Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Buff will be in town and it would be nice to play with the other Utah based family while she's here. Games and food between sessions on Saturday. Who's in?


1. The roundest knight at king Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.
2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.
3. She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still.
4. A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class because it was a weapon of math disruption.
5. The butcher backed into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.
6. No matter how much you push the envelope, it'll still be stationery.
7. A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.
8. A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.
9. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
10. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
11. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. The police are looking into it.
12. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
13. Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway. One hat said to the other, 'You stay here, I'll go on a head.'
14. I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.
15. A sign on the lawn at a drug rehab center said: 'Keep off the Grass.'
16. A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was, a nurse said, 'No change yet.'
17. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
18. The short fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium at large.
19. The man who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a seasoned veteran.
20. A backward poet writes inverse.
21. In democracy it's your vote that counts. In feudalism it's your count that votes.
22. When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion.
23. Don't join dangerous cults: Practice safe sects!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Select HIGH QUALITY viewing.

Survivor Gabon - Episode 1 & 2

For those of you who just weren't thinking and missed the two hour opening of Survivor Gabon, lucky for you - you can watch it online with limited commercials. I knew you needed this information. Is anyone else watching Survivor but your mom & I?
The first person to get voted off really deserved it. The second to get voted off didn't deserve it but was the logical choice.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Last night Benjamin and I were reading Alma 32, and I was doing my best to explain the whole faith is like a seed thing. I thought I was doing pretty well until Benjamin stopped me a couple of verses from the end and said, "Wait, Mom. So what it's saying is that if I have a plant growing inside of me, all I have to do is drink a lot of water?"
Our semi-sporadic in-case-you-care update:
1. Lyida has turned out to be quite the fuss-bucket lately. She doesn't like to do much of anything and cries quite a bit. Everyone seems to have advice on the subject, but nothing seems to work. Hopefully she will grown out of it soon.
2. Steve's school break is over as of today and Steve goes back to school tomorrow. No fun.
3. Kiera now knows all of her shapes, colors, and the letters one through nine (except 4). We are now working on letters. She refers to Lydia as "yidya" and is doing ok without her blankie (we confiscated it earlier this week). Kiera is afraid of snow, sand, bubbles (bubblebath), and new shoes.
4. Life has become quite busy for me trying to keep my toddler entertained while carrying around my crying infant. But this too shall pass. I set up my autumn decor today-- I love fall colors and I miss Utah this time of year!

NOW HEAR THIS!! This is to announce officially, that the Gramps and Grandma Groneman will be spending Christmas with the Dastrups, Nelsons, and Breanna in Albuquerque this year! That is if the Dastrups don't decide to run away first! It will be so fun to share our Christmas this year with 3 of our kids, and all of our Grandkids! Actually, I guess we will be missing out on our newest edition of Chad's and Erica's, but hopefully I get to love on that little dolly before I go south. I am excited for Christmas this year!!! It is gonna be great! It would be even more fun if our boys and their sweet wives could join us, but hey, since they will be with the girls families this year, that means we will get to anticipate enjoying them in Christmas of 2009! Life is GOOD!!!

Letter from Benjamin

I love getting letters from Benjamin. The last one was on the back of the envelope. All these sea monsters are scaring me!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Come to the Pity Party!

Here I am sitting at home feeling sorry for myself that I am not able to be at the Relief Society General Meeting broadcast right now like most women because my husband has been working since before I got up this morning. And he will work all night and into tomorrow morning as well. I feel sorry for Brigham, too, but I feel sorry for him so much that I'm almost used to it. After watching all of the families at Benjamin's soccer game having a good Saturday together while I wrestled Jacob alone and could therefore barely watch the game, I decided to throw myself a big pity party. You are all hereby invited. Gifts are welcome.

The Parental Unit's ATV Trip

Another 300+ mile trip. Click here for the picture album. We had a blast. We started in Panguitch this time and spent nights in different places in cabins/motels. 5 days of fun. It was the most wildlife full ATV trip I've been on. I turned one corner and a Golden Eagle was in the road and took off right in front of me with it's 6 foot wing span. At another spot a Coyote ran out in front of me. Various chipmonks and rabbits tried to commit suicide by playing chicken with me. The wildlife highlight of my trip was when I rounded a turn and came across three black bears in the middle of the road. I slammed on my brakes but luckily they were as scared of me as I was of them and they took off. I quit counting the deer I saw. The scenery was just like Bryce canyon but more remote and only one place had a fence. It was beautiful. We went with some neighbors of ours and with a gal that works for me & her husband. (3 couples). We learned a new card game called Golf which is pretty fun. For me, this is what life is all about. 5 days of total MY STYLE fun. Here is the movie.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We were introduced to the niftiest little beach yesterday and we went as a family with some friends. the beach was very small and encompassed by rocks. It had tide pools with creatures in them, and the water was clear so you could see around you. Our friends were snorkeling right off shore and said you could see a few lobster and a sea lion. All sorts of fun things washed up on shore, and since the beach wasn't heavily populated we got to find them: seashells, a coconut, a lobster head, etc.. Kiera wasn't nearly as mad about the sand this time, but she did prefer to hang out on the blanket. She got very upset and concerned when Steve went swimming (I wonder if she would care if I went swimming....probably not... she is always concerned about daddy's safety). Lydia slept in the stroller the entire time so a good time was had by all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

California Pictures

It was a great trip-- even though Jacob had an allergic reaction to something, got a nasty stomach virus, and picked up a cold. We wished we could have stayed longer, but it's nice to be back in our 4 bedroom house again!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What are the chances?

Erica is trying to set up a gmail account today. She sent me an email stating that "egroneman" was taken. I seem to remember reserving that for her before we were married. So, I got in, reset the password, did some other things, and sent her this reply:

I thought I had reserved that for you a while back. So I tried to get into it, but I had forgot the password.

I went into the "Forgot my password" thing and it asked me for my dog's name. I didn't remember ever selecting that as a question, but I put in "(our dog's name - edited this so some random person won't read this and do exactly what I did)". Done. Password reset.

I went into the account and saw a whole bunch of mail, and thought to myself, "Dang. This account is getting a ton of spam." But then I noticed it wasn't spam, and most items had already been read recently. I saw emails from Joey Groneman and Graham Groneman, and realized I had busted into the wrong account. I sent an email to Joey and Graham (from egroneman@gmail.com), telling them I'd reset the password, and gave them a new password which included "sorry" in it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I just got the rundown on the phone from both the Nelsons and the Dastrups about their trip to California. The Dastrups are stopped in Flagstaff Arizona for the night, and I know that CK is planning on putting pictures of their trip on the blog soon as she can get to it. It sounds like they had a really good time, in spite of some challenges, which I will leave them to tell ya'll.

SO, sounds like Cambrie and Steve plan on going to Albuquerque for Christmas (as long as we are there too). BJ is game, so I am wondering if any of the rest of you young marrieds would be able to join us? I realize that work issue/new baby may be an issue. Cambrie is of the opinion that it is a good time to travel when babies are new cause they sleep the whole trip. I realize that you would have to see what things are like when your baby arrives Erica and Chad, but I am wondering if you and the Brett Groneman family would want to go to Albuquerque for Christmas...and if the Dastrups would move out if we all came!!!

For the last 17 years years of Grandpa Jack Groneman's life he came to our house for Christmas, because it is fun to be where children are at Christmas. So, I believe that we will be in Albuquerque for Christmas. The one thing that might stop that trip would be severe weather. So, just looking for feedback from the 2 newlywed couples.....
Just think about how much LARGER the Dastrups will feel their house is when we all leave! :)

Mom & Dad on Vacation

Just a reminder that Marilyn and I will be putting around the mountains around Panguitch, Hatch, and Bryce Canyon on our ATVs for a few days. Leaving Monday AM returning Friday PM. May the Force be with you. Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be at 435-735-4300 Mountain Ridge Motel. Thursday we'll be at Harold's Place 435-676-2350. I'll have my cell phone with me in case we do get service down there.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Body Worlds Date

Katie and I decided that we're going to try to every now and then spend a little more than usual money on dates and do something that we'll remember. That's what we did yesterday. This may be a little unusual for most of your Friday afternoon/evenings, and for some of you not in a medical or other related profession where you have to take at least an anatomy class, this may be extremely bizarre, but I for one thought it was fascinating.

