Thursday, August 31, 2006

I guess I can use the blog again now that we are not all together anymore.
I miss the clean air of Utah, and the cooler weather, but it is nice to back with my husband again. I am still able to eat and I'm very pleased with how well I'm doing. I assume that I will get my IV out of my arm soon.
I started classes at the local community college on tuesday night (Statistics) and I was amazed at how dumpy that school is. I guess I'm just used to Utah and LDS schools. I honestly didn't know that a college could be so dumpy. Oh well.
This morning while I was trying to wake up my sleeping husband I noticed a tag on the pillow he was sleeping on that said "Daily Routine Care: fluff pillow daily to maintain plumpness". I'll have to remember to put that on my daily To-do list : ) good thing they have instructions for these things!!
Please keep Jacob in your prayers today. He is very sick and having a hard time breathing. I took him in this morning and he was given steroids, but if he doesn't start doing better he'll end up in the hospital.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The withdrawals are still pretty intense...having my family around is really addicting. I am wondering how Chad is liking his new place and if Cambrie is keeping her dinner down still in her old place, and if she got her classes changed...and if Benjamin impressed the socks off his mom by wooing in the potty two days in a row. (For those of you, not in the privilaged information category, it is a fact that Benjamin not only wooed, but told CK yessterday that he wanted to! Today I called to congratulate him on his accomplishment. I said to him, "So are you going to woo in the potty again today?" Benjamin (thoughtfully) said, "Maybe someday...."
I'm not sure CK's prayers have been answered yet.

I started a BYU Continuing Ed. Geneology class today. I sat next to LaDawn Jacob...she wrote a book I read and re read 25 years ago. I admire her, so that was fun. It looks like it is going to be a great class.
I am trying to bottle peaches with about 1/2 as much make them better for Kim and I. I have yet to taste them...
Wish I could just turn them all into trifle for all my kids I love. And hey, if I had anything fun to add, I would...but I get my fun in reading your get ta bloggin you slackers!!! Love you ALL!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two cute moments from yesterday: Brigham was getting dressed up in his suit for a picture he needed to have taken for his application when Benjamin walked in, looked at him and said, "You look too cute in that, Dad!"

At dinner, Benjamin announced that he was a missionary-- not Benjamin. We'd had the missionaries over for dinner last week, so I was curious to see what Benjamin had learned. I asked him what missionaries do, and he said, "Get invited for dinner, eat birthday cake, and sometimes teach a lesson." So now you know!

Monday, August 28, 2006

The party is almost over. Chad moved to his new apartment on Saturday and a cured and healthy Cambrie leaves to rejoin her husband in (hot/polluted/crowded) California this afternoon. It was great to almost feel like a family again. With Christa's visit, Cambrie and Steve, Chad moved in, etc. it was a great couple of weeks. Playing games and watching movies with my kids....yea! Too bad we couldn't have had Brigham & boys drop in too. (Of course, with work & school, Brett & Buff were kind of scarce, but they did drop in a couple of times.) THANKS GUYS! Now it's back to an almost empty house.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Our computer is working again!!! Hallelujah!!! It's good to be back in contact with the rest of the universe.

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Jacob! He had a pretty good little party-- we'll have to put some pictures up soon.

It's good to hear news from ya'll again!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well, on saturday when I'll probably be at the mountain...but I'll be thinking of you little one!

Monday, August 21, 2006

By now you know the French have told the U.N. they won't be sending the expected 3000+ troups into Southern Lebanon. For a few thoughts on the subject, head on over to the fun page ----->

Sunday, August 20, 2006

So I haven't posted anything on here for a while. I don't have much to say besides a couple of work stories from this week, so continue reading if you feel like it.

