Monday, May 31, 2010

Gramps' Memorial Day

I forgot to remember the ants!  This was a "Kim & Marilyn" holiday.  We got up this morning and went to Orem city cemetary to put flowers on my parent's graves.  Lots of people there!  We then went over to visit Grandma/Grandpa Haslem.  Grandma wanted to know when we were going to her house.  I told her we were there and she didn't believe me until I showed her her china closet.  We then went
to the mountain for the first time this year. mice in our trailer over the winter.  Now we have to concentrate on sealing up Grandma's trailer because it has had lots of mice in it. Marilyn cleaned up the trailer while I turned on the water and generally un-winterized the place.  It's ready for partying now.  Last fall when Chad and I went up to winterize the place, a big pine tree had fallen over the deck but was proped up in the big pine tree in front of our trailer.  I thought it would come down with snow over the was still proped up in the tree.  I used my cowboy skills and threw a rope over it up high, then tied the rope to the Jeep and pulled the sucker down. It's now laying on the deck.  I'll take my chainsaw up there next time and cut it up so we can finish putting the deck together for the summer. I'm currently sitting in the shade of my house under the gazebo in the back yard typing away on my laptop while Marilyn is in her flower garden planting some gladiola bulbs that she had forgotten about.  The thermometer hanging in the tree behind me says 77 degrees and there's a light breeze blowing with the sound of the stream at the back of the yard and kids playing in the neighborhood.  Not a bad memorial day all in all.

Kiera's Memorial Day

This morning I explained Memorial day to Kiera and what the purpose of it. About 20 minutes later she said very seriously: "mommy- we better remember the ants". I guess she started to feel guilty about all of those ants she's been stomping on outside.

Memorial day was spent at the park. And then we got ice cream cones and played hide and seek.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

memorial day is a bust, so let's save the 4th of July!

Someone must have declared this weekend Family Reunion weekend. Everyone is gone for Fam Reunions. So, the good news about that is that we can plan on doing a Kim Groneman Family reunion on the 4th. Christa already told me that she has been looking forward to being back in Utah for the 4th (where we really do it right-as far as community events go), so we will not be going to the Mtn. We will plan on going to the parade, and doing a BBQ and croquet championship of the world, and of course, we would need to have fireworks too. Well, maybe we wouldn't do fireworks if everyone goes home to put their kids to bed by 7 pm. We are open to suggestions on what you would like. We could also set up the slip-n-slide in the back yard for the kids.

But everyone needs to plan on coming for dinner here on Sunday 2 weeks from today. Steak and Crab will be served! Cambrie's family will be here, and Christa has indicated that she will be coming to church with us until Brigham gets done with his job in the Q, as our church is earlier, not during nap time, and we can help her with Ty and Jacob. That is actually our set up regular time (2nd Sun of every month we eat here together, Christa so we hope that works for you too). And of course, I am sure that while Cambrie is here she will want to see ya'll more than you are welcome to join us more than that. We hope to see ya'll a lot!

Just wanted to Reserve the 4th for our Family Reunion! RSVP, please! Are ya going to be there?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

For Jacob

Carson Smith Scholarship for K-12 special needs students.
And here is some really good information about the scholarship. (Better info than the other official link)
Christa, if you haven't applied for this already, you should!

And their crazy life continues...

So, I know that the Dastrups probably won't even check the blog for at least a week, so they won't be blogging any of their happenings.

Yesterday, they needed to go to get Utah Drivers licenses so that they could get onto Bear River Insurance for their house and cars, which will save them a lot of money. And Christa went to Maceys and spent $200.00 on groceries and came home and put it away and it still looks like the fridge and cupboards are only half stocked. They spent quite a bit on stuff for the yard too, but the yard needs a LOT of help. The previous owners hadn't even turned on the sprinkling Kim tried to do that yesterday. Got the front system operational, but the valve box in the back was full of catastrophe. Turns out that the drain and been put in on the high side of all the pipes, so it didn't drain at all and so it was full of broken lines. So Kim and Brigham made several trips for supplies, spent many hours working on it, thought that they had it all ready to go, only to discover that there was yet ANOTHER pipe with a leak! So Kim is going up as I type to try to get it operational.

