Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Hi from Plano Texas

Howdy partner.   I just wanted to say Hi.  I sure miss my sweetheart.  Tomorrow I'll be home!  I hate traveling...ESPECIALLY when I'm by myself.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hey Katie! It's your birthday! (I'll bet this is a surprise for you!) Happy Birthday, darling daughter! I hope you are getting through your bed-rest alright. Brett indicated yesterday that you probably won't be having this baby this week...but it will be soon. And while bedrest isn't likely what you had wished for on your birthday, at least you won't be dealing with the antics of Jr High kids... that should bring you some joy! I just want to tell you how very much I love you! You are a gem!! It isn't a wonder to me that Brett loved you for 9 years before he finally got you to the temple! Thanks for being such a sweetheart. I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo much! And try to enjoy this down will change soon enough, forever :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ty, the drunk

As you can see at the end of this video, Ty has a drinking problem.
Also, if you want to see a great month of March in photos of our family look at these pictures.

Coming Soon to a Hospital Near You!

I had a Dr.'s appointment on Friday and had an elevated blood pressure. 24 hours of collecting urine later, I was put onto "complete bed rest with bathroom privileges". Instead of going to church today, I get to make lesson plans (too bad I had them all pretty much ready for May). Unless I suddenly start having some of the more serious preeclamptic symptoms, I'll go back to the Dr. on Tuesday, and then we'll go from there. We're hoping to get to next Saturday (37 weeks = full term). So, baby Grizelda will likely be here much sooner than we were planning. My brain hasn't quite gotten used to the idea that I'll probably have a baby this week...

Check out November 8th

I suggest you go look at the family calendar over there <------------------ and see what a special day November 8th is going to be!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's spring

That means I can no longer sit in my house and vegitate on saturdays.  It was cold this morning so we were waiting until about noon to go out and start working...but lo and behold Chad called and saved us!  He invited us to go to lunch with them to Chili's . . which we did.  Emmy sure liked the chips and salsa.  Thanks for inviting us guys!  Then we started working.  We got the pruning done in the back yard (never a fun job) and I bought two bales of for the bottom of the slide and one for the bottom of the playhouse ladder.  That way kids will only get mamed, not killed if they fall/crash/burn.

What did you have for breakfast today (Saturday)?

Mmm...Marilyn fixed crepes (from the family recipe site) topped with a layer of her cream cheese/marshmallo goo, fresh sliced strawberries, a touch of home made strawberry jam, and some fresh lemon juice squeezed on the top.  It was a taste of heaven.  How about you?  After that we found a bottle of pickle juice that she had put on the shelf because she had too much of it last time she pickled garlic.  I boiled up a bunch of eggs and filled the jar.  This is different juice than the pickled bean juice so I'm interested to see if it's as good.

Oh...and as a sidenote, it is the end of the world as we know itCLICK HERE

Friday, March 25, 2011

If you think you have it bad

My colleagues over in the UK are paying $8.15/gallon for gasoline today.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interesting Story

My mother-in-law forwarded this interesting clip to me. Check it out.

Another good movie

Kim and I watched "Extraordinary Measures" last night. It's about a family that has two children with Pompea Disease, which kills by the time they get to 9. The father just couldn't accept the death sentence pronounced by the Drs and decides to try to do something about it. The father is not a Dr, but still is tenacious in finding something to help his children. It is a true story and a great reminder of what people on a mission that just won't give up, are able to do. (It reminds me that way, of Cambrie!)
I would highly recommend it. It makes me wonder though, how many things I could have done that I gave up on.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nelson's visit schedule (Steve too!)

