Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hello People.
Today for fun, we just about suceeded in cutting off the end of my thumb so this is difficult. BTW, in case any of you were considering trying it, it wasn't that much fun afterall...I don't really recommend it.
I thought I should give ya'll an update on Grandma . Her kidneys are failing her. They are functioning on at 30%. I went to the dr with her the other day, he ordered a blood test, urine test and ultrasound on the kidney to see if he can figure out what is going on with them. He suspects that it's just old age, but then he says that she isn't really old enough to expect this kind of situation. Anyway. She really isn't doing well. each day she is in a panic about something that didn't happen that she is sure did. Her feet and lower legs were VERY swollen when she was here Thurs for dinner. She had to wear her slipon slippers, but even they didn't fit-her heels were sticking out the end about 1". She had grocery sacks on over the slippers so they wouldn't get dirty. She was a sight! And she couldn't sit through the movie we tried to watch because of her panic to get home because "the neighbors were in their house stealing her blind". She is a mess. Her Creatin was 1.7. They do dialisis when it gets to 4. She won't do it, so when she gets there, she will die. I don't blame her for not doing it. Her quality of life is MISERABLE! Anyway, I thought you should know.
Anyone alive out there? No one has added to this blog in several days.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Cool, Clear Water [echo] Water!

We've spent the last couple of evenings in the basement (blub) vacuuming up water and moving furniture and getting (drip) the carpet out (North end of the house, both front and back). The soaker hoses (splash) that run in the flowers in both the back and front were inadvertantly left on and we had a major flood downstairs. Thanks Chad for spending (slop) some of your 24th of July vacation to help out. Hope the (blub) BBQ we had was worth it. Of course, it didn't (drip) turn out all bad. I quite enjoyed the moment yer mom put her arms around (splash) me and said thanks for not yelling at her. :-)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Well, I made it to 5 months!! Here I am showing off my 5-month poochy belly. The picture with the back pack on depicts what I look like every night from 6pm to 8am since It contains my TPN (my IV feeding) so I haul it around with me.... it's a pain when you have to go to the bathroom 3-4 times a night and haul it with!!!

I was thinking about how hard this whole pregnancy thing has been, but then I got to thinking about all of the blessing that I've had along with it. It would have been HORRIBLE if we would have been pregnant while we lived in Nevada-- first of all, we didn't have any health insurance : { secondly, we would have had to travel to Utah for our health care through a huge gorge and considering I'm at the hospital here almost 5 days out of every week that would have been aweful. Third, I am very lucky that I have such a good support system: Steve is the most perfect husband in the world and is SO supportive and wonderful; it was nice that mom was able to come out and help me during my worst times, I have a family who are praying for me, and lots of people who care. Forth, If I would have lived 50 years ago I probably would have been hospitalized for the entire pregnancy; if I would have lived 100 years ago I probably would have been dead. I'm glad I am pregnant in 2006.
I really am lucky. Just remember that when going through trials: no matter how bad things seem, they could always be worse, and sometimes you have to really think about your trials to recognize the blessings.
3-4 more months until this little kicker comes out!!
Jackson Hole Trip
Left for Jackson on Thurs AM. Guy & Ann rode with us in our Prius as it gets good mileage without feeling like riding in a tin can. Our condo was just down the street from the place we all stayed a few years back in Teton Village. Thursday night we went to Bubba's BBQ for dinner and just walked around the Teton Village area. Friday we got up and went to Jenny Lake and took a short hike. That ended when we went back to Bubba's for lunch (see my comments on yer mom's post for that story). We went on a white water/dinner trip in the afternoon evening where we did the same stretch of river we did with you kids, but stopped on the bank for a steak BBQ (see my comments on yer mom's post for that story). On Saturday we got up and hiked up Cascade Canyon, between the peaks of the Tetons, on the most beautiful hike I've ever been on. . We ran into a moose while up there. That night we went to the Bar J Wrangler's dinner show. (see story below.....yada, yada) All in all we had a great time, even with a few minor(and they really were minor in retrospect) frustrations. I'll get the pictures uploaded somewhere on the internet so you can see....I've got some good ones like this!...... Oh, and yer mom's heart behaved just fine. She hiked a LOT farther and faster than ever imagined she could after her recent heart issues. Overall I had a lot of fun. (By the case you haven't figured it out, you can click on these pictures to see a larger, better looking version.)
yesirrree, we are home. we had a great time. Kim had to bite his tongue on many agitating moments in an effort not eat Anne in some of her exasparating moments (like, last night at 10 pm when she wanted to drive into Jackson 40 min round trip so she could buy laundry soap Or like when she caused a panic at the BarJ Wranglers dinner show because she lost her purse, which was actually back at the condo!) I know we have our quirks too, that they also must have been trying them....but we had fun.

