Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly post

Nothing dramatic or overly exciting to post, but I thought I'd do my weekly post nevertheless.

I'm still loving my new job. I get paid RN wages to read my book or to play with a 9 year old for most of the day. I love it. Easy. I guess this in the sort of job where nurses go to loose their skills, but since I don't plan on going back to hospital work ever I don't really care that I'm loosing my skills. My goal is to work 24 hours each week.

I need to hire a full time accountant and secretary to do all my administrative work these days. Between supplemental insurance issues and planning a surrogacy I could really use them!

Steve is going to be going to Honduras on a "mission trip" with his school in March. This means he'll be snorking for most of the time but might fill a few teeth on the side. He'll be gone the duration on his school break which is no fun for us.

Our disneyland passes expire soon: Mine march 10th and Steves the 27. We are going to meet up with Saundra, randy and Co. on the 2nd of March at disneyland. Kiera's pass doesn't expire until november so maybe we can get someone else to take her : )

Lydia joined the nursery at church today. Glad to be free of the little munchkin. 13-17 months is the HARDEST age for church. She seemed to do fine but was very glad to see me when I went to pick her up.

Kiera keeps talking about how auntie Buffalo is going to come to disneyland with us. I have to keep correcting her. She also keeps getting "great ideas" to go to Utah to see the playhouse.

New! EmmyChat

New! For the convenience of her fans, Emmy will be available to answer your questions via LIVE VIDEO CHAT during select hours. As her publicists, we've arranged for her to use Google Video Chat to interact with her followers. Of course she won't be using her real google chat account. She's chosen to use her publicist's accounts. And, of course, due to the volume of requests she'll be getting, her publicists will be the front-line in screening who she accepts to chat with. In other words, you'll need to call to get an appointment.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Well, it's official! I have passed the NCLEX! I'm an LVN.... now I just have to pay $150 for the license so i can work as one.... which probably won't happen before my mission anyways. oh well. Also, I've decided that once I get home off of my mission I want to do this: I think it would be an awesome experience and a good use of my nursing skills. Anyways, that's the update on da buffalo

Dog Sledding

We went dog sledding today up near Oakley. It's not something we would have ever thought of doing ourselves (nor would we have paid for it) but Autonomy hosted it and took us both up there so we enjoyed it.   CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE A FEW MORE.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hotel Park City

UPDATE: I just checked the price of the room on the website.  The room we're in goes for $895/night. - Dad

Well,here I sit in our little "cottage" in Park City. NOT a cottage! This is for sure the nicest hotel I have ever been at! It has a living room with a fireplace and flat panel large screen TV and a private hot-tub just outside the door. It has a bedroom with a gorgeous view of a lake and the ski slopes which also has a fireplace and another flat panel TV... the bathroom has a large jetted tub and a large shower with 3 showerheads to spray out on you. It is decorated to the hilt! Last night I found my newest favorite resturant in Utah...Ruth's Kris. Never heard of it before and there is only one of them in Utah but their food TOTALLY DIVINE!!! The rolls were the best I have ever had in my life (Kim thinks so too). And the Fillet Mignon was amazing as was the berries and cream. I NEED their recipes, but I doubt I will ever get them. Makes my mouth water just to think about it!
People are cross country skiing all around us, and there is a swimming pool that it just steaming away out in the open if you want to take a dip...haven't seen anyone in it though. I don't know how much this place is, but I would guess $500.00 a night.
Kim is gone to meetings most of the day, so I am here by myself enjoying the luxury and preparing for teaching my first family history class in church this coming Sunday. And I will have time to read and chill until they take us out to another restaurant in Park City this evening. I seriously doubt that they will be able to beat what we had last night though. It was just fabulous!
Tomorrow we will go dog-sledding . That should be interesting! Kim will post some pictures when we get home I am sure. If you want to check out this place go to Kim, my birthday is coming up..better save your $ for this Ruth's Chris Restaurant!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The lives of my grandkids

I ask you parents of my grandkids should read THIS ARTICLE.   I was listening to KSL radio on the way home and they were talking with some doctor in depth about it.  The reason I'm posting here is because I see my toddler grandkids walking around with whole carrots, grapes, etc. in their mouths and I cringe whenever I see it because we were taught when we were new parents to never let kids that age have anything they could choke on.  I don't say anything because I'm not the parent but that bit on the radio really scared me.  I would hate to lose someone that way so I urge you pay attention to this.  The article says:

Doctors say high-risk foods, including hot dogs, raw carrots, grapes and apples _ should be cut into pea-sized pieces for small children to reduce chances of choking. Some say other risky foods, including hard candies, popcorn, peanuts and marshmallows, shouldn't be given to young children at all.

