Saturday, February 28, 2009

News Flash!!!

Christa and the little guys are flying in Sunday morning (compliments of his parents) for Brigham's Grandpa's funeral that is this Thursday. (Brigham, I know this is probably a good thing for your grandpa that he was released from this life when it couldn't be good anymore, but I know you will still feel the ache of loss, so my condolences to you).
But it will be fun to see the Dastrup's and introduce the boys to Emmy and get more pictures of course! I am hoping that both of our boys will be able to come over some time this week for a visit. Thursday is probably out...Chad can't come Sunday...I would still like to be able to get our boys together for dinner at the same time but with Brett's crazy schedule this semester, not too likely. Anyway...thought I would give you a heads up boys, so you and your wives can decide what night might work to come for dinner. Christa will be happy to see you all, as we are , as always!
Let us know when you would like to come.


Yesterday was my first productive day at the Family History Library and it was fun! I went once before when I didn't know that you need to do some preliminary work online to have stuff ready to find. You get on line and figure out what microfilms that you need then all you have to do is go pull them and search for your people. I arrived at 9 am and left at 9pm when they closed. I was having so much fun, I didn't want to stop to go eat...they had a lunchroom so I did stop once to go eat a sandwich I brought, and an apple...but that was it. I found documents that were nearly 300 years old on my people! That is FUN! It really is like a treasure hunt. Yes, I know what you are thinking: MOM< you have GOT to GET A LIFE! :) I have one, and I LOVE IT! Some day, you will all be addicts too! You shall see! THE FHL was FULL of users. I kind of got to know 3 different people yesterday while I was scrolling through my microfilms, who had all traveled to come use the FHL (Salt Lake Location, of course) was from Wales, one was from England, and one was from New York. And I don't like to pay for parking! WAH! I enjoyed my $5.00 parking bill after that.

What I wanna be when I grow up

I decided what I want to do when I grow up. I took a business trip to California. The plane was only half full and the weather was clear so I chose a seat next to the window where I could look down over the landscape as we flew down the I-15 corridocr from Salt Lake City to Orange County. Going down through central and Southern Utah I noticed that outside of the main traffic area next to the freeway, there were hundreds of square miles of mountainous and desert area where there were only a few dirt roads, but not enough to cover all the ground. I found myself wanting to be on any of those roads or hiking in any of those canyonns. There was so much area that I couldn't imagine how man had walked or explored every mile. As we approached then passed the St. George area, the landscape turned to Desert and I could see that there were many areas where there didn't appear to be any roads. The same flying over nevada.....lots of little mountains and flowing deserts (interesting how the erosion patters were so evident from the air. Large desert areas flowing into the next, lower elevation desert area.) Very few roads were evident and there were entire valleys where there were no roads. I decided on that flight that if I were independantly wealthy, had my helath, and could convince friends and/or family to do it with me, I would spend my time exploring. I would fly over areas with map in hand and mark places I wanted to try to get to. Then I would get my jeep, trailer, and ATVs and head out. Desert in the spring and fall and mountains in the summer. There's so much uninhabited land out there and not only would I enjoy the exploring, but I would enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine and the rainstorms and the just being outdoors. I would also enjoy the campfires and joking around with my loved ones around them. It will never happen because I'll never be rich, but it is how I would choose to spend the rest of my life just so you know.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks for visiting us gramps

(my post comes with pictures....)

Fun to have gramps come, sad to have gramps leave.

Dinner at the Nelson's

Tonight I had dinner with the Nelson family. Lasagna and garlic bread (without the garlic). Thanks Punkin. It was nice to see everyone again and oh how I have missed those little girls! They are so cute. Little Lydia gave me so many smiles and let me hold her. Kiera fixed me food on her little kitchen set and let me hold her and wanted me to read her stories. We took a walk to the park and played on the swings and slides. Man oh man did I have a *hard* time leaving those little ones. I also got to hug a punkin and a buffalo a little bit. Steve was there and it was good to see him as well. How I love everyone there and how it tears my heart to leave them. I love you guys!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here You Go!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on the Dastrups!