It is a tradition that I would like to keep alive going somewhere once a year with my siblings/spouses. I would rather do it with my children, but we can't afford to pay everyones way on those kind of adventures, and until our kids are out of school/and the dating scene, it doesn't seem like it would work. Hopefully it will be before we're too old to do fun stuff with em....

One good thing/bad thing. It is really the same thing. My new bridge that had to be RE-done about 3 months ago fell out while I was brushing my teeth today. The good news was that at least we are home from Jackson. The bad news is that I have to deal with this AGAIN! They are supposed to last 10 years and this one has only been in 3 months! And there isn't much left to glue it back onto. I fear I may have to have a post put in. And my insurance Co isn't going to pay for this, because it hasn't been long enough since they paid for the last one. So I am distressed and disgusted and I have a sore mouth and rediculous lisp and "look like you are from the Ozarks". (Thanks Kim!) Always so good to lift my spirits.

One more sage piece of advice free of charge to all of you:
Your welcome!
I unexpectedly spent tonight in the Riverwoods Urgent Care facility for an hour and a bit. I got a pretty good cut above my eye. Cambrie and Steve already got to see the cut a little bit over the webcam as they were helping me decide if it was worth getting stiched or not. The webcam probably didn't give the most vivid picture of it. I'll post pictures later when Cherie emails them to me. To make a long story short, of course, the seriousness of these cuts have to be measured by the number of stitches. They told me that it was a pretty good cut (which I knew from first hand experience) and that if I hadn't come in, it would have turned into a really bad ugly scar. He said it will still turn into a pretty good scar, but not as much. The cut was about an inch long. They put four stitches inside of the cut to keep it all together in there and 17 stitches on the outside, for a grand total of 21 stitches.

If it were blackjack, I would have won.

I'll tell all about what happened later. For now, I'm going to go put some ice on it and go to bed.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

So after I picked up Cambrie N' Steve's piano today from a man driving up from California, I thought to myself, "Self. . . a boat would be a good investment" So I bought one.

It's a yellow boat with some blue interwoven in the pattern. It says it's a "3 person boat," and with that said, I think it's best to remind everyone that midgets and toddlers are people too. "3 midget boat" would possibly be a better description. The point is that it hopefully has room for two people, which is the point after all. ...Which also explains the concept of a boat being a good investment.

...then again, maybe the "two person boat" would have been the wiser investment...

Mom n' Dad, I'll probably steal your boatless oars as Big 5 Sporting Goods didn't have any oars besides kayak oars.
Gather 'round childrens, I have a tale to tell.

To celebrate Benjamin's achievements, I went to Walmart. I wanted a few other things in addition to the water filter, namely a poster, poster tape, and stain remover. As I pulled in to the springville walmart, a truck sped through a stop sign, missing me by about a foot. This startled my car significantly, so it hurried to its parking space and let me out. I told my car I'd be back momentarily -- I only needed a few things, namely a water filter, a poster to decorate my wall, tape to hold up my poster, and some stain remover.

I set out looking for my primary target -- the water filter. Where does one find a water filter? I reasoned it would be near the kitchen stuff. So, I wandered around the kitchen aisles a few times, but couldn't see it. I thought maybe it was a "health" item so I wandered over to the health & beauty section. Nope, not there. Hmm.. Maybe I should look for posters.