We spent almost the entirety of yesterday figuring this all out coordinating between schools, clinics, 2 government agencies, airlines, etc.  but we've got this figured out.  So, in case anyone is interested, here is the schedule of our events:

April 7th- Entire Nelson family drives to Utah (arriving at about 1am on the 8th)
8th-- Cambrie's appointment 2pm
9th-- BYU Ballroom concert!  2pm
10th- Cambrie and Steve fly to Illinois to look for housing 1:36 pm (K+L stay with Grandma--thank you!)
13th-Cambrie and Steve fly back to Utah arriving at 8:18 (can someone pick us up? pretty please?)
14th Steve flies back to CA at 9am(ish)
16-20th Cambrie appointment 8:30 am
22nd(ish) Cambrie's egg retrieval.....   And then we'll go back to Cali after that.

Fun/crazy times!

Family Dinner....

Will have to be postponed one week in April.  It's moved to the 17th because Cambrie/Steve will be in Illinois for a short little jaunt on the 10th while the princesses stay with Grandma & Gramps.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheap Manure

Okay, so everyone has been wondering about this mysterious place that my neighbor told me about where you can get cheap horse manure. I did some investigating, and I've figured it out. The place is Lynnleigh Farm, and it is at HERE.

I called and talked to a lady there, and she said Saturdays are best to get it, but just to make sure you call (801-571-5592) before you come. She said that you go through their gate and pull up behind the barn (not the house), and one of their guys will load your truck for you. I asked a price, and she wasn't sure, but she said that it was under $10. My neighbor said $5, but I don't know how long ago that was.

Just FYI, I don't think it's been treated or anything-- you may want to call and ask if that is important to you.

we've got tickets, yes we do!

Mark for calendars:  2pm on the 9th!  All females of the Groneman family are going....little ladies and all : )
Thanks you males for giving up the time with the females of your life.
And thanks Gramps for funding it all!!!

Thinking of Jacob

I saw this video on the news this morning.  Of course it got me thinking immediately of Jacob.  Looks like something he would enjoy.  I especially like the end of this video. :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Two recommended movies

If you have NetFlix, I recommend SMILE and I AM DAVID

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wish us luck

Starting tomorrow (sunday) and going through possibly tuesday Steve will be taking his dental school practical-boards (ie- he get's to perform skills in front of a very scrutinizing audience).  Very important test and it is so easy to fail if he does the slightest little dinky thing wrong.  So, I'll bet you can guess what we are praying for.
Tomorrow I also face 'impossible' challenges.  I get to take 3 little ladies to church by myself.  My good friend in the ward just had her baby a few days ago and her husband is also doing his Boards so I'm taking her 3 year old all day long.  This wouldn't be such a huge deal but Kiera has a raging ear infection and vomited 7 times today.  Who knows-- if she is still off tomorrow I might just keep the 3 ladies home from church although I'd feel guilty..... we'll see I guess.  We do what we can right?

Friday, March 18, 2011

We'll be comin' round the mountain...

I hearby extend an invitation to a girls-only night out. The event? BYU Ballroom dance!!!!! April 8th (or 9th).
I needed to be in Utah on the 8th of April for medical stuff. I was delighted when I looked at my calendar and found that I had written the BYU ballroom concert. It's been written there since last June when I discovered that that was the only concert they have all year. Chances were slim that I'd get to see it.
Last time I went to one was with Kiera when she was 2 (with buff) all 3 of us were mesmerized. They are the best team in the world for a reason : ) Originally I was going to fly out on the 8th for my appointment and then go home and drive out on the 15th with my girls for the rest of my appointments, but I'm going to bring my girls a week early because I want them to go to this concert. (I don't know if Emmy would be into that sort of thing or not, but I know my girls will love every second of it)
So I extend the invitation for you to join us for a female concert-night (they also have a showing on the 9th during the afternoon). If it isn't your thing, or you can't afford it, I WILL let you stay in the Groneman family....maybe. Oh, and we need to figure out which of the 3 showings we want: 8th 7:30pm, 9th 2pm or 7:30pm.
Lastly, I offically will be in town from the night of the 7th through the 22nd(ish). Oh, and Bert-- I no longer need a ride from the airport as we should be driving.

It was Benjamin's birthday!

