Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sorry, no pictures....just my weekly blog

Blogging from work again.  No pictures.  I actually haven't even seen the pictures of Halloween myself yet.  I was working.  I probably could have got it off had I wanted to, but I figured we needed the $ so very reluctantly I went to work. 

Steve took the girls to the ward trunk or treat.  Kiera has been counting down for 2 weeks (literally counting).  Their ride to the party bailed on them a few hours before it started so Steve had to frantically call everyone trying to find a ride.  He finally found one 30 minutes before it started.  The girls didn't get to bed until 2 hours past bedtime because Steve couldn't find a ride home either.  But at least they had fun.  Steve said they were wearing their costumes (cinderella and sleeping beauty) for hours before the event but apparently right before they left to go they both decided they wanted to wear something else so they ended up wearing tu-tu's to trunk-or-treat in.    Oh well! 

In our previous house or next door neighbor was a very nice lady who would randomly come over with mountains of gifts for my girls (I'm talking like $200+ worth of gifts in one day).  We haven't seen her since we moved in may, but she came and found us in our new house and unexpectedly brought us mountains of gifts again for our little ladies tonight for Halloween.  I'm not going to complain!  What a blessing!! 

As of now I'm working 37 hours per week.  Busy busy busy.  OH, and the tiny room I work in is infested with cockroaches which is disgusting.  Last night they were crawling around the diaper change table as I was changing my patient's diaper.  Tonight when I picked up my lunch bag off of the floor, one crawled out.  I see them crawling up walls, up my employer's leg.  YUCKY!!!!!!  

Halloween is over...on to THANKSGIVING!

You parental units out there are shirking your DUTY! Where are your kids Halloween pictures? We are waiting with baited breath!

Also, Dastrups and Chad and Erica: see if you can get together to decide when you would both like to bring your kids here while you do your temple/date. I like them to come together for cousin bonding, and I am pretty flexable on when I can do it.

Also, Thanksgiving is coming in a few weeks. Dastrups, I am not sure if you are coming or not, and if you can what time. Also I need to know what time Brett will be available. I am assuming that Chad will be available anytime that day? I just need to know the medical peoples schedules.

I think this birthday will be her last...

We just got back from the Care center. My mom was quite out of it today. She mostly slept through our conversations with dad. She was really struggling to try to get a drink out of the straw. It has a cap that you can cover the straw with and she kept trying to drink out of that, even though I kept putting the straw in her mouth and trying to get her to suck on that. I finally removed the cap and she did better. But she was on another planet today.

For those of you who remember Wanda-the lady in the wheelchair that was always trying to find someone to take her home. Well, God finally did. She died yesterday from a viral infection. Rather sobering really. She seemed like she was doing great on Wednesday when I saw her. She still had her blue bear and was eating dinner. I thought she was the most likely one in there to outlive the rest. Dorothy , another resident who lived there, came in mom's room one day and laid down on the bed. When the CNA came to get her and take her back to her room, she said, "I'm not going in there, there aren't any people there!" She wanted to be where there were visitors, hers or not. She also died this week. She had been a widow for 50 years, so I am CERTAIN there was a very happy reunion for her in Heaven.
Both of those women had seemed pretty perky before they died. It made me realize how little time we might have left with mom. It could be this week.
Mom's birthday is Nov 12th. We will be having a sibling dinner there that night. She may not be very aware of her surroundings enough to even begin to have a conversation, but she likes her people there. Every time I go to leave, she protests. I know she won't be with us for very much longer...I think at the most she may have only 3 months. If any of you are interested in sending her a Bday card here is her address: 2877 W Center St; Provo, UT 84601

Mom has been such an influence for good on me. Any good qualities I may have are because of my sweet mother. And I know that part of the reason you kids did so well in school was because of the Education Scholarship $ she started with her kids and carried on with her grand kids (and because she did it and it had been a good motivator for me, I also wanted to do it with you kids) Since you got $ in no other way, it helped you to be good students. But more than that, I just appreciate that she taught me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I value my testimony of the church and my great love for my Heavenly Father more than anything else. She put me on that path to happiness I have now, and as I see the trials in the world today that people struggle with, and how so many don't know where to turn for peace and happiness that I know, I just feel sorry for them. I wish I could just give people what the gospel has given me. But that is something people have to do individually. Well, enough. I mostly just thought I would share how mom is doing.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


<- - - -  The Dastrup blog is back!  Christa, did you know you can have one email address forward email to another with gmail?  You can use both email addresses but only actually use one.  I do that.  I have my gmail address forwarded to my address so anyone that sends me email to my gmail account will get to my novell account.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Christmas Gift Exchange

UPDATE: See Brett's shared google document.