But, not from a Dastrup. I spoke to Christa last night briefly. It doesn't sound like we will be hearing from them any time soon, so she said to go ahead and post their news on the blog. Christa is having her turn with Mastitis, currently. She needed to go to bed soon when she called, so we didn't talk for long. Brigham's folks have been there for a week, and they both left Saturday (?) for home. Claudia's dad is in the process of dying, and it looked like it might be this weekend, but when she got home he had rallied enough that after her visit with him, she flew back to help Christa more, which is great of her. Those breast infections are really nasty. Thankfully, it isn't really all that common if you can breastfeed normally (without pumping or using a sheild-Christa has needed to pump more than the normal way of feeding...) Claudia will stay 1 more week, and then Christa will be on her own. I know she's a little nervous about that transition. She says that her kids have 1 week break from school in March (that will be a challenge). She is going to take Benjamin out of school for the month of March because, there is a school bus that will pick up Jacob, but not Benjamin so she would have to take him to school and pick him up every day, which is something she isn't ready to add to her routine with a new baby.

Ty is growing fast too. The outfits that were too big for him 1 month ago fit him great now. She says that he just keeps getting cuter every day (I say PROVE IT: WE WANT PICTURES!!).

As I said it was a short conversation: Maybe 10-15 minutes. So that is about it.
Kim flys out towmorrow for So California for a consortium down there he is involved with. He will fly home on Saturday. He plans on visiting Cambrie and Co on Friday night, which means he gets to love on those cute little ladies without me! :( I will miss him, but it is only 5 days, not the 6 weeks that it was when he'd go on a "business trip" in England, so I can handle this.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dinner with the older Groneman threesome

Steak and lobster again tonight. Man...we gotta quit eating like this. Little cute Emmy was tired and very fussy so they didn't stay long. Erica swears it will be a different Emmy next time we see her. She's so cute!.....

Buff sent this

Not much going on around here to speak of, but since I do a weekly blog I'll write about my nothing.

Kiera is enjoying the warm weather here in Cali and so am I. Since returning back home she has been very insecure about daddy's comings and goings. Poor thing never knows when she is going to be ripped away from her daddy for a few weeks.

Now that Lyida is sitting up that is the only position she likes to be in. She isn't so fond of her doorway jumper nor her other toys that she can stand/lay in. She wants to be sitting up and chewing on something.

I feel like I'm still trying to catch up on life since getting home. It takes a lot to get unpacked, back on schedule (incluidng catching up on sleep), etc.. What a trip.

Sounds like Buff, Cake and I are shooting to do the Provo River half marathon Aug 9th. Anybody who would like to could join us....all are welcome. Wouldn't it be fun if EVERYONE ran it?

Dinner with the youngest Groneman Couple

Yesterday Brett & Katie were over at the Boren house cooking up some Chicken Pamesiana (sp?) so they yelled and said "come on over!" and we did. Yummy dinner. Got another chance to talk with Katie's parents and listen to Katie play the piano...she's pretty good!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I saw Emmy yesterday for a few hours and I will get to see her again tomorrow as they are coming for dinner...and I had the chance to play with Cambrie's little dollies up until a week ago...but I keep waiting for pictures of TY! He is a month old now. Probably doesn't even look like the same baby as they grow and change so fast! Christa, I know that you are a busy little mom with 3 little guys to take care of now...but perhaps next time Brigham has a day off one of you could get some pictures to enjoy on this blog. Chad actually brought this subject up yesterday when he was expressing his desire for some new pictures of Ty. So I am not alone in my wish.
Last night we got together with my siblings for our couples dinner at mom and dads. Weber's weren't there, but the rest of us were. I about got cancelled because "mom wasn't up to it" but we hear that every month, and she is always happy as a clam and acts fine (physically) while we were there. It is probably the highlight of her month. Last night we got talking about places that we have been. For every place, mom spoke up"because I have been there" and railed up one side and down the other about what a "dirty disgusting place it is! and how she can't imagine how anyone could stand to live there! Even places that she has never been: Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Cancun etc etc. They were all severely condemned. She seems more Out of it every month. She still knows who we are...but it is hard to go over there when she is the way she is. It is just sad. Kim and I would both like to be safely dead by the time we are 72 so we don't have to go to where she is. That gives us 19 years left...if we can be so lucky as to get our wish.

Guy was laid off of his job, and has applied to take a temporary job in Washington DC. If he gets it, he would live in a hotel until the job was done (several months), and Anne would likely go with him...which would leave no one to take care of that huge yard...dont' know what they would do with that. But he may not get the job.