Yesterday was Benjamin's birthday. I know because I gave it to him as I don't need any more. However, people still gave me the gifts. Whatever. We went to Arctic Circle and had some grub while the little ones played on the playground stuff. After that we went home and Marilyn had made me pumpkin pie. She made me share. :-\ I was showered with gifts: A fireproof safe, pumpkin pie, a cool vented shirt for ATV riding, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, sunflower seeds, JackLinks treats (kind of like scooby treats), some atv chairs, and Jacob hugs. I understand that Chat, Brett and maybe Christa chipped in on the safe. It was kind of vague as to who chipped in on what, but thanks for thinking of me guys. It was a great birthday. Next year, though, buy stuff Kiera can use. I think it is probably her turn to get my birthday in 2012 (my last since the world ends later that year). I love you all!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is an amazing collection of pictures from the Japan tragedy. Across the top you can select pictures by day. Day 7, picture 6 & 27 choked me up. Day 5, picture 17 shows some of the problems they are facing today. Day 4, picture 3 is interesting and picture 4 is another heart breaker. Day 4, picture 18 is an unusual sight. Day 3, picture 5 you've probably already seen, but it's quite a story. Day 3, picture 18 is interesting. Day 2, picture 12 is another heartbreaker. Day 1, picture 8...Japan is so orderly even the earthquake follows the lines. Many, many more pictures of intrest there.


Hey, this is just to let the whole world know how much I love and appreciate you! You are such a sweetheart! And you have provided us a great life over many years. You have such a good heart, and you make me happy every day of my life! Thanks for so many kind things that you do. You are so very good at making me feel loved and special every day, and I often forget to do the same! Sometimes, I think that I don't deserve such a sweet and loving husband.

Somehow when we got married, I couldn't imagine that we would ever get old. That was too far in the future to even think about, and it felt like it would never come. But of course, it did! But, I am sure glad I have you to grow old with and have fun with, and we have 40 years worth of fun memories together, and we shall share many more good times to come, which also makes me happy! Thanks for loving me, and being a great dad and gramps! Everyone who knows you loves you, and I feel very privileged to have you as my own sweetheart! I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!! PS, I will have some pumpkin pie ready for you when you get home, and maybe we better only use 1 candle for every 5 years so we don't burn it to a crisp! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy birthday GRAMPS!

Because I know that you will love these for your birthday, I give you a sunday afternoon with the Nelsons (by pictures and videos)

I will NOT

I will NOT allow tomorrow to come...I will NOT allow tomorrow to come....I will NOT allow tomorrow to come.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Muchas Gracias

Thank you all so much for your help with our move. We are still getting settled, and we don't have internet yet... but we're at Grandma & Gramps place to clean up, so we're using the internet while we're here.

Emmy loves her room, and we love having space to walk around even when Emmy tries to cover the floor with (toys, paper plates, stuff she pulls out of boxes, etc).

Once we get more settled, we'd like to invite people over. But that might still be a while. Maybe next month.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh, the humor

Given my life experience, I find this terribly amusing:  CLICK HERE

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well, we got through the move :)

And Emmy loves her new place. She loves to run in all of her new space. I don't want to steal Chad and Erica's thunder about the new house...but with all that they have to do, they may completely abandon the blog for a while. But hopefully, they will be resting from the miriad of things that have to do so that they can blog some of their news.

I got to tend the Dastrup munchkins along with Emmy while the parental units painted the house 2 tone the day before they moved in. So I had a very busy day!
Jacob was found perched on the very top of the entertainment center downstairs. Everything up there was on the floor, except the TV.
Ty and Emmy were inseparable all day long...playing in the playhouse, pushing the leaves and dirt around with the toy bulldozer, checking out every plausibly navigable vicinity of the back yard. And they did a great job chaseing each other on the little car and scooter on the patio, and out to the trailer (yup...with me watching them every second). They both seemed to enjoy throwing the gravel out of the shed and the trampoline pit into the grass. I scrambled to get it thrown back, but with 2 of them ganging up on me, it was an uphill battle! They also managed to make a mountain of salt on the office floor. One of them found a cough drop and it evidently made several trips in and out of the mouth, judging by the everything that was covered in stickum. They dumped out all of the q-tips in the bathroom, and set the alarm clock to go off at 5 am on Saturday morning. They were busy!