Playing in the snow for 3 days.

CLICK ON THE PICTURE to see our adventures in the snow over the past 3 days.

Here's the damage

If you were curious, I took a picture (and edited out the license plate). It's really not too bad, but we don't know why the brake light is on. We hope the impact didn't affect something else we can't see.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


We went with our friends in the ward, the Kirks, Friday morning up to their cabin in the mountains above Scofield for the weekend! It was a GREAT trip! I have never been on an ATV winter excursion before, and it snowed on us nearly constantly the whole time we were there! It was just enchanting! I LOVED it! All that fresh snow in the pines, and the mountain views were mostly as if in fog because of the lightly falling snow, rather a mystical look to them. Everything was so beautiful, pristine white!
As I said, the cabin was in the mountains in the pines, so we had to park the Jeep at a parking lot right off the road, take the ATV's from there up to the that was different! When we got there, the cabin was 17 degrees, same as the outside, so we stoked up the fire, and left for an ATV ride. Diane was leading the way. She told me, make sure not to leave the beaten path where it has already been packed. OK. I can do that. But then she turned off the "main road" onto a side road where some snowmobiles had already gone, and we went toodling down the hill one right after the other. Well, unfortunately, the snowmobile hadn't packed it enough and we all got stuck, clear down the road with the only way out being up another hill! And I mean STUCK!! It was crazy. We got off our ATV's which were on "the beaten path" , and when we stepped into the soft snow just off the beaten path, we sunk in clear up to the crotch! It was a LOT deeper than it looked! Kim will post pictures, and a picture is worth 1000 words, so you will get the picture...but basically we (mostly they) had to use the winch attached to trees up the road to pull our ATV's back up the hill to the top, which was slow and tedious at best. But one of our ATV's winch didn't work, so they had to push it up to the top. They were SO EXHAUSTED after all that physical exertion for hours! I wasn't a whole lot of help with my 3 herniated discs in my back and a hernia to boot... So that wasn't the most fun part of the trip, but even with that challenge, it was a great trip!
We ATVed, played games, watched movies, ate great food... just fun stuff, and the setting was so enchanting I was just thrilled with the whole trip!
This morning Diane and I got ready for church, and then put our snow gear over the top of our Sunday clothes, hopped on the ATV's so we could go to church in the Schofield branch of the church! The church was over 110 years old...original foot pump organ and all! We had 28 people in attendance in Sact. meeting, but it was was one of the best meetings I have ever attended! Totally worth the work it took to get there! was great fun!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We're alive.. a little sore, but alive.

Today we went to an 80's fondue party with Erica's side of the family, at her aunt's home in Layton. It was fun, we got pictures we'll have to put on Picasa someday.

Our journey home had more adventure than we thought. We were nearing the southbound I-15 / I-215 split.. The far left lane had just barely merged into ours due to construction, when suddenly all the cars went from normal speeds to a sudden stop. Everyone was stopping as fast as they could. I was braking, intensely focused on making sure I wasn't going to hit the car in front of me. I could see the car in front of me was trying desperately not to hit the car in front of him. He weaved a bit to the right, which gave me a bit of room to the left. As we decelerated as fast as I've ever decelerated before, I was beginning to feel like we were good... we weren't going to hit hi... WHAM! Yup, we got hit from behind.

I pulled into the construction area, as did the car that hit us. Erica was okay, and Emmy seemed to be okay. I got out of the car, in my 80's attire, and talked to the other driver. She was okay, and told me she'd been meaning to replace her brakes, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Her car was pretty banged up. It was a nice sporty car, and it looked like it couldn't be too old... I guess just old enough to need its brakes replaced. It's front was crushed in a bit, and the hood was bent such that the driver could still see ahead, but only just so. Our car's bumper was smashed in, but didn't look too bad. Her car was pretty low, so our bumper took the impact.