It's called Body Worlds and it's up at the Salt Lake Library right now (actually, a little building next to and probably affiliated with the library) called The Leonardo.

The exhibit is the actual bodies of people that have agreed -- presumably before they die -- to donate their dead body to Body Worlds for their method of education and learning for the public and bla bla bla ... you can read about it. If you can stomach such things, it's a fascinating view into how the human body works that you (again, presumably) normally don't see. And they had done an amazing job of letting you get a look at things in the human body. They somehow have an amazing way of preserving everything (for those of you who have been in cadaver labs, you'd appreciate how much better these look than your anatomy lab days). And they have preserved it in great detail, leaving very tiny tiny details intact on even their big displays. I was shocked to see that they had even somehow carved away the temporal bone to see the semicircular ducts in it (the "inner ear" inside the bone). They probably filled them with something that they carved the bone away from.

I'll spare the blog space and avoid telling you all the details of what we saw, but one of the particularly interesting things they did was to inject the blood vessels with some sort of red something material, and all I can figure is that they somehow erode and eat the rest of the tissue away when it solidifies, leaving a very detailed view of the blood vessels in whatever part of the body they do. In one of the heads they had, you could see the outside layer of blood vessels (above the skull) under which was a layer of nothing, followed by the blood vessels of the brain and surrounding meninges.

Katie and I spent over 2 hours in the place. They do a good job with what they do -- as weird as that may be. As a warning, taking young children to it may be a parental judgment call if not simply because of the very nature of what it all is, because they don't try to hide or leave anything out of the anatomy. Beings that none of us around here have children that age, I don't see it as being much of a problem.

Anyhow, it certainly qualified on the memorable date list. I'd recommend it to any who has the chance and is interested in such things. It was a benefit to have taken an anatomy class (twice, sadly) to know what the different things were, but they have an electronic audio guide you can rent if you want to.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Election Polls

Here's a great site to track election polls at a national and state level

Hockey Mom's Against Palin

This is hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URIypadX3n0

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crab dinner at the Nelsons house.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Church evacuates all missionaries from Bolivia
After you finish reading that, you can play with a big spider.
Just a quick note of "something to consider" for Brett/Breanna. I talked to a nurse in the endoscopy dept and she said she loves her job even though people make jokes about it. She works from 5am to 2pm, monday through friday, NEVER is on call, NEVER works holidays or weekends. Sounds like a sweet schedule for a nurse.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So, in a big surprise to both Kim and I last Monday, Kim figured out that he has lost 25 lbs in the last 6 months, without trying to. One wouldn't think that you could drop that much weight without either of us knowing it. The only reason he discovered it was because of the Wii Fit that we have. the little skoogie thing that you stand on for some of the activities, has a scale built into it and it weighed Kim at 240 lbs. Kim thought, "That can't be right...the last time I got on our scales I weighed 265!" So he weighed himself on our scales, and he is at 238. Well, as nice as a surprize as that was, the red flag went up immediately for me. With his family history of cancer , I told him it was time to see a DR, so I called the Dr and Kim made an appt. They did bloodwork, which was fine, and today he went in for a colonoscopy. He did have one polup that the Dr removed, and he also has some Diverticulosis. The Dr sent the polup to the lab to be analized...but he sounded pretty positive that it was nothing serious...we will know in a week. He does have to go again in 3 years to have it done again. He is thrilled. Actually, the stuff he had to swallow this time was a whole lot better than the last go around. Just water and lots of pills. Much easier to swallow that the strong saline solution he had to force down the last time. Still makes your gut feel pretty nasty, but at least half the torture was gone! Anyway...hopefully, all is well and your dad is just losing some un needed weight. That still doesn't really make sense to me though, cause he isn't doing anything different than he was a year ago, and he wasn't losing weight then. Go FIGURE!!! I am just jealous I guess (of the weight loss, not the colonoscopy)!!!