The Dastrups have gone to Bear Lake for their extended family reunion. It was hard for Christa to leave, because although their family reunion is a good one, the only room that is somewhat funtional is the kitchen. Everything else is still in boxes for the most part. They will stay till Tues at which time they return, Brigham returns to New Mexico and CK comes back with her boys to a lot of work to do, and Brigham not able to help.
Jacob found a box yesterday that had Lightening McQueen on it, and took it to Kim and pointed to in and then did the sign for "show", several times. But that was not an option. No TV found or set up yet. It's been hard on the youngest 2 who don't understand what is going on. They REALLY don't like going to bed in yet another new place! Poor little Ty was sobbing in his bed for over an hour last night. Kills me to hear my little ones cry like that, even if they do have to adjust to the reality that this is NOT where they are used to going to bed, nor do they understand why their lives and sense of a secure situation has been shattered. But they will get over it soon, I hope!

Buff's Blog

FYI we got an email from Buff's mission saying that missionaries shouldn't post to public blogs so I made Buff's blog a private blog. Y'all should have received an invitation via email to get access to it. Lemme know if you didn't or have problems accessing her blog.  Oh...and speaking of blogs.  The Albuquerque weather gadget has officially been removed from this blog (wiping dust off of hands).  Take that NM!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dastrups are now officially residents of UTAH!

Wow...what a crazy three days. Brett, Chad, Marilyn, and I squeezed into our Yaris and made the 10 hour trip down to Albuturkey. When we arrived we got right to work after a stand up meal (no table). Poor Benjamin wanted someone to play with but we just didn't have the time. We patched and painted and cleaned and scrubbed and packed boxes. I must say Brigham is the king of truck packing. I know that truck could have rolled over and not a thing in the back would have moved an inch. We had that truck packed to within a fraction of an inch of the back door, clear to the ceiling. Everyone worked from early morning until approximately 10pm on Wednesday.
We all slept at a neighbor's house that Brigham rented for a month while they were out of town, then we got up the next morning and hit the road at 7 A.M. Brigham and Chad in the truck, Brett and I in the car. Christa, Marilyn, & kids stayed behind to do the walk through inspection and they followed. Here's a picture I snapped of Brigham leaving NM for the last time. Wahoo! CLICK HERE and you can see a few more pictures I took....though I really didn't have time to take many pictures. Maybe Christa can use one or two in her memoirs.

We (men folk) arrived at the new house about 5ish where Brigham's brother was waiting for us and we all went to work unloading the truck into the house. Brigham's parents came when the truck was about half unloaded so their contribution was greatly appreciated too. Who's idea was it to buy a house with so many stairs?!? Thought I was gonna die. Katie brought pizza & drinks and after it was all unloaded we ate another stand up meal. Marilyn & Christa showed up about then (I think they planned that!) We'll take tables/desk/& stuff from here back up there this AM where we'll go to work putting things away, putting Jacob proof locks on the doors, get the sprinklers running, install washer/dryer, etc. etc. There's just no rest for the wicked I've decided. But it's all worth it to have Dastrups home at last.

Ty was really cute.....he ran around the house and climbed the stairs and his little smile was just radiating. Jacob wandered around...I thought he may be upset, but he climbed the stairs and just explored. He wouldn't go outside. Benjamin was SO excited.....except they put him in the pink room. He said he was going to paint it BYU. Well, off to start gathering stuff to take up there today......  My old body is never going to forgive me for this.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The quest continues....

Ok, I'm officially getting fed-up with the trying to find a surrogate situation. It is a huge emotional roller-coaster and TONS of work to find someone who matches up personality-wise, financially, spiritually, geographically, has the correct health insurance, etc.. Below is a very shortened condensed version of my surrogates who I've arranged so far.

1. From NM. Dumped me because someone else was ready financilly sooner than us.
2. From CA. Dumped me because she got back together with an former fiance.
3. (#1 again). Increased her princes by a few thousand dollars after I had already spent $760 on her non-refundable plane tickets. Told me the price increases were NOT negotiable so I dumped her (and lost my $760-- she gets 4 plane tickets).
4. From ID. My current surrogate but I'm learning not to say that anything is for sure. She just gave birth to surrogate twins 5 months ago. She went inactive from the church during her last surrogacy because of some very-small-town-judgement going on in her little branch in Idaho. She is a medical assistant for the town's family doctor so during her last pregnancy she had an ultrasound almost once a week (this is according to the previous intended-parents who LOVED having her a surrogate and had nothing but good things to say about her).