The cops came and shut down the freeway briefly to move us out of the construction zone onto an exit. There we did the accident formalities, and went on our way. We were delayed for just under an hour, all said and done.

I was very tense the rest of the drive home, and along the way both Erica and I started to feel a little sore in the neck and back. The estimate was that it was a 25 MPH impact. Emmy seems fine... She was talking her normal happy talk just a few minutes after the accident. I think we'll see how we feel tomorrow.

We'll need to call the insurance company on Monday. Even though we're not at fault, we just work with our insurance company. I'm not looking forward to that.

I'm thankful that the accident wasn't any worse.

Friday, February 19, 2010

We went to disneyland today. Just trying to make the most of our passes before they expire in March. 2 girls missed there naps but still had fun.

2 More earth tremors today. Acutally, I had just finished typing the previous sentence when my computer/world started shaking...yet again. I can't tell you the way it makes my heart start beating fast each time it happens. It usually seems to happen while my girls are sleeping (like right now). I always hesitate to go running in there and rip them out of their beds to go outside because it might just be yet ANOTHER small one. But what if I hesitate when the big one actually comes? I hesitate saving my children's lives just to save them some sleep? I've been having earthquake/food storage nightmares lately. I wish it would stop!

Winter ATV riding

We're off to Scofield for weekend ATV riding in the snow and sitting by a fire in a cabin. B back Sunday. Don't even think about it Mr. Burgler.....Buff, Brett, and Katie are still home, they all own black belts and are armed to the teeth! You guys do own black belts don't you?..........and each had two arms that reached to your mouths last time I looked.........

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More picts of Emmy

We've had a request for more picts of Emmy. You can see some more detailed explanations on the Groneman Bunch blog. Enjoy!

Mmmm... Lasagna... Mmmmm.

She knows she's been caught!

Curious little munchkin. Loves to make a mess.

Amazing how she's born with the nurturing instinct! It shows.

Watching the Olympics in her chair with her baby.

She loves to show love and be loved.

She loves to explore new things. Fearless child!

She loves playing horsey (or doggie) with Mommy and Daddy. It wears us out sometimes!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

shake it up

We had to more earthquakes today. Sort of makes me nervous...we've had so many lately that it could mean a big one is coming. the other day we had 3 (the biggest was a 4.3). Our water storage is not complete at the moment. We had it, but it leaked everywhere and I haven't got around to replacing it. You can bet though that it will be replaced by the end of the day!

BYU story from the Las Vegas bowl.

A man had two of the best tickets for the Las Vegas Bowl this past season. About midway up the stands right on the 50 yard line. He sat down and soon another BYU fan comes along and asks if anyone is sitting in the seat next to him.

"No", says the first man, "the seat is empty."

This is incredible!" said the second man, "who in their right mind would have a seat like this for the Las Vegas Bowl, the biggest sporting event of the year for the Cougs & not use it?"

The first man says, "Well, actually, the seat belongs to me. My wife was supposed to come with me but she passed away. This is the first BYU game we haven't been to together since we got married."

"Oh... Gees ..I'm sorry to hear that. That's terrible. I guess you couldn't find someone else, a friend or relative or even a neighbor to take the seat?"

The man shakes his head... "No. They're all at the funeral."


Valintin day
Valintin day
It is the beast day
in the way - Benjamin Dastrup

What a great poem from Benjamin!  That and a note from Jacob and Ty were waiting for me today when I got home.  What great kids.  Thanks guys!  FYI it's also one of Marilyn's beast days yesterday.  Her wish came true.  Our big tree in the middle of our back yard is no more (well, it's a bunch of slabs of wood and limbs etc. filling up our yard).  She's always hated that tree because it shaded her garden. She hired an assasin to come cut it down.  Yesterday evening I spent hauling the big chunks of wood out by the playhouse to make a pathway through the woods for kids.  Got it about half done....will do the rest tonight.  Then we have to haul away the HUGE pile of limbs and clean up all the sawdust etc.  There is, truly, no rest for the wicked........