Not much other news from the Haslem bunch. Jake is taking a job as a dentist on an indian reservation in Flagstaff, Arizona. Nice place. Andrea W says she's don't at all sure she likes being the only Weber kid left in the state, "makes for weird gatherings at my folks on Sunday....but she make like things even less if the Webers are gone all summer to DC. Kathy has been asked to extend her mission at the MTC (she helps missionaries who don't know how to read and with other problems) She is going to be an Amazing missionary herself some day. She studies the gospel more than any other person I know.

I went out and pruned my roses today. It is a beautiful day Kim and I took a daylight walk for a change too! I am really not at all sure I am ready for winter to go away. Too much I still want to do inside! I am not ready for yardwork yet! But, my vote doesn't count for much on if it goes away, so I guess I'll just have to "come what may, and Love it!"

Redneck Fire Alarm

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One more reason to visit the in-laws

I guess if you're not willing to come to California all that much to experience a little piece of heaven, your prayers have obviously been answered because that little piece of heaven is coming to you
Today's (Feb 19) Calvin & Hobbes is for Marilyn. Definitely.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

White Hart, Tingewick

You gotta see THIS and THIS

I just....

I just finished installing a new faucet in the family bathroom. You?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

24 Fest

I had a 3 day was stormy so what better to do than a 24 FEST!. Between Saturday & Monday yer mom & I watched 19 episodes of 24 season 4 (we didn't watch any on Sunday). All I can say is that if I ever get in trouble, I want Jack on my side. He knows everything and can do anything. He also never has to eat or go to the bathroom. Amazing. We'll see if we can finish it tonight. It felt really good to be a bum all weekend. Oh, we ate treats while watching too. We were invited to, and we've decided to take our trailer down to our friends place in Marysvale for the summer. Spend short weekends up at the Mountain property and spend long weekends down there riding the Paute Trail

Monday, February 16, 2009


Katie and I just wanted to throw out a big thanks to Mom n' Dad for dinner last night. . . beyond the thanks we already gave to you. For all y'all who missed out, it was seriously the best tasting dinner I think this Groneman family has ever produced. I've now had lobster twice in my life, and the home-done lobster of yesterday tasted better than the restaurant lobster. The steak was awesome, we had asparagus, and Katie and I made some coconut rolls. We even had baked potatoes which we were all too full to eat. For dessert, there was a strawberry cream cheese cake that I don't know what it's called. The favorite part had to be the lobster though.

Thanks mom n' dad.

The rest of y'all missed out. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

you might be a groneman if......

1. Chocolate milk and toast sounds like a good/normal sunday dinner to you.
2. Memories of visiting Europe include camping in a field filled with sheep.
3. Arrowheads frequently turn up in your dreams.
4. You frequently shake towers.
5. All unknown presants are "electric pianos".
6. you know a 5 year old boy who chopped a hole in a building older than our country.
7. you slaved the summers of your childhood away pulling weeds.
8. you sometimes wonder about poor mutly, moo, pooch, or "that dumb dog"


Saturday, February 14, 2009


I would like to tell you all how grateful I am for each and EVERY one of you! My prayers are so full of gratitude still for the wonderful family I have! I am still so very grateful for all of my in-law (or in-love, as Erica calls it) kids! I didn't know such awesome people even existed in the world for my kids to marry. Good job hunting, kids! I couldn't possible have arranged anything better for you than what you got! I have the sweetest and cutest grandkids on the planet too! I am so Blessed to have a wonderful husband who is so good and kind to me! I love you Kim with all of my heart! Thanks for all the sweet things you do! I am SO happy to spend the rest of my life with you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy birthday buff!

We celebrated buff's birthday early since she is working tomorrow and going out with friends. We had a crab dinner and buff got a pan of brownies to blow on (which she gets to eat by herself since Lydia won't let me partake and Kiera and steve won't touch it). Kiera gave Buff a sucker which she decided she wanted back as soon as buff opened it. Anyway, a little anti-climactic, but happy birthday Buff!!

I miss my 3 girls

It was sure nice to have the 3 girls at our house. I love and miss them. What else can I say.

On a different note, yer mom and I wondered what we could/should do for Valentines day. Restaurants are too busy so we'll do that on Monday. No movies are in the theaters we want to see. So....the thing we decided to to: Starting tonight we're having a 24 fest. I don't remember which season it is that Marilyn hasn't seen, but I think it's season 3. Oh yea...and we get to eat treats during the 24 fest.

Come one, come all! RSVP required.

The exclusive Groneman Family Restaurant is pleased to announce the following menu for this Sunday, the 15th of February and would like to invite you to enjoy this premier event with the chef:
  • Barbecued, Marinated choice New York Steak
  • Succulent Maine Lobster tails served in the chef's special light butter lemon sauce
  • Farm fresh Idaho baked potatoes smothered in sour cream, butter, and secret herbs & spices.
  • Fresh garden salad with the dressing of your choice.
  • Steamed Garden Asparagus will also be served.
  • Virgin Grape juice will be served accompanying your meal.
  • After the dinner, Award winning fresh Strawberry-Cream cheese Cake will top off your meal. This is an especially tasty treat usually reserved for royalty and heads of state, but on this limited occasion will be served at this location.
You must RSVP by Saturday evening to the establishment, as demand is high and seating is limited. The B & K Groneman couple have already made their reservation...hurry for this special, limited time offer.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

emergency medicine

Since Brigham is an ER doctor I thought I'd share my thoughts and observations about Emergency Medicine.
First of all, I DREADED going to the Emergency room-- probably partly because I don't like the unexpected problems with no known history of baseline information on the patient, and partialy because I am not familiar with how to treat many of the problems that walk into an ER (I don't deal with much Croup or toothpicks inbedded in kids feet in the ICU or home health).
I must say that after 3 nights of working there I am not so anti-ER anymore although I still would not choose to work there. The type of nurse that works in an ER is just different. They all seemed a little ADHD to me (if I had to give them an overall stereotype). Also, I observed that the overall stereotype ER doctor was very nice, and very trim and athletic (I guess that fits you too Brigham!).
I was AMAZED by the number of drug overdoses, rapes, etc. that walk into an ER in little American Fork Utah on any given night.
The thing that I found I really liked about ER was that I was able to quickly help some people who were MISERABLE (fever, severe pain, nausea) with some strong IV medicaiton. I was nice to walk into a room with someone laying in the bed moaning and feeling like they were on daelth's door and say to them "you'll feel better in 3 minutes" and then give them some IV medication and watch the relief come (and the gratitute too).
Interesting job you have Brigham.

Sisterly Love - Ain't It Touching?

Click on this picture for a GREAT slideshow!
Cambrie up and took our 2 little California Grand-daughters back home! And now the entertainment in this house has just dropped to the blah category! Those 2 little girls are just so fun and delightful. Work, yes! But OH SO CUTE!!! Cambrie had 3 night shifts in a row at the Emergency Room, so I had the normally "momma duty" of getting up with Lydia in the night time. Lydia has been used to waking up several times a night to have the pacifier re-inserted or to be turned over. Cambrie hasn't wanted to "sleep train" her because Lydia sleeps in the same room with Kiera at home and Cambrie didn't want Lydia's crying to waken Kiera. So this was the best time to sleep train her.
Lydia has had quite a talent for spitting out her pacifier. Cambrie says she can shoot that sucker a full 5 feet away! And so, for Lydia it was a game of spitting it out (when you put her down to nap, or for bed) time after you pretty much had to stay with her until she was asleep so you could re insert it every time it came out. SO, the first night Cambrie was gone, I set about sleep training her. It wasn't fun. She woke up, I re- inserted the plug. She woke up again, five minutes later, plug gone. I got her up, changed her pants, fed her, re-inserted the plug, and went to bed. 5 minutes later, she is crying again. This time, I forced myself to stay in bed and let her protest. She protested for awhile. ...I went back in...spoke soothingly to her while patting her on the back (no plug this time) and went back to bed. I listened to protests, on and off for about 1 hr 15 minutes. Then she went to sleep, and never woke up to get plugged again for the rest of the trip!
I still gave it to her when she was going down for sleep, but I noticed that the firing away of the pacifier was stopped completely by that one night of finding out she couldn't get it back. Pretty smart little cuss! SO Very cute too! She sure can make you giddy with love with that smile of hers!
I would like ya'll to notice in the pictures: Emmy looks like she is as tall height wise as Lydia is. Chad told me that Emmy measured 24" last week at her 2 mo checkup. Cambrie, measure Lydia and see how long she measures.... Emmy was 18" at birth, so 6" growth in 2 months is pretty remarkable!
We are pretty blessed to have the CUTEST GRANDKIDS ON THE PLANET TOO!

Praise Allah

Ok..time for just some non-family related fun stuff to watch. This YouTube video is a guy filming his Islamic terrorist...shoot some mortars off at a US base while praising Allah. "Little does he know that a new mortar shell tracking technology can track the trajectory of a hostile round and fire a retaliatory shot to precisely the spot from which the hostile shell was fired. This only requires the hostile mortar to fire 2 to 3 rounds. Count the number of mortar rounds the masked insurgent fires in the video."