I believe the previous spending limit was $20 time to spare!

Hurry!  Someone notify your aunt Nadine (or Jonell as she likes to be called)!  Maybe she'll be enticed to move to Bulgaria!

If you haven't lost your blog

For those of you who haven't lost your blog, I just would like to take a second to remind you of THIS.

SLEDDING, anyone?

We got walloped! I have been out with my broom shaking the branches of my trees that are loaded to the point of touching the ground, so that they don't break. There is at least 12" of snow out there! We were supposed to get 1/2 in but the biggest part of the storm came right over the top of us! It was shocking to wake up to, but it puts me in the mood for the holidays. If we can just get Halloween out of the way.
It sure is beautiful though. For those of you counting your blessings that you don't have snow to contend with, it is supposed to be in the 60's this weekend. It won't last. We aren't even going to shovel.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

who has who?

who has who for christmas this year?  I can't remember for the life if me who I gave a gift to last year. 

On a lighter note....

Click here for chat at it's finest:  HERE

Monday, October 25, 2010

Keeping your password safe

Dunno how someone got Christa's/Buff's/Katie's accounts but here are some tips to keep you safe:

1 - NEVER NEVER NEVER enter any passwords, especially banking information if you are connected to an unsecure wireless.  If you are unsure if it's unsecure, don't do it.

2 - Don't ever use your spouse's name, your birthday, his/her birthday, your hometown, or anything else that is easy to find as your password.  There are machines out there that will compile that information (available online mostly) and automatically try combinations of it on your accounts to try to hack in.

3 - When you do have a good password, put some non-alpha characters in it somewhere.  For example if you like "forest", make your password "&forest1" or "for*est".  The longer your PW the better. Change it up once in a while.  Go from "for*est" to "fore$t" etc. etc.

4 - If your password is so complicated you have to write it down's too complicated.  Make it something you can remember without writing it down or [shudder] keeping it as a note in your iPhone, etc.

5 - If the URL you are at when you are entering your ID/PASSWORD doesn't start with HTTPS:// then DON'T TYPE YOUR PASSWORD.....EVER.  If it just starts HTTP:// it is totally unsecure. (In your gmail account, go to SETTINGS and set it to always use https)


UPDATE:  Christa says she lost control of her email account and lost her blog, etc. so apparently this is more serious than I orginally thought.  Suggestion:  Change your password to your google mail accounts asap:

"Hi" That's the subject of an email I have received from both Breanna's and Christa's gmail account.  Here is the text of the email without the KIM included:

my dear
Is everything ok?By the way,i found an excellent website in a few days,
and the goods on there are cheap and economical,
here is the address of that company You can log on their website
http://www.famous-elec.kimcom/ well,nothing special,just send u my truely regards,
hope u hv a nice day,and god bless u!
Sincerely yours.♀
It's coming from: "Received: from not authenticated" which means that someone is spoofing the email addresses and routing them through google servers.  It's actually quite common and nothing really you can do about it so don't worry about it, but just be aware it's happening and you may want to let your friends know it's not you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nelson update

By the way,  who has whom for Christmas this year?

News with us...hmmm...   Lydia has been sleeping in a toddler bed this week.  She does fairly well but she is a little jack-in-the-box in the middle of the night.  It seems like every time she wakes up she has to wander in my room and start climbing on the bed.  Then I have to take her back.  Yesterday while I was at work Steve says she apparently fell out of bed.  Her ankle was swollen and she

refused to stand on it for hours.  Today she is walking with a cute little limp.  Poor lady!!!  