Kim's Bummer Day

I've done it. I had a colonoscopy this morning and have proven unconditionally that, contrary to what Marilyn believes, my head is not up there.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I went over to mom's yesterday to be with her while my dad went to the West's to watch BYU tromple all over UCLA. I got to surprize her 3 times in one day with my visit! She was surprized and so pleased to see me when I first arrived, and then I went out in the garden to pick 2 bushels of peaches that needed to be picked ( or else they would drop B4 monday), and then I came back into the yard and she was pleased all over again that I had come to see her, and then I cleaned in the house for awhile and then went back into the garden to pick the raspberries for them, and yes, she was just as thrilled when I came back again that I had come to see her for a visit!
They are doing pretty well, all things considered. Mom has been saying since June that she is SURE glad that all that canning is done (she never remembers a time when there was more to do)...one nearly doesn't have the heart to tell her that it is just getting started! Anyone that would like peaches, now is a great time to visit my folks! I brought home 2 bushel yesterday, which I will be doing tomorrow (Now, I HOPE that makes you all homesick!) There is probably another 15 bushels that are yet to get ripe and mom and dad won't do more than 3 bushels max I am sure. Also, there are raspberries (1 to 1 1/2 gallons per picking) that dad would like someone to use (he doesn't want any more in his freezer)...so you would do him the favor of picking them...and it is a shame that they should just drop.
On a different subject, have any of you ever heard of the DVD, or seen the talk, "DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography done by Rod Meldrum? Wow, I have been watching it (it is long, like 8 hours), and it is fascinating! I remember several years ago my dad came home from Education Week talking about that the people in Nephites time actually were not in the Guatemala and Central America region (like most Mormons think they were)where all the Mayan Cities built of stone are, but they were in the region from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast, down to the Gulf of Mexico and up to and including the Great Lakes region. I remember saying how rediculous that was, and the guy didn't know what he was talking about. But, I am now 100% convinced that they were in the USA region for about 20 different reasons. This guy, Meldrum has done TONS of research finding scientific proof to back him up....and logic that in all of my countless readings of the Book of Mormon, I never stopped to realize. There is SO much evidence to back this up, that I don't think anyone who watches this DVD will ever question the location where the Nephites/Lamanites live again. I highly recommend it! If you are interested, you can check out this guy's website http://www.bookofmormonevidence.org/ [stuff about earthquake deleted as it really didn't apply]

And for those of you interested, according to Joseph Smith, Zarahemla was just across the river from Nauvoo, and the Lord had instructed him that they were to build a city there and call it Zarahemla. It is in the Doctrine and Covenants, you can look it up. Anyway, really fascinating stuff! If you get a chance, watch it (the DNA Evidence thing- I haven't seen the one on "Earthquake in the heartland yet)! Really interesting!

More Grandkids

Click on these pictures for MORE pictures/movies of Nelsons & Dastrups:

Father Triumphs

It was clear from almost the beginning that Kim would win the game of Acquire. After coming in 1st *and* 2nd place in the 1st merger, then having the same hotel chain come and go from the board 3 more times, Marilyn, Chad, and Erica were wondering why they even bothered to show up to play.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ho! Ho! Ho! Is Santa Coming?

Cambrie has a list of things she wants on the wishlist. I don't see anything from anyone else. I guess Santa won't be coming to your house this year.....................

