Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brigham is well into the aging process

Happy Birthday Brigham  CLICK HERE

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Only somewhat-interesting update

I'm sure the minute details of my life are not that interesting to most of you folk.  But they probably are to at least mom (maybe buff?) so I'll write them. 
We've been crazily moving in over the past 2 days.   Our bathroom is now finished.  the kitchen is finished other than the lack of fridge.  The landlord is absolutely fabulous.  He spent 8 hours here yesterday and today working his tail off.  He HAD a fridge (more than $1000 new) but mis-measured and it doesn't fit.  So now is is getting us a new one.  But we are borrowing a mini-fridge from a ward member so we are surviving.   
They are completely gutting our soggy basement and doing it again which will be fabulous.  Landlord also tore out a ton of huge bushes and our sidewalk with the intention of stopping the flooding in our basement. 
The house is great.  The one thing I wish I had is more cupboard space.  I'll have to put foods/equipment (like my bosch) we don't use much in the basement. 
The other night we had a big thunder storm during the night.  It was very noisy and I kept worrying that the girls would be scared, but they never woke up.  It was tough to sleep through the noise but I managed.    The next morning the compassionate service leader from our ward called to "make sure you were ok and not too upset about the storm"  Apparently, she as well as MANY others in Macomb were up most of the night worried about tornados and listening to the radio/tv.    I guess there were some sort of very dangerous winds that came through town and a very real potential threat.  As she was telling me this I was on my way to walmart to buy breakfast for my family (currently having NO food).  I made a mental note to buy a radio to keep in the basement to keep in case of tornados.  I got to Walmart and put the first thing in my cart and the lights all went out since the power went out.  The made us all go to the front of the store and I waited 10 minutes hoping the power would come back on but it didn't.  I begged an employee to go and get me some milk for my starving children.  The power was on a few hours later and I was able to buy food.  But man, it is wierd and no-fun to not be able to feed your family.  So there is my food-storage plug for the day. 
Steve started work today and it went fairly well.  He works tuesday-friday 6:30am to 5pm.   
My girls have been making it IMPOSSIBLE to unpack everything.  They fight like cats and dogs and are as grumpy as can be.  I feel bad because their little world has been turned upside down, but there is nothing we can do about it.  They are going to a babysitter tomorrow for 3 hours.  Hopefully it will benificial for all!

Political: Considering Michele Bachmann as your next President?

Throw in your ideas, even if they don't agree with mine.  As Brigham said, it's the media that makes up our minds for us anyway.  I can be persuaded.

I've been less than impressed with her because of the pure political blustering she constantly does, but this article on KSL brings it into focus:

The race is still early, but I'm leaning towards Mitt Romney for now though he seems like a tried and true, quintessential politician that holds to standard political ways.

On the other hand, Ron Paul's views would impress me if he was a little MORE quintessential politician instead of sounding like a kook sometimes.  One of his views that just throws me for a loop is his insistence we legalize marijuana.  Marilyn, you said you heard he was pro abortion but his web site indicates he is definitely opposite of that. Even with some of the things I don't like about him, I could get behind him if he ended up being the nominee (which I doubt he will).

Jon Huntsman - definite no.  I'd almost rather vote for Obama.  He's ridden his father's coat tails far enough.

Newt - Smart, sounds good, but way too much of an egotist for my liking.  This most recent bout of his staff leaving isn't the first time.  His dogmatic ways with people while speaker turns me off.  OTOH, we may could use someone like that dealing with the rest of the world for a change.  

Palin didn't impress me at all last go around because of her lack of knowledge.  Flamboyant and charismatic, yes.  Ready to be president, no.    Some of the others in the race I just don't know much about.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I want to eat in somebody elses resturant!

For some reason this wouldn't post I am trying again today. (My life seems to be like that!)
I have been craving a new recipe that Brett and Katie served us a while back: Chicken Tikka Masala. It is an indian dish that is just wonderful! So today was the day. I pulled it up on the family blog (thanks, Brett)...and copied and pasted it into Open Office and printed it from there. So as I am assembling it today, I was concerned right off the didn't look like it did when they made it for us...and it didn't taste right either. I went over and over the recipe to see if I had missed something...nope, it was all the way it read. Well, about 5 minutes before it was time to serve it and my family was hungry, I looked at the recipe on the computer and for some reason unbeknowst to me, the printer had omitted about 1/3 the recipe. Or maybe I screwed had shown a second page when I did the print preview, but it was only another words, so I just didn't print it. Anyway...we did NOT have Chicken Tikka Masala and no one needed the recipe...but Christa was kind enough to take it home with her...and the rest of the sauce got tossed.

Don't worry, Buff. Maybe in 4 months I will learn to do it right so you can taste it when you come is another one to impress people with, when it is done right.

The evening was saved by having most of my family around that I love. And Lindy was total make grandma smile again therapy! She is SUCH a sweet and good little baby! And I just totally ate up loving on her! And thankfully, the rest of my family knows how to make good food, so I still stuffed myself too much. Thanks for putting up with an old lady's attempt to cook, y'all!

2 funnies

#1  today I was playing pretend with Lyida.  I was the kid and she was the mom putting me to bed.  Like she does I said "mom, I need a drink of water!!"  She looked around and then came and leaned over and gave me a kiss and I was laying on the bed.  She after the kiss she left a big ol' spit wad on my lips.  Lucky for me: a drink.  I was was laughing to hard to be grossed out. 

#2.  Nursery in our new ward is very...different.  There are 5 kids and the 2 nursery leaders who are about 80 years old.  They have been in the nursery for 17 years.  The funny thing about the way they run the nursery is that they color the pictures FOR the kids.  They have all of the coloring pictures pre colored, cut, and today even laminated with the kids names on them.  I guess that is magnifying your calling : )

Saturday, June 25, 2011

moving in status

5 minutes after Steve purchased or hotel rooms for 3 days, our landlord called and said that we could stay at the house.    Of course, the hotel is non-refundable.
So we've started moving in.  the problem is that they are still remodeling.  So, we can't put anything in the basement, kitchen, or bathroom (at all).  And anything we put in the living room will be promptly covered in dust.  So we have 1 room piled literally to the ceiling with boxes, and we've attempted to set up our bedrooms.  But we've pretty much completed everything we can do until construction is done which may not be for another week.  Since we have a hotel (that we don't need) we were at least excited to have a fridge there.  but once we checked in they informed us that our room didn't have one (they ran out).  So, it's out to the grocery store or resturant for every single meal.  What a pain!  I just want to have a house/kitchen/bathroom again!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weather Gadgets

Provo and Loma Linda have been dropped from the NASDAQ. Welcome Macomb, Sandy, and Lehi (closest thing to Saratoga Springs)

For Brett

Thought you may enjoy THIS

Thursday, June 23, 2011

TODAY ONLY....extremely cheap flights on SouthWest

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lydia tidbits

#1-- After our 3 hour drive to St. Louis, we saw our hotel and I pointed out that it was called "Holiday Inn" so that Kiera could read it off of the building when she saw it.  Lydia pointed out "it's called Holiday Inn because we get to GO IN!!"  (..and get out of the car!).

#2-- we went to Denny's for dinner the other night.  Their is a nicely illistrated kids menu with pictures of all of the hot dogs, grilled cheese, etc..  Kiera promptly picked out her Mac and Cheese.  but Lydia insisted on having "Mean Soup" (which is what she calls all soups since reading the children's book Mean Soup.  She insisted that that is what she wanted.  I thought she'd probably end up eating my omlet, or Kiera's mac and cheese, but I let her get it (the waitress was looking doubious about it too, pointing out that it is entre-sized).  But, Lydia surprised us all and wanted nothing to do with anyone else's food.  She devoured her Mean Soup.  She knows what she wants!

#3-- we went to a science museum today and while in a food court steve took the ladies to the potty.  I watched them take off across the food court in the direction of the restrooms with Steve in the lead followed by Kiera and Lydia.  I saw it coming from a distance:  Lyida dropped her pants about 30 feet from the restroom door and waddled like a penguin for about 10 feet before Steve turned around and fixed her modesty problem.  I totally busted up laughing when I saw it happen and all of the ladies at the surrounding tables who were chatting quietly turned to see what I was laughing at and and they laughed too.   I wished I had a camera!

Hike to a meteor crater  is a meteor crater very close to where we camp at Reservation Ridge.  From the road, it's a 1.64 mile hike up a canyon going from 7574 feet to 9928 feet (pretty steep) (Google Earth is cool)  There is no trail.  I wanna do it.  It can't be any worse than hiking to Timp Cave.  Does anyone want to challenge your old man/your dashing groom in this hike sometime this summer?  If you have Google Earth installed and are interested, I can email you a file that lets you see the entire hike with a movable elevation indicator.  I love living in Utah.  People in eat your heart out.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Midwestern adventures

Most of you have already heard about this, so this is more for Buff's benifit, but you can read it too : )
Me n' the girls arrived in Illinois after our long flights.  Grandma had said goodbye to us in tears (silly grandma, we're not moving to the North Pole!).  And when the girls saw their daddy and ran to him screaming "daddy!!!!"  Steve cried too.  People cry when they say goodbye to K & L, others when they say hello, and I feel like crying on the  plane ride with them! (j/k). 
The girls were very excited about the fireflies as we drove.  It DID look quite magical.  We arrived in Macomb at 10:30pm with 2 sleeping ladies.  We slept at a ward member's house (we are not allowed to sleep in our new home until the 28th).  Their house smelled like 1872 (much like all of the houses in Macomb). 
We went to church in the morning. The people were VERY different from what I'm used to.  Very poor, backwards, rotting teeth, improper grammar, etc..  Not everyone, but about half.  But they were all very nice to us which is great and they seem to have a lot of activities together.
Kiera and Lydia have been VERY insecure since we got here.   Not only are they fussy, and clingy,  but Lydia took up sucking on her thumb on sunday and has been crying for a sippy cup (something she hasn't used for 6+ months.  I decided not to leave her in nusery considering how insecure she was.  I went with her for the entire time.  The nursery leaders are a couple who look like they are late 70's early 80's.  They have been in their calling for 17 years.  Because of their age they can't get around very welly so they direct the nursery mostly from their chairs where they sit.  Crazy!  I was glad I was there to help.
Kiera has been showing her insecurity by acting up.  Specifically she throws things, spills things on purpose and screams as loud as she can (her favorite).  It is difficult to know what to do with her because I know that the reason she is doing it is because of her lack of stability in life.  This too shall pass.
After church on sunday we went to see our new place.  I was very excited to see it.  It is perfect for us.  As long as all of the promised changes are made, it is exactly what we wanted in a house.  The basement is currently soggy, and it is still being remodeled so it is not available to us.  but all of our possessions (other than the most valuable) are in the house which is open to all of the workers.  I sure hope nothing turns up missing!
We are living in hotels until our house is available.  So, we took off for St. Louis.  Thank you!  St. Louis is fun because they have sooo much to do with free zoos, museums, etc..  Today we went to a HUGE children's museum and were there all day long (I expected my kids would be done after 5 hours or so, but no).  Pictures to come...someday. 
We'll probably stay in St. Louis for a while since there is lots to do here. 
I for one am also insecure as can be I realize.  I'm sooo type A personality.  I need to have order and organization, and a plan.  I have no idea where most of my possessions are, we have only a vague plan.  I'm SOOoooo anxious to be moved into our house!!

Kontemplating Kims Kamping Korse of Action

Yer mom and I have been planning to vacation over the 4th as a just the two of us get away. It's been a while since we've been up to Reservation Ridge, and after discussions with the Thomas familiy, we've picked a course of action and have decided it's time for us to take our vacation there on the Ridge.  I'm taking vacation from July 1st through 9th (yer mom's birthday) and taking our trailer up to Reservation Ridge.  Not where we usually camp but right HERE where you see that little faint road going down into the trees.  One stipulation we have with Saundra/Randy is that no kids/grandkids until July 6th or later.  After that come on up!   We can sit and zap flies, burn hotdogs & marshmallows, pick flowers, and ride ATVs. We'll be leaving our trailer up there for a while and splitting weekends between there and the mountain (where we dunno when we'll have a road and water).   I've got a LOT of work to do to get the trailer ready as we haven't had it out for a couple of years and it's in sad shape.  If you're interested in coming up, we'll need to set a day/time ahead of time to meet at the start of the dirt road where you can park your car...there are some bad ruts up further.   Cell service is poor to non existant unless I drive to the top of a hill, which I can do from time to time to check on things.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the Father's in my family a Happy Father's Day! I know that Kim is not my Father but I greatly appreciate him in my life. He is always telling me how much he loves me, which is nice. He is a great provider, great GRAMPS to my grand children, great to keep our things up and running (our microwave no longer sounds like a brake that needs greasing this morning), and I just enjoy our time together. He is my sweetheart, my best friend and the love of my life!

And as for my sons and sons in law...what a great group of men! I am still SO GRATEFUL to Heavenly Father for blessing me and my grandchildren with such great dads. In a world that is such a mess, and there is so much evil and temptations out there to drag us down, my g-kids need EVERY advantage they can get especially loving and wise parents to raise them in the gospel and show them in example of how to live their lives righteously so that their children will know how to live to have happiness in their lives. Thanks for loving them, teaching them and playing with them and building strong relationships with them that will help them get them through those difficult teenage years ahead


