True. I've been neglecting the blog due to my too busy life. Between school, work, and life, I haven't been able to keep up on my postings. My quick update is as follows:

School is busy. And very unorganized. Nobody really knows what's going on with what is due when and how and why. And I should be doing that right now, but I'm typing here instead.

Work is . . . employment. And really needing a change. I'm taking my state written/skills CNA test this and next week so that I can go do something else for employment.

As for church, I just got called as the ward mission leader. Interesting, considering I've never been a ward missionary. And I don't really know what that calling does or what it all entails.

And last but certainly not least, whatever small amount of leisure time I find, I'm spending with Katie. Dating is time consuming, but I've decided it's well worth it. And that is really the explanation for my lack of finding time to comment on the blog.
Hey dad, I'd like to see you beat me in this mario kart! I think this should be our next world championship game!
Since Mom's been asking for a picture of Erica, here it is. This is from the Timp Hike we went on. And, as is usually the case, the picture doesn't do her justice. And it doesn't help that her hair is covered up. It was chilly up there though. I'm starting to get my hopes up. I think she likes me!

Monday, September 10, 2007

hello Flamily. i'm back to tell you of my "exciting" life. as you can see from the pictures, I went to the beach again a couple of weeks ago. It was really fun. We went to oceanside and the waves were great! We went out swimming and I even tried to do a little body was an interesting experience and I wasn't very good at it...mainly I just got a whole lot of nasty salt water in my mouth and nose. But we had a blast. It was a saturday and we had gotten there kinda later in the day so we couldn't find an open fire pit to use. But we were determined!!! We went to Rite Aid and bought one of those cheap $12 portable bbq's, dug a hole in the sand, took off the grill portion and had ourselves a mini campfire in the sand. We roasted marshmellows and had smores. It was great fun!

Well I started my new job 2 weeks ago today. I work for a place called Grand Terrace care and rehab. It's a lot different than working at the charleston. For one thing, it's a lot faster paced. I hardly feel like I have time to do all i need to do. I often skip taking my two 10 min breaks for lack of time. It's hard and a little stressful but I like most of the people I work with so it'll be ok for a while. I just have to learn how to move at a faster pace.

Speaking of work, I have a meeting to go to so this will have to be all you get to hear about my life for now....I know your all mourning you don't get more at this. Sorry....what can I time is in high demand now-a-days :-)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

VACATION for the old folks. Just a reminder that we parental units will be out of town living it up on ATVs around Bryce Canyon until Friday. That means Brett, that if you ordered your insulin supplies to arrive while we're gone again, you're on your own to get them. :-) In case of emergency, 801-376-4419 tho I don't know if I'll have cell phone coverage, or you can call where we're staying HERE .

Friday, September 07, 2007

High School Musical - For a made for Disney Channel flick, it's really good! Enjoyable to watch. Better'n a lot of movies I've seen lately. Read all about it. It's much better than some of the reviews make it out to be, but I think that's because it's a Disney channel movie and wholesome and has a good message to boot. Not what the general public wants these days. It was filmed in Salt Lake City at East High, even though in the movie it says they are in Albuquerque.
Wanna earn $10? Everyone in my extended family that can read this post that enters the BrainBashers Common Answers this month and matches my answer to the following question will get $10 from me:
Q2. Name something a police officer always carries with them.

If you thought Miss South Carolina challenged should we say, you'll feel better after watching THIS. It's not the guy that worries me so much. One person isn't a trend, but watch the answer from the audience. And as a humorous follow up to Miss South Carolina, we have THIS.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ever noticed how it's no longer "my dog ate my homework".... It's now "my computer ate my homework" ?

my sob story. I had to write a paper (which we will call paper A) for my nursing class and I had my outline and all my important parts of it written on a piece of paper..... and I lost it. Of course, I searched high and low and could not find it. I finally gave up and wrote the paper having to start again from square 1 (which was frustrating but I finished). I then moved on to my next assignment and then accidentally saved assignment B over the top of paper A so I had to write paper A yet again. All of this occured over a 3 day time period. About an hour after I finally finished the 3rd version of paper A Steve found my originial notes for it--of course.

I'll be grateful when I at the stage of life when I never have to write a paper again!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes! Benjamin enjoyed them all! He had a very happy birthday. We celebrated by going to Chuck-E-Cheese to play with the toys (we didn't eat there-- Benjamin requested broccoli soup with breadsticks for his birthday dinner!), and we had a tremendous time-- especially Jacob. He loved it! After Chuck-E-Cheese, we had dinner and a family movie night. It was a great time! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa and Kiera for the great presents!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some of the inspirational stuff I got at Ed Week:

    My parents told me not to smoke.
    I don't.
    Or listen to a naughty joke.
    I don't.
    They made it plain I mustn't wink.
    I don't .