I put curlers in Kiera's hair to curl it for church today.  She was so excited and proud of her curlers. Funny girl.  I hated them at her age! 

We have not had any time to try to figure out where we are going to be working 8 months from now.  We need to do some more research and phone calls.  but between my working full time on top of my already busy schedule and steve going to school, tending kiddos while I working, and trying to study for boards we just haven't made the time.  It is absolutely imperitive that Steve pass his boards the first try.  If he doesn't, we have no idea if our baby(s) will be covered by insurance when they are born.  Lots of pressure on Steve. 

The only family time we have all week together is saturday and sunday mornings.  Saturday we went to our local pumpkin patch again.  It is owned by someone in our ward.  The father if the people who own it is also in our ward and has a particular liking of our family.  He told us he would get us some free tickets if we went there again.  To our surprise though he got us wrist bands (which they sell for $200+ each) to get into any ride or anything for free.  We had tons of fun with our girls.  We took them on $25 worth of just pony rides!  Lydia of course had to do it by herself.  Oh, they had one of those things with the trampolines that you can jump on while attached to the bundgee cords so you can jump super high and do tricks.  Yes, Lydia wanted to do it REALLY bad.  They said she just barely made the weight minimum.  But then they informed us that it was the only thing in the park that you had to have tickets and not the wrist bands.  Too bad!  I really wanted to see her do it! 

VERY anxiously awaiting news wednesday.  Nervous and excited.  


To anyone who thinks that they will be home buying soon. Everytime you live somewhere you expand your parameters of what you would like in a future home. After having been alive for 55 years, this is what I think I would like. I welcome anything else you people think is important too.
-Location, location, location. The schools and church that your children will attend is very important. The church is the same everywhere you go, but the devotion of the people isn't. Schools are easier to detect as you can seek out where the best districts and schools scores are online. By location I do not mean fancy. Fancy matters not. But you need to find good neighbors in a clean and well cared for neighborhoods. Run down neighborhoods don't usuallly produce the best neighbors either.
-A west facing house so that you have afternoon and evening shade in the backyard for BBQ's and the like.
-A large kitchen with lots of cupboards.
-If you are having a home built upgrade the heater, AC, shingles. The cost isn't much more, but will save you a lot of money in the long run.
-Tile floors. Be careul not to buy the kind that when the top chips it shows darker underneath. Porcelin is best.
-A wood stove if possible, for Emergency preparedness, and the cozy comfort of a fire in the winter. Gas stoves produce neither. There is some heat that comes off a gas fire, but they are very inefficient at producing warmth-mostly just for looks.
-A place to have food storage, perferrably cooler and darker than the rest of the house as that helps to preserve the food longer.
-A house that is within easy means of making payments. Lots of people try to get EVERY LAST dollar that they can possibly qualify for with your wage. This leaves them "house poor" for a very long time, which adds stress to marriage and family life as their family gets bigger and more expensive as HS /mission/college age approaches. I would buy a house adequate to your future NEEDS not necessarily your future wishes. Freedom from financial bondage is a GREAT asset in a home, as many people in this country who have lost homes in the last couple of years can testify.
The home teachers are here...add away
[time passes and Kim takes over the computer....bwahahahahaha!]
What was wrong with our Orem house? Dining area way too small. Master bedroom on the small side. Family room in the basement (cold) and too long/narrow. No garage (I built the carport into a garage eventually).
What was wrong with our AF house? The master bedroom was in the front right next to the front door. The "living room" was way too big and we never used the dining room because the table was in the family area next to the kitchen. The family room there was too small.
What we had done special in this Cedar Hills house: Wall sconces instead of centered overhead lights. Outside entrance to the basement. Extra linen closet in the master bath. Extra room in the family room and living room (though the living room is still basically a waste of space). Extra attic insulation, extra efficient furnace/AC, 40 year shingles
What I wish we would have done here: No tub in the master bath, all we need is a shower.
General advice: lots of closets and storage space..especially if you have a wife that is a squirrel at heart....and now I turn the microphone back to Marilyn

Marilyn has returned to reclaim this post! Amen about my squirrel genetics!

One thing that many people don't seem to understand about home purchasing: Your 30 loan doesn't pay off the principal on the home at the same rate at the beginning of your loan as it does at the end. For instance: Let's say that you have a $1K per month mortgage. For the first year or so you will probably be paying 99% interest and 1 % towards the principal (the amount that actually goes to paying off your loan). So if you pay your $1K then $10.00 goes to the principle. Therefore, if you paid $1,050.00 instead of the $1K required, you are basically saving yourself 5 months of the full payment at the end of your loan.(towards the end of your loan most of your mortgage payment goes towards the principal). So you can see how important it is to put as much money in the early years of your mortgage as you can. Other "investments" will not payoff like putting extra money on your house payment. Kim and I payed off our 30 year mortgage in 13 years by paying extra when we could on our mortgage, and that is really NICE because that is the time frame that kids become a whole lot more expensive with missions, college and the like in your face. My advise: Follow the prophets counsel and get out of debt as soon as possible. And as far as following the advise of financial "experts" who give you differing counsel- just know that they are WRONG! If you go against counsel of a prophet of God, in the long run you will be sorry. I know that is true!

Do with this information what you will. But I thought you ought to know.


You are all likely to think that I should have made this decision about 15 years ago, but I couldn't because I was raisin' kids.
As Kim mentioned, yesterday I spent most of the day canning Spagetti Sauce and basil/garlic tomatoe juice. I had lots of time to think.
I am always trying to figure out ways that I will have more time to do Family History and geneology, which is always calling me to come do it. It is why I have taken out 2 of my flowerbeds in my front yard, so that I will have more time for Family History. Well, yesterday, I decided that I can "Can" most of my canning! All except for the stuff that I can't buy something reasonably close at the store. That means that I won't have things all be exactly how I prefer them, but we will survive that, probably.
I am glad I did it for all of those years you kids were home. It saved us a lot of money and helped teach my children to work, which is one of the most valuable things you can teach them, (right after teaching them the things about Christ and his true gospel). But those times are past. Now, I need to seek out my ancestors and give them access to the most priceless gift ever. It is a driving need in me.
So don't be surprised if I start offering up my canning jars as I empty them. Right now, they are nearly all full...but it won't stay that way.
BTW, if anyone wants to bottle tomatoe anything...Webers have about 15 bushels of them in their garden that will get frozen Monday night. They are welcoming any takers.


There's this one place on our walk that always grows mushrooms.  It varies from a couple of them to a couple of pockets full.  A couple of days ago it had more mushrooms there than I had ever seen.  Must be about 10 pounds of mushrooms we picked, chopped up, and put in the freezer.  They are nummy in spagetti sauce (which your mom bottled yesterday...along with some spicy tomato juice.....she was tuckered out at the end of the day).
Most of you already know this, but for historical purposes we're putting this here:

The winds of change are blowing around the C&E Gronemans. We've got some big changes coming up: I'll be changing my job, and we'll be moving.

After trying to work things out with my current company (they are severely under-paying me -- I found out directly from HR that brand new people out of school are hired for more than what they were paying me), I've been looking around for a new employer. I've had several successful interviews. I got an offer from a company in downtown SLC. It wasn't quite as much as we were hoping for, and it would have been a bit of a drive, so we turned it down. Then they offered more $$$. The money was right, and everything with the company seemed right - but we didn't feel good about it, and felt that the Lord didn't want us to take it. Then, on Thursday, I got another interview with a different company, based in Orem at the mouth of Provo Canyon. It was fantastic -- like they were trying to convince me to come work for them. And everything sounded great. They offered me a job on Friday, and we felt good about it, so I accepted. The job offer was for the high amount of the range that I was asking, and as a new employee, they're giving me six more days off per year than I am currently getting.

We've also put our home up for sale. We need a place that will accommodate a growing family (no, we're not pregnant -- but we would like to be), and we want to be a bit closer to family. We've moved out quite a few of our belongings so our home looks less cluttered. We're also doing some things daily in case people want to come look. We're hoping it will sell before the end of the year.

The winds of change could turn into a tornado for a short time, but it will be well worth it.