So I'm starting the process with surrogate #4. I'm hoping to get the ball rolling really fast this time. Oh, and something else I really like about Mrs. Idaho is the fact that our arrangment with her is going to cost us an estimated $18,000 less than Mrs. California.

To celebrate our savings in surrogates, we bought disneyland season tickets today. It was SOO much fun to see my cute little ladies' faces at disneyland. Lydia got so excited when she realized where we were. Today was the first time she has ever made ride-requests and she made them LOUDLY. Kiera went on some bigger rides such as Soarin', Matter-Horn, and the toon-town coaster. Fun day...even if Lydia did puke on the way home.

Monday, May 24, 2010


It's snowing today (yeah, not just raining--snowing), so we needed to get out of the house to do something fun. I called Emmy's friend Seth and my friend Ashley and we went to the Bean Life Science Museum at BYU.
Little did I know our kiddos would be AMAZED at the animals. Instantly upon entering the building and seeing the animals, they said, "Whoa!" and "Duck!" and "Grr!" and "Lion!" and all sorts of animal sounds and names. Absolutely adorable! I took a bunch of video of both of them while we were there, but I'm too tired to upload it. Perhaps another day. These few picture will have to do. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Seth. He was being so adorable too! Both of them were so excited!
They ran around for a whole hour, completely loving every minute. We will definitely be doing this again.
As proof that Emmy had an awesome time, after we got home, she fell asleep in her high chair after eating half her lunch (I was getting her the rest and came back to this!). That's the first time that has happened.

Super mom to save the day...

OK, I just spent a pretty nasty morning outside in the snow, saving my flowers, trees, shed, house and gazebo.
Yes, you read it right: SNOW on May 24 :(
Over $100.00 of annuals needed to be covered.
The limb on Simon's tree that we have been concerned about for years was bowed down with weight, clear down to our shed, so I went out with my winter coat and gloves, ladder and pruners and got up on top of the ladder and stretched and cut off all that I could, till I was sure that it wouldn't break cause I had cut off so much of the weight. It was nasty cause I had to look up into the tree to prune it and so when it cut a lot of snow ended up falling in my face, again and again. And it was mostly slush, so when it went down my shirt and melted down to my belly button, that was rather an unsavory experience! I went through 3 changes of clothes, cause every time I came in, I came in soaked!
I put pots, covers of various kinds on my flowers and tomatoes to protect them, and I took the broom to the gazebo cover and bounced off snow so deep it did start to break (it did start to break through at one place). And I bounced snow off my trees. I spent a lot of time out there and while I was doing my thing I kept hearing major limbs breaking and crashing down in the forest behind me and in my own neighbor's tree (the one I was pruning). Now the sun has come out and the temp has raised from 32 degrees to 38, so I think we are going to make it. Now I can go out and gather up the mess! And I THOUGHT I was going to be preparing for a trip today. Silly me!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Ball!" "Ball!"

Last week, Chad, Emmy and I went miniature golfing. Emmy loved it. She loved chasing the balls around, so we had a live, interactive obstacle course. She also loved picking up the balls from the holes for us. We went at 3:30 pm on a school day so we had the whole park to ourselves. A ball-lover's paradise!


We made chocolate chip cookies with Emmy yesterday. They were a hit.

Two Gidgets

I just had to copy this picture onto our blog so it will be in our family blog book.  Either Cambrie is a great child photographer or she has exceptional subjects or both.  This one is now on our fridge along with the picture of these two kissing and sitting on the porch eating popcicles.  These pictures are just priceless.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool project I'm working on...

The product I've been working on for the past year went to beta early this week, and while it's in Beta, I've been put on a small team to develop something for a conference that is coming up towards the end of June. Yup, as in, one month from now.

The project for a Microsoft Surface. I can't go into details here, because this blog is public, and the details about this project are not public yet (they want to surprise people at the conference). There is a customer that wants us to do it, and we're working with them to get it done the way they want.