Monday, February 15, 2010

New job

I got a job today. I start thursday. I'm really excited because I think it will be perfect for us in our situation right now. I'm going to be doing home care, but unlike my last 2 home health jobs I'll have just one patient and I'll stay with them for the whole shift. So for now I'm going to be taking care of a 9 year old developmentally delayed boy who has TPN (that's what I was fed with my first pregnancy for all you non-medical people). For the first 3 weeks my schedule will be 4 hour shifts, but then I'll be doing 8 hour shifts (3pm-11pm) 4 days a week. Because Steve gets home at 5pm my girls will only have to be babysat for 2 hours on the days that I work. So no real hardship on family life. We'll probably have to cut a few things out of our life (less blogging on my part) but I think we'll do just fine. I'm excited that I found a job so perfect for our situation (I get to pick my own hours and my own days). Blessings.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


And happy Valentine's day to her (and you all) at the same time.  Too bad she has to work today.  I figured since she is going on a mission and is my little angel, this button is appropriate.   We sloberated her birthday yesterday and it was  a great day.  Emmy came over to my house to see me fairly early in the morning.  Chad said something about escaping a shady insurance salesman.  We played and played!  (And we watched Olympics). One thing everyone needs to know about Emmy...she doesn't like it when her minions leave the room.  No sir.  She wants ALL of her people right there. Period.  Buff requested crab legs (as usual) so we had steak and crab.  Mom made an apple and a triple berry pie to cap it off.  Mmmm.  Anyway....Buff is now officially 22.  Bummer she has to work all day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures for your viewing pleasure

I'm too lazy to organize this blog, but I thought I'd post some cute pictures.

Pictures are of: Dancing in the kitchen (a common activity in our household), ladies writing a letter to santa (a little early), Lydia and all of her stuff she has to have when she wakes up (she needs to hold EVERYTHING), 2 sick ladies cuddling with Steve as they watch a show, Lydia in mommy's monster boots, and family movie night (20 minutes of sleeping beauty--and Steve fell asleep!).
Sorry about the sloppy blog, but hey-- at least it was blogged!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Introducing: Sister Breanna Groneman

I do a google search on the name "groneman" that shows up in an blog.  Saw a blog from a missionary in Ireland and thought...what a GREAT way for a missionary to write family.  Write one "letter" and it goes to everyone.  At the end of the mission...print it and it's a diary!  So, without further adeu........

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Buffy's Birthday is this we will be having a family feast! How about Steak and Crab? So at present, BJ doesn't know if she will have her birthday evening off. She will find out on Thursday. But our dinner for her will either be Sat or Sunday...preferably Sunday, SINCE IT IS HER DAY!
Wish you out of staters could join us too! But soon you will!
Today is Kiera's 11th day with fever. After being mis-diagnosed on friday I decided to to take her to urgent care today. I actually think she is probably almost done this, but Lydia has had the same thing for 5 days and I do not want to go through another 6 with her just as bad as Kiera so I took them both.

As you can imagine, 3 1/2 hours by myself at an urgent care with 2 fevering very-sick little ladies was NOT easy. The doctor said Kiera most likely has the flu and they tested for it but he said most likely she'll be over it by the time we get test results back. Lydia had 2 infected ears, 2 infected eyes, and I respiratory virus as well. They didn't test her for flu (although I wish they would have-- I didn't think of it!).

For the last 2 hours of being there Kiera was crying for "pink milk" constantly as if it was the only thing in the world that could help her feel better. Of course I was telling the doctor that Kiera isn't eating and barely drinking so I doubt they believed me with her crying for milk. Of course, when i got home and made strawberry milk for her she had one sip and then refused to drink anymore.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I need each of you to put your $0.02 in here. Yer mother and I are finally getting around to doing some estate planning since we're getting old and decrepit and will eventually just croak. We've talked to a lawyer (insert favorite lawyer joke here) and it looks like what we will do is create a Limited Liability Corporation and a Trust. The LLC will hold our income and recreational properties which will protect us and our house from any liability generated by ownership of those properties. It also allows the LLC to just keep on going forever after me and everyone then Ty dies. (tie died....reminds me of the 60's). The entity that will control the LLC (chairman of the board) will be our trust. The trust will own our house and will define which of you brats gets what when we die. We'll also have a will that leaves everything that isn't defined in the trust, to the trust when we die. Those slimey lawyers sure do make it complicated.....anyway...I digress. As part of this package we'll have a power of attorney set up to take care of our stuff when we are both nuts and no longer able to. We'll also have a medical P of A telling you kids to pull the plug on our stupid breathing machine. So...we've been giving this some thought and I want to roll it past you folks for input before we do it.