In other news, Emmy is getting so big. She's fun to play with. Below is a video (warning: 5 minutes) of her playing and singing.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little girl's bunny costume & outfit

I'm baffled.  In our playroom in the basement yer mother found a sack containing a small child's bunny costume, a little girl's outfit, and little girl's shoes.  I called Chad and he said it's not Emmy's.   ?????  Anyone have a clue?

Friday, October 22, 2010


I was looking at the gift wish list (hint, hint) and realized that I'm not the only Groneman in town with the initials KG anymore.  Katie, don't tell me your middle name is Louise or something like that.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On to the Second Trimester!

Well, our baby is looking really good - according to the Dr. who was in the room for about 3 min. to do a 1 min. ultrasound today. He got a page from labor and delivery right when he squirted that cold gel on my belly and had to go to the hospital right away. But he did a quick check and the baby is at 7.5cm with a heart beat in the upper 150's. He said it was "big" and I blame Brett. He said that a good ultrasound like this one at 13 and a half weeks is usually a good sign for less probability for miscarriage. So we're pretty happy! And we're crossing our fingers (and you know... praying), for all the other baby hopefuls in the fam. Love ya'all!

Something fun

Steve is in THIS VIDEO.  I'm sure you'll recognize him.  This is pretty funny.  So is this.  But I thought this was the best one.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooky Picture

Emmy drew this picture especially for me for Halloween!  I'm about YOU?!?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It may not be Thanksgiving yet but...

I just haft ta say that I love my life! How I enjoyed having most of my favorite people here this week! We missed Brett and Breanna...hopefully we can pull off the party with both of them next year.
It was so fun to have our little Nelson ladies to entertain us this week. Grandkids are the best! We tended for the Dastrups yesterday while Christa was gone. That Ty! The kid never stops! and everywhere he goes, he's gotta be on the run! So cute. And Benjamin was clueing Uncle Stevo in on more about BYU foot ball than even Steve knew (we saw a BYU flag on someones flagpole today at half-mast: Sorry about your loss!)
Kim was busy loving on Jacob and trying once again to out smart that boy to keep his pants on. This time he put the suspender pants on UNDER the t-shirt so he couldn't slide the straps off his shoulders...and it worked for the few hours longer that we were there. And we always enjoy Emmy's loves. She loves to cuddle, and we love it too!
How blessed I am to have such a great family! And we are excited that as of today, it is growing even bigger! :) :) :) Stage 1 and Day 1 of pregnancy for Cambrie's surrogate, has begun. Welcome, very little ones! We shall pray for your well being, as well as your little cousin in another oven.
I love the gospel and the great happiness it brings to me! I feel sorry for those who don't have it. I am grateful that Breanna is able to share what I love so much with the good people in Georgia who need to find the happiness that I have.
And I am grateful for the wonderful man I married. He spoils me more than I deserve, and I hope that you all will grow into the great relationship that comes with 34 years of what was at times very hard work to improve our marriage. It has been SO WORTH IT!
I love the beauty of nature. I am sitting in our back yard enjoying the colors change to deep fall color! I love it. I know that the colors will quickly fade to winter approaching, but I love that too. Time to rest from all that comes with Spring and summer. And time to dive into my passion: Family History and Temple work! I love it, and I love the blessings that I see and have seen from doing it. When in the Lord's service, he blesses you. Pure and simple. You can never "get ahead" of the Lord. I just wish I had gotten into it earlier.
Anyway, thanks for reading the overflow of love for life. I just had to share.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A rip roarin' Halloween Party

Wow....what a party! Here is the video: We missed Brett and Buff. :-( Katie brought Carmel Apples (mmm!) Erica brought a pot of worms (mmm!) Christa brought monster apple bites and spider web dip (mmmm!) Cambrie made a monster hand dip, Steve carved the watermellon brain, grandma made the graveyard cake, the punch bowl hand, and I made the vegetable man tray, the spider candy tray, the witch fingers (actually, there was a coven in our back yard and I just killed and burned them all but I saved their fingers so it wasn't hard) and yer ma and I made the mummy pizzas. Here are ALL THE PICTURES: 