Nelsons have reunited in Illinois

A sad day around the grandparents' house today. I was going to take Cambrie with me on an ATV trip but instead she took the girls and flew to Illinois. Interesting how I want to say "flew back" to Illinois. I wonder if that is a leftover from pioneer days when traveling East was "going back" to somewhere. Anyway....I've certainly enjoyed having Cambrie & her girls around. I never smile and laugh as much as when there are little ones around. I felt bad I didn't get to see you guys off at the airport, but I had already commited to Ken for the ATV trip. When I got home Marilyn was upset and crying because she misses you and thinking of you so far away made her sad. Maybe one day you'll be reasonably close. We can dream. Every time I see a Disney princess now I think of your girls.  However, in the meantime I can't wait to hear about, and see your adventures in Illinois.  I hope you post the minutia of your lives back there so we can feel connected.  I miss you guys!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Trip 2012

I was talking with Marilyn & Cambrie yesterday about our planned 2012 Alaska Cruise. When you figure it will cost each family about $3000 and take 9 days of having to take off work and get baby sitters, I'm thinking there may be preferable alternatives. So we got talking about the alternatives. The one that Cambrie liked the best was a trip to Moab. Not the Canyonlands trips of the past, but to Moab itself. Canyoneering, River running, Jet boat on the river, hiking, nice dinners in restaurants, etc. But she says she'd still like to do Alaska too. Another option we discussed was Yellowstone/Jackson. Ya see, I'll spend $3000 one way or the other. If we do the Alaska cruise, I'll spend it just on Marilyn and I. If we do something else, I may be able to spend some of it on you guys. What think ye?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Went with Cambrie and girls to the mountain today. Here are more pictures:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebrating a pretty terrific person!

Yup. It is this Sunday is Father's day...and ya'll are invited over to dinner. I realize that with Katie's parents just returning they will not be coming....but please let me know if you will be able to attend for the rest of you all and then we will organize!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Midnight Visitor

Two years old  Two A.M.  We had a middle of the night visitor.  It has been a LONG time since we had a two year old climb in bed between us in the middle of the night.  It happened last night.  Yea, it woke us both up...but it made us both smile.  It was a crisis though when Marilyn laid on Lydia's blankie.

Three little ladies

It's hard to beat barbecue'd hamburgers.  That's what we had yesterday.  Num Num.  A great summertime meal, though we didn't have the fresh tomatos or corn.  We DID have fresh radishes from Emmy's garden however! (in the salad) The three girls played in the playhouse, on the swing, on the trampoline.  It's interesting that the girls are enjoying the top part of the playhouse more than they ever have before.   Earlier this year, the kids would play, but not together.  They just kind of tolerated each other.   Now they are *starting* to play together.  At least what one does, the others want to do so it's a flock thing.  It won't be long until they are heading off together arm in arm to get away from the adults and play.  The mesh fence along the back is doing it's job.  We don't have to worry as much about the little ones falling in the stream.  It started out being a cool morning, but by afternoon the temperature was just right for being outside.   The adults sat on the patio while the kids played.   We miss you Buff!  I'm already looking forward to a great holiday season with my Buffalo.
The Yahtzee champion of the Universe has been determined.  Friday night it was a duel to the death between Benjamin and Gramps.  Benjamin took an early lead winning three games in a row when Gramps couldn't get the dice to cooperate.  I still think the dice have some loyalty to Benjamin. >:-|  Anyway, Gramps started making a comeback and one game before the last was within striking distance. Alas, it was not to be when Benjamin rolled a Yahtzee with all sixes in the last game of the series.  Gramps' hope for the comeback of all comebacks was dashed.  Benjamin won the title of Yahtzee Champion of the Universe.  All is not lost though.  Gramps will continue to train for the rematch when Yahtzee Champion of the Cosmos will be played later this year.   You just wait just wait!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lindy Photos As Per Request

Here's some purdy dern cute photos, if you ask me, as requested by Grandma.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Alaska Cruise

Here's some info so you know a ballpark of what it will cost to do the Alaska cruise.  I checked on the Royal Caribbean site (my favorite cruise line)  and for the absolute cheapest room on the cheapest dates it's $599 per person.  (May 11th..there are other dates available) Keep in mind they will charge for two people whether there is only one or two.  Silly to advertise that way, I know.  So that's $1,200 plus tax per couple for the cruise.