    Or think about intoxicating drinks.
    I don't.
    Or chase the women, wine, and song.
    I don't.
    To dance and flirt is very wrong.
    I don't.
    I kiss no girls not even one.
    Some folks think I have no fun.
    I don't.

    WELLLLLL his point in using this poem, was to state that perhaps the writer needed a bit of an attitude adjustment...but I thought it was funny!

I had a great weekend. It started on Sunday, really. I sat down in sacrament meeting and was looking around for girls I could try to sit by in Sunday School. One girl in particular stood out, so after sacrament meeting, I followed her towards class. She stopped to talk to someone, and my plan was ruined - at least I thought so. I continued on and sat down by myself, since most people were still in the hallways. Shortly after I had sat down, she came in and asked if she could sit by me.

We talked, class happened, and I asked for (and got) her phone number. After church she was rounding up people to go to choir, so of course I went. At choir, I found out that a small group was going to hike Timp that night (1 AM). I was invited to go, and so we went. It was a lot of fun, and I got to know her a lot better. After we had all got home and had a nap, I got a text message about a BBQ that night. Again I went, and she was there. I got invited to go play Ultimate Frisbee with them on Tuesday. It sounds like it's a weekly thing. That night when I got home, I gave her a call and invited her to dinner, which she accepted.

The 411 on her: Her name is Erica, she's originally from Tulsa, but her family now lives just north of Lone Peak HS. Her little brother knows Breanna. She went to BYU and graduated in MFHD, and now works as the head honcho for the West area for EFY. From how she talked, it sounds like that's the U.S.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO.......guess who? He likes to play soccer and he's really good at it. He likes to play dinosaur Christmas and is going to be a paleontologist when he grows up (which at the rate he's growing up, won't be long) . He likes trains, especially Thomas the train. I also have first hand knowledge he's a pretty mean Bacci ball player. He has a cow named Moo. One more year and he's off to school. Do you know who? Have you guessed yet? ( Benjamin! ) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!

Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm a lucky man. I was thinking yesterday about my life and family and decided I was so lucky. We talk to other couples who have kids with problems.....trouble at school, marriage trouble, divorce, etc. Marilyn & I see the heartache other people have with their kids. Look at my kids. Every one of them is a great person that has made right decisions and have turned out to be really good people. I work with a gal who has a daughter that has made a lot of wrong decisions and has married a guy that is less than ideal. Look at the two "in laws" I've got. Yea, I kid that they are my least favorite son in laws, but they are also my favorite son in laws. I couldn't ask for better. I've got a wife that loves me and appreciates me and has stuck with me for 31 years and more. She's also been a good mom to my kids. The thing is, I wasn't a great dad/husband. I'm still not. I'm just me but my family accepts me anyway. Like I said, I'm a lucky man.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Wish granted: there is a video on youtube of our cute daugther.

Steve's wish granted: byu won
Anyone been watching the weather on the left here? Man, it's been hot in Loma Linda lately! 104 right now (with a "realfeel" of 112!). You poor suckers down there.
BrainBashers Common Answers: August Results
58   Chad Groneman                 1   2   1   1   1   2   1   1   1   4
135 Brett Groneman 1 2 7 1 1 3 1 1 1 2
293 Kim Groneman 1 6 5 1 1 4 1 1 1 1
624 Breanna Groneman 1 3 5 1 1 4 1 5 1 1
668 Steven Nelson 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 14 1 3
982 Cambrie Nelson 1 2 1 1 13 4 1 1 1 5
If any of you had gotten the most given answer on question #2 I would have disowned you. Unbelievable. Cambrie has a white she wears. Steve got Hotel that the rest of us didn't get on #6 but the gains there were wiped out by his "peach" answer on #8. Peach?!?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

I think I now possess a money pit. But it's all good.

I mowed my lawn for the first time this morning. It's been years since I've mowed a lawn. It was nice at first, but by the end I was all sweaty and needed another shower. The lawnmower was $200. I bought a bed - $600. Washer & Dryer - $850. Upgrade the floor to tile (it has to be replaced anyway) - $1200. And there's all sorts of miscellaneous expenses. Door springs. Mirror brackets. Light bulbs. Garden hose. It's a good thing I planned on this costing more than I expected.

I do wish I had a truck. Mom & Dad say I can borrow the jeep anytime, but I can really only go do things on Saturday, and that's the day for four-wheeling. Once my kitchen floor is replaced, I'll move the all the kitchen stuff off the living room floor, and force Mom and/or Dad to go to DI with me and get a sofa of some sort.

I get a free propane barbecue from RC Willey, because they put a $100 off sticker on the washer/dryer set I was buying, but it wasn't supposed to be there, so they instead gave me a $100 gift card, which I'm using on a barbecue. So, come on over and we'll have a cookout (BYOM though - I'm poor now).