Ty has the energy of 3 kids, and any child has 3 times the energy of grandma. Emmy tried to keep up with Ty all day long, but by about 5 pm, she was out of gas. By that time, Dastrups had returned to rescue their kids (or was it grandma??). We were in the kitchen looking out at Ty and Emmy who were sitting on the gravel in the trampoline pit. Emmy was bent over with her head on her feet. Christa said, "what is Ty doing? Is he putting rocks in Emmy's diaper?" So, so we went out to investigate. Emmy was bent over, crying softly to herself while Ty was doing his level best duty of filling up her diaper in the back, full of rocks. He had about 28 or so in there already. I had just changed her, so she was dry. So I pulled down the diaper, and dumped the rocks, and brought her in the house to give her her food. It was apparent that although it was only about 4:45 she was TIRED! She ate her pizza, and I gave her a cookie. And then, I witnessed, what I never witnessed with my own children: She fell asleep while eating the cookie!
Poor little lady! Pretty tuckered out! I understood completely, I was pretty tuckered out too!
I got her jammified, and put her to bed without any sort of protest. She was just dead.

Come the next morning, Erica was wondering how in the world a rock got into Emmy's diaper. Woops!

I learned some pretty inspirational facts last night in the Adult session of Stake Conference: "The reason that grandparents develop such a great bond with their grandchildren, is because they share a common enemy!"
OK< so it's not very applicable in our family, but I still thought it was funny!

Another speaker said that he asked the father of a very successful family in their ward (you know, all the boys went on missions and their kids all got married in the temple, and are being great contributors to society) how he managed to raise such great kids. His answer: "I found me a a good woman & married her and we had children. And then I stayed the heck out of the way!"
Ain't the church GREAT?? I love it!

Emmy is in her new house

Yesterday we loaded up the little trailer, filled cars and vans, pulled the big trailer out of the garage, and had a wagon train over to Emmy's new house where we dumped it all. We even had a little side trip up to the Dastrups to pick up the junk that was stored there. Lots of sore muscles to go around. Thank goodness for a couple of Emmy's new neighbors that saw us unloading and jumped in to help. It would have been a much longer day without them. Now the work for Chad/Eric really begins...unloading boxes and putting stuff away, putting in a yard, but I'm pretty sure they're happy to be in their new house (still smells like new paint/carpet). Emmy now has more room to run around than she's ever had before in her life!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

About Sunday

So this upcoming Sunday is the usual second Sunday of the month family dinner. But most of us did just just see each other for dinner 2 nights ago, and we will be working together this weekend helping Chad's family move, and I know that Dastrups have Brigham's family in town....I just don't know if we should save doing a dinner till a week later.... I just need your input. Especially I guess from Chad, Erica (who may like to come out to have some food since they won't know where half of their food even is) and CK on what your desires are. So I can plan!

Also, I need to know when to plan this "shower that is not a shower" for Katie's baby. Brett and Katie just want to have a family dinner and are good with inviting my extended family to come so that they can see them, but they don't want gifts (we can just gift them when the baby comes). So I need to know when you CAN'T do a dinner from you all, so I can plan on when it could work. I guess there is a way to do that on Google calendar...but I don't know exactly how to do it. If someone would like to take that on, and then everyone add what ever other commitments you have on there, we can find a day. Brett you said maybe you could do that?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Some fun

Here's some fun.  Make a bookmark in your browser.  Add the following snippet of code as your bookmark:


Go to favorite website THEN click this bookmark and enjoy.  Arrows & space bar control it.

Pi day (3/14) is coming up (hint, hint)

Want to know what pi sounds like?

Help wanted

We've finalized our plans for those of you who are able to help out (and if you're not able to, no worries).