Who will be trustee of our trust....that's the person that has the responsibility to do what the trust says to do and to decide what to do if the trust doesn't say anything about it. It's also the person responsible for running the LLC. (Each year a tax return, etc. etc. ) Of course I take care of it all as long as I'm alive and not nuts. Here's what we were thinking: Christa has and will have Jacob to take care of for a long time so she's pro'ly not going to want to spend the time and take responsibility. Cambrie is likely to never live around here close so wouldn't be a good option to give the responsibility to. We don't know who Buff will marry or what she'll be doing/where she'll be living so she's not a good choice right now. Brett is not firmly established in a lifelong career at this point so there's a possibility he could move somewhere or ?? and with his diabetes, he *could* have serious health problems (hopefully not but....). So we *think* the logical proression with trustees after we can't handle it ourselves is: Chad, Brett, Christa, Buff, Cambrie in that order. (If #1 can't, #2 takes over, etc.) What are your thoughts? Keep in mind that when I can't do it, this person will need to spend some time filing the tax forms, making sure the yearly fees are paid, etc. so it's not just a figurehead job.

As for who will be listed as having our power of attorney...and our guy in the expensive suit says it should only be ONE person. Since this is only to sign necessary papers it's a toss up, but maybe Christa since she's almost guaranteed to be around, won't be "at work" when a paper needs to be signed, is in good health, and won't have to worry about the trustee stuff. Thoughts?

As for our medical power of attorney....I thinking of leaving the designated person on the paper blank since no money is involved (cant' leave the regular POA blank or Joe Blow cold sign it and take everything we have). That way anyone of you could put your name in there and make the decision if/when necessary.

Also...the way we will set up the trust is that everything goes to you kids equally....and if one of you happen to die, your kids will get your share. If you AND your kids die, then your share will be split equally among the other money grubbing clan. Any problems with that?

Oh..and one last thing.  If there is a special item we have that we've promised you when we die or if you guys can decide among yourselves who gets what, that goes in our trust as well and it won't cost us money to add it later.  If Brett really wants my sunday shirt button extenders when I die, let me know and I'll write it up.

So...consider this carefully. If you don't like what I've put here...tell us so and why. Publicly or privately.  If you think it's OK, let us know.  It's hard when you have 5 wonderful kids and want them all to have everything, but you MUST make some sort of decision on who is in charge. In reality, any of you could do it and would have my complete trust. Legally, we have to split hairs though and say who does what.  If you guys get together and decide something different than what I have outlined here, that will pro'ly work for us. None of this is written down yet but will soon be if not changed so....what say ye?  Also, if you have questions, ask away and we can discuss it.  Oh....and we have to have a name for the company. I'm thinking of the groneman word for unhatched chickens LLC.  It has a ring to it, don't you think?

Monday, February 08, 2010

I hope that I grow an inch or two....

IT'S OFFICIAL! I have been called to serve a mission in Atlanta, Georgia, English speakin'. I will be reporting to the MTC on April 21st, 2010 (happy birthday cambrie ;-) it's exciting and I'm nervous and still a little unreal for me but I'm goin down to the DEEP south... bible belt hear I come!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nonograms are more fun than sudoku

I've grown tired of sudoku.  I find nonograms a fun diversion:

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Valentine from Kiera & Lydia

I got a cute valentine today from Kiera and Lydia!  Happy Valentine's Day you two cute little princesses!  Gramps loves it when he gets things that the grandkids have made.  It makes me feel all good inside.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Inspirational Thought for the day:

"Women are Angels. And when someone breaks our wings....we simply continue to fly......... on a broomstick.. . We are flexible...."

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Determind...or stubborn

By now I'm sure everyone in the family has heard that we are planning on doing surrogacy (for sure) and not going with the adoption route. We have also come to the conclusion that we want to do it sooner than later since it can be a LOOOONG process to come up with finances, find a surrogate, and then the entire process itself takes over a year (assume you succeed the first time). Despite suggestions from others, we highly prioritize having our children as close together as possible.
We realize that we have 1 major obstacle to overcome in order to proceed with surrogacy: finances. We are $150,000 in debt and we live off our scholarship and a little bit of loans at the moment. It doesn't exactly leave us an extra $50-70,000 laying around to pay for a little bundle of joy. I guess this is were determination comes in to play. And yes, I am determined to try. Last night I was searching through my almost-never-used scripture case (just the case is un-used not the sceptres) for something and I ran into something I wrote out in my cheesy 15 year old handwriting: "When it's too hard for everyone else, it's just right for me. --Cambrie Groneman" (I know, gag!) Despite cheesiness of my 15 year old cockiness, it has been a theme of my life thus far. A week or so ago I was talking to Malesa about surrogacy and how tough it will be and she said she remembered how determined I was to earn/save $3000 to go to Ecuador prior while living with her at Ricks. She laughed about how I refused to spend $1 to go bowling, but mentioned how surprised she was that I succeeded at earning/saving enough.
I realize that $50,000 is a little different than $3,000, but nevertheless I'm determined to try. Who knows, it might take until Steve is done with dental school to get the remaining needed money, but if that is the case at least we'll have it all that much sooner since I will have been working hard towards it.
Trying to figure out how to fund it has completely occupied my thoughts for the past 2 weeks. Here are some of my sources/ideas for funds:
1. $23 K (approximately) coming from supplement insurance in the next month or so.
2. Moving in with Steve's parents would save us $10,000 per every 6 months.
3. Me getting a part time job could give us $2400 (pre-taxes) per month.
4. Once I get a part time job we could most-likely qualify for a loan.
5. Eliminating spending: driving to Utah, no Disneyland passes, no eating out, very limited birthday and Christmas spending.
6. Other random/small stuff: sell plasma, sell piano and china hutch, participate in clinical trials, babysitting jobs.

I've applied for quite a few jobs in the past week. I'm surprised however at how few RN jobs are out there right now. probably the economy's fault.
Here we go. PS if you happen to know someone who would like to make $15-$20,000 by being a surrogate, let us know.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Okay everyone, my papers are officially in as of last Teusday. I should be getting my Mission call by next Wednesday... so we're doing this again cause there was some confusion the last time I did it... everyone submit the date that they think I will be entering the MTC, where they think I am going on my mission, and the language. This will be your final guess and no changes can be made afterwards.

As for my what's going on in my life? What life? I've been working my 2 jobs so i really only have 1 day off a week in which i go to institute so I don't have much of a life. I've basically moved back to mom's/dad's and I'm just waiting for someone to buy my contract at my apartment. I took the NCLEX last teusday and I have no idea how I did and won't know for about another 3 weeks or so. But that's all I really can say about what's been going on. tune in next week......

Monday, February 01, 2010

Yo Brett: My A1C is in

Yo Brett.   6.2 - beat that!     "The A1C number shows the amount of glucose molecules attached to the red blood cells. Glucose stays on the red blood cells until the cells die. Cells are replaced by new cells every two to three months. High blood sugar levels cause more glucose to attach to the red blood cells. 7 or below is a good number."  This kind of surprised me since I had lots of treats over Christmas. :) My Blood pressure is was actually low last time I went in so the Dr. halved my medication. My cholestorol is good too, except I'm slightly low on the good grease so I'll have to drink a gallon of olive oil. In other words, I've got bad doesn't look like you'll be inheriting my worldly riches any time soon.

Mrs. Groneman's cool blog

Mrs. Groneman...I like the sound of that.  What a cool blog:

BrainBashers common answers results

Here's the January common answers results:

8 Brigham Dastrup 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 94.68%
59 Chad Groneman 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 29.96%
142 Katie Groneman 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 5 1 1 14.61%
393 Kim Groneman 3 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3.48%
649 Christa Dastrup 1 1 9 2 1 1 1 6 1 1 1.20%
738 Erica Groneman 3 1 1 2 1 1 2 3 2 2 0.78%
1093 Breanna Groneman 1 3 10 3 2 1 1 2 2 2 0.11%
1610 Brett Groneman 2 9 5 3 1 2 1 3 2 2 0.00%

I thought Chad had done good until I found Brigham's score.  Way to go Brigham! must just be weird. :)  Enter the February contest here: