Friday, June 30, 2006

So I went on a blind date yesterday. It was my first, it was my last.

A girl approached me and said she had a friend she wanted me to go out with. Normally I would have just said NO!, but I hesitated, because this girl is pretty picky in her own dating, from what I've heard. I asked if she had a picture. She sort of did - The girl is in a band, and their website had a 1" picture that wasn't very clear. Long story short, I agreed to go.

I picked her up at 6 sharp, and was quite surprised by her appearance. Standing in front of me was the spitten image of my own sister, but just with slightly different hair and a slightly different nose. The date went well, but everytime I looked at her, I saw my little sister. How do you have any spark if you feel like you're on a date with your sister?

The girl who set me up told me she thought we would be good together because we looked similar, and thinks I ought to try to get past it. I think it's wierd. I'm curious on your thoughts.

PS - Oh, I almost forgot - Carl B (Cambrie's friend from AF) is involved with her band. Carl's wife is a band member(?) Apparently they're good friends. That scares me.
Guess what I had done today? ACCUPUNCTURE. It was done by an OB doctor at the hospital and they stuck needles in my wrists, feet, shins, and abdomen. Then they turned off the lights and left me to "relax" for 20 mins.. It was a strange feeling. I could feel little buzzes of energy in my limbs. Oh, and I felt the baby kick me 3 times while I was laying there in the dark. I'm scheduled for more accupucture next monday and thursday. Exciting stuff- I hope it works.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BELOVED BRIGHAM!!! You are the greatest and deserve a rockin' birthday! (Enjoy that phrase because you are almost too old to use it anymore!) Happy birthday from all of us!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

After much trouble, we have succeeded in joining the fam on the blog..... and we come with news. We went to our ultrasound today and want you to know that we are having a girl : ) We are excited and are now accepting gifts. As you can see, she looks like an alien (must be steve's side of the family).
I am also excited to announce the fact that I ate chips and juice today. That is progress.
This is truely worth watching. A father determined to participate in a triathalon carrying his handicapped son.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So everyone loves the Gerber baby, right? Well, no matter how much you love him, I can guarantee that Jacob loves him even more. Last week I was feeding him something from a Gerber jar when he suddenly started smiling and laughing while looking at the jar. I looked and realized that it was the Gerber baby making him so excited. The same thing happened tonight, only he found him on the table. When I turn the baby towards him, he laughs, but when I turn the baby away, he stops. So cute!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

These are a few of the pictures that mom was talking about where Landon's mom took a bunch of pictures of me and him.....don't we make such a cute couple :-)

Father's Day

I received my father's day gift today from the Dastrups. JUST what I wanted (ask yer mom). A hand drawn picture for me from my first grandchild. What a special occasion. The frosting on the cake (not to get confused with Christa) was the cutest picture of Jacob I've ever seen. See if you don't agree. Just another note of thanks to those of you that went in on the ATV pack and the GPS mounting bracket. Cool. Thanks everyone! Brigham, that was a very good story you sent in meme. Very well written and very applicable to the situation. I enjoyed it.
I can't wait until Cambrie gets feeling up to snuff so she's her old self again. Hang in there Punkin'.
CARS! I went and saw Pixar's Cars yesterday. Don't worry, no spoilers here. I've heard it was good, but I had my doubts -- I thought it would be all about animated cars racing. If that's what you think, you're wrong. That's just the context for the real story. Pretty good. I don't think it's as good as Monsters, Inc. or The Incredibles, but it's still one I will want to add to my collection.

In other news, I was at Walmart practicing my good manners by opening a door for a woman. Turns out she was a bit of a feminist (sp?). As she walked through, her sarcastic comment to me was, "Thanks -- I don't think I have the strength to open the door myself." No, I didn't have any comeback -- I was a bit surprised by it. Oh well. What can you do?
I hope that everyone reads this is sitting down. If you're not, go ahead-- sit. I just don't want you to hurt yourself when you pass out when you hear that your big sister/daughter ran ten miles this morning! I hope that you are all as amazed as I am! Brigham would have done it too, if his shins weren't hurting so bad that he can barely walk at times. Since he couldn't run, he loaded the boys in the car and cheered us on at certain mile markers. They were also all there cheering for us at the finish line. It was really cute! "What? Christa is athletic??" Who knew?
Tonight at work I caught 2 teenagers concealing an alcoholic malt drink in their shorts and stealing it. The story is really long, so I'll spare you the details, but it involved a foot chase scene, and a 911 call, and police, and negotiations between the officer and one of the teenagers for information, and handcuffs .... it was exciting. Kind of like those 24 shows, you know, of course, without the inconvenience of all of those severed limbs and exploding buildings and having to dodge bullets and all that mess.