While searching for posters I found the tape I was looking for, but couldn't find the posters. I searched a few sections, but came up empty handed. I decided it was time to ask the employees for assistance. There must have been a rave party in the back rooms -- all the employees I could find acted like they were high. "Excuse me, could you tell me where I can find a water filter?" Blank stare, long pause. "No." So I kept searching on my own. I expanded my search grid to include the entire store, other than the clothing department. Still I could not find it, or the posters. Because the walmart employees were not being helpful, I called up several people and asked them where they thought I might find these items. All of them had the same assumptions I had had. I checked these areas again, but couldn't find anything. As I wandered around, I eventually came across an employee that didn't look like he was on drugs. He directed me to the housewares department, to an aisle with office water coolers. There, in with the office water coolers, was a water filter. After further inspection, it was an office cooler water filter. Not quite what I was after.

I searched again. I found that walmart has three separate areas they stock coffee makers, but couldn't find the water filters. I decided to focus my search on the area around where the office water filter had been. Then I found it. Between the toilet seats and the smoke alarms exists a small colony of water filters, of the variety you can pour water into, wait a minute, and pour water out of. How they got there, I don't know. I grabbed one and decided I'd had enough searching, posters could wait for another day. I checked out, and as I was on my way to the exit, I found the posters, behind the check-out stands. I skimmed through them and found their target audience was little kids and movie buffs. An hour and a half after entering the walmart, I emerged with poster tape and a water filter, to find that someone had crashed their shopping cart into my car. Luckily there was no damage (that I could see), but my car didn't appreciate it, and doesn't want to go back to walmart.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Drumroll please... Benjamin wooed in the potty today!!! Just thought you would all like to know. We went to the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate. Please feel free to celebrate this momentous occasion with us in any way you choose (i.e. eat a whole carton of ice cream, buy yourself some new clothes, do the macarena on State Street-- whatever you feel inspired to do).

Congratulations, Benjamin!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some people wanted to go up the Y last night and told me to come. So I did. I drove. It was about what you could expect from a hike up the Y trail late at night, except for a gigantic black spider crossing the trail. We couldn't see what it was at first because it was dark. I thought it was an obese slow mouse until my flashlight revealed its true identity as absolutely the largest spider I've ever seen in the wild.

Are there Tarantulas in Utah Valley?

But that's beside the point. The point is that when I came back to
my car I noticed that I had been visited by local law enforcement. They left me a nice parking ticket on my window for parking there after park curfew. By the way, for your information, the Y trailhead is in fact considered to be a "park" and it has a curfew too, in case you wanted to know. Upon closer examination of the ticket, I'm realizing that they only way they have to identify me specifically is by the license plate. I also noticed that they got one letter of my license plate number wrong when they wrote it down on the ticket. "Hmmm...." I thought as the 5-days counts down before it doubles and triples in late fees....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tylers Farewell is the 13 Aug

Book Review:

Fire in the Bones is a very interesting/educational book about the guy who translated the bible into English. There are many ways that his life parallels Joseph Smith's, and it really strengthened my testimony of the restoration. Very interesting book

Angels and Demons is written by Dan Brown (the same guy who wrote DaVinci Code) . It actually has a very similar type of plot to DaVinci Code, but it is not nearly as contraversial. It is about an ancient brotherhood who are trying to destroy the catholic church (via a bomb) on the day of conclave (when a new pope is voted in). The story is a real edge-of-your-seat page-turner and the plot is constantly twisting (much like 24). Oh, and it is PG rated and non-contraversal.

