Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking for an adventure...

Erica and I have been looking for something different to do. We've found something we might do, and wanted to let y'all know about it as well, in case you want to do it. It's an "Urban Race", in Salt Lake City. Supposedly it's a lot like the Amazing Race TV show, but smaller scale and local. I've never watched the Amazing Race, so I don't know a whole lot about it.

The description basically says it's a "race" in the sense that you want to finish first. But you're allowed to take public transportation, walk, or run (but no bikes, taxis, roller blades, etc) . It's got no course, just objectives and puzzles to solve.

I would say there's about an 80% chance we'll sign up for it. If you want to sign up to do it to, let us know so we can maybe get a referral discount.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Since you asked

My life is very busy right now. I'm working 28-32 hours per week m, f, sat, sun afternoon/evenings. Currently I only require a babysitter 1 hour per week.

I feel like I can never quite keep up with my housework with my job. Oh well. We'll live without our sheets washed every week.

When I'm not working I'm trying to spend quality time with munchkins. when they go down for naps and bed I'm doing surrogacy planning/arranging (some people pay agencies 10K to do all of this for them because there is a TON of stuff to do).

I'm also still in charge of a babysitting co-op for about 15 families in my area (mostly ward members). Lots of people just moved in for the new school year so I'm getting them started up with it which takes some time.

My calling is pretty great since I'm playgroup coordinator for my ward. I do 2 playgroups per week (1 water, 1 not). yesterday we went to Chic-Fil-A playplace. Today we are going swimming for playgroup. tough calling.

Also for my calling, once a year I'm in charge of Enrichment. Mine was last week. I've been on the committee for 2 years now and I've never seen a single enrichment that was not a dinner with major decorations, invitations, entertainment, etc.. they say they always do it that way because "people expect it" I'm not into spending 30 hours on centerpieces. So, I did mine super simple and it was a hit. I had everyone bring 2 things that were "favorites" or things they used a lot. It had to be less than $5. Everyone got a chance to explain their 2 things and put them on a tabl e (I brought a toilet brush from the dollar store and gluteon for baking). Then everyone picks numbers and in turn gets to go and pick something someone elses. Stealing is ok just like in a white elephant. It was fun, it helped people get to know eachother, everyone had a small no-pressure chance to speak in front of everyone. Great activity. Salsa afterwards (I delegated that away) and we went home. the only thing I did for the entire activity was cut up numbers, set up chairs, and make announements about it at church.

Running. I'm trying to run lately when I can. Some of the girls in my ward started a running group and we meet on saturdays to run together. I enjoy it.

Steve is busy with school . He has next to no homework which is great, but he is gone more. He usually leaves by 7:15 and gets home at 5:30. We spend time together as a family for 2 hours and then he goes back to the lab at school to make dentures and stuff until 1 am or so. He is getting more confident with his dental skills. In mid august steve will being going to Atlanta to a confrence for this government program he signed up for. There will be prospective employers out there recruiting too. But we are still leaning towards Medford right now.

There is our full-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know update. where is YOURS?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lydia antics

If I was on my home computer I could post some cute pictures. But it is this or nothing folks because I'm at works using steve's laptop right now.

I was on a very important phone call yesterday during the girls' nap when I turned around and saw Lydia playing. I kept talking on the phone and went and put her back in her bed. 2 minutes later she was out again. So after I hung up I went and put her back in her bed and peeked through the door crack watching her climb out of her crib (she mastered climbing out of pack and plays a few weeks ago). She was using part of a rail to step on so thankfully I could remove that part. I watched her after that try to climb out for about 10 minutes. She can almost do it, but not quite. It won't be long though. Kiera was sleeping in a toddler bed at this age and ALWAYS stayed in her bed and went to sleep, but I know Lydia will not be the same. As soon as she can escape that will be the end of the nap (which she is very ready to drop anyway)

Whenever Kiera gets and "owie" Lydia goes and gives her a kiss on her most accessable body part. Usually her arm or her back. Today Kiera got hurt while crawling and put her head on the floor and bottom in the air while she cried. Lydia trotted right on over and kissed her right on her little bootie. I would have loved to have had a camera for that one.

Kiera has grown out of the cinderella dress that auntie buffalo gave her. I was thinking I was going to have to break down and buy a princess dress since Lydia has taken over cinderella. However, Kiera has decided that the much used/abused pink dress that grandma made for her is asleeping beauty dress. The seams are ripped, the dress is stained, I had to cut off the entire top ruffle since it was falling off. But Kiera feels beautiful in it which is what counts. Debating on whether or not I should let her wear it for halloween. The thing looks hashed!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Next Sunday is fast Sunday...

Today our Bishop came into Relief Society to urge us to action regarding the next week's fast. He said that there are several members of our ward family, many of whom we would know Nothing about, who could use our prayers and fast to help them with their challenges, both temporal and Spiritual. And he asked us to remember them as we approached next fast Sunday.

I likewise know that there are several members of our family who also could benefit from our fasting for them. All of you, I am aware, have different (and some the same) challenges that you face and would like to over-come. There are some VERY worthy and Heaven given desires of our hearts that would like to be fulfilled. So I am simply suggesting that as we turn our hearts towards the fast, that we pray that the righteous desires of our hearts will be granted by an all wise, and loving Father in Heaven.

What can I say

Marilyn said it all. I'm exhausted. I'll bet Brett & Chad will be glad when I'm dead so I quit enlisting their help for one project or another. At least Brett mowed my lawn for me! We are going to stay in Kirk's cabin again for a long weekend. Leaving Thursday night returning Sunday. My first ATV ride of the year. It's going to be relaxing and MAN am I looking forward to it! The following weekend is relax at the mountain weekend and Benjamin is going with me. Wahoo!
Yesterday we went to Hogle Zoo (after helping out with a yardsale & moving salvaged benches). Emmy loved the Elephants, of course. My work had rented out the zoo for just the company after 5 PM, which included free carousel rides. Emmy loved the carousel. Here's some videos & pictures.

Emmy in line for the Carousel at the Zoo:

Emmy riding the elephant (her favorite) and the tiger:

Emmy riding the carousel

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thoughts on Home Teaching by Tom

Mission: Possible. What more motivation do you really need?

What I did on my summer vacation. By Kim Groneman.

What I have done on my summer vacation is work. We worked on Memorial Day, didn't go camping on the 4th of July like I wanted to, and we worked to the point of TOTAL ALL OUT EXHAUSTION FOR THE 24th of July too. I am sore and exhausted deep in the bones. I need to go and have some therapeutic fun for a while!

OK< so I confess, this really is Marilyn & not Kim. But Kim really is one very sore dude today. He would probably be bedridden today were it not for the efforts of Brett & Chad yesterday. Brigham was going to help this morning, but he had to work while we were tearing that deck apart yesterday, so then he had to sleep this morning. Just what he SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING. But Brett and Chad were great, and we REALLY appreciate all of their help! Hero's once again! We have a great family I would have to say.

I don't know if we would have taken on that project of taking the benches off that deck if we would have realized that they had built it to last through the millennium! I mean, it was INCREDIBLE! I was running the drill, unscrewing the about 500 screws, half of which were painted over till you nearly couldn't see the dents in them. And after having removed probably 70 screws per bench, still the benches were determined to stay where they were. They had 3 layers of angle iron, again holding things together. We thought that we could just unscrew 1/2 of the screws, all on one side, so that the angle iron could stay on one of the 2 sides, but even with that, they weren't going anywhere! So we had to take off the angle iron to find the screws that they had put on and deep in UNDER the angle iron!
And then there were the nails! Some of the benches were attached to the deck with nails instead of screws. So Brett employed the crowbar, putting it under the plate nailed down and then hammering it in to put a gap underneath, and then he stood on the crowbar with some leverage to try to pop the benches loose. The crowbar bent, but STILL some of those benches just would not come! Extreme measures were taken. And I am CERTAIN Chad, Brett and Kim were ALL sore this morning. But especially Kim. He doesn't have to do anything AT ALL to have joint a daily visitor in his life anyway...but add a project like this one? WELL he was and is SORE ALL OVER!

And then, if that wasn't fun enough...when he got back from dropping off those benches up at the Mtn this morning...he came home and moved all the furniture back into the play room. Fun huh? Not so much. The playroom isn't back together yet, but there isn't pressure enough to finish it today. It was time to take a break!

We do plan on having some fun soon. We gotta or Kim will need a straight-jacket!
THE END. Of the story, I mean. Not of Kim.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Looking for help Friday night/Saturday AM

I'm looking for volunteers to help Friday afternoon, Saturday morning with a mountain property project if you have time. YOUR mountain property.

They are taking a bunch of houses out along the street where Lone Peak HS is. One lot has a large nice deck that has built in benches all the way around. We've got permission to salvage those and it needs to be done before Monday. I plan on going over after work tomorrow (friday) and on Saturday morning if necessary to take them apart, load them on my trailer, and haul up to the mountain. I know folks are busy with commitments and work and this is late notice, but I could use any assistance anyone would be willing to donate.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Daze

100 degrees this week. Convinced me I will never move to Phoenix. Too hard on little people. We try to go out first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
Yes, pictures show lydia without dresses, but only after screaming fits to remove it before we went outside.

To The Mountain

I took Friday off and had planned to go ATV riding for the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR.....but the weight of things that needed to be done kept nagging at the back of my mind so yer mother and I decided to spend Friday/Saturday at the mountain getting things done there.  We made great progress.  I sealed up all the mouse holes in the bottom of Grandma's trailer (now ours) and took care of some other minor fixit jobs while your mom did a super clean job on the inside. I'm proud to announce that after 3 years, that trailer is once again very livable.   Of course, being up at the mountain when it was 100 degrees down in the valley was pretty nice.  The thermometer read 85 which is warm, but sitting in the shade of pine and aspen trees it wasn't so bad.   We had just finished our seal/clean project Saturday afternoon and had sat down when I heard a car coming up the road.  Lo and behold, it was Emmy, who had brought her parents with her!  They were tired of the heat in the valley and had also decided to get out of Dodge and head for the hills and cooler weather and a hot dog roast.   What a pleasant surprise!  We didn't know they were coming up and they didn't know we were there.   Little Emmy wasn't feeling great....she had a bit of a fever.  She did enjoy the squirrels however.  She first called them cats, but later squirrels (if you knew what she was saying).  There are 4 squirrels that are living in our area now that Grandpa hasn't spread DeCon around the place.  Every time we go to the mountain, they get more brave.  Marilyn has been throwing stale banana chips out to them and yesterday the mama squirrel decided we weren't much of a threat because she would come to within about 10 feet of us and more or less ignore us while looking for more banana chips.  Oh....Emmy said the squirrel says "moo".   ANYWAY.....we now have multiple trailers for people to eat/sleep in.  We're going ATV riding with our friends the Kirks the weekend of the 30th but we'll pro'ly go to the mountain again this coming weekend to escape the heat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Anyone is more than welcome to come join us.  Is Benjamin available for kidnapping this coming weekend?  If Dastrups don't decide to come to the mountain, I'd at least like to FINALLY take Benjamin up and go camping with him.   What say ye Christa?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last evening Marilyn & I went to Snowbird.  We took the tram to the top of the mountain. The ride up/down was pretty cool and the scenery from the peak was awsome.  From there you could see Salt Lake City and Heber.  You could also see the ATV trails up from AF canyon.  There was still quite a bit of snow up there near the top.  I didn't realize there was an alpine slide at Snowbird...there is.  There is also a fancy zip line to ride, an outdoor mechanical bull to ride, bungie jumping on trampolines, bouncy castles, a cool looking ropes course platform, and other cool stuff. We ate dinner there (On Novell of course).  It's a lot prettier place than Park City...I haven't been up that canyon since I was 18 years old going to Alta to ski.  I'd forgotten what a beautiful place it was.  I recommend it for an evening.  DETAILS

Monday, July 12, 2010

Emmy Update

Emmy is getting all grown up. This is for the Groneman History and for anyone who's interested.

Language skills:
We're pretty sure she can understand everything we say. She comes out with new words every day. She probably has over a 120 words at least that she says and I understand. Her new favorite word is "Emmy." Yes, she likes to point to herself and say, "Emmy." Then she points to me and says, "MaMa." Then she points to Chad (or a picture of Chad) and says, "Daddy." She responds to, "What's your name?" "Emmy." She is also really good at saying "Amen" after a prayer. In my grandma's funeral the opening prayer was a little long, and she kept saying "Amen" partway through. :)

Emmy knows most of her colors if you ask her to point to one. She only actually says purple, white, green, yellow, red. We play "find the color" game a lot around here. She likes it.

Alphabet and Shapes:
Emmy loves X. That's her favorite letter. She also knows H, Z, Y, E. She knows how to ask us to draw heart, star, circle.

Emmy knows what it means to count, but currently can only count "2." No, that's not count to two, but every time we're going to count, she says, "Two."

Favorite activities:
Swings. She's a daredevil on the tire swing. She loves it!
Slides. Even the big twisty slide!
Reading Books (as always)
Washing her hands
Turning the light switch off and on
Going on walks in her stroller
Harvesting from the garden (even the green strawberries and raspberries...grr)

Favorite things:
Rocks, bugs, crayons (or sidewalk chalk), Elmo doll, baby dolls, balls

Not her favorite things
Daddy leaving for work

And there you have it. We love our 19 month old!

Happy Anniversary to the Nelsons

Have a great day and CLICK HERE.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nelson weekly update

I reduced my working as of this week so I'm now only working 3 9 hour days a week. It sure makes cooking for my family easier! But it also means we'll have to pay a babysitter about twice a this monday (which happens to be our anniversary). Steve and I will both be getting home late (me working, steve at school) so we'll have a babyisitter put the girls to bed. I don't like it, but it is going to be very very infrequent.

Steve is turning into a real-life dentist. He is mostly just working on patients now and he is getting confident and good at his skills now. We are both soooo excited that this in the last year. Now we need to start worrying about Boards coming up.

This morning I caused a major Lydia tantrum by taking off the dress lyida had been wearing for 48 hours straight. It was DIFFICULT to get it off her tantruming tiny body! I finally went and dug a new different dress from the garage the next size up to make her happy again.

Surrogacy: we found out yesterday that we are getting a 25% off discount because of a low-income program that we applied for and got a grant. it is going to save us $5000 : )
My surrogate starts her shots the beginning of august (and me the end of august) Medications alone are $1000. Here we go!

I think my girls are going a little crazy being indoors so much. We miss not having a back yard. But we are surviving.

Is the third time the charm?

It had better be because Marilyn is out looking at carpet (against my better judgement). So now I'm settled down enough to blog about it. Last Tuesday, I had work planning meetings all day so they invited spouses to go after our last meeting to the "Communal" restaurant on 100 North University in Provo (I don't recommend it). Marilyn drove down to meet me for dinner. It's been a crazy few weeks with moves and tending kids and garbage disposal burning out and...and....well, lots of things to do. Marilyn had been visiting her parents before dinner (had taken them dinner) and needed to go back there for a while. I went home and was looking forward to just chillin' for a while. I got home around 7:30 pm, messed around a bit and had just sat down at 8pm to watch a show for the first time in weeks. Not 5 minutes later I heard Brett from downstairs yelling "Hey had better come look at this....quick!". I went down to find an inch or so of standing water in our NEW play room and looking at the window well I could see about 6 inches of water behind the glass (like a fish tank). You can imagine what the rest of the evening was like...thank goodness for Brett's help. We even had to take up the carpet tiles in the fruit room.

Now...go back in time a couple of years. We had a water problem in that room while it was unfinished. We found it was because of leaving the water running in the flower bed in the front. The Novell warehouse had some free carpet strips used at trade shows they were getting rid of so I took them home and laid them down, knowing there was a possibility they could get wet..but hey..they were free...and were in strips. Well, once again the sprinkler was left on a little too long and I had to take out the carpet strips to dry (not easy when they are soaked with water.) We dried the place out with fans, put the carpet back and went on with life.

Fast forward a year or so and I had built shelves in the middle of the room and attached them to the floor/ceiling for stability. They were on top of the carpet and we had a lot of other things piled in that room as well as it was just being used as storage. Well, Marilyn had put a soaker hose around the flower bed & window wells. You guessed it...she forgot and left the water running. Repeat clean out of the room, but this time I just cut the carpet around the shelves so I could take it out and just left the shelves in place. Not a lot of damage because the room was unfinished...just mighty inconvenient to have to rip it all out and dry it again. I pulled out the soaker hose and we agreed to NEVER let the water run in that front flower bed area again. When I finished the room we talked about getting real carpet but didn't because getting a laid down carpet soaked would be disasterous...we decided to give it a year to see if we could make it without a flood.

Now it's last Tuesday and I had just seen the water built up behind the window. I ran upstairs and outside to guessed it....a sprinkler running just to the side of the window well. Heaven only knows how long it had been running there....Marilyn had been gone for hours. When we had everything all pulled out, I noticed the corner of the wall/floorboards closest to the front door was covered in mildew...apparently from some past sprinkler event in the flowers in front of our porch (that's the corner where that water runs when there is too much water there.)

To say I was so mad I could spit was putting it mildly. It really is a good thing Marilyn wasn't home yet or I pro'ly would have ruined our marriage right there. Steam was coming out of my ears for about 30 minutes but then I thought rationally about it and decided it was just another accident that my girl had because her mind was getting as bad as mine at remembering things. Also I thought...I could get really, really, really mad at her and have an enemy for months/years/forever, or I could just be calm and try to solve the problem and preserve our marriage. we are. We agreed to NEVER let the water run in the flower garden again (sound familiar?) I do think it has embedded itself into Marilyn's mind now however. (If I ever do *see* water running unattended anywhere along the front of the house again, I'll take out all water faucets in the front yard!)

Today is Saturday an the carpet strips are still out in the back/side yards drying and where is Marilyn? Out buying carpet. "Let's leave the strips in for a year to see if we can do it...oh...we had yet another big flood....let's just put carpet down instead of putting the ugly strips back again." I don't get the logic but I'll flow with it. (no pun intended with the word FLOW). Why?  THIS IS WHY  She's my girl.  I love her.  Nothing else is as important as that.  Take Wesley's attitude toward Buttercup as an example.  "As you wish".  My life is definitely better since I've made that life change and I hope hers is too.  I hope YOU kids will remember this some night when you look over at your spouse in bed and just wish they were somewhere else.  It will happen. You can think you are right and let your attitude make both of you miserable, or you can say hakunna matatta and go on with life being happy.  HA!  you didn't realize this post was going to be another stupid 'advice from dad' post didja!?! 

So...the question remains...IS the third time the charm?....or will I have to pull up carpet, move shelves, toys, books, desks,entertainment centers, tables, benches, and the tread mill again in the future?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Marilyn, what do YOU think? :-)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Marilyn

Just because you're 55, Don't despair, oh no
Overnight you won't discover, You've lost your get up and go.
Nor will you become all wrinkled, Nor ache from head to toe.
So even though you're ripening, Don't regard it as a blow,
You won't suddenly be decrepit 'cuz that happened long ago!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

'nuff said.

Brett/Katie's pictures

Ya'all should go HERE and view this slide show. It will make you smile.  For Buff, here are some highlights:

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Our Independence Day pictures, blogging from work. A recap of our holiday weekend:

Friday night, nothing special. Saturday, nothing special. Sunday we went to Christa's for dinner...that was fun. Monday afternoon Christa & crew, Chad & crew, & Brett & crew (can Katie be called a crew?) showed up. Kids splashed in the kiddie pool & played in the basement which is a big change from the way we've done things in the past. Our family room actually stayed toys at all. We had BBQ hangaburs and vinegar chicken. Lots of fruit and a nummy salad. Marilyn made patriotic cheesecake with RED strawberries, WHITE cheesecake, and BLUE blueberries on the top. Tasted nummy. Chad/Erica/Grandma watched the munchkins while myself, Brigham, Brett, Christa, Benjamin played a round of frizbee golf. Katie joined us part way through our game. We set off some fireworks on our patio while the sun was still shining because munchkins have early bedtimes and parents were anxious to get them home. Thanks for the visit everyone!

Monday, July 05, 2010

our Independence Day

Sorry, no pictures. Blogging from work.

So on the 3rd we went to a parade in a tiny town in the mountain tops. It was mostly fire trucks and search and rescue people. Lydia was not fond of the loud guns and honking horns and kept declaring that she was all done.

On the night of the 4th we went and watched some fireworks just across the street from a stadium where people paid a lot of money to watch them. The girls were scared to death for the first minute. Lydia was sitting on my lap and I felt her little body go stiff and her tiny heart double in speed. she took my arms and wrapped them around herself as tightly as they would go saying "hold me mommy!"
After a few minutes they finally relaxed and they enjoyed the fireworks. We were loading them up with candy that we had aquired from the parade. It was a fun little evening. I always love seeing the fireworks. It just doesn't feel like the 4th without them.
As we were driving home Steve pointed out that we forgot to make our chocolate covered frozen Bananas for the 4th (which we had decided to make into a tradition). Looks like I'll be going to grocery store tonight.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

We bought the Tabernacle organ.

You see, the old tablernacle on temple square wasn't being used much any more so the church decided to sell the organ to try to make some money.  We bought it.  We installed it in our family room.  We've still got to put the pipes in and the keyboard, but it's mostly put back together.  Here's a picture (click on it) . All it needs are the pipes, don't you think? Actually Jacob was the impetus for our decision to purchase a new entertainment center.  I had him thwarted from the TV with the screen, and had him locked out of the glass doors with a screw...but the cute little determined man KNEW there was fun stuff behind those glass doors and he was going to break into it come hell or high water or the elimination of the glass doors.  We also didn't really like watching our HDTV through chicken wire.  We knew we needed something to protect the tv and the electronics yet could be livable when the little man wasn't around.  There were only two entertainment centers we could find online/in furniture stores that had doors to cover the TV.  I spent half of a day yesterday Jacob proofing this with locks.  I'm a little concerned about the leaded glass in the bottom cabinets, but it did come with wood panels to replace them with if needed.  We didn't have room to store yet another entertainment center so we pawned it off on Chad/Erica and we were tired of some of the clutter downstairs so we got rid of the bunk beds at Christa's house.   It's a start.   If anyone even tries to bring any of that stuff back I'll be waiting on the porch with my shotgun.   We also got rid of the junk collector shelves in our laundry room and I used the shelves you kids gave me there now to store our movies.  We're going to take Christa's idea and put a TV in the basement for Jacob and let him watch shows to his heart's content.   I think I have the entire script for the movie "Cars" memorized.   Let's put it this way, I don't think we'll be selecting that one to watch for an evening home alone for quite a while.

What else can I tell Buff has been happening?  Marilyn got another bee in her bonet to get rid of the flower bed next to the driveway/road and somehow coerced Brett/Katie into helping her.  It's now a small bump with sod on it.   That makes 2 out of 4 flower beds from the front gone. 

Do you realize that I haven't even started my ATVs yet?!?  Here it is the 4th of July and I haven't been camping (except cleaning trip to the mountin). I haven't been riding.   Where has the time gone?  I can't believe it.  We did make plans with our friends the Kirks to go riding near Scofield the weekend of the 30th but I have to get out of Dodge before that or I'm going to go bezonkers.  We were asked by 3 different people to go ATV riding this weekend but turned them down because of family plans.  Saundra went camping again, but Marilyn said "No more Reservation Ridge!".   A guy in the ward put together a ward ride up AF Canyon for the weekend, and the Kirks asked us to go up to their cabin.  What did I do yesterday?  work.  All day long.  Just way too much stuff to do that has kind of been neglected this spring.  Great start to the holiday weekend.  Today was church and that was just more fun than one person should be allowed to have.  This afternoon we're heading up to Dastrup's house for dinner which should be fun/relaxing.  Tomorrow Marilyn has plans for here....dinner....blow up water slide again, lots of fireworks.  I dunno all the plans but it should be fun too.  I swear, right here, right now, that next year, I am going camping/ATV riding for the 4th of July weekend and if nobody comes with me, that will be ok.  I'll throw my sleeping bag and some food on my ATV and go enjoy cool air and nature.  Pinky promise.