The project officially got underway on Wednesday, but I had started tinkering with it on Monday.

On Wednesday around lunchtime, I was surprised to learn that someone had scheduled us to do a demo for the customer on Friday afternoon (today). Apparently we'd promised the customer that by Friday we'd be able to demo a certain set of features... I have my theories as to why I wasn't told about that, or why the project wasn't started until Wednesday, but because this blog is public I won't go into that here.

I put in some long hours Wednesday, some more long hours on Thursday, and then more long hours today (it's 1:30, and I've already put in 8 hours ...). The project has three people, but for some reason (again, won't go into it), I've ended up doing 95% of the work on the project over the past few days. I put together every piece for the demo except one small piece that another developer did (which only took a couple of hours to do).

During this time, I also found out that the customer was most likely to go with the company that was able to do some certain work first. My immediate supervisor (also a developer) was tasked with that, but said he didn't see how we could do it, at least not for a few weeks, because nobody knew how to do a certain step. I was pretty sure I knew how, but I didn't want to bring it up because I wasn't sure I could do it, especially with everything else going on. I did it. It was actually easier than I anticipated. I handed that off to my supervisor (CC'ing a product manager). I got a "CHAD YOU'RE THE MAN!" response from the project manager.

Oh, and I got the demo done 95% single-handedly, with one hour to spare. I've recorded it, and it's pretty cool. I can't post it online, but I can show you next time I see you in person, or when it's public, whichever comes first.

Thanks Erica for playing single mom for the past few days. I'm back now... with enough time to give you a break before I head of to the Q.

In the year 2525

Hey...Father's day is coming up:  HINT HINT.  I could really use one of these.  Back in the early 70's there was a song titled "In the year 2525" and here's a snip of the lyrics:
     your arms are hanging limp at your sides
     your legs got nothing to do
     some machines doing that for you
I guess we just got there a little earlier than the song predicted.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Restaurant Review: Blue Lemon

We went to the BLUE LEMON restaurant tonight for dinner. It was pretty good.  It's in Highland, across the street North from Kohlers. I had:
Grilled Balsamic Chicken Panini $8.5
Balsamic glazed chicken with sliced tomatoes, grilled onions, garlic, peppers and herbs, smoked mozzarella cheese and lemon pesto aioli on artisan bread pressed on the grill

And Marilyn had:
Chipotle Pineapple BBQ Brisket $9
Perfect pulled beef brisket, provolone cheese,lettuce, tomato and onion on white or wheat ciabatta bread

(We had a 2 for 1 coupon so the price was pretty reasonable....11.50 for the both of us).  It was really good.  There are other things on the menu I want to eventually try.  I didn't care much for their was VERY 60's, which I guess is the new style in the 2010's.  The food made up for it.  Probably some of the best sandwiches I've had.  They also have entres and salads.  We split a chocolate desert which was REALLY rich and nummy.  I also came out pretty full.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Albuquerque timeline has changed

FYI for the moving crew, the Dastrups have moved up their moving process by a day to accomodate a Dastrup family reunion.  What that means for the packing/moving/tending crew is that we won't be there to help box up.  We'll still drive down on Tuesday but instead of boxing on Wednesday, we'll load the truck so we can then carivan it back to Utah on Thursday.   FYI the old folks will sleep on Christa's air mattress and we'll take individual air mattresses for Chad/Brett.  Room in the itty, bitty car carrying 4 big galutes to and fro will be at a premium so only pack what you need...and we do need some bedding as Christa is using her bedding as packing material.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You kids are getting richer all the time

My Grandpa Alton (not really my grandpa, but my great uncle, but he WAS my grandpa...long story) was on the Utah Vally target shooting team and competed nationally.   He was good.  He had a special Winchester model 52 target shooting rifle which, when he died, went to my dad.  I got it when my dad died.  I have a good friend that's a gun collector who looked it up for me.  Right now it's worth about $1000 which I had no clue.  I was thinking maybe 200-300 at the most.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Buffy's address

Hey, Just so you can know if you can't get ahold of me, her address there is:
Sister Breanna Groneman
5620 Surrey Ct.
Alpharetta, Georgia

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cool pictures

Katie, Marilyn, and I were sitting in our backyard today and Katie saw this first....we had to get out from under our gazebo and take a look.  A single long wispy cloud had turned into rainbow colors in the sun.  I've never seen anything like it.  It's a sign.  I *AM* supposed to go ATV riding.