See how well it works. Isn't technology wonderful? I wonder if he's enjoying his 100 virgins?......

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Family Portrait

The Groneman family went and had professional pictures taken today. Emmy was pretty good for it, all things considered. She didn't want to smile, but she didn't cry either. She was tired and hungry, even though she got up from her nap, bathed, and ate right before we went.

We've ordered some 8x10's for the Grandparents, and 5x7's for the Aunts & Uncles. We've also purchased the rights to the photos, so we can post them online legally and order more prints later on if we want.

Here they are:

Radon Test Results

Some of the folks in our neighborhood have been getting VERY high radon gas readings in their home so I decided to have some tests done in our basement so I did so just before Cambrie arrived. Being this close to the mouth of AF canyon, apparently it isn't unusual to have high results. The Simons' next door had theirs tested and ended up with 27 pci/g (EPA upper threshold is 4 pci/g) so they are putting in a venting system (so much for the heating bill.....).

I tested in our new play room and in the kitchen downstairs. Kitchen was 3.6 and playroom was 3.0. Rest assured that when you sleep in our basement, you have little chance of dying from radiation poisoning so you'll have to find some other way to commit suicide. Marilyn, will you call Kristen and tell her our results please? She's interested.

Question about Ty

I was VERY relieved to hear that Ty doesn't seem to have full blown PKU. Very. I have some questions though on "benign PKU" as there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on it on the Internet. Does this mean Ty has some of the PAH enzyme but just not quite enough? How does benign PKU fit in with the genetic chart here? From what I read if you get the gene from both parents, you have PKU. If you only get it from one parent, you don't have it but are just a "carrier". Will he be able to eat as much food with phenylalanine as he wants or is there still going to be some dietary restrictions? Tell us more about it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chad's work

I just got word that my team at work is getting assigned a new project. We've been warned that it might be coming to us, and now it has. Management is telling us to wrap up our work on our current product and start on this new one.

I'm excited about this new product, because I see it as being the future of the company. It's basically digital material management for libraries - so you can view artwork, special collections, video, or anything that can be digitized that the library has. We're very exited about it. It's going to keep me very busy for the next 8 months or so, though, because I'll still be the lead developer for the project. I'm going to see if I can get them to hire a Senior software engineer for the project.

Once we're done with the initial release, my team will be responsible for both the new product and the one we've been working on.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Emmy's Blessing Day

What a fun day. Our first chance to be at a grandchild blessing. Thanks Chad & Erica & Emmy for such a great day:

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ty's First Bath

Not wishing to be outdone by his cute cousin Emmy, Ty would like to share some more pictures of himself.

PS-- We are hoping to get the results from his PKU test tomorrow!

Emmy Pictures of the week

Saturday, February 07, 2009

So a while ago, I posted that I got in a car accident on my no good very bad day. Well you'll all be glad to know that I got my car fixed about 2 weeks ago and it only cost about $350. It's an interesting story. I cant remember where I was coming from but I was craving a Wendy's double stack so I pulled into the drivethrough and was waiting my turn. All of the sudden, I hear somebody honking behind me. I turn around to see who the impatient jerk was and I see this big ol truck with a lady leaning out the window signaling me to roll down my window so she could talk to me. I proceed and she yells out to me "hey, did you know you have a big dent on your passenger side?" I thought it was a little strange but told her I was aware. She then proceeded to tell me that she would give me a free estimate on the damages on my car and to pull around so she could look at it. When I did, she got out and looked at it a bit and told me that she could fix it for $400. I told her I was still looking around and if she wanted to give my her number I'd consider her offer. Then she told me "Well, I guess I could do it for $300 and I could do it right now and it would only take an hour" I thought about it and agreed as I really need my car to get around and I would have paid 400 for the other place I was going to take it to anyways. So her and her husband pulled out all their tools from their truck and fixed my car right there in the wendy's parking lot. It actually doesn't look bad. The only thing that I can tell is that the paint they painted over doesn't have the shiny chrome but it's the same color. I'm happy with it.