BYU vs. UCLA 1:30 pm


Friday, September 12, 2008


"Scan Toaster puts the power of 'miracle toast' into the hands of mere mortals" http://tinyurl.com/5ylkf3

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's 9/11

I remember watching the burning tower, the plane hitting the 2nd tower, the confusion as a plane hit the Pentagon and another went down in Pennsylvania. It's one of those days you just never forget. There have been many national tragedy days in my life, much like the day I remember watching the presidential parade in Dallas when President Kennedy was shot. Later, I remember watching his brother celebrate primary elections victories when he was shot and killed in California. I didn't see it at the time, but I remember the day the news reported Martin Luthor King was killed. I remember the tragedy of Apollo 1 when three astronauts were killed. I remember watching live the Challenger shuttle explode, and years later watching news reports of Columbia breaking apart as it tried to reenter the atmosphere. I remember the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. I remember reports of Utah soldier deaths in Viet Nam. I remember the day the US abandoned Saigon & the war. I remember the huge Alaskan earthquake in 1964. I remember the stacked highway collapses in California in 1984. I remember students being shot at Kent State by the National Guard. I remember watching news reports all through my life of various tornadoes in the midwest, hurricanes along our eastern & gulf coasts, and massive floods along the Mississippi. Thinking about it this morning, I've witnessed numerous days of what I would call national tragedies.

On the other hand I watched on TV the day John Glen orbited the earth. I was young, but remember the news report of President Kennedy saying we were going t land a man on the moon. I watched live on TV the day man landed on the moon later that decade. I was at there in person when Ladybird Johnson dedicated the Flaming Gorge Dam and watched the news reports of the Glen Canyon dam a couple of years later. I've watched civil rights for blacks and other minorities blossom from the discrimination and segregation of the 1960s, through the civil rights act of 1964, to the freedom enjoyed by everyone in the 1980's & 90's. I remember being at the ceremony when the community of our area of Orem gathered at the Spencer Elementary School when they lowered the flag with 48 stars for the last time and raised the flag with 50 stars for the first time.

I remember numerous times in my life when I've felt lucky to have been born in the USA. I still feel that way. I also feel lucky to have been born when I was born. My grandfather had to fight in World War I. I had uncles who had to fight in World War II. I got a draft card my last year of high school but the Viet Nam war ended before I had to go. None of my children had to fight in a war. I've lived in other countries that are considered "modern" but the lifestyle can't hold a candle to what I've had living in Utah. Sometimes just thinking about the risks and sacrifices this country's founders took to break away from unjust government, the boys and men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our way of life, my eyes well up. Today when I see a person in military uniform, I'm always tempted to go shake their hand and say "Thanks". Dunno why I don't...I should. This country has seen ups and downs, and I'm certain we've not seen the last national tragedy, but I'm also certain we've not seen the last great moment for our country/people.

I hope all my kids are proud to be part of this nation. Your generation is getting in place now and it won't be long until you are running the show. I'm proud of what all you kids are doing with your lives and how you're contributing to what's right with this world. I love all of you immensely.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Life as a mommy of 2 is coming together nicely. Kiera is adjusting well to having a baby sister. She wakes up in the morning and asks "baby?" becasue she wants to go see Lydia. She can say Lydia's name now (she can't even say her own name yet).
At my sister in law's advice, I am working on getting Lydia on a 3 hour eating schedule. She isn't very happy about it though since she loves to be nursed to sleep. It's funny though, she acts as if she was starving to death and I get her to go to sleep with a pacifier after an hour of her being mad at me and then she will sleep for 2 hours and wake up and not even act hungry. She just think that mommy is suppose to be the pacifier. Bad habbits and only 2 weeks old!
Wanna see something interesting? Search for Cambrie Nelson on Facebook
I'm shocked. Nobody has even mentioned the BYU football game against Washington this past weekend. I listened to it while I was working in the yard so I didn't get to see the spectacular plays and the bad ref calls, but it was exciting to listen to. BYU pulled it out by the skin of their teeth! What a strange bunch of events to give BYU the one point win.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Benjamin's First Game

Hilarious to watch! Too bad they got killed!