Painting will be Friday. Erica and I plan to be over at the house at 8 AM, but we don't expect anyone else to be there that early. We hope to see people around 9 AM, but you can come whenever. We plan to have the house completely prepped Thursday night, so on Friday people can just come, grab a roller / brush, and start painting. There will be some jobs that will go to people with advanced painting skills, but there will be plenty for average Joes with no knowledge of painting.

Subway sandwiches will be provided for Lunch. Let us know what kind, as well as the size, bread, cheese, and toppings you would like -- we would like to order them beforehand so we can just go pick them up around 12:30.

Ideally, we will be done by 5:00 PM (we plan two coats of paint, taking 4 hours to do each coat). Our estimates could be off by quite a bit though.

We plan to meet at Grandma & Gramps house at 9 AM. We will load up the trailer with stuff that is blocking the main trailer, and then we will take both trailers full of stuff down to the house and unload them. Erica will be directing traffic at the house. If we finish unloading by noon or so, we might head over to the Dastrups (if we can get into their home) and load up the junk in their basement and haul it back. We plan to be completely done with everyone's help by 3-ish. If we don't get to the Dastrup's house, we'll get there another weekend sometime.

Lunch will be provided, probably in the form of Little Caesars, which we'll just get whenever we decide we're ready for it.

We won't be moving stuff out of the basement apartment, for the most part. Just the heavy stuff like food storage ;) . Erica and I will do the remainder on our own, on Monday.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nelson pictures

Lydia always wants mommy to "wash grandma fingers off!"  Sorry, grandma, she doesn't want fingers like yours.

Kiera built this by herself!  She loves to show off her skills to friends.
Lydia must dress herself lately.  It brings upon wardrobe malfunctions.

Fun hats we found at a farmers market.  You'll notice coats we were wearing.  It was 55 degrees!!!
Steve frequently takes naps at 6-7pm at night.  Lydia loves her daddy and kisses him frequently in hopes that he will wake up and play (hey, it worked for prince phillip right?)

Speaking of games....

Two nights ago, we had a game night with Erica & Chad and played Aquire.  Close game but Marilyn won.  That means I won because we're married, right?  It was rude of us, but we just kept on playing as Katie/Brett sat at the other end of the table doing their taxes.  Last night was night 2 of game night with Erica/Chad.  This time the battlefield was Settlers of Catan.  In the first of 2 rounds of Catan played last night, Chad almost took it over, but I squeeked out a win before he could.  In the 2nd round, I decided to let Chad win.  Of course after playing two rounds of Catan back to back, Marilyn was ready to put my eyes out with hot pokers, but that's the nature of that game. :-)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Games & Kid Activities

Taking Brett's queue, I created a Google site, similar to the recipe site, for games.  I think I am just getting old, but when I don't play a game for a few months, I forget the rules.  I also learned a couple of new, fun games when we were at the Nelson's house last.  Anyway, I put a link to it over there <-- in the list next to the family recipes.  If you get the time and the inclination, add some of your favorite games....or even kid activities and share your ideas there.