I may be mistaken but, my name might not be as unique as I once thought it was. Tonight on my way home from work, I was listening to the radio and some guy had called the radio station to give a shout out. I was shocked when he said "hey, yeah I'd like to give a shout out to my old fiance, Breanna Groneman, of 9 years ago. I miss you baby." I might have heard it wrong but if I did, it was a name that was EXTREMELY close sounding to mine. Anyways, I'm pretty sure I wasn't engaged 9 years ago. That would be kindof weird if I was.

Oh yes, and I just wanted to let you all know that I'm a runner chick now. I ran 2 1/2 miles straight today in under 30 min. I rock.

Emmy's Blessing

Tomorrow is Emmy's blessing, at 1:00 pm. Address is something like 235 E 450 N. We're excited for our little bundle.

After sacrament meeting, we plan to have the Groneman and Krueger families come over to the clubhouse for a light lunch. We just plan to have deli sandwich stuff and desserts, so it won't be anything too fancy. Of course, each of you is invited. If you can't make it for reasons such as being out of state, we'll understand. We'll get some pictures afterwards and post them.

Speaking of Baths

Speaking of baths (the subject of todays Calvin & Hobbes), Kiera does NOT like baths. Every time Cambrie gives the little princess a bath, she hollers and yells and screams like she's being poked with hot irons. You would think someone is killing her. She doesn't like them one bit. Lydia on the other hand seems to enjoy a bath, but, like I said when I bathed her, it's like trying to hold onto a greased bowling ball.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

PKU encouragement

Still anxiously awaiting results of the 2nd tests, but I Got this from one of my facebook/Novell friends today:
" Alexia Henrie at 10:39am February 5
Kim - my nephew has two girls with PKU. They are beautiful, healthy, and thriving, and have special diets that help them stay that way. Hope all goes well."

And this isn't PKU, but the results are even worse and we should be encouraged by the attitude of this young lady:

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In Need of More Prayers

Just when you think we've reached our quota of requesting prayers for the year, we ask for yet more. We've been neglecting the blog in our quest for survival, and will likely continue to do so for some time, but I'm breaking our silence to ask for yet more prayers-- this time on Ty's behalf. Yesterday at his appointment we were informed that he either has PKU (Dad please insert link to Wikipedia here) or a variant of it. PKU used to be a sentence to watch your child develop more and more mental retardation, have seizures, and die. Thank goodness nowadays that can be prevented by a strict diet-- no protein, meaning absolutely no dairy products, meats, beans, etc. Even a cob of corn exceeds the daily amount of protein a person with PKU can have. If he has it, Ty would have to switch immediately to a special formula and later in life could only eat certain fruits, vegetables, and small amounts of some grains. Can you imagine a teenaged boy living on fruits, veggies, and rice cakes? It's literally what he'd have to do or face brain damage and seizures.

There's a chance that he could have the variant of PKU which would not cause any problems at all since he will never be pregnant. We are praying that that's the one he has. We can't imagine trying to explain to him why he can never have a piece of birthday cake or ice-cream. We would really appreciate any prayers you can offer on his behalf!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Marilyn is on her way home

I hope this means that Christa is feeling much better. It will be nice to have my little honey back again...I missed her. Right now the two little cherubs are taking their afternoon nap. Cambrie came home at lunchtime to feed Lydia but Lydia wasn't all that interested. Holy cow....this morning she had ...ummm...."stuff" clear up her back from her diaper and it has soaked through all her clothes. I had to give the little butter ball a bath which was like giving a bath to a slippery super ball. One more pair of stinks mid morning and just after I put her down for her afternoon nap...I heard a distinctive rumble and rushed to get her changed before it got all over the place again....too late. Lousy diapers. >:-| Kiera had I have read every book in the family room.....twice. She's been doing puzzles and playing with her little table/chair. I even watched "Wee Sing" with her...boy...that's a blast from the past. Last time I saw that was when Buff watched it. Lydia seemed to like it too. Anyway, gotta go move the ATV/snowplow out of the way so Marilyn has a place to park when she gets home this evening. I think she left about 9:30am which puts her home about 7:30pm. It will be nice to hug her again. Cambrie gets home about 4:30 (she's been there since 6am this morning)

BrainBashers: Common Answers

79   Kim Groneman                  2   2   1   2   1   1   1   1   4   1   20.8352%
105 Brett Groneman 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 15.7314%
432 Chad Groneman 1 1 2 1 1 1 3 1 2 3 3.6121%
914 Christa Dastrup 4 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 5 1
1615 Steven Nelson 19 1 1 1 1 4 2 1 1 4
1798 Katie Groneman 2 2 16 2 2 5 1 1 4 1
2094 Breanna Groneman 2 1 UR 1 1 4 6 1 1 2
2163 Cambrie Nelson 2 1 UR 1 2 1 3 1 4 4