Speaking of cool air, it's now 1:25 in the afternoon on the 4th of July and my thermometer says it's 60 degrees outside my window right now.  Not exactly a typical 4th so as long as I *DID* have to stay in the valley for the 4th, at least the weather is cooperating.

Remembering the 4th of July...

Back when we lived in England and I had no voice for a few weeks, I went to church and they sang the "Star Spangled Banner" (on the 4th of July Fast day) and I could not sing with my voice as it was. It made me cry not to be able to sing that patriotic song that I loved. I had come to appreciate being an American a lot more while we lived in England. Before we moved to England I really didn't think that life would be much different than living in America. To my surprise, it was. You kids probably were unaware while we lived there of the kinds of things that surprised me. I thought their standard of living would be the same. It wasn't. I became aware that most of the people in our village didn't own a car, a home, and didn't even have or use central heating or Air conditioning. Many of them had never in their lives been further away from Tingewick than 1 mile (on a bus to Buckingham). I was well aware that most countries in the world didn't have our standard of living, but beings that England is probably in the top 5 most prosperous countries in the world to live in, I didn't really anticipate things being so different there.

I think that it is important on this 4th of July that we pause in the midst of our celebrations of picnics, BBQ's, fireworks and family, to remember WHY we celebrate this day. To remember our founding fathers who risked their very lives when they signed the declaration of independence, which was essentially announcing to the the British their intentions to rebel against British rule. For most of my life, I don't think the full impact of what the signers had actually done, had hit me. What kind of men were the 56 signers who adopted the Declaration of Independence and who, by their signing, committed an act of treason against the Crown? They had set themselves up for execution by doing so...and had America not won our independence, most certainly they would have been executed.

Do we remember the sacrifices made by so many in our past to be able to live the way we do today? And while we are appreciating those who sacrificed for us, we also need to remember and honor those who brought the gospel back and sacrificed so much of their lives, their homes, their family's and friends to follow the prophet of God and move and start all over again many times AFTER they finally arrived in Utah to go and settle new areas as called to do by Brigham Young. As I read and see what their lives were appreciation for their sacrifices have soared as well. So I think that we need to (like we do at Christmastime) stop and remember WHY we celebrate and remember the great courage, perseverance, diligence and determination offered by those in the past, to a cause that was so worthy of their sacrifice. And perhaps we should also ask ourselves if our lives carry on in just such an honorable way...never wavering either in the causes that we know to be right and true. I hope that our posterity also will be able to rise up and honor us for the things that we did in this life, the way we honor our founding fathers and pioneers for their sacrifice to do what was right.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Come again? Yep.

Yep, we are coming again (minus Steve).

We will be coming some time at the end of the summer (I won't post when for privacy reasons but mom or dad can tell you). So me n the girls are going to fly out the day before Lydia's 2nd birthday (she'll be free!!) and then we'll fly out 2 weeks later.

Why? You may ask. For our surrogacy experience!!! I'll be driving from ut to Boise for about 6 days (where Steve will be joining me for a weekend medical-vacation-get-away). Then I'll drive back to Ut and fly home. Since they won't know exact dates until we are there and I didn't want to have to change flights (which was almost guaranteed if I flew there, I decided just to go to Ut and drive. Mom is going to watch my kiddos (thanks mom!!) Kiera is VERY excited about going back to Utah and asks about when we are going daily.

Last night I tied up the very last loose end on this surrogacy. We are good to go and well into the process medically, legally, and financially. I'm so excited!!!

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