The first one happened earlier this week. There was a guy who we saw pick up a couple of DVD's and then take them down an aisle that hard to see a lot of it with our cameras. However, we saw enough to know that he put the DVD's in his pocket. He was with his girlfriend. Anyway, I'll spare you the details and get to the good stuff. Yada yada yada, then we went outside to stop him as he walked outside. One of our guys stepped in front of him and did the usual line as me and another guy step in. We inform him that we need to have him come back in the store with us, and so he reaches in his pocket and pulls out his keys and hands them to his girlfriend. He pulls out something else from his pocket and hands them to his girlfriend. Then he tried to make it look like he was going to give his girlfriend a hug, when he took off running in the parking lot. We rarely have three people working at a time, but it so happens that we did that night. He chose the wrong night. Long story short, we had a little scene chasing him into the parking lot where he hit a car trying to dodge into the cars to lose us. There was a person in the car. I'm sure it got her attention. We finally grabbed the guy right in front of the parked cars and brought him to the ground. He fought us, but we were yelling at him to get on the ground. One of us grabbed one arm and I grabbed the other arm and essentially pinned him to the ground while the third guy called 911. 2 of the parked cars facing us had people inside of them, and they got a good show. We had a good little audience on both sides of us too watching from the aisles in the parking lot. We brought him inside and had him empty his pockets. He took 8 things. My favorite part was when he took out two avocados from his pocket that he stole. It resembled guacamole more than avocados. Because it was a 911 call, the officer showed up within minutes, and he got a pretty good laugh at the situation too.

The other story happened last night. It's not really a comedy story as much as it is an abnormal story, which is why I'm telling it. It was the same basic grocery thief gig, with 2 kids stealing a more-expensive-than-average drink. They drank it in the store and threw the bottle away. We stopped them outside as normal and brought them back up to our office. They were juveniles, so we had to contact the parents and have them come pick them up. This is where it gets abnormal. Normally, the parents come, and they're upset. The difference with last night was the fact that the mother of one of them wasn't upset with her kid as much as she was upset with us. Aparently she works in some branch of Law Enforcement, and she demanded to see the surveillance tape. We refused. We told her that we would could and would show the Police Officer if he wanted to, but that we didn't have to show her the tape. She started to threaten to get it subpoenaed in a court, and we told her that was fine. As the guy I was working with was showing the Officer, she tried to peek into the office and peek around the Officer to see the tape. We told her to get out of the office and shut the door. I stayed outside. While they were reviewing the tape, she was just talking about how they're going to get out of this and asking her son questions about it to find out how to get out of it. She told me that she's taking this to court. Frankly, it'd be fun if she did. I'd have no problem going to court on this one. We've got a great tape of the whole thing from start to finish, and there's no way they're getting out of it unless there's some sort of "under-the-table" negotiations that happen where she works. It was just an interesting situation because usually the parent is mad at the child, not trying to support him in being a thief.

Friday, August 18, 2006

My CPU fan is broken. I have to order away to get a replacement, so we'll be back in the pre-computer dark ages until we get the other part. Please realize that we may or may not be able to respond to posts, emails, or other electronic communication for a while. (how long? I can only fearfully imagine).
Please call us at 410-358-0730 if you have any consoling words or anything else to communicate to us.
Brigham and family
So, this is just to inform you that Cambrie and Kim and I are going to the Mtn property tonight for an overnighter. I don't think Chad or BJ will join us because they are both moving this weekend. Brett talked about it. Brett, if you decide you want to come with friends, and have another way up there (not in the Prius) then, you will need the combination of the lock. I think it is 0660 but it may have Keith or Grandpa to get it.
Cambrie and I are going to Ed Week next week...wishing ya'll could join us. We'll be thinking of ya. Both at the mountain and at Ed week.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

SURVIVOR: Season 14 Will be on the Cook Islands and will start Thursday, Sept 14. There's nothing about it on the official CBS web site yet, but there's a number of sites like the link above that has a little information about it. I don't know when LOST season 3 begins. Here's another link to information on Wikipedia about it.

I went with Kirk to donate blood to the Red Cross. I knew that we used to not be allowed to donate because we lived in England, but I thought it was a 10 year no-donate or something, so I decided to try.