We would need to fly to Vancouver BC on the 11th and fly home from Anchorage on the 18th.  On the cheapest flights I can find that work for those days are $718/person.  That makes the cheapest possible total of about $2,640 per couple.  That's no shore excursions, no souvenirs, no cabin upgrades so you have a window.   My guess is we'll be spending close to $3,000/couple minimum.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


A lot has happened since the Nelsons' arrival.  A lot of playing in the playhouse, trampoline, and swinging in the back yard.  I put a mesh fence along the back to keep little tykes from falling in the stream which is running pretty high right now.  It's working fairly well except Ty keeps trying his best to find a way around it.  Saturday we went to the Dastrup abode and went to WHEELER HISTORIC FARM with everyone but Chad (sick) and Brigham (working) and Buff (mission).  I thought the best part was when the little ones were looking out the window of the tree house and grandma would jump up from under the tree house and scare them.  It was hilarious.  Ty got to sit on a John Deer and he was in heaven.  We saw turkeys and rabbits and a little tiny goat with a little tiny horn.  Sunday the family came over for dinner..we had pizza... Chad was still sick so that arm of the family didn't make it.  Brigham was still working and Buff was still on her mission.  We did have a rousing game of croquet though.  About mid way through the game, Katie fell behind the pack.  Lindy needed feeding so Marilyn took over Katie's mallet.  She stayed about a hoop or two behind for the rest of the game.  Stevo finished first and was poison.  Cambrie finished next.  I finished next but was quickly eliminated by Steve who obviously doesn't really care about making amends for making me wear that tuxedo at the wedding. make a long story short, Marilyn ended up winning!  Life just isn't fair.  Marilyn walks around with a smile on her face these days just thinking about being able to hold Lindy...which she does at EVERY opportunity.  Lindy sleeps a lot, but I've seen her awake more this last week than ever.  Yesterday Chad was feeling much better so Erica invited the entire clan over for dinner and family night on short notice.  Chinese Chicken salad.  I ate it but didn't understand a word it said. The cousins ran around and played and played and had a great time together.  It's so fun to watch them starting to be able to interact and play and have a good time.  Give it another year and they'll all be best buddies.  After we thoroughly trashed Chad/Erica's place, we left.  Ya know, there's not quite anything that compares to being hugged by a two year old.  To be continued......

Monday, June 06, 2011

FHE tonight?

I'm making Chinese Chicken Salad (Krueger version) for dinner tonight. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome. Just let me know. We'll have FHE after. (We'll plan on eating around 5-ish.)

Oh, and if you come, feel free to bring a kite, since it is a blustery day. :)

Friday, June 03, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sean's Smokehouse BBQ

Chad and I like to try out new restaurants, especially little local "mom and pop" shops. The other day we noticed Sean's Smokehouse BBQ near the Walmart here in Saratoga Springs, so we decided to check it out for dinner tonight. If we were to describe it in one word: "Hits the spot."

Very yummy and well priced (especially for a BBQ place). The total for all three of us (Emmy had a corn dog and fries) was $20.62. Chad ordered the pork sandwich and sweet potato fries. They have a whole bunch of homemade sauces to pour on top. He tried a really hot one and loved it (sorry, we can't remember the name of it). I had the Buffalo Ranch wings---YUM! I had BBQ Beans on the side--another YUM. I haven't had beans like them.

One of the owners (Sean) was out greeting all the guests going from table to table, and he gave us some noodle salad to try (good, but not what we were in the mood for). He said they make everything from scratch. No canned beans at all. The BBQ beans have 5 different kinds of beans in it, and he said it alone has won awards at cook-offs. He said he and the other Sean who own the place have other jobs (that he said he has no plans to quit), but they do this restaurant on the side. They started out just doing cook-offs together, then they realized they were pretty good because they kept winning, so they decided to make a restaurant. The atmosphere of the place is fun too.

So there you have it. We highly recommend it and would love to bring anyone there next time you're in our neck of the woods. We went out to support a local place, and this place definitely did not disappoint.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

There has been a dearth of Family gatherings...

So, I am wondering what will work best for the family to get together this weekend...Sunday would be my preferrance, but Sat works too. Can everyone come this Sunday for an afternoon of fun, cousins and food? If not, does Sat work? Waiting on feedback, and then we will organize food. Thanks ya'll! Let the party begin!

Nelson's are on their way

My guess is you've heard of the Nelson's woes. Today the truck picks up their stuff and they will drive half way to Utah. Tomorrow (Friday) they will arrive at the parental units' house sometime before 3pm. PARTY! Except for Stevo who has the unenviable task of now trying to find a place to store their stuff and/or find a new place to rent since the lady in their new ward they were going to rent from was a total lie mouth who's word isn't worth 2 cents. [grrrrr!] Come over on Sunday and hear from the Nelson's themselves about how this lady is costing them around $2000 because the internet at the place she was moving to isn't fast enough so she is going back on her word and not letting them move in. [grrrrr!]  I hope she feels REAL guilty whenever she gets mail in her mailbox for them since they've already had their mail forwarded there.  Yea, the scriptures say we should forgive.   I'm not that religious.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's time

Time for everyone to go in and update their entries on the gift wish list over there <---