We played some games...not all went well.  Pin the nose on the pumpkin didn't make it.  Musical electric chairs was a hit.  Ping pong ball hockey was fun for all.  A balloon stomp which everyone enjoyed (because there was money in some of the balloons).  Outdoor races which the kids really enjoyed, especially when riding on parent's shoulders.  We danced (video above). We also carved pumpkins outside on the patio because it was so warm.   The most funny moment for me was when Chad put on the monster mask and looked at Emmy and she came unglued.....then Erica came over to comfort her, but forgot she was wearing a gold wig which Emmy didn't appreciate either!  The whole thing was a real hoot!  Good idea Kim!  The littlest people were just a little too young to enjoy it all, but by next year they should like it better.  Thanks everyone for making it a blast!

More halloween food

Here is more food from the halloween party. All the adults had fun making it and all the kids had fun eating it. Everyone thought the witch fingers were a little too realistic to really enjoy, but I thought they were great (I made them!). The frozen hand in the punch bowl didn't turn out exactly like we had planned. Just the wrong fingers broke off. Brigham was offended so he had to break the last one off. I liked the bowl of worms and the mummy pizzas. Wish you were here Buff! Next year.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Preparations for the Party

We've started preparing for tonight's Halloween party.  For Buff's benefit (and my blog archive), here is some of the food that we have fixed before hand.  There will be more:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And people say I'm bad

Good morning:   See?  I'm not so bad.

Another name for Katie's baby

Here are another couple of name possibilities for Katie's baby: (Pussycat Doppelganger-Weedman and P. Poole)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Provo River Cruise Anyone?

Anyone interested?

Halloween Cruise - October 1-30, 2010
Come enjoy an adventure riverboat ride on the lower Provo River! You'll see over 100 hand carved jack-o-lanterns reflecting off the water, hear the boat captain tell a scary story, and enjoy some scary songs. A pirate even attacks the boat! We have two professional excursion boats that can accommodate 40 people each.
The ride is a round-trip experience that takes approximately 25 minutes, with departures every 15-30 minutes.
No need to make a reservation unless you have a group of 20 or more!

Boarding Location: CLAS Ropes Course 3606 W. Center, Provo
Price: $28 per family* or $7 per person
Reserve the whole boat:
Mon, Fri & Sat - $185
Tue, Wed & Thru - $165
Hours: Mon. - Thurs..... 6:30-9:00pm
Fri. and Sat........ 6:30-10:00pm
Closed Sundays
Information: (801) 373-1897

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cool website

A friend sent this to me. I think it is a great easy way to find out how the candidates line up on the different issues. I suggest you give it a try!

Nelson women have arrived!

Yesterday Brett/Katie showed up for some free food and we enjoyed their company for a while.  They drove us down to see Grandma (I never get to sit in the back seat of a car and just look around while driving the freeway!).  Grandma was a little quieter/slower/etc. than she had been the day before but still was able to make everyone laugh a couple of times.  She sure loves her babies.  Everyone got a good chuckle when she was cooing over one of the "babies" and said "Isn't she just a doll!?!"  Nelson ladies finally arrived at our place about 6:30 and it was wonderful to get those little lady hugs.   They immediately headed for the basement where Grandma pulled out the princess stuff for them and they were just content. I sure hope things go well for Punkin' while she's here this time.  Stevo arrives on Tuesday (I think that's what Cambrie said) and we get to party for a few days.  Speakin' of party.....this Friday's bash looks to be a good'n.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Party On!

We are very excited for the Halloween party on Friday! I will be bringing spider web dip, monster jaws, some Halloween tunes for a game of musical electric chairs, and three little monsters. Let's party!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Our trip