An evening with the Dastrups

After work yesterday we headed up to the Dastrup ranch.  I walked into their living room and Ty came running up to me wanting to be picked up with a big smile on my face.  It made me feel good for a minute, but then I found the REAL reason he was thrilled to see me.  As soon as I picked him up he said "Emmy here?"  Cute little scamp.  It makes me smile to see some cousin bonding. Christa fixed us a good dinner of some sort of fried noodles with chicken & Fetta cheese.  Pretty tasty.  Never had it before.   Benjamin wasn't thrilled with it.  Christa/Brigham/Marilyn went to see A Tale of Two Cities at the Hale Center Theater while I stayed with the boys.  Jacob spent most of the time at the computer playing some sort of word game.  I'm surprised at how he knows how to click the mouse, etc. Benjamin had a couple of friends over playing basketball in their basement and Ty spent a little while with them but it was soon time for them to go home.  We had sort of a crisis because we couldn't find "bear". We searched high and low and all around for about 20 minutes.  Finally Benjamin found bear behind a basket.  [whew!]  Little Ty would go around calling "Bear!.....Bear?!" With bear firmly in hand Ty was ready to go to bed.  No muss, no fuss, he just laid down, said goodnight to me and bear and went to sleep.  Next I put Jacob in his bed...he smiled and reached up for me and so I leaned down and he gave me Jacob hugs for a few minutes.  I gave him his karaoke and covered him up and said goodnight.  I expected I'd have to put him back to bed a few times.  Nope...I went up about 15 minutes later and he was sleeping right where I left him on the bed.   Benjamin and I then had a rousing few rounds of Hungry Hippos.  After he got tired of that he said he wanted to do some art so got out pens and paper.  I asked him if he wanted to make paper airplanes...and he said he's never made paper airplanes before so that's what we did!  We drew some nice decorations on our airplanes then flew them which was fun.  Sometimes they would go far and sometimes they made some loop-de-loops, depending on how the wings were bent. Benjamin went to bed just after 8pm and read for a while.  I got on the computer for a bit, then read for a bit,then, expecting Marilyn to be back a little after 10pm I laid down on the couch just to rest my eyes until she got back.  The next thing I knew it was about 11pm and the gang had returned and were waking me up from the couch.   Delightful little boys to spend some time with.  Thanks for dinner Christa!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Items from famous movies

This game is especially for Katie:
Once you start and it shows you an item, just start typing letters, kind of like hang-man.

Moving day is coming...

Moving day is coming. But we don't know when. That frustrates me very much -- I was expecting to find out when our closing date is last night, on our "final" walk-through. But that didn't happen.

We know that lots of people are itching to come help us move / paint / whatever, and want to know when so they can make arrangements to do it. That includes me. So, here's where we're at:

- We know we have to close on or before March 11th (a week from today).
- We know there is a 1-2 business day turnaround between when we close and when we can move in, because the money has to change hands and make it to the seller before they let us move in.
- In our walk-through, we found some items they need to take care of -- most pretty minor, and I think they could address them all in a single day if they wanted to.
- During our final walk-through, they told us they would call to let us know to schedule closing, a day or two before we can actually close.

That means might be able to start moving in this time next week, but there's also a good chance we won't get the keys to our place until Monday the 14th (or even the 15th).

We've decided we do want to paint before we move in. Lots of you have volunteered, but your availability depends on when we decide to paint. We can't paint until we get the keys.

I don't know what our plan is... things will be able to gel quite a bit more once we know our closing date at least. We'll call everyone "on or before" Wednesday to let you know when our closing date is at least.

Utah is low on dentists

"But does Utah need a dental school? In a 2006 survey of Utah dentists................Utah has 56.8 dentists for every 10,000 people, down from 61.4 in 2002 and below the national average of 59.8."

Nobody will get angry if I keep trying will they?  :-)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bummer budget cuts

Time to brag about my husband:  yesterday he won an award for the best buisness plan of the year for the dental students.  He got a fancy plaque and $100 worth of free dental stuff (as if we didn't already have enough of that).  He really did a great job with it; I'm sure his MBA helped. 
Last year the winner got $500.  Budget cuts.
For years Loma Linda has had a policy that if a dental class ever had a 100% pass rate they each got a big reward such as Disneyland Season passes, I- Pad, etc..  Yep, you guessed it. ...... Budget cuts. 
We had to go to Cafe Rio to celebrate steve's accomplishments last night. 


For any of you who are interested, now and through March is a good time to transplant Raspberries, daisies, mums, iris, ferns and bushes I have starts of. I have some pots to put them in or if they are going to go into the ground soon, cardboard boxes work fine. I don't know why but I am feeling more stiff and sore this year than ever I will show you where to take em out, but I will avoid the shoveling myself.

Now is also a good time to get compost or manure to the garden areas. Usually this time of year the cost of compost is 1/2 what it will be in April. We have the Jeep an trailer in Provo you can go get when you are ready to borrow them.