Saturday, September 30, 2006

Long ago in a land far away (England) there was a little girl and a little boy who decided that September was a boring month because of the lack of holidays. So, they decided to create a holiday on September 30th to be celebrated by them every year. They named this holiday "Candy Day" and decided that what you do for the holiday is collect all of your candy and give it too your older brother Chad. Obviously these two children were not very bright.

Happy Candy day everyone

Brett- what were we thinking?

Chad- if you want your candy, come and get it.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

So, both Christa and Cambrie have been giving me static about not really saying anything about the cruise. Most of them are about the same. Eating , playing, shows , islands, eating, sleeping, eating and eating. Oh, yeah. Did I mention eating? That too.
Actually, there were a few things different about this cruise. Believe it or not, one of the decks had an ice skating rink where they had an "ice follies" type show. It was GREAT!!!! I was amazed. The costumes were fabulous! The skating was better than I have ever seen at the olympics ( it must help to not have the pressure of the olympics and the whole world watching), and they did stuff that they don't do at the olympics, alot of which is more dangerous. It was breathtaking, amazing stuff. I didn't get pictures, cause I thought they weren't allowed, so I didn't have my camera. I took one of the sysops wifes since kim didn't want to go, and she took pictures, so if she ever sends them I will have to blog a few of em. So if yer ever on a cruise ship, I would recommend, taking the time to get the tickets (the audience only held about 500 seats, so on a cruise of over 5000 people, not everyone got to see it.)
We played some shuffleboard with Pam and Clem (kim works with Pam). That was a first. We actually won. It was a challenge as the slow rocking of the boat affected the puck (or whatever it is called). It was kinda fun. They had the rock climbing wall...but we had no desire to use it.
Really, socially, it was probably the best I have been on. I got to know alot of the people that Kim brings better. And I noticed that one of the sysop wives (the one I took to the ice show with me) was alone alot and not to happy about it (her husband was playing computer games in their cabin), so I spent more time with her than I have ever spent with anyone besides Kim on those trips. So that was good. The alaska cruise is still the best, by far.
There, satisfied?
To bits of good news:
First of all, I am slowing regaining my ability to eat food again. Thank heavens!! Looks like I won't need the IV after all.

Second, Steve had his interview at Loma Linda dental school yesterday and it went very well. Since everyone in the dental department knows Steve and is trying to help steve he got a few advantages to other interviewees. Instead of assigning Steve an essay like they were suppose to do, the lady slipped him the paper of essay topics and told him to just pick one all the time saying "shhhhhh- don't tell the other applicants". Steve had a 45 min interview (it went over on time) with a guy that already knows and likes Steve. Steve was also the very first person to interview this year. Needless to say, our hopes are quite high for getting in to Loma Linda next year. If he doesn't get in, then the Lord must REALLY not want Steve to be a dentist.

Oh, the picture above is of Steve doing a 3k with some of his family. Yes, nothing like a marathon, but I thought I'd add a picture to add some excitement to the blog.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trip Report
* * *Here's some pictures* * *(click here) but we flew down to Orlando where we stayed with the SysOp group overnight.
Bugs, bugs, bugs. We got on the ship at Port Canaveral (which is right next to where they shoot off rockets/shuttles/stuff). The second day we stopped at Cococay Bahamas and just walked along the beach looking at a LOT of jellyfish, and other critters. The next day we were at sea all day. The forth day we arrived at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We got into some rubber boats and went out to a small island where we had a hermit crab race (my crab won), took an "eco hike" and did some snorkeling. Pretty fun. The fifth day we arrived at St. Martin, got off the ship and hired a boat to take us snorkeling/shopping. We snorkeled at a sunken submarine (about 8 feet under water) then went to another place and snorkeled the wreck of what appeared to be a big sail boat of some kind...probably 16 feet deep. It was all broken up but there were a lot of fish around it. Cool beans. We then went to the French side of the island and yer mom shopped for a bit before returning to the ship. Two days on the sea back to Canaveral. One night we had lobster for dinner, and on the ship, you can order as much of anything as you want, anytime you want. Yer mom & I both ate 3 Lobster tails each before we were too stuffed to even think of eating more. That's probably the one thing we did more than any other on the ship: eat.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nelson News: The good, the bad, and the very ugly

The good: We got the results of our ultrasounds and other tests. The baby is measuring normal and is doing fine.

The bad: The other night Steve starting trying to teach our unborn daughter to kick a football. He put the cold football on my abdomen (so of course she kicked it). I think he's going to try to make a football player out of my dainty daughter.

The ugly: on sunday I missed a dose of anzemet (a nausea medication I take once a day) and ever since then I have relapsed to my previous health. I have been unable to keep any food/liquids down. If I'm not doing any better by tomorrow they are going to re-insert an IV again. No fun. 9 more weeks to go.....
Sunglasses in my bag...are they yours? When I went to get my blue Novell backpack for the cruise, I found a pair of nice sunglasses in the bottom of it. Any of you folks claim them? Description: Two lenses, dark. A couple of nose pads. Dark brass colored metal thingys that go over your ears. Going once......going twice.......

Monday, September 25, 2006

With my leaving Novell, I get to take my hardware home / don't have a need for all of it. Some of it is pretty nice still. For those of you in California or Maryland, Dad has offered to pay shipping if you want it.

So, here's what's available (no guarantees - I might take some of it to my new office)

(2) 17" Flat panel monitors
(1) Dell 2.53 GHz, 1 GB memory, 40 GB + 100 GB Hard drives, NVidia 5200 (AGP)

This has the Fan Sensor problem discussed several weeks ago.

(1) Chad-Built AMD64 Dual Core 2.2 GHz, 1 GB Memory, 120 GB Hard drive, NVidia 6xxx series (I forgot exact model, PCI-X)
This is pretty good, but I've noticed a few quirks with it sometimes.

If someone wants it, let me know, otherwise the computers will be test machines that I won't use very often, and the monitors sit in a dark closet, where they will live in fear of the monsters. I had a dream about a shark-mutant thing last night. Its fins acted like hydrofoils. It also was able to get around on land fairly well. I had to escape by running bast a cougar that almost bit me. Pretty cool, but obviously I was scared since my brain designs my nightmares to scare me.

I accepted the job offer. I'll start my new job Oct. 9.

For all y'all who are involved in my cell phone plan, they might take off the company discount when they find that out. We'll see. I won't tell them.
Wow! it was great to come home to all of the fun stuff on the family blog! Especially since I was feeling family starved anyway. We missed hearing from Breanna on the blog, but she had been there and made us cookies which she left, so that was nice. And I got to talk to The Nelsons when we got to SLC last night (I had to call her while she could still talk for free on weekends). Anyway it is nice to be home.
For all you football fans out there, I sat next to #88, James Adkison on the Oakland raiders football team on our way home last night. He got on in St Louis and was heading back to Oakland after flying home to see his mom because she was in the hospital with a blood clot. I was quite impressed with him...very nice, friendly, faithful (he talked about how his whole family prayed for his mom and how he knows that it helped). He took a whole week out of his busy life to spend with his mom. Kinda blew my pre concieved notion that all successful jocks are jerks. One of these days, I am going to have to get over being judgemental.
Our trip was fun. Some serious R&R...but it was rather shocking that no one turned down my bed for me or left me mints on my pillow or towel animals (after I got home)!! They definitly spoil ya on those trips. I thought it was funny. Shaun, is one of Kims sysops from England. He joined us one day and said that he had been in the rest room and he said that there was a sign there that said "employees must wash hands". He said that he waited for 5 minutes, but no one came, so he finally had to do it himself!!
Probably taking the idea of TLC on the ships a little too far...

So news from the home front. Bad news runneth rampant in my family while I am gone. Guy's appendix burst (I don't know the whole story on that yet...) and Sydney found out that she has breast cancer. They already removed the cancer, and it doesn't look like it got into her lymph nodes yet, but she is going to have to have radiation treatments, and she isn't sure yet about Chemotherapy. They aren't telling their kids everything because with Tyler in the MTC they don't feel like it is a good time to concern him with major concerns at home. In addition to the cancer, she has developed problems with her vision. She can't focus her eyes, and she is just feeling very yukky, and they don't know why yet. Her turn with fun and games....but I would be really concerned about what's going on to cause all of the problems that she is having that are unexplained. Anyway she could use your faith, and if you are fasting, please include her in your fast. And I know that Guy is "wearing a bag" after his surgery to remove the appendix that burst...and he is recovering. Moving slowly. Again, please pray for both of them.
For any of my Provo kids...the washer isn't working. This is not good timing on its part to break down since I have 1 1/2 weeks of laudry to do. I am with Brigham, I need to get a installed on my house and car. We were going to take the prius to the airport, but it had a flat tire when we went to get in it, which is still flat....and with Kim needing to catch up at work, and at home, and make a roof to go on the trailer at the mtn this weekend (there is quite a bit of snow on the mountains already), it is not a good time for repairs on the homefront too. I may have to make a trip to the laundrymat...bummer dude!!
I see also that Brett, Chad , and BJ have been here while we were gone. (they all left notes). I want ya to all feel welcome to come WHILE WERE HERE, not just while we are gone! (Is there a subliminal message were supposed to be getting about when you like to come?? :) ) Just kidding. Love ya'll! 2 1/2 weeks till I fly to Dastrups!!
Dear Brigham: This is for you

Sunday, September 24, 2006

So yesterday morning while most of you were probably still snoring and drooling on your pillows, Brigham and I went out with our little running group and ran TWENTY MILES! Yes, we did it! It took us 3 hours and 20 minutes, but we did it. The last couple of miles were pretty painful, I must confess, but for the first time I can actually imagine myself running a marathon. Do ya'll know just how far twenty miles is? The next time you're driving a decent distance, restart your little trip odometer and notice how far it truly is. Then you'll know how amazing (or completely insane) we are!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Hi yall. I have been offered a new job! It's not my dream job, but it's better than where I'm at right now. I'm considering it, and need to make my decision on Monday.

The company is small, based out of Missouri, called ISSI. I'd officially work for them, but really, I'd be working for LinuxNetworx here in Utah. They're in Bluffdale, pretty close to the prison. I'd have an office in the LinuxNetworx building.

I'd be doing a lot of travelling -- the job is doing Linux cluster installations and configurations, on high end clusters (4 to 8000 servers per cluster). They say on average I'd be away three days a week on average, and sometimes (but rarely) would need to work over a weekend. Oh, and all my expenses while travelling are paid for, and my own miles to / from the airport.

The pay is about 20% more than what I make right now. I'm still in the process of comparing benefits. It looks like Novell's benefits are a little better, but I'm still comparing.

Right now I'm thinking I'm going to accept it. Thoughts?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steve: Brett's bond with Cambrie must grow deeper than I imagined. Yup, ever since their first kiss, it should've been obvious that they were trying to be just like each other. Noticing a trend where BOTH went to Ricks & UVSC, BOTH are/have pursued nursing, BOTH went to foreign countries on either mission or service (NC is a foreign land bytheway), BOTH have gotten in car accidents. I could go on... That's why Cambrie's previous incident should've been a sign of the future for Brett to take heed realizing this too would happen to him...We saw that one coming!

You people need to write more exciting things in the Blog.... I just fell asleep while sitting at the computer reading the Groneman Blog. That's a sure sign that we need to turn up the excitement level ..... or that I'm the laziest pregnant lady this side of the Mississippi.

Well here is our contribution to the excitement level for the day: Steve got a dental school interview with Loma Linda University. And when he called to schedule the interview they said "we've been waiting for you to call Steve." Steve was the first to call for an interview and will be interviewing with a guy that already knows and likes Steve. We are so excited!! We really have high hopes for Steve getting into Loma Linda next year.

Also exciting: I am now the proud owner of an "out-ie" belly button. I've been an "in-ie" for years and years now, but I decided it was time for a change (Actually, someone growing inside of me decided for me). Now there's some exciting news.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So last night I decided to tweak my resume a bit on, and send it out a few more places. It's now just after 10 AM, and already two companies have called and arranged interviews. I'm impressed with Just make sure your resume has a bunch of info, and it does a very good job searching for relevant jobs. I recommend it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I made it back from Atlanta this week. I'm glad to be home. I thought I would share some words of wisdom I have on business trips:

1. If you have to eat alone, get a salad along with your dinner. That way you can occupy yourself while waiting for the main course to come

2. Try to see the sights. If you can't, but have spare time, go to the local stores and see what you can find. I never have time to go clothes shopping in Utah, but I went to Old Navy in Georgia and found a couple of nice shirts for five bucks each.

3. Use an airline that has plenty of flights to and from your destinations, in case you get the opportunity to take off early.

4. If you rent a car, get NeverLost. That is the coolest thing since rasberry jam on toast! As you dirve down the road, it not only knows where you are, but it knows on what part of the road you need to be on. If the road has exit only lanes, etc. it will tell you that you need to be to the left, etc. It turns out that it's more reliable than the street signs.

On Wednesday, we were supposed to go to a Braves game. There were about five cars going down, some local people, and other people like me, with rental cars. We left around 4:30 for the 7:00 game. I was driving with a couple other non-local people in my car, and the NeverLost told me I needed to take exit 248. But the road signs said I needed to take exit 246. We had a quick vote, and decided the NeverLost was probably wrong. So we followed the road signs. But as soon as we got off the freeway, they disappeared. We found ourselves in downtown Atlanta. We drove around for a bit looking for signs or for the field, but quickly found ourselves in an area that.. well... it's not in the travel brochures. The guys in my car made sure the doors were locked, and were looking out for anyone who was approaching us. I went back to NeverLost, and it guided me through the ghettos, to the baseball field. We got there to find that the only group that had made it so far was another car with NeverLost. The others made it in slowly, the last arriving just as the game was starting. Every one of them had taken the same exit we did, but didn't have NeverLost.

By the way, my new address is 675 N 500 W #204
Nelson mom/baby update:
I got Picc-line out of my arm and it's SO nice not to have to suran-wrap my arm before I shower. I'm also glad people can now stop asking "what did you do to your arm?" I have a pretty funky tan line and some funky looking skin where the dressing was, but that's temporary.
My last doctor's appointment everything was deemed to be going well except that the baby is a bit small (30th percentile) so they have me going to get non-stress tests twice weekly and I'm going to get another "big" ultrasound in an hour. I don't mind one bit if the baby is small.... that's a small hole she has to come out of!! (as long as she is healthy).
I'm ever so excited and anxious to have this baby. I puked again this morning and I'm pretty anemic and weak, but overall I'd say that I'm doing rather well.

Nelson Father update: Steve is enjoying his 8-5 job. No word yet on if he is going to be hired perminently yet. Getting secondary applications for dental schools. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Loma Linda Dental School.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

So I just got my car back 2 days ago after it was in the body shop for over a month. Bla. It's been frustrating to have to spend $1,000 and not have a car for a month because some guy was an idiot driver... A big thanks to Mom n' Dad for letting me borrow the $ for the deductible while I pay for tuition and what-not.

I also got pictures emailed to me yesterday from my cut back in July. I already sent you the picture of the stitches. That was a pretty cool picture too. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a little more blood and violence in your life. There you go.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Guess what? We have a cold front moving in with snow in the Mountains, and possible frost in the valley. This doesn't make me happy. I am not even going to be here to cover up my tomatoes, canteloupe peppers etc. And we aren't supposed to get frost until late October (According to Marilyns Almanac). I just thought you people with better weather would like to know so you can appreciate it. BJ, you don't have your coat yet. Your gonna need it this next week...probably this weekend too.
So, every time I get out of my statistics class at 9pm at night I call Steve on my cell phone and talk to him as I walk to my car since there are no lights in the parking lot and it's kindof scary. Well, on tuesdays as I was walking out of class there was some guy who came up to me and started walking and talking with me.
"So how's it going?" "what do you think of our class?" "what's your major?" "What happened to your arm?" [referring to my IV] "Your PREGNANT???...... um.... you don't look pregnant.... you must have been tiny before you got pregnant."
Anyway, it is always way akward to talk to these fellows who obviously have not looked at my left hand. I'm nice but brief and I try to divert the conversation to the fact that I'm married as quickly as possible to save them some embarassment. So this dude was ready to end our conversation after he figured it out so we started going our seperate ways and said our "nice to meet you's" and "goodbyes" and I picked up my phone and tried to call steve. Steve's phone was busy when I called him, but when I hung up it told me I had missed a call from Steve. Anyway, that happened a few times and it was apparent that we were trying to call each other. So as I try dialing again I realize that me and Senor Statistics are about to cross paths again. I didn't want to talk to him again especially since he thouroghly embarassed himself and we had already said goodbye so since I couldn't get through to Steve I just held my phone up to my head and started talking like I was talking to someone. Me and Senor Statistic's cars were parked right next to each other. But what was really embarassing is while I was pretending to talk on my cell phone my phone rang and since it was right next to my ear it scared me to death (also making it apparent that I had not been talking to anyone before it rang). Oh dear. Oh well.
So that is the most exciting thing that I can think to write about (but at least I write in the blog!!)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't forget to look at the fun page ----> from time to time. (pat)(pat)(pat) to Brett for actually adding something to it relatively recently.

Monday, September 11, 2006

We leave this Saturday for a 7 day cruise to Cococay, Bahamas, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and St. Maarten. The ship we're on is essentially the same layout as the one I went on last year to Bermuda. It's amazing. It has a shopping mall down the center inside the ship, it has a climbing wall, an ice skating rink, basketball court, an inline roller blade track, a full miniature golf course, multiple swimming pools & hot tubs, a theater/stage, a casino, a fitness gym, etc. It has a three story dining room, a buffet, and several restaurants. It's a monster. Scroll through these pictures to see the luxury of this animal. We're returning home late in the evening Sunday 24th.
So here is my blog posting even though I have nothing exciting to say. I'm still pregnant, a little nauseated (but tolerable). I'm taking a statistics class and it's really difficult for me because (as christa and mom already know) pregnant brains don't function normally.
As steve can testify to, I am the laziest pregnant lady this side of the Mississippi. I sleep 10-13 hours every day.
Steve is grateful to have a wife who cooks again. He was getting pretty used to frozen burritos and his ol' bachelor menu. For anyone who didn't know, steve is working a temporary job (60 days) at the VA hospital and we are hoping that it will become a perminant one when the 60 days are over.
I've been hanging out alot with the girls in my ward that have kids. I'm a mother-wanna-be. I've discovered that mothers have alot better social lives than working girls do!!!
Nothing else significant to report from Ontario California.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

IS ANYONE OUT THERE? or are Kim and I the only ones reading the blog? If so, it would be easier just to talk to him, since he lives with me....Groneman Family

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lest anyone think that we found a money tree to buy property with, let me assure you it didn't happen. We are going to borrow the money from Grandpa G, and then pay it back with the interest he is currently getting from it in the bank. But, we feel it is the right decision. And in fact if Keith weren't buying the lot just north of ours and West of mom's and dads, I would be tempted to buy that one too....because unless there is a catastrope of some sort, we could sell it in about 4 years and with that money, we could either pay ours off or build a cabin, which would be sweet! But, Keith has it, and I am not certain I could possibly get myself to go that far out on a limb...remember, I like security afterall. A fire or a bad economy could make it more of a liability than a blessing. But I do feel good about buying #120...if nothing else to have a place of our own to have our family gatherings with in the future. Theoretically, someone MIGHT possibly stay in the area! Looks dubious, but we can always hope!

Our Family reunion up at the mountain was fun with lots of good food! There were about 31 people that showed up. Even Ann and Guy and Alissa and her fam and Andrea and Terrance! AND...EVEN BRETT! (that was the first time he says he has been up there in 5 years). We had to give him a map and the use of the Prius (because his is still in the shop!!!) to find it. But he was there! Chad was there too, which was great, but Chad has been up there a coupla times already this summer...but it was fun to see Chad and Brett having some bonding time. I really enjoyed it. Even if it was really cool temps up there. And Hey,my dad stopped mom's anxiety pills (because she hid them), and it appears that they were making her anxiety worse, not better...she isn't nearly as bad as she was, and she has become somewhat conversant again, which is nice...even if she was contradicting everything everyone said! She was funny!

Chad and Kim took the 4 wheelers around the mtn, and today Kim and Brett did. It is certainly better 4 wheeling at reservation ridge, but it was still nice to have them up there. There is just nothing like seeing the scenery without the roof and limited vision you have in a jeep.
The fall colors are beginning to be very beautiful...but we are going to miss the best time up there as we are leaving on our cruise next Sat and will still be gone the Sat afterwards. Believe it or not, Kim would RATHER be at the mtn, rather than question. I don't concur. Both are nice, but the mtn is a whole lot more common in my life at least.

Alright. This has been a long epistle! I am calling all slackers to repentance and get something on the blog! It has been pretty sleepy lately with not much participation.

Cambrie, I sent the Calulator, insured and requiring your signiture because I remembered that you were having a problem with your mail security at your apts AFTER I got to the post office and stood in line. Hope that doesn't create problems You should have recieved that today maybe, if not monday. Let me know when ya get it.

LOVE to you ALL!

Friday, September 08, 2006

About the mountain

We've decided to purchase a plot of land (4 acres) next to Grandma Haslem's mountain property. It's the wooded hillside up behind our old fire pit. The end of the zip line is on this property. Yer mom's uncle Ken Rasmussen owns it and wants to sell it. He'll give it to us for $15,000/acre (it's 4 acres). Land up there right now is going for about $20k/acre so it's a good deal. Our plans are to hold onto it as an investment and use it in our old age (tomorrow?) if we have to, but hopefully not have to. It will keep someone from buying it and plunking a cabin right there next to our place at Grandma's. Hopefully it will be a place for cousins to gather and have water fights etc. like some kids I remember from a long time ago.
The lot we are buying is # 570060120. Granpa Haslem's lot is 113 Keith is buying 119. He and Jake and Ryan already own 87. For perspective, the corner where lots 120 and 119 meet lot 113 is right next to the road, in the stream, just north of Grandpa's old storage shack. Our old firepit and carved trees "Kim's a pain" are on lot 120, the one we're buying. The southern junction of where lot 87 meets lot 113 is the lightning rod on the road.

Here's a picture where you can see Grandma's trailer (CLICK HERE)

This is a picture of it from the air. You should see all the empty cans of red, green, and blue spray paint I have from doing this! (click on it to make it larger)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

So, today I am trying something new: Raspberry Blueberry Blackberry freezer jam. I guess you could say that I am in a real jam. (I know, it is a mother joke...but I qualify as a mother. Anyway, if any of you are bored and feel like a canning project you know where I live! Cambrie, I am going now to mail that just dropped it off last night. I thought she was going to mail it Tues. hope your not in trouble without it.Groneman Family

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Funny/precious moment of the day: I put Benjamin in time-out and he was letting the world know that he was not happy about it. Then, all of the sudden, he went quiet. After a few moments I decided that it would be wise to investigate. When I walked into the room, I found him kneeling down by his time-out chair, his hands clasped together. When he saw me, he said, "I'm praying to Heavenly Father to ask Him to help me."

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mountain Reunion This Weekend

Hey gang, Webers are hosting a Haslem Family Reunion this Friday/Saturday (8-9 Sept) at the Mountain Property. Friday dinner will be served and of course we'll handle breakfast/lunch for our clan. We'll have the ATVs there for folks to ride. I hope you can make it. The road is good enough you can drive a car to the mountain, or if you prefer not to, there is a Forest service parking lot immediately left of the gate at the bottom. If you can and want to come for all or part, let yer mom know and we'll make arrangements


I couldn't post this yesterday, because we were up at the Mountain......long story told later. Anyway I hope you had a very very very very very happy birthday and had a lot of fun. You are growing so big now! It's fun to talk to you on the phone because you sound like a little man now and can carry out an intelligent conversation. Be sure to tell us all what you did for your birthday. You say it and your mom can type it. Ok?
Your Grandpa and Grandma Groneman sure love you!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Here are my 2 moderately interesting stories for the day:
#1- while "nesting" today I was organizing our stuff and I pulled out some of our Masks we bought in Africa that were made of wood. They had big tunnels all throughout them and saw-dust at the bottom of the box they were in. I guess I brought home a critter inside our african decor. I just hope it doesn't start eating our bed next!! (we got rid of the african stuff)

#2- we went to a wedding reception/ open house of one of steve's friends from high school. It was held at his parent's house and it was different than your average LDS function. Anyway, we were standing in the living room leaning against the back of one of there couches and there was a knock on the door so the groom who had been talking to steve and I answered it and gave some lady a hug and told her it was wonderful to see her. She then walked up to steve and I and started talking to us like we were the bride and groom (we were the best dressed people in the room because we were in slacks). We had to let her know that we were friends of the groom and that the kid who had just hugged her and she had pretty much ignored was the groom. It was pretty funny to be thought of as a bride considering how pregnant I am!! Anyway, embarassing moment for that lady : )

Friday, September 01, 2006

BrainBashers Common Answers

Wahoo! Chad was 747, Brett was 1386, Breanna was 1718 (snicker), Christa was 142 (hey!), Brigham was 122 (HEY!!!), and the rest of you appear to be the proverbial stick in the mud.

Hi Kim Groneman,

You came 329th in August's contest. Your answers were:

Name a mammal that can fly.
BAT [1st]

Name a prime number above 20.
23 [1st]

Name a romantic flower.
ROSE [1st]

Name a famous war.
WORLD WAR 2 [1st]

Name a colour of a candle.
WHITE [1st]

Name an animal kept as a family pet.
DOG [1st]

Name the shoe people put on first.
RIGHT [1st]

Name the number of eggs you can hold in your hands.
8 [6th : 3 was top]

Name a place on the body where you can wear jewellery.
NECK [1st]

Name a word ending in Z.
JAZZ [2nd : BUZZ was top]

Of course, I'll beat you all in September's brain basher !!!!!!!!!!!