It was actually a really, really, really good trip.   I took the NKPs (formerly SysOps) to Marysvale where we stayed in the oldest hotel in Utah....and it's been continually used as a hotel.   It's the one I suggested a few years ago we do a family reunion in, but Marilyn wasn't too keen on the idea.  Now that she's stayed there, she is VERY keen on the idea.  I have never stayed anywhere that had anywhere near as much character as this place has.  It's furnished and decorated with the antiques that have always been there.   The beds, the claw foot bathtubs, the old pictures, etc.  The place just radiates old fashioned charm.   Above the door there is a sign that says "Arrive strangers, leave friends" and it has never been so true.  Randy/Katie (owners) just make you feel like family.  They're also great cooks. (There's a sign in the kitchen that says "Dinner Choices:  Take it/Leave it")  It has a little old fashioned sitting room and a small little dining room with a kitchen next to it.  When we had filet mignon the first night, they churned some home made ice cream for desert.  All the food they fixed was nummy.  Of course we went ATV riding and it rained both days of riding when we were in Marysvale.  We rode over the mountain and encountered snow in the pass the second day then rode down to the Freemont Indian Museum. We were all dressed for the weather so it was kind of like Skiing....cold and wet but who cares?  It was beautiful riding through the fall colors and the snow and rain.

After 3 nights there, we moved to Ruby's Inn near Bryce.  I've never stayed there (too expensive) but it was a nice hotel.  Nice, but not charming.   The next day we took the ATVs over to Casto Canyon, which we've ridden before (Your mom's favorite ride) but it was totally different this time.  After 6 inches of rain in the area the past few days, even the road to get to the trail head was washed out with a 2 foot drop off.  (However, it never rained on us that day. )We had to park in the road, unload ATVs and ride through washouts just to get to the canyon.  Once there, we found the trail had been mostly washed out up the canyon too.  We kept running into 3-4 foot dropoffs where the trail had been washed out and we would have to back track and ride up the bottom of the wash to try to pick up the trail again.  It was really fun!  There was still a little bit of water coming down the canyon which just made it interesting to drive.  Of course, it was beautiful and we saw it from a different perspective since we were at least half the time in the wash (The "wash" is about 30 feet across....heavy water comes down that canyon).  I think that's the most fun ATV ride I've ever taken.

That night we went to a new "Ebenezer's Cowboy Dinner Show" across the street from Ruby's.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The entertainment was pretty good.  The next day we went into Bryce and hiked from Sunset to Sunrise point then went to Bryce Point then headed home.  We stopped in to visit Grandma who was talking in all kinds of random mixed up thoughts.  Anyway....TAKE THAT YOU OL' BURGLERS!  Ha!  We were gone and you didn't even know!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

pomegranates anyone?

I have access to lots and lots of pomegranates off of my friends tree up the street.  Anyone want some? 

So I'll be leaving sunday AM to drive up there with my 2 kiddos.  I'm not so excited about driving by my lonesome with kids, but I'm fairly sure we will arrive alive.  So you can plan on us sunday evening.  I know 2 tiny ladies who are SOOOOO excited to see everyone.  Lydia has been pointing out Emmy excitedly in pictures.  Kiera likes to tell everyone about how Brett doesn't like butter on his broccli. 

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Thanksgiving Rotation

Alright, siblings. This post is for you. As we all know, Thanksgiving is at Mom and Dad's this year. Our problem is that Dastrups are also having Thanksgiving at their side this year, and all of Brigham's Utah siblings are there this year and then rotating to their other sides next year. Obviously that isn't good news for us. As it is now, no matter what we make one side of the family unhappy. Brigham's brother's family is pretty much locked into their rotation because his wife's parents go to Vegas every other year when it is not their turn (i.e. this year). So my question to you, my dear siblings, is this: are you guys already set in a rotation with your other side of the family? If you are set, I guess that maybe we'll have to do 2 years in a row with one family and then 2 years with the next so that one family isn't always getting shafted. But that's not ideal because that means we'd only have Thanksgiving with you all once every 4 years. Booooo! I'm still hoping that we can find a way to make everyone happy.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Just hangin' on the stalks ready to fall on the ground...and they will before next weekend. Come and get 'em.   Probably about a quart would be my guess.

Friday, October 01, 2010

You are what you think

So much for friendly family competition

260  Kim Groneman                       1   2   3   1   3   1   1   1   1   2   6.02%
322  Erica Groneman                     1   2   5   1   2   1   3   1   2   1   4.17%
967  Katie Groneman                     1   1   3   1   5   1   2   1   UR  1   0.04%

Ok Erica/Katie.  I guess it's time to quit this fun stuff...nobody else will play along.  Thanks for all the fish.