Benjamin's Birthday Pictures

Sunday, September 07, 2008

One more tidbit, as long as we are ripping on stupid things in govt. So I only got a 45 min or so intro to a HUGE problem in California last Sunday. Turns out that the California legislature has already legalized gay marriage in California...but in order for it to be ratified (I think that is the term) it is going to the vote in November. OK, most people are thinking, "that is disgusting, but as long as it doesn't really effect my life...then whatever!" Only the uninformed are in for a really rude awakening if it fails!!! It DOES take away their rights, and freedoms, and will hit them in the wallet big time too! Above is a flyer that they dispersed to the class during the "combined" meeting last Sunday.
Even worse is that while most people would oppose anything that would allow the above to happen, the way they have worded the proposition, if they vote against it (which is what you naturally think you would do if you don't want it becoming law), you would actually be voting for it to stay law. They are being very sneaky about wording it, to get it passed. And HOW on Earth these infuriating consequences could happen in a country which was founded upon the principals of freedom of religion, is beyond me! That is taking away your religious freedom to force churches which don't believe in gay marriage, and in fact abhor the very thought of it, to preform gay marriages in their churches or be open to a lawsuit! That is why the church is going all out down there to try to inform the public of what it really means and to get them out to vote....well, that and all of the other reasons. I never thought in my lifetime things would ever get so AMUCK that this is EVEN on the ballot! But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, we know that in the last days the "constitution shall hang by a thread". I shudder to think what will happen if this fails! Sodom and Gomorrah, here we come!!
Well, the "Mothership" has landed back on the home planet and upon assessment of the environment there, has decided that it is favorable to live in. Brett and Katie were here, and just finishing up a nice dinner for us to eat (which was great because Kim had spent the day pulling out the flowering plum tree that had died, and then took it to drop it off and got some compost while he was there and dispersed it around the yard. So he was dead). So yes, my sweetheart telling me how much he missed me and kids making me dinner...I like this planet. I think I will settle here for awhile!
Cambrie is probably too busy to mention this in here, so I think I shall. This week we went to the library to get Kiera some more library books. She LOVES books, more than her toys. Well, there was one book about a little boy who bounced on the bed and his dad (just before bedtime) told him that he needed to stop bouncing on the bed or someday his bed was just going to break through the floor. He goes to sleep...but in his sleep he is still bouncing on the bed, and sure enough, he and the bed break through the floor and start falling on a grandma that is in the apartment underneath, and her floor breaks and so they keep falling through breaking the next floor in succession. Kiera didn't seem to be bugged by any of the destruction or how many people below were becoming victims...UNTIL Cambrie read about the whole mess falling on a daddy......at which point, she got BIG TEARS in her eyes, and just started wailing for daddy....obviously heartbroken that a daddy had gotten hurt! She was BROKENHEARTED!!! She HAD to go see Steve who was studying, to be sure he was really all right and so he could comfort her. THAT LITTLE GIRL LOVES HER DADDY LIKE NO OTHER CHILD I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! It was cute to see, in spite of the fact that it was VERY evident that she wouldn't care if a bed breaks through the ceiling on me! :) Funny little girl!
I miss my California family. I don't miss the traffic, pollution, heat, humidity, nasty water, nasty knats, etc....but other than that, the trip was great!! Seriously! I had SO MUCH FUN enjoying my family there, especially that darling little Lydia. I must say it is fun to watch that little 7 lb 9 ounce piece of humanity bossing her mother around! Not that you can blame Cambrie! How can one resist giving in to something so darling who is coaxing most convincingly, that she NEEDS to eat...even if she did eat 1 hour ago! Cambrie brought her home from the baby's Dr visit (9 days old) and was calling her a "chunky monkey". Newborns typically lose weight after they are born, and the hope is that they will regain their birth weight by 2 weeks old. Lydia, on day 9, was 7lbs, 9 oz already (she started out at 7 lbs). The Dr was surprised. Needless to say, there isn't any real concern about her starving anytime soon. ....but she still enjoys eating on demand! SHE IS SO DARLING< I AM GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWALS TODAY!! PAIN!!! It does comfort me to know that come Dec I will have a newborn in the valley, but I swear that little girl stole a chunk of my heart!

Citizen Chad's solution to the mortgage crisis

You may have heard or read that the U.S. Government is expected to take over Freddie Mac and Fannie May, the two mortgage giants (who own 50% of the mortgages in our country). Who is going to pay for this? You and me. Yes, it's us who will pay for the irresponsibility of the so many people in our country who took out risky mortgages.

Most of them probably had responsible friends & neighbors who warned them that the loan was risky, but that advice went unheeded. It's possible that some people didn't receive any warning, being swindled by a mortgage agent who specifically did not tell them about the risks. I still think that person has a lot of responsibility, because surely they understand that $x,000,000 is a lot of money, and they are expected to pay it back. If they don't understand it, they should take the contract to someone who does and can explain it to them. If the mortgage agent falsely explained it to them, that mortgage agent has some responsibility, and since that agent is representing a mortgage company, that company has some responsibility.

Often mortgages are sold to other larger mortgage companies. What organization makes a purchase without evaluating whether it is a good purchase, or at least worth the risk involved? If a company purchases a risky mortgage, then they also now own the responsibility. What if the seller misrepresented it to them? Guess what - the owning company is still responsible for it, but they can use the courts to try to make things right, by suing the organization who lied about it. They can possibly even refuse to take the merchandise and demand a refund.

Okay. Back to Freddie Mac and Fannie May, and Citizen Chad's solution. It seems our government has forgotten many of the principles that it is founded upon. Like a free market. How about we let the free market work itself out? If the two large mortgage companies can't handle what they bought, they need to declare bankruptcy. That's what was put in place to handle situations like this. When that happens, they sell off all their assets (mortgages that they own), possibly for pennies on the dollar, but not necessarily. They just sell the assets to the highest bidder, which could be another mortgage company, the individual who originally took out the mortgage, or even a mom & pop diner that sells burgers to truckers, that happen to have some money that they could purchase a loan (if they decide it is worth the risk). The face value of the mortgage is not changed in any way. If someone buys a $200,000 mortgage for $30,000, the mortgagee needs to repay them the $200,000. What if the mortgagee declares bankruptcy and doesn't pay them the full amount? Well, that's the risk the purchaser has. Let the purchasers decide how much a mortgage is worth. If they feel it's risky, only bid $10,000 on it, or even $5 (remember that whoever owns the mortgage owns the property until it is paid off in full).

If we do this, who loses? The mortgage companies who bought the risky loans. They're gone, out of business. And guess what? New mortgage companies will pop up in their place, probably with stricter guidelines, and the bad mortgage agents will probably be out of a job. Which they deserve for lying on such an important decision to so many people. They'd better recall their burger-flipping skills. Mom and Pop want good burger flippers.

What do Mom & Pop do with the mortgage they bought that turns a profit for them? Whatever they want.

That will solve the problem.
That's the American way.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's a BOY!

We had our ultrasound yesterday and were shocked to learn that we are having yet another boy! I was so surprised! I would have bet money that it was a girl. That's why we are counselled not to bet, I guess. I spent yesterday mourning the cute girl clothes that I was dreaming of buying, but today I have finally accepted the fact that there was no mistake, and now I am very excited for our little boy. I'm bummed that my kids will be the odd men out yet again when it comes to Groneman cousins, but maybe we'll be lucky and Lydia or Baby G. will turn out to be a tomboy. In the meantime, what am I going to do with all of this testosterone in the house???

Friday, September 05, 2008

Thoughts on JOHN McCAIN. I watched his speech last night. It was a really good "feel good" speech and though he didn't spend a lot of time on plans and issues, he did touch high level on some and did an excellent job. I've often not agreed with his positions (and neither have a lot of conservative Republicans as he votes a little more liberal than the average Republican). He spent some time saying people should be able to choose the school for their children...sounded a lot like the voucher program I'm so set against for various reasons that I won't get into. Too bad we don't hear specifics of all these plans he has. Anyway, it was a very patriotic speech, one that Obama couldn't have given. I thought it was brilliant how he didn't get into a "bash Obama" mode like Palin did. He said a lot of problems these days can be attributed to interparty bickering, which I totally agree with, and he vowed to end it. I liked his statement that he doesn't work for the party, or himself, but for the people. If that was my first introduction to John McCain, I would be totally impressed. However, it seems to be a case of what he says doesn't always match what he does. During the primary, with his ads and in the debates he was usually the one that most attacked the other people, sometimes viciously (like Mitt R). In the last few months, his campaign has thrown out many more bash Obama ads than the other way around. I dunno...I just have this feeling he says what he needs to say to win over the people then goes back to the same old stuff. It will be interesting to see he & Palin in debates with the other side the next couple of months, and see what kind of campaign he runs. I'm expecting to be disappointed, but who knows.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

So, I am sitting in a pretty fun meeting: Facebook. We're working on getting EFY up and running with Facebook (an application, or whatever). Anyway, not sure if any of you are on there, but I am now--for work, I guess, or whatever. Nice to get paid to find people from my past...

Palin for President!

Did any of you see Palin's speech last night? She gets it. She's not perfect, but she gets it. She ripped the Democratic ticket quite a bit, but mainly she demonstrated that she knows what is going on in the average American Family, and she knows how to solve it, and has demonstrated that she can with Alaska.

She's my favorite candidate for the white house.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!! YOU ARE 5 years old!!! I can't hardly believe it! I will bet you are out having some fun with your mom right now! You will have to tell us what you did! We sure love you! Hope you are having a great day and that you love all your presents from people who love you! Wish we could spend this happy day with you too! We love you!

Pictures are in Picasa. Check em out.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BBrrrrrrrrr! Folks, you need to do what you can to help warm up the climate. It seems there is good reason this past winter, and now this summer have been cooler than in the previous few years. Read all about it here. And it has more potential to do us harm than the previous years of global warming because we depend on agriculture. Here it is...September 2nd, almost 11:00 am and it's 53 degrees outside. Very interesting article if you have the time to read it. I've read other articles before that attribute recent global warming more to sunspots than to human elements.

Monday, September 01, 2008

BrainBashers: Common Answers - August

251  Kim Groneman                  1   2   1   1   5   1   1   1   2   1   3.0932%
504 Steven Nelson 1 6 1 2 3 1 1 4 1 1
858 Christa Dastrup 1 1 6 13 2 1 1 4 2 2
1170 Cambrie Nelson UR 1 4 1 5 1 1 1 2 1
1260 Erica Groneman 1 16 2 22 1 1 1 1 3 1
1437 Chad Groneman UR 1 5 1 8 1 1 1 2 1
Chad is the least common this month. ENTER FOR SEPTEMBER HERE

Dear Diary

When yer mom left, I went to the mountain and tried to finish up some jobs there. I finished the water system repairs and filled in the big hole in the ground (ugh!) I took out the window on Grandma's trailer and took it down, but being a holiday weekend, no glass places were open. I'll find one later...I put plywood up in the hole. I did take down the door to the shop and rebuild it with all new wood (Snow REALLY caused damage this past winter). Because I do 95% of the work at the mountain, Grandpa gave us title to their big trailer so it's ours after they die. Ryan came up with about 5 other couples & kids. He told me "Do you know how lucky we are to have this place? I'm going to start using it more!" They did a hamburger BBQ, rode ATVs, and did zip line. Erica could use it for young women (idea).

Erica & Chad came over this morning and played Wii. They were huffing and puffing by the time they left. I'm supposed to go meet Brett at 7pm tonight to help replace this bed. I had time on my hands today so I decided to make this fresh peach bread pudding. Mmmmm...it's good (I used lemon sauce instead of whisky sauce, substituted half the sugar for splenda, and used 5 peaches, 1 apple, and a handful of raisins). It rained 1-1/2" in Pleasant Grove last night. Today about 11am it was 47 degrees outside. I'm getting excited for fall! So...how did YOU spend your labor day holiday?