Neener Neener! I'm common this month! Be sure to get your February answers in:

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Emmy Pictures of the week

Fun in utah

We are having fun visiting gramps. But poor little Kiera misses her daddy. We did 2 video chats online with him yesterday and both times as soon as she saw him on the screen she held out her arms and said "daddy hold you" (daddy hold me). It was sad. We talk about how we went away and how daddy misses us and he is sad but we'll go back home after a while.
Kiera has 2 blankets and normally we only let her sleep with one. Last night at bedtime she had a blankie but wanted the other one but I couldn't find it so I put her to bed with the one she had and she seemed a bit sad. About 15 minutes later I went into to find her crying. When I asked her why she was crying she said "other blankie go away; this blankie sad!" I guess her blankies are friends. Poor little thing. After that I made sure we searched the house long enough to find it. I didn't want her missing her daddy AND her blankie.
Gramps is getting the Grandpa of the year award for taking care of his 2 little fussy granddaughters. He gets to do it by himself for 2 days starting tomorrow... wish him luck.
I know that there a lot of people waiting on the report of Christa. She got home about 1pm today.
She was running a fever yesterday so they left her in the hospital so they could give her some IV antibiotics. I will leave the Dastrups to tell you any more details. But now you know. Brigham is still very sleep deprived...but he told me that he would bring Ty in when he felt he needed to go off duty, but bless him for his selflessness, he didn't do that until 6:30. So, I am rested up from the 3 am start to my day yesterday. I told him he needed the sleep way more than I did since he had worked all night the night Christa Hemorrhaged, but Brigham was determined to take care of Ty for the "first part"of the I let him. He is in charge around here, not me.

One thing that wasn't so good. The first time CK hemorrhaged after Benjamin's birth, I trailed along with her and him to the hospital so she could feed him there. No problem. This time, Christa was feeling faint before we were even out of the house, so a friend of theirs in the ward, a policeman on duty, was called, and he gave her a escort in his patrol car to the hospital. We actually had called 911, but the policeman was already here while we were on the phone with them, so we decided just to let him take her. Ty was ready to eat when CK first started gushing, so I picked him up to take him along with us like we did before. But the policeman wasn't able to take us also, so then I was going to drive, but I didn't know the way to get there, so then the ward member that Brigham called to come stay with the boys tried to program their GPS for me...stalling more....and then another ward resident/Dr came over and drove me to the hospital with the baby. So have you ever heard of a new baby that was a starvin Marvin waiting patiently for over an hour to eat? He was sucking frantically on that pacifier, but he never cried, he just complained intermittently...while sucking furiously. I didn't have any formula to give him, even. When we were able to go to Christa, I was just focused on getting him fed quickly because they were saying that they would likely take her in for a D and C...and we didn't want to introduce Ty to an easier way of doing things in the food dept, for fear that he wouldn't go back to nursing. So, we quickly got him nursing. I didn't know that they had given Christa Demerol...Ty nursed for maybe 5-10 minutes, and then Brigham came in and said that he couldn't nurse because of that drug Ck had in her. So then we had no choice about giving Ty formula. Christa had to pump and dump for the next 24 hours. But Ty had already had his first dose of Demerol. SLEEPY BABY! I slept (only waking to eat) all day long! I was kinda worried about him. But he is fine, and not nearly so sleepy today. He is SUCH a good baby! And Christa deserved that...NEEDED that. He is such a sweet tiny soul...and I am in heaven just to hold that little piece of Heaven! Newborns are so very irresistible. Babies are wonderful!!! I am loving this!

I really believe that somehow, someone in Heaven told little Ty that he had to be patient to eat while Christa was wisked away in a patrol car leaving him hungry with me. Newborns aren't that patient when they are hungry. I was praying in my heart that he could wait, and that prayer was answered. I firmly believe that for newborns, the veil has not completely been drawn yet, and Heaven once again be praised for that tender mercy I and Ty received!

Kim, bless his heart, is taking 2 days of work off so that he can tend Cambrie's little dollies while she does clinicals, so I can stay and help a little longer. That was a big relief! I would have been a danger on the road as tired as I was yesterday evening.

Well, I leave the rest to the Dastrups. That was just my perspective on the whole event.