Steve and I both highly recommend both of these books.
Hey ya'll. This is just to inform you Ut Valley residents about a couple of family functions upcoming so you can get them on your calendars. First, since the Webers aren't doing a reception for Malesa's wedding , but instead are doing a dinner at the Lion House, they have decided to have a family gathering at their house on Aug 6 at 5 pm. They are doing this specifically to be able to include all the cousins that they won't be able to have at the dinner-Lion house. So, they want to see yall there.
Second thing is (SHOCK!) another dinner! Here's the deal with that. Tyler Haslem has been called to the Tonga Nuku'alofa mission and his farewell is at 865 W. 1000 N in Orem at 1 pm. Afterwards about 2:30 they are going to have a family dinner at the Haslem house. However, I will not be attending the dinner. I have had to have SOOO many substitutes in the last 2 months that it is embarrassing. For 3 weeks while in California, for 1 week after the surgery, again this weekend cause we will be in Jackson Hole, and then in Sept again for another 2 weeks while I am on Kim's Sysops cruise. So I am going to leave AS soon as Tylers talk is done and then come flying back to teach my SS class. You can stay at Haslems and eat, or come and eat with us after our church is out at 4, or you can go back to Provo and have a good time flirting.... (hum,...maybe I shouldn't have put it like that, now I won't see anyone!) By the way, the invitation to come to dinner any night stands open. Just let me know in advance that your coming so I don't serve spam! Anyway. I hope you can make it to at least 1 if not both events. Malesa is moving to NYC and you won't be seeing her for quite a while... and hey, I would like to get re aquainted with ya'll too!

For those of you wondering, no, it isn't a 2 week is a 7 day that starts on Sunday so with travel time that is 2 sundays. Bummer about that. It is to St Thomas and St Marteen and some of the Bahamas. I don't know exactly where it is...but I plan on going this time. Love ya'll.

Monday, July 17, 2006

So there I was sitting on the big roll of carpet in the "Quad" of Cinnamon Tree apartments, minding someone else's business, when suddenly Marie from apartment 12 walks up to me and says, "Do you have a sister moving in to my apartment?" Knowing that it was rather unlikely that Christa or Cambrie would be moving in any time soon, I assumed "Sister" referred to Breanna. However, I was under the impression that Breanna was possibly moving far far away. Inquiring further, I found out that there is a Groneman moving to apartment 12. Hence the original question to me.

Breanna, you didn't tell me you were moving to my ward. When?
Word on the street says that there's going to be some things that go boom in the sky in Cedar Hills this Saturday. I for one am not planning on missing such an event. Mom just said that they're going to be gone, but for the rest of you Utah Valley residents (and even those of you who are not) you should come up to Mom n' Dad's house on Saturday evening to watch stuff blow up. I'm going to be bringing up a hand full of friends from here and we'll most likely be cooking bratwursts or hamburgers or something and watching stuff blow up. Hopefully "stuff" doesn't include the propane tank. If you bring lots of friends, bring your own stuff to cook up. Otherwise just tell me and I'll bring plenty for you too. Chances are, I'll have plenty anyway.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Groneman Family
I am happy to announce that after my spending 28 hours (yes, we count them for tax purposes) at the Duplex, we finished what really needed to be done to make it more rentable! I went down for 3 days in a row. Kim spent about 6.5 (ish) hours there yesterday. Between us we replaced the motor in the Swamp cooler, and adjusted the pump and cleaned the water sprayers.. replaced the tap in the bathroom, painted 1 room and touched up all the others, hung a drape, cleared the kitchen drain, cleaned tub, oven, toilet, sinks, cupboards, floors, windows, fertilized the grass, weedeated the place, pruned, cleaned out 2 years of dead growth in the garden, put roundup on noxious weeds in the cracks of the cement, blew away the seeds and dirt, repaired a fence, dug out the old caulk in the bathroom and replaced it with new, restained the kitchen cupboards and more! I'll bet your are all so jealous that you couldn't have been there to help! Sanitizing the place and killing off all those nasty germs was only slightly less fun than zapping all those "Innocent" flies camping! (borrowing a phrase from Kim....BBBwahahahaha!)
Kim was not overly thrilled about having to go to the duplex at all (especially to replace the motor of the cooler on the roof when it was hot). He did however have one moment of elation: As I had said, I was there 2 days before trying to get stuff done. One problem that I had was the tub drain. It was so clogged, nothing would move (a problem we had in the other side of the duplex earlier). So I had put a full botttle of drain cleaner in trying to clear it myself (and I had used a plunger earlier to no avail) Nothing worked. So Kim had brought his drain clearer thing. He said, you are right! Nothing is going down this drain!!! But then when he started the process to clear it he discovered the REAL problem: you know that little lever that you put up and down, depending on if you want water, or if you want it drained? Well, it wasn't open to drain. YEP, true story. So Kim was having a moment of bliss realizing that he didn't have to do that job afterall. (IN DEFENSE OF BOTH OF US, OUR DRAIN IN OUR TUB IS VISIBLY OPEN AND SHUT, THIS ONE JUST LOOKS OPEN ALL THE TIME, WE FORGOT THIS KIND EVEN EXISTED!) Chalk up one more to a old brain! But hey, it provided Kim with a moment of Joy, so it was not all in vain!! Moments of joy were hard to come buy yesterday!