Before you donate, they want you to read a binder full of information about donating, then have an interview with a staff person. I skimmed through the manual and saw nothing about England, so I went in for the interview. It turns out there is a page that discusses people who have lived in the UK for over a month, but it was labelled something else like CCBI or some other non-identifying acronym. Anyway, the interviewer was a bit cross with me and printed me up a rejection letter. She had me sign it and told me never to come back.

So, immediate Groneman Family, don't try to donate blood.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So, since we were so nice and let Christa return home to the 3 desparate Males in Maryland, she is gone silent! Yeah, I know that you are trying to catch up from your trip, but we want to know how the boys reacted to your return. So we hope this will spur you on to action!
FYI , next week there will be an increase of people living here of 3. Yes, Chad has sold his contract and has to be out this weekend and cannot be in his new place for a week. Same with his 2 new roomates, so they are all coming here. Cambries Dr just called and said she should stay another week since she is doing so well...if she decides too, then Chad's roomates will be banished to the basement to sleep. Or there is the trailer I guess...but it will be warm. Anyway, could be interesting. It is also Ed week next week and I won't have a car as Brett has mine cause his is in the shop for 2 weeks. I won't be here to fix good dinners, so maybe if we are lucky they will bring home pizza!
Help Please!!

The following message comes up in gray on a black screen when I turn my computer on:

"Alert! Previous fan failure. Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility"

Thanks for any thoughts,

Monday, August 14, 2006

We're desperate without our mommy!! (wife too)

Check out our Mommy come home web page for more on our desperate cause.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hi Benjamin!

Grandpa GronemanThis is Grandpa Groneman. I want to thank you for lending us your mommy for a few days. I wish you and your dad and your little brother could come see us too. She flew to Utah on a big airplane. We went to the mountain. We played some games at the mountain and rode our 4 wheelers. Your mom didn't want to ride the 4 wheeler so Uncle Chad and Uncle Steve did most of the riding. Cambrie took a short ride but decided it wasn't for her while there was a baby inside of her. However, Cambrie did eat some sloppy joe, corn, and other good stuff while she was at the mountain. She hasn't been able to eat for a LONG time. We sit around and talk alot like boring grownups. I'm with you Benjamin. I think it's boring. I want to play! It's been very fun having your mom and aunt Cambrie and Uncle Steve and Uncle Chad and Uncle Brett and aunt Breanna here to play with. Your mom ran in a race this morning down Provo canyon. She's crazy. We're going to go to a boring old wedding today. Maybe when we get home we can play! Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do because they are good things to do. I hope you and Jacob and your dad are having fun and doing fun things! It's almost Jacob's birthday! Are you going to make him a birthday present? What are you going to give him? I LOVE birthdays! It's so fun to give presents! Well, I had better go now. Click on each of these pictures to see a larger version. - Love Grandpa Groneman

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hey, Fam. I am sure we will get more details later, but everyone please say a prayer for Christa and Brigham. They were in a car wreck on the freeway yesterday. She is in the hospital this morning because of shooting pains down her arm, for an x ray and probable CT scan. Pray the Lord will bless them as they need! Brigham thinks he is ok. Groneman Family
Hey, ya'll. Just a reminder of Tyler Haslems Farewell this Sunday at 1 pm at the church just south and a little west of where they live. (Driviing south towards the hospital from their house you turn right at the second opportunity to do so, and the church is right there on your left.) Syd invited the family to come for dinner, but as I have to teach Sunday School at 2:10 we are coming home...and then we will eat together as a family at our house. I certainly hope everyone will be there. NELSONS ARE COMING TODAY!!! YEAH!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So I thought I'd update you all on my most recent investment. My boat. My inflatable. This week I've had 2 dates with it (Me, the boat, and a girl -- but not the same one both times). I just got back from one of them tonight. It was a late night thing at Tibble Fork Reservior. Imagine this: Strawberries/mangos/peaches on top of a Hostess cake thingamabob with whipped cream on top. All of this done and prepared on the water with the use of 4 candles to see things. Bats flying around. Fish jumping. Then we cooked marshmallows over the candles with toothpicks, and placed them on grahm crackers n' chocolate. Then we played Mancalla. And the rest is history.

Like I said, the boat was a good investment.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Steve has a friend from Scotland who decided to ride his bike across the USA from North Carolina to California and he rode into California this weekend. Of course, Steve being the biker dude that he is didn't want to pass up the opportunity to ride his bike so he joined him and rode the last 55 miles to the beach with him. I drove down to pick them up and take pictures(they were too lazy to bike home). The beach was beautiful and I wanted to get in the water so bad!! Oh well, next summer I'll have a baby girl to play in the water with.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Can i just say, I LOVE EFY! i'm just sad that this was my last year i could go :-( but next year i can go back as a counsiler! Hooray for that! ha ha ha.... So i went thinking that it wasn't going to do much for me. I was in such a low, i didn't think i was ever going to be able to get out. Monday, i was still pretty depressed despite me trying to act all happy, that night after lights out, i just laid in my bed and cried. I had to go to the bathroom so i wouldn't bug my roommate. I just wanted to die. The next day, was a little better cause at the morningside, our session director was talking about Joseph Smith and the pioneers and at the end, he played a song about Joseph and it was so cool cause i felt the spirit SO strong testify to me that he is a true prophet. i was still kinda depressed and i went to a couple of the lessons by myself but the girls in my group are awesome (ANXIOUSLY ENGAGED!!!!! HECK YES!!!) and they found me and had me go to the lessons with them so i wouldn't be alone. I was still pretty depressed and completely exsausted from the lack of sleep the night b4 so at the dance, i didn't dance very much with guys (the girls outnumbered the guys 2 to 1) but i really connected with a couple of the girls and we became really great friends. Well needless to say, from there it was all uphill. I went to all the lessons i wanted to go to with one of the girls and they were all fantastic lessons that taught me a lot. when it came time for the games that night, I had become friends with most of the girls! Yeay for friends again! I was back to my spunky self and i had a blast at the games. I found out i really had a lot in common with a lot of the girls. For most of them, they were just coming out of or are involved with a situation almost exactly like mine and knew what i was going through. I had a great counsiler who really helped me too and everything was great. Wen night was also pizza night and seriously, i think that was the most fun pizza night i have ever had! One of the girls had her ipod and ihome and so we all sang really loud and obnoxiously to all the songs. It was hilarious! Other girls from other groups would come tell us that their counsilers sent them to tell us that we were being really loud and that it was awesome :-) Me and my roommate would stay up until 1 or 2 AM talking and it was so funny cause thurs morning when our alarms went off at 6 AM so we could get ready and go down to breakfast with our group at 7, we both looked at each other, said "nuh uh", turned off our alarms, and slept through breakfast. It was so great cause even with that, we were still not getting a lot of sleep but we weren't that tired anymore. Thursday was my favorite day cause it was the "spiritual day" The girls seperated from the guys and we went to a young womens lesson and panel discussion where we were told yet again that we were daughters of god and that he really loves us....well i had heard that a million times already so at first it didn't make a difference but after the lesson, the counsiler in charge played a song about a daughter of god and how she felt His love and i started bawling! I could feel heavenly father's love for me and it felt SO good! It was such an amazing feeling! I never want to lose it! Well, earlier in the week, i had tried out for the variety show with one of my color guard routines that i had made up to the song "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me and made it so after the lesson, i went and got ready for the variety show and i was the first one to perform! It was so much fun! I love performing and it was cool cause afterwards, everyone knew who i was cause they were all coming up to me telling me how cool my "flag twirling" was. I don't think they knew that side of color guard cause they were all really suprised :-) anyways, after that, we all went and got back in our church clothes and went to the music program where again, the spirit bore witness to me that this church is true. What a feeling!!!! After the musical program, they dismissed us into companies to have testimony meeting where i bore my testimony of this church and heard the testimonies of other teenagers with my same goal in get back to our heavenly father. Friday was so much fun. Our morningside was on dating and it was soooo funny! you just had to be there, it was hilarious. We then went to our "For the Strength of Youth" classes and had a lot of fun there too. Then we went and did our service project where we made fleece blankets for those who don't have money to pay for blankets in the area. That was a lot of fun cause we had music playing and we would be dancing at the same time. It was so great! After that, it was free time for us to get ready for the banquet and dance and i was really sad cause i found out that one of the girls i had grown really close to had to leave before the banquet so i had to say goodbye to her :-( that was a sad moment. I proceeded to get ready and it was a lot of fun cause all the girls were helping each other get ready ha ha ha i have never had that happen b4 at an EFY. So we went to the banquet and the food was yummy, we took pictures, and then went to the dance and i had the TIME OF MY LIFE! SO much fun! I didn't even care what people thought of me cause it wasn't about that anymore. My purpose in going was fulfilled, to get closer to god again. I danced a few more dances with the guys and they were all gentlemen but again i didn't dance very often...ha ha a lot of the times it was really funny cause i'd be dancing with a guy and since there were so many girls, me and the guy i was dancing with would often snag a girl that was walking past and have her dance with us a lot of the times, there would be about 4 other girls dancing with us in one big circle. It's so fun and i didn't mind in the least! I never danced with the same guy twice (for obvious reasons) and i jammed out to almost all the fast songs. After that, they made the guys leave to go back to the dorms b4 us and they played "girls just wanna have fun" for us to dance to. That was a ton of fun. Afterwards we walked back to the dorms singing hymns and primary songs the whole way. We had to wake up early the next morning cause we had to be packed and out of the dorms by 7:30. I said good-bye to Anxiously Engaged and i went home. So that was my amazing week at EFY! I love it! :-D I am so much happier now!
Hey, Everyone!
Just to let you all know, Cambrie and Steve are arriving this wed for a week in Utah for some much needed R and R and fun and games! Chad and Kim are both taking Thursday off so that we can take the 4 wheelers and go to the Mt for the day (my folks place). This here is an invitation for the rest of ya'll to do likewise! We will need to know if your coming so that we can give you the combination to the locked gate. We will also be having dinner with the fam on Sunday after church, and playing some croquet, and squeezing in as much family fun and games as we can. Cambrie and Steve will be spending part of the week of Aug 14 and 15 ish with his family, although I think Cambrie is still planning the "sibling date" on Aug 15. Cambrie, the zipline is still up, but it looks like you'll have to use the ladder to climb up to it now because they have widened the road considerably. We will look at it when we go up Thursday. Bring your appetite!! Oh, yeah, and Cambrie, bring back Chad's 3 "24" series too, ok?

BJ had a great experience at EFY...she said this was the best one yet (and thankfully, she didn't even come back with another boyfriend!). Hopefully she will have time to blog it...but it is going to be a pretty filled week for her. She traded last weeks shifts while she was gone, to this week so I am not sure if she is working 5 or 6 12 hour nights...but it is one or the other, so we won't be seeing alot of her this week. Still, from what she said about EFY it was worth it.

We spent a good part of our trip to the mtn this weekend cleaning out 20 years worth of Stuff hauled in and never taken back out, along with dirt that has happened since Melba died. Still quite alot to do, but it looks alot better, and we hauled an entire Jeep loaded with stuff out of there that was not needed, including the toaster that Kim had at home while he was growing up. It wasn't of much use, without the current bush to plug it into. Still, it's an antique...part of me wanted to keep it cause it was a blast from the past...but Kim put it in the DI pile without even holding a memorial for it! Heartless!
Anyway we are really excited to see our kids this week...hopefully the rest of you will join us! LOVE TO EVERYONE!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Ivymount Running Club is proud to announce the completion of another milestone: the half marathon. Today we ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 3 minutes. Woohoo!!! All week we've been roasting-- doing our runs first thing in the morning (one started at 5:30) in 95 degree (heat index) weather, but this morning the temperature was only about 70 degrees. Yet another tender mercy of the Lord! I don't know how we would have made it otherwise, but today we felt great!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Just to console those of you going through afflictions in the wilderness...things could be worse. Chad could probably tell you something about the microburst that hit the So Provo, and Novell areas. That was 3 days ago. Ryan and Shelley live in one of the areas affected...they still don't have power restored...which means they will lose most of what they have in their freezer and fridge. Inconvienient, but not really a crisis.

But yesterday I ran into Suzy Briley at Kohlers and talked to her a few minutes. She said that back in November she went to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and found out her brother had cancer. He died the next day. 2 days later she got a call from Doug Gunnells wife (remember Doug and Kim divorced about 7 years ago) telling Suzy that Kim and her Husband had experienced some problem with their car on the freeway and had pulled over and turned on their flashers...when along came a kid on drugs and plowed into the back of them, causing an explosion and they burnt to death. She says the year has gone on like that since then. I will have to call her next week before the Nelsons come...I told someone last week I need to anyway, but sounds like she could use a sympathetic ear.
On a happier note: We are going to the Mt property today for the first time. I hear that the property that we had wanted to buy is probably sold, which is too bad. But you can't do it all. Mtn property won't pay our bills when Novell won't. Love you all!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I want all of you people who don't have kids yet to take a moment and enjoy the calm that certainly must exist around you right now. Don't get me wrong... kids are wonderful, but they are also a lot of work! Brigham has been working nights for a week and a half now, so it's just me and the boys most days since he's been very busy. Last night I put Jacob to bed just in time for Benjamin to "woo" in his big boy pants. In the middle of cleaning Benjamin up and went into the bedroom to get him some clean underwear, only to discover that Jacob had thrown up in his bed-- getting it all over the wall, the crib, the floor, himself...etc. Tonight was better, though. Benjamin wooed in his pants again while I was getting Jacob ready for bed. A friend had brought her two kids over to use our internet, and I heard Benjamin call from the living room, "Mom! There's woo on the floor!" He then walked into the bedroom, with woo running down his legs and getting everywhere. I called out to my friend to warn her about the woo, and when she checked, she found her one-year old eating it. Yeah, tonight was better. Can't wait for tomorrow!

I went to the doctor the other day and he got another ultrasound which was fun. Above you will see a picture of her sucking her thumb. It was cool- she was waving and opening her mouth and then swallowing. Way fun to see her in there. I sure feel her alot- this week her new favorite place to kick is my bladder. I bet she's in there just laughing her head off feeling me squirm with each kick. Steve and I were analyzing the pictures trying to decide on if she has a groneman chin. I guess it's too early to tell- but I think she has a Nelson chin. According to her ultrasound she is right exatly where she is suppose to be: due date Nov 29th
In Southern Cali for the past few days it's been cool and overcast. It even "misted" for a few days which is when it feels like you are getting damp from the mist of a waterfall or something.
Anywhoo, this cool overcast weather makes me miss fall days growing up when we would come home from school to find mom baking something tasty: homemade bread, bagles, pie, granola, cinnamon twists, cookies, or something else. I think it is one of my favorite memories of running in the door and throwing my backpack on the floor and saying "can I have some?!" Thanks for baking for us mom.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August Brainbasher. I'm *certain* I can do better than all of you. CLICK HERE Here's my results for July: You came 366th in July's contest. The way it works is that you answer the questions and enter your email address. They'll send you an email which you'll have to confirm your answers. At the beginning of September, they'll send you an email with your results.
So I don't have picures of the blood and gore involved in my events a week ago. Those have not been emailed to me yet, and are currently somewhere in Arizona. However, my roommate did take this picture the next morning after I had my bump last week. It's a pretty cool picture, so I thought I'd share.

The short version of the story goes something like this:
Cedar Hills Fireworks, barbecue, good food, waiting for fireworks, we light our own fireworks, a girl and two of us guys start jumping through fireworks. I crash into the other guy. He got a goosebump on his head. Lots of blood from me and 21 stitches. 4 inside, 17 outside. My glasses got bent up, but went back to their normal shape.

I've been telling the people at work that someone at a different store pulled a knife on me while I was stopping them for shoplifting. Bwa ha ha. They believe me.