Yeah, I know you're jealous. And I'm tired. G'night.

Friday, June 23, 2006

I should have expected this. Look over there ---> and you'll see a link to fun stuff. Take a look at my latest entry there.
Hey family! Well i say that it shouldn't count that i'm the last one to post cause I had no idea about any of this! Why didn't anyone tell me eh? I like the idea though. it's smart! this way i'll be able to keep up on the family's lives! I feel so seperated cause I've been working 2 jobs and so i've been working every night for a while :-S crazy-sause. But i quit one of them so as of July, i will only be working full time at the Charleston again and that will be nice. And yes i do have the pictures of me and Landon ma....i'll bring them over next time i come. i don't know when that'll be though. and yes for all of your informations, i'm still in love with Landon or "Mandon" as cambrie/steve/cake/brigham call him. :-) Buff.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

So I was talking on the phone today to Benjamin and he was telling me about what his dinosaurs were doing, and he mentioned something about his Tyranosaurus Rex with his other dinos, and I said, "Ouuu! That T-Rex is scarey! I am glad I am not there so that he can't get me! " Benjamin then informed me that he could eat me through the phone!! I just thought you should all be warned so you can beware when you call the Dastrups! You wouldn't want your ear to be bitten off because you hadn't been adequately warned!!

Dastrups, I fear for your health! It is now 92 degrees in baltimore at 8:12 pm, and you are planning on running 10 miles on Saturday? With Humidity? I feel like advising you to go get advice from a Dr. on if this is even safe, but I guess Brigham could just about do that every morning when he looks in the IS IT REALLY SAFE? I don't think I will EVER understand the concept of paying a marathon to allow you to come and brutalize your body for 23 miles (?) and do it for months ahead of time to prepare for that day. I must be old! NOT TEMPTING IN THE LEAST!!!!

Cambrie, I feel bad that you can't join this blog. I know that your contributions would be really fun! Would it be possible to send them to Kim on your REALBOX email account and then have him upload them here? Try that! Yes, I know that your currently going through 1 more week of withdrawals from the steriods, so things for now wouldn't be that fun to post, but we would like daily updates on how your doing anyway. Lets try to make it so. If Kim can upload your pictures, he ought to be able to add your email to him to this as well!!

My flower beds say HI!!

Enough for now!
A date to be added to the "Dates to Remember" section: June 30-- Brigham Dastrup's 27th birthday! Gifts are being accepted between now and July 7th.

Cambrie is having "issues" with being able to sign up and post on the blog. I think it could be related to her "issues" with being able to send email from her gmail account. Anyway, she sent some pictures and I liked this "cap and gown" picture with Steve. Congratulations Steve!!!!!! You can see all of Cambrie's pictures by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First, I would greatly appreciate information on how to publish as Brigham, rather than as Kim. If someone could email me or post on the site how I would appreciate it. I don't want Dad to take the blame if I post something controversial.

Second, I would like to invite anyone to check out my first published web page (and probably last so enjoy it) at

I don't want all you computer nerds laughing at how basic it is, but you can laugh at how crazy we are to be running the miles we are running these days. (check out the monthly running schedules on the site)

This site is actually a practice site for one that I am working on for an Emergency Medicine Interest Site.

Wish me luck--I wish I had inherited some Groneman computer prowess when I married into the family.

Good night again.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I like this game. Nobody likes to play it with me. :-(
Go to this website tomorrow (June 21) and they'll give you free gum. Well, that's about it for today folks.

Monday, June 19, 2006

So I've been rooming with Jason Pence for a while now. I guess I've established a reputation for keeping my room clean. Jason does a good job of it too. It works out really well. However, one day this week I didn't have time to clean my room or make my bed, so I didn't. This is a picture of the result of that action (or lack of action). He said he did it in honor of the first time I've ever left my room messy.

That's why Jason is great.

And I got the orange note 8 days ago. Yeah. Probably the best note in the world. You're all jealous. Okaybye.

Jacob and I would like to give everyone a warm and friendly greeting to the Groneman Family Blog--but not quite as warm a greeting as we are giving each other here.

Good night.
BJ are you there? I wish you would have left me my favorite picture of you and Landon to put on here. Next time you come home, bring your pictures, so we can put one on here. They are fun. (Landons mom took a bunch of pictures of them together while they were here, and gave BJ a copy of them.) Guess what? You are the last one on! That means you owe us sour straws!
And this is my grand entrance into the blogging world. Hi family. Good idea, as long as people keep visiting it and putting stuff on it and reading it. Maybe having it as a homepage wouldn't be a bad idea.

Christa and Brigham, do you remember a Matt Tolson from high school? I work with him now. He's the one that interviewed me a year and a bit ago, and found out that I was related to you... Anyway, now I work with him in Associated Foods Loss Prevention. He's also an airplane pilot. He and I are the only single ones in our department . . .

In an panic to not have to be "the one that provides the sour straws for the next family reunion" Here I am! The first day I have been at the computer for over a week! Course, I really don't have anything fun to share...other than the fact that Chad stuck around last night after the fathers day dinner after everyone else went home or to bed and we just chatted ! It was fun! I don't get enough chances to talk to my kids. But actually, I got to get caught up on BJ's life for about 1 hour this morning after she woke up (she came here after her shift at The Charleston to finish laundry etc). So that was another highlight in my life!! (REALLY) And hey, I got to talk to Cambrie, Christa Brigham and Benjamin and to listen to cute little Jacob, AND talk to Brett when he came for dinner, so yesterday was fabulous.
So I have a question for Chad and Brett...Did you REALLY want to play dice with us last night, or were you thinking that was the only game Grandpa Groneman could play? The thing is, it certainly isn't my favorite game. I mostly tolerate it. And if you feel the same then I don't want to have to play it just to accomodate grandpa or else you will not ever want to come over. Grandpa just enjoys being around the family. We dont' have to always modify what we would like to do for him. And if we do, that is the sort of thing that would make me resent his being here. I don't want to sacrifice my relationships and my kids desire to come over so we can make an attempt to include him in a game that isn't great...just the only one he can play. So I would like an HONEST response please. If everyone loves it but me, fine...I am happy to accomodate the groups real desire...I just have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to play a game that was 100% luck!
Kim thinks that I am writing a book. I perceive that perhaps he thinks I should be done!
I am feeling better today...I am off of my backside, functioning again, which is a great thing! love to everyone
Some of you may have heard this story before, but for those of you who haven't, I posted this on the Dastrup Family site.

I have always loved dogs ever since I was small (in fact, I am told that my first word was “doggy”), and I confess that I have subtly tried to infuse that love into my children. I was forced to come to terms my complete failure in this effort today, however, when I was taking my kids for a walk. I was pushing Jacob in his stroller, and Benjamin was pushing Moo in his little stroller when we came across a neighbor walking her long-haired chihuahua. Benjamin has always been wary around dogs and never seemed to care for them much, despite my efforts to present them as wonderful animals. As we approached this well-groomed dog wearing its little bow tie and bell, I said enthusiastically, “Look at that cute tiny dog!” Benjamin continued to push his stroller, but looked up at me and asked, “Can we run over it?”

And frogs are alive. And chickens are alive.
A rock is not alive. A speaker is not alive.

Educational, and exciting.
Hey, hey hey! This works! But is there a way that we could login individually so that it shows tells us who is posting? If not, we can just sign all of them.

So Brigham's family is doing this, and it's a lot of fun and a great way to keep up with everyone. So if you have fun news, a silly story, a great recipe, etc. share it with all of us! But this will work out best if everyone sets the blog as their home page. Otherwise, you may forget about it-- and we want to hear from you!

Love you all! Last one to post owes the rest of us sour straws at our next reunion!


Hi Family (or as Cambrie would say, "Hi Familia")
On the suggestion of your big sister (a.k.a. Christa) I'm starting this family blog. Let's see how this works. It's pretty easy. When you add an entry to this blog, you can use the toolbar above the text box to do things like add pictures such as the recent photo of me camping you see here at the right. You can add a link to things like my recent videos I've uploaded to Google and my pictures on Webshots. I'm hoping everyone will use the blog to update the family on what's happening with your life.