For clarification to all concerned about the great loss of so much innocent life up at reservation ridge....Innocent? Bah! Those knats, deerflys, horseflys were each bent on our destruction! They ganged up on us in such numbers that if it weren't for those blessed inventions of destruction, I would have been out of there after 1 day! Great swarms of them were conspiring to destroy us off the face of the planet! It was no less an inspiring miraculous victory for us than the 6 day war was in Isreal about 50 years ago. We should be given a metal of honor for first enduring their noxious presence as long as we did, and relieving the world of about 1000 or more noxious critters! We were vastly outnumbered, but we overcame! And I fully expect a report on this event when I die and am eulogized, as one of my lifes great victorys, so take note everyone!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

It probably doesn't matter what we name our little girl, because the naming trend in the Groneman family seems to divert from the person's original name anyway...Isn't that right Brigham, Cake, Chat, Can, Bert, and Buffalo? Looks like Aladdin has found his niche in the Groneman family. So as of now, Bombquisha might just stay as our daughter's name on her birth certificate since her real name will change in a few years anyway.

--Wonder boy

ps the next time the fam. gets together, we challenge EVERYONE to marshmallow war games!...using PVC pipe guns of course

Friday, July 14, 2006

Steve and I went to my in-laws place on our 3rd anniversary for a change in scenery since I was feeling rather poorly. When we walked in the door the first thing my mother in law said was "is your chubby face from Steroids, or from pregnancy?" Yes, that is not exactly what I wanted to hear.... but it is the truth: the 'Groneman chin' has taken up residency on my face and I have an extra layer of chub. I'm actually not really chubby anywhere else- infact, I weight 125 lbs which is my pre-pregnancy weight. Nevertheless, I cannot stand to be called chubby so I've decided to try anorexia as a solution to my problem...... oh wait.... considering I've eaten 3 otter pops in the past week, I don't see how I can cut anything else out...... I know!... I'll try bulemia. I'll just vomit up everyth......... ok, nevermind. Alas, I have no choice but to deal with my chubby face.
I am sad to announce that we have sold the Explorer. After digging in the backyard under the fence, scratching at the door during lightning storms...oh...wait...that was the dog. Anyway, some nice people that live in Tooele came today and handed me a check and drove off with it. It was sad to watch it go after it had served us well for so many years. I remember having Brett flag me down in Pleasant Grove and having to drag it home and fix a broken pully. I remember replacing the heater valve that was leaking antifreeze. I remember the first screetch of worn out brakes. I remember having to have the transmission replaced. Ah yes. The memories. The trips. The camps. It was a good and loyal friend. Now, off to think of what I can do with $4,500 dollars! Bwwwahahahahaha!!!.......
After a thorough review of the DVD entitled "Groneman Family Reunion 2006, Reservation Ridge" I would like to ask a few questions.

First, I have a few technical questions for dad that need not take up this page, we'll chat later.

Second, is the Explorer for sale? I thought that in the riveting "let's go look at the dead flies" field-trip segment that I saw some suggestive white paint on the rear windows. How can you sell such an important part of Groneman family history? It should be bronzed and used as a birdbath in mom's flower beds.

Third, what was with you guys and those bug zapper things? Whose idea were those? We were going to show the clips to Benjamin and Jacob, but feel unable to do so due to the barbaric slaughter of innocent animals so graphically portrayed. How many zappers did you have? It looked like everyone had two in each hand.

Fourth, has grandpa g had his thyroid function tested recently? I know that Reservation Ridge has colder temperatures, but the amount of clothes he was wearing compared to the rest of the group was ridiculous.

Glad that all had a fun time. Now I have to go throw up because the ATV clilps brought out my motion sickness problem.

Much love,
PS. If anyone wonders why I keep posting as Christa, my computer doesn't want to accept another login name--I'm sure someone could do it, but it hasn't been worth my time to figure it out so far.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Baby is due end of November. Put your guesses in before the end of July to be eligible for a free dinner. Contest is ONLY on time of arrival, the rest is just for fun. Closest wins. Add your guess as a comment to this entry.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We are currently in crisis mode here in the Dastrup household. Benjamin was going potty for the last time before going to bed tonight when Moo, tired of being left behind on all of our trips to the pool, leapt into the toilet. The good news is that I was able to save him before mouth-to-mouth had to be performed. The bad news is that Moo needed a washing and was unable to accompany Benjamin (AKA Aladdin) to bed. Farewells were made, tears were shed, hearts were touched.

Moo is currently in the washer and will be delivered to his bed once he is sanitary once again. We would appreciate all of your moral support during this time of trial.

Our Camping Trip
As you can tell, we're back from our week long camping trip. A good time was had by all. Marilyn and I stayed in our trailer. We left June 30th and sadly (kicking and screaming actually) returned home July 8th. Saundra and Randy were up there the whole time. They had Connor/Kayson & Andrea/Tabitha up there for a couple of days. Jolynn came up for one night. Steven & Darcy & kids came up for a day. I had pulled Grandpa's trailer up there earlier and he came with us and stayed the whole time. Buff and Chad were up there for a couple of nights & stayed in individual tents for the nights they were up there. We did a lot of playing games, sitting around the campfire, zapping flies with our electric zappers (sounds fun eh? really was. Marilyn was enjoying herself with the zapper way too much) and riding ATVs. We took up some rubber band airplane kits and had an airplane fly-off. I think BJ and Chad had a good time riding. I was wishing everyone could have come. It rained every day we were up there. Some times just a few sprinkles and Thursday it rained mostly all day. The temperature was just perfect. 65-70 was our highs for the day. One day it got to 73 I think. Nightime lows were in the low 50s. Couldn't have asked for better. I took 2 hours worth of movie during the week and mom put the DVDs in the mail for Christa & Cambrie yesterday. Anyone else wants to see it I'm willing to watch it with you! We took a bunch of pictures! WHICH YOU CAN SEE A SAMPLE OF HERE. REMINDER: Don't forget to look at the FUN STUFF page (link on the right) from time to time.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Groneman Family
So, I am not at all sure that this is how I post a blog, but as Kim is out mowing the grass after cutting apart the major limbs that we lost in the microburst that Cedar Hills had while we were gone. The backyard was a disaster. Kim has been out in the heat slaving away for about 3 hours, and he hasn't even gotten to the front lawn yet. And since they didn't get mowed for 11 days, it was time to pull out a thresher! Way too much work for yer ol pa who has spent 9 of the last 10 days doing R &R. !!
Just so's you all know: This coming Friday (4 days) we are going to take up Grandpa Gronemans trailer to the Mtn property, where it will have a permanent home. Kim says that it is just too heavy to pull around. So we will use it when we go up there, and the other when we go other places. We arent sure yet what we will do about Grandpa G next year we go camping. One thing we found out about him this year camping: He is a hazard to himself, us and the forest left to his own devices in his own trailer. At least 3 times, Kim went in his trailer to get something and he had left a pot on the stove to boil unattended for who knows how many hours. And he did other dangerous things too. He needs close supervision, because after he came out in the AM about 11- 12 (when he got up) he would usually stay out all day, or in our trailers with us until bedtime. So if Kim hadn't needed to go in he could have boiled the pot dry and then who knows what would have happened next. He is scarey.
Also, FYI, Kim and I , Guy and Ann, Kathy and David, and Garth and Julie are going up for a 3 day retreat to jackson Hole July 20-23. We should be home that Sunday evening. Oh blast! That means I need to get ANOTHER SS substitute! Oh well. It should be fun. But if you need to contact us, you will need to call Kims cell phone. Since Novell pays for it and there will be roaming charges...just call if ya really need to contact us before Sunday when we will get home.
News from the FAM: Devin is home from his mission and the blessings have evidently been curtailed: All in the last 2 weeks these are some of the events of the West household.
Kathy and David rented a couple of ATV's and took them up to the mountain property. They are not quite sure how it happened, but Davids ended up taking an unplanned roll down the mountainside. Needless to say it was totalled. They did not buy the insurance, so that little accident cost them $5K.
Kathys "Maryland Bridge" on her teeth came lo0se and she could not find any Dentists anywhere that still do them, so she ended up having to go with 2 complete bridges (like mine in the same places) at a cost of $4,500.00
As if that wasn't enough, the sewer line under their driveway, came apart, and flooded part of the basement. In order to get to the problem, they had to tear out their driveway, but in the process they cut the telephone and internet lines also. So they didn't have any plumbing, telephone or internet for 3 days. The plumbing is fixed now and the phone is back on . Comcast said they couldn't come for a week, which is a problem for David as his job requires the internet...But their home looks very much like it is under constructions as they have torn out most of the cement in the front yard, and alot of it in the back, and they pulled carpets up from the basement and are starting again on sheetrock etc in Micheals room (his was the worst). All in 2 weeks time! David says that Devin needs to go serve another mission. Kathy says he needs to get Seth ready to go. But, other than that, life is great huh? :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!! We wish that we could be there again this year to tell you in person, but since we can't, you'll have to give yourself two big hugs (from me and Brigham) and two little hugs (from Aladdin and Jacob). We hope that it is a wonderful day for you!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

When we were last home for Christmas and Chad got us started on the 24 series, Steve and I became quickly addicted. But we promised ourselves we would never start another series because they are too addicting and take up too much time. I have recently recalled that pledge though and would like to thank Chad for letting me borrow seasons 2 and 3 as they have sucessfully diverted my attention from my steroid withdrawls. Yes, I'm addicted to Steroids, but I'm almost off of them-- I've gone from 50mg to 3mg-- I'm almost done!!

I would also like to thank Christa for that cheesy "Mom and baby Yoga" that she gave me as a white elephant gift. Although extremely cheesy, I do yoga almost daily because it distracts me from my nausea (I do fast forward the chanting/meditation parts). Who would have thought that I would actually use that white elephant gift!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Check out the latest attempts at web design by Brigham at the NEMSIN home page. Hopefully I'll get some funding soon so that I can get rid of the ads and pop-ups.

Happy 4th to everyone.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I just got back from the Family Campout...

I'm sure Dad has some great pictures to post, I don't. But it was fun. I had to play on Dad's toys a little bit, to make sure they're okay for him to play with. I went on a few spins, and had a lot of fun. I didn't manage to sneak up on any wild animals really, although Dad and I did see a deer. And lots of sheep.

I drove through the mud some, and got Dad's toys dirty. That's all right, they're camping. Things get dirty when you take them camping.

It was a fun few days, highly recommended.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

We are the champions, my friend! The Ivymount Running Club (IRC) is proud to announce the triumphant completion of its first road race: The Dreaded Druid Hills 10k. The race gets its foreboding name from the seven substantial hills contained within a two mile stretch. A quote from one of last year's runners was, "I love running hills, but that was mean and totally uncalled for." Several members of the IRC admitted to being very nervous before the race, but despite the jitters, all five members of the club finished the race under one hour without walking a step. Members Brigham Dastrup, Christa Dastrup, and Dinah McBride all came in together at 55 minutes, 6 seconds. For more details and information, fans may go to the IRC website.