What I learned at church today!

Today at church was ward conference. It was excellent! Pres Richard Robbins spoke in RS. He had so many great analogies! So I thought I would pass some of it on to you. Or maybe I will just put it on the blog. Or both!

We have all heard about likening the scriptures unto ourselves. Only he took it a step farther. He gave us each a bookmark that had pictures of 4 prophets on it. He asked us who they were. We identified them as Nephi, Abinadi, Helaman, and Mormon. He went on to say, that the Book of Mormon was never read by the people in the days in which it was written. It was written for us, specifically. Many prophet writers of the B of M said that they saw our day: some of them said that they had seen us. Mormon said that he could only put 1% of what records he had access to into the B of M, and so he had to choose very carefully that which he would write. He saw us, he saw our circumstances, he analyzed specifically what we needed to hear for our situations. Then Pres Robbin s asked again, so WHO are the people on the bookmark? The answer was, “YOU<>

Our lives now are the lives that those prophets lived then. Take Abinadi> What did he do? He testified of the truth to a people who didn't want to hear it. He did it with boldness and courage, and it didn't cause him to flinch from his mission even though he knew it would likely cause his death. He went forth boldly preaching that which he knew to be true. Look at Breanna. She is going forth to preach the truth, to a people who mostly won't want to hear what she has to say. And there are lots of other missionaries in our family who have taught the same thing. While our missionaries haven't had to die for the cause of truth, you have gone forth to deliver the word of God, none-the-less.

Take the sons of Helaman. If you asked them, what would they tell you protected then when thousands around them perished in battle?. Because their mothers taught them that if they were obedient and had faith they would be delivered and they were. So why did their dad's not teach them? Because they had buried their swords deep in the earth because they didn't want to break the covenant they had made with the Lord, so when the Lamanites came to kill them 1005 of them had perished rather than break the covenant. So, if you have fathers who would choose death over breaking their covenants, and mothers who taught the gospel diligently, then you would have children who are like the sons of Helaman. And who do you think those children were who were on the lap of Jesus when he came? The sons and grand daughters of those sons of Helaman, JUST as it will be your sons and grand daughters who will also have that glorious experience if you teach as diligently as did the mothers of the 2000 stripling warriors. THEY SAW OUR DAY! This is US people...our experiences now.

Lastly, I will talk about what he said about Mormon. He quoted several scriptures that talked about how evil and despicably low in total corruption the people where in Mormons time. So evil in fact that he was no longer allowed to preach to them anymore. And yet, it the midst of all of this evil surrounded him, what was happening to Mormon? He was having amazing spiritual experiences that gave him direction, purpose and peace and joy. So what do we learn? That even in the midst of what will be for us, JUST as evil as Mormons day was, that WE can also be having amazing spiritual experiences that Mormon and Moroni had, that gave them understanding, joy, peace and a sense of purpose even in the total decay around us. It can't suck us in, unless we let it. But as long as we focus on our Saviour and try to make our lives one like His, we will be spiritually protected from the storms around us.

Well, I thought they were great insights. And instead of just trying to see how scriptures relate to us, if we put ourselves as those people and prophets there and see our our lives ARE the same, the scriptures will come alive for us!

One last thing he said that is an interesting little exercise. He says, go and look at conditions before the 1st coming of the Saviour. Find the time zone that goes along with ours as far as our conditions now vs theirs then. And then look at the bottom of the page and see how many years till Christ's coming was. He said it would give you a sense of how long we have before the 2nd coming of the Saviour .

He also had a great we are Nephi example...but I think you get the picture!

I LOVE CHURCH! I love being edified the way I am! I know that it is much harder to come home feeling that way when you feel like you just did your best the whole meeting, to keep a toddler quiet. But, even in that circumstance one is keeping the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy and partake of the Sacrament, which of course qualifies us to have the Holy Ghost with us until we chase him off with our own disobedience. So you are where you need to be, establishing habits with your children that need to be set young. You are doing the Lord's will just to show up! So way to go!

Well. That is about it. More than you wanted to read I am sure (if anyone made it this far!). I won't be surprised at no comments, but I just wanted to share it anyway. Who knows, maybe one day, someone will read the Groneman Family Blog History that Kim prints off, and have it be just the thing that they needed to read. Maybe not. But we are told we are supposed to record those experiences that impact our lives. So it is done!

Thanks for making it this far! Love ya!

Not much of anything

Let's see...and update. Hmmmm....well we painted and siliconed the rubber on the balcony and attached the slide so it's ready to rock and roll. (150 lb weight limit....that leaves me out...but I can stand on the balcony!)  The door from the fort to the balcony needs to be hung on hinges but I just may need Benjamin's help to do that.  Oh..for Christa:  East side of your house to the fence: 106", West side 138".  It's so great to have Katie and Brett living so close.  Last week they mowed both lawns and this week Katie mowed the back lawn (while Brett did the weed eater edging thing).  It's been fun to watch Katie's school related projects.  Yesterday she built a solar oven out of a Wii fit box.
Put it in the sun and it got to something like 120 degrees.....then she built a reflector box around it and it got to something like 240 degrees.   She got graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate chips and put them in the oven.....and the chocolate chips spilled and melted to the inside of the oven. :-) Just when she was ready to fix it....some big clouds came over.   All in all though it looked like more of a success than their last project of kites made from garbage bags. ;-)  As I sit and eat breakfast at our kitchen bar every day, I just love looking at pictures of my family on the fridge....and hear other people's stories about their kids and the problems they have and am thankful for not only the wonderful kids/grandkids I have, but the wonderful wife I have that raised the kids to be such good people (mean ol' mom!).  I'm getting cabin fever.....I need a get out in the wilderness fix.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


What a process! And we didn't even move that far! Good luck dastrups!

We were worried about the trains that run right by our new house (with no wall or buildings between us and the tracks) but the train was fine. It was the FROGS that were loud. There are very large fields right in front of our house and apparently they live there.

After our fridge was moved to our new place and put in position I started looking around the piles of stuff for the food to put back in it. I looked everywhere but couldn't find it (that happens when lots of people help you move). Finally, I got the idea of looking in the fridge. yep, it was there in bags. I had put it in bags so that it could easily be removed to move it. I feel bad for the guys who carried it. It was probably an extra 140 lbs of weight with the food in there! oops!

This morning Lydia woke up hungry and said "eat!" but then she got a very concerned look on her face and said "chair?! Chair?!" She was VERY concerned about where her highchair was. She is capable of sitting in the regular chair and eating at the big table, but I could tell she neede her highchair for security. So I went on a search and found it burried in the back of the garage. She was very relived to see her highchair. It was very cute.

My kitchen has about twice as much space at least as my last place. I have ALL of my food and ALL of my food storage in my kitchen currently,and I still have 3-4 empty cupboards. I'm going to fill them up with hall closet stuff. I LOVE excess storage space!

I'm debating on whether it is worth my effort to attempt a garden when we are only staying for 1 year...and it is late already...and our neighbors warned us of a gopher. We have a perfect garden space. Hmmmm...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More pics of the Dastrup house

I *assume* that the Dastrups closed on their house.  Here are SOME PICTURES from our visit to their new house a couple of days ago.  (Marilyn took them...they don't show off the house very good but they do show some of the decorations the current resident has)
I'm getting so excited to remove the Albuquerque weather widget from this blog.  One really good thing that came out of the Dastrups living in New Mexico:  I finally can spell Albuquerque without looking it up.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Walk through Dastrup new house

Tonight we went with Max and did a "walk through" the Dastrup's new house.  All I can say is wow......I never even dreamed of living in a house like that.  I've never even KNOWN anyone that's had a house that fancy.  Nice!  I hope they don't mind coming to visit their poor relatives from time to time.....

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to wish a very happy Mother's Day to our great mother and to all the wonderful mothers and mothers-to-be in our family. I hope your day is full of good food and serious pampering!

“Do the best you can through these years [motherhood], but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones… Rely on Him. Rely on Him heavily. Rely on Him forever. And ‘press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope.’ You are doing God’s work. You are doing it wonderfully well. He is blessing you and He will bless you, even—no, especially—when your days and your nights may be the most challenging. Like the woman who anonymously, meekly, perhaps even with hesitation and some embarrassment, fought her way through the crowd just to touch the hem of the Master’s garment, so Christ will say to the women who worry and wonder and sometimes weep over their responsibility as mothers, ‘Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole.’ And it will make your children whole as well. ” [Jeffrey R. Holland, “‘Because She Is a Mother’,” Ensign, May 1997]

Saturday, May 08, 2010

An addition to the playhouse

Added a balcony and a slide to the playhouse:  It still needs a little work, to be caulked and painted and some dirt moved around the bottom, but it's usable.

Friday, May 07, 2010

break time

This is a random time to blog, but I'm exhausted and taking a break.

We just got the key to our new place and we'll be taking a load of stuff over as soon as my girls wake up. We'll be getting our truck next friday though. They decided to drop our rent $25 last minute. Nice. I just loaded our car with the necessities of stuff to take over for our first load: hand soap, tp, snacks, diapers, cleaning supplies, a few toys. As I finished filling the car I thought back to the days where I could put ALL of my posessions in my little red car. Yep, those days are gone! Here goes nothing.

Call us crazy, but we are going to be camping in our backyard tonight just for fun. We wanted to make a yearly tradition of it, but our new place doesn't really have a backyard and it is really noisy since it next to the tracks so we'll be going tonight. So, we'll pause our moving process to have a little fun with our little ladies.

funny story: today I was babysitting a 4 year old boy and he was telling me all about the game of soccer. "you've got to kick the ball into the net, and everybody chases the ball". Kiera was listening intently to what he was saying and chimed in sweetly, "Cinderella went to the ball!" He looked at her with a disgusted look and went on explaining the game. I couldn't help but laugh.

well, there are my girls awake. We're off to take the first load!

An evening with Emmy

Grandma and I ate dinner at Chad & Erica's house last night. (Good fajitas!) then we spent the evening with Emmy while mom & dad went to the temple.  Just like the last time I went over there, Emmy spent the evening laughing and trying to keep Gramps from filling up the basket with plastic food.  She got a thrill and just cackled with glee every time she dumped it...of course then she had to wear the basket over her head as a hat.  We did spend some time playing a little ball and putting blocks into a giraffe stacker then letting them out the bottom.  The only thing that seemed to distract her from her dumping plastic food was when grandma decided to read her stories....she really likes that.   We put her to bed when mom & dad said to and she spent almost an hour up in her room just talking to herself.   What  a cute little gidget.   After she went to bed we watched Survivor (best season yet) but I'm not saying what happened because I know Brett & Katie are a few episodes behind.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Nelson tidbits

1 more week until we get our key to our new place. We are buried in boxen right now.
We sold our piano a few days ago and some piano movers came to pick up our piano. The time from when they knocked on the front door to the piano being in their truck was about 40 seconds flat. I think it shocked Kiera a bit: 2 big guys coming quite abruptly into our house and taking our piano. She watched out the window as the truck drove away and was a bit upset about it and even today she asked me "can I have my piano back?". Because of these emotions I've seen coming up in her I've been trying to warn her about the upcoming move telling her about what is going to happen. I hope she will be ok with it.

My n' the ladies ran through the sprinklers in the front yard today and ate popcicles. I think the neighbors probably thought I was crazy, but we have fun.

My little girls are so funny. I go into their room every night to check on them and both of them are either wearing the plastic princess dress-up shoes, or have them neatly laid next to them on the bed. They have got to be terribly uncomforable to sleep in. I always laugh when lydia has them over the top of her footed jammies. It is just so important to be beautiful when you are sleeping! Also, Lydia can't get them herself which means that Kiera is getting them for her. I think it is cute to see them play together a nap time and bedtime and become friends. I love my ladies.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Common Answers: April

April common answers results:

99 Chad Groneman
115 Katie Groneman
511 Kim Groneman
619 Christa Dastrup
1075 Breanna Groneman
1502 Erica Groneman

Here's the May challenge: