Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hiya Buffaroonie

Just to keep Buff in the loop, we were going to go to the mountain yesterday, but the monsoon rains are back again and people didn't think it would be worth it just to sit in the trailer and watch the rain.  Don't blame them.  So..we stayed home.  We did the Highlands splash pad thing instead.  For some reason, Jacob wasn't as thrilled with it as he used to be.  He played in the water a little, but then wanted to sit on the benches.  Ty had fun running up and down the river from one end to the other. He was also enthralled when one boy brought a monster truck and put in the river and let the current roll the truck down the way.  I think Benjamin needed a buddy to play in the water with..he looked kind of lonely the entire time we were there.  Emmy liked wading up and down but gramps had to kick water on her to get her wet (would I do that?!?) 

After that we came home to Chinese Chicken Salad (from our recipe site).  Jacob has lost his enthusiasm for movies in the basement...he wants to watch Benjamin play Wii.....and only certain games.  If Benjamin is playing the wrong game, Jacob gets upset and cries and tries to get someone to change the game.   It's a hard life being a big brother to Jacob.    Emmy and Ty were up to their Bonnie & Clyde antics.  They were in the back yard by themselves for quite a while and we found they had been in the raspberry patch picking all the raspberries....and as many green apples from the trees as they could reach (which isn't very far up).  No, they didn't eat any, they just liked picking them.  Lindy was an angel though...she didn't get in any trouble at all.

So far no 100 degree days.  Got close a couple of times, but more often than when I've mowed the lawn it has sprinkled on me.   The rest of the country can cook as far as I care as long as we get the cool summer!  Well, we'll try for the mountain again next week if the moisture has left by then. 

Sherman & Mr. Peabody

The "Wayback" machine has been started.  An until now unseen look into the past is available.....if you've added me to one of your circles in Google+.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Abandoning this blog

Folks, I'm really considering abandoning this blog. Here's why:

  • Not only can I print my family "circle" stream in Google+, but it prints the comments as well as the posts. One point for G+, minus for blogger
  • I don't have to do an extra sign in and do captcha characters to post a comment on someone else's post
  • I can post private information, like when I'm leaving on vacation and not worrying about the wrong people seeing it.  Only people in my family circle can see it.
  • We can do video chats with Cambrie right from Google+
  • It's really easy to integrate my pictures BUT WAIT....THAT's NOT ALL!  When someone posts a comment on a picture it shows up in my G+ stream.  I don't have to subscribe to anything extra to see the comments.
  • If you guys happened to move from your blogs to Google+ I (and anyone else in your circles) don't have to go to your individual blogs to see what you've posted.  It comes right into my G+ stream (and yours, and yours, and yours.)  
  • Nobody has to "subscribe" to anything.  If you have a family circle with our family members in it, the "family blog" is just created automagically. 
  • The calendar, wish list, recipe site,etc. are already integrated into it.
  • If I post something for the family that I also want to go to other friends, I just add that circle and voila!  I don't have to keep things separate. 
Ok..the downside of moving our blog to G+. 
  •  I can't customize the header graphic.   Yet.  (Big whoop).
  • I can't link to weather.  Yet. 
  • I can't put our calendar on it.  Yet.
  • I can't customize what shows on my page.  Yet.
  • I can't have it automatically email the stream to Buff.  Yet (but she's only going to be gone a few more months and I can send her the info other ways)
As cool and easy as Google+ is to use today, remember it's still in the development stage.  Google will integrate more things into it.  For Christa's complaint that she doesn't want yet another page to have to go's not another page.  Worst case is that you stop going to this blog site and start going to Google+ site.  One for one trade.   Better, and more likely case is that other family members start using Google+ for their worldly communications and it actually reduces the number of sites you have to visit to keep in the loop.  So, what concerns do you still have?

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge." - Tuli Kupferberg

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good times at the Mtn

Friday night we went to the Mtn with Chad's and Brett's family. We had a great time, roasting hotdogs, pigging out and of course there were the smores that we ate too much of. That was little Lindy's first trip to the Mtn year she will be making her parents extremely nervous as she tries to navigate uneven rocky ground while her parents hover and hope for no falls.
Emmy, who has been so excited to go to the mtn., was still so jazzed, way past her bedtime...that she kept popping up while Chad and Erica were trying to go to sleep, talking about it and how we could continue the fun in the morning. Cute little lady! I never saw such a cute and sticky little smore eater! Erica had the wipey ready to try to control the damages, so the pictures don't do it justice, but it was fun to watch. For those of you on Google+,  you've already seen the pictures.  Cool how it does that.  For those of you sticks in the mud not on G+ yet, HERE ARE THE PICTURES

Brett and Katie brought up a fun new thing that we tried: Roasting bisquits on a stick! It was fun, and when you took them off the stick, you filled them with jam and whipped Cream and they were tasty too!

Sat. morning found us rock hunting for stepping stones for Chad's and Erica's yard. We found some good stones (we figured you guys could pick them up when you come today for dinner). And Kim worked at getting some of those benches ready to be of use. Erica and I tore out 1/2 of the old bench that we have been using for probably the last 20 years. Mostly rotten wood. I was able to get some of the messes cleaned up around camp too while Kim was gone to a water board mtg. It will be nice to have better benches and seating at the Mtn when Kim is done! Thanks honey. Good times. Which all of you could have been there...but we will be going up again soon!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

pictures for Buff (sorry the rest of you have to see them again)

Breaking up is hard to do

Ever since I was a baby my parents would take me camping multiple times each summer.  We always had a trailer and were always going and doing things in it.  We'd tent camp too from time to time, especially when we started going to Canyonlands, but it was usually in a trailer.  I still fondly remember waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee while sleeping in the trailer bunk.  When Marilyn and I got married, family members gave us a lot of camping gear for our wedding (some of which we still have).  We would just sleep out in the back of our pickup truck for a while, but finally bought an old used canvas tent at a yard sale.  When Christa was a little tyke, we could finally afford to buy a trailer of our own.   A used Prowler.  We went camping quite often.  It got sold when we moved to Virginia.  We spent time camping at the mountain property too.  When we got back from England, we bought Saundra's trailer and used it for a few years and then sold it back to her when, in 1998 we bought a brand new trailer which brings us to the present time.

Staying in a trailer is nice and we now actually own three.  Two at the mountain and one in the driveway.  I thought that, like Saundra's family, our family would like the tradition of Reservation Ridge each summer.  Alas, it's not to be.  I still really enjoy it, but this year was the first time we've used our Aerolite trailer in 3 years.  Before that it was only once a year at Reservation Ridge.  We've decided that licensing the thing and stocking it and pulling it up and down a mountain (and again with the ATV trailer) is just more money/bother than it's worth, especially since Marilyn doesn't like spending more than a couple of days there and kids rarely come up.

We have our trailers at the mountain which is where kids seem to like to go so we'll do more of that.  Also, Marilyn and I both like to just take our ATVs to someplace and stay in a motel and eat at restaurants.  That's what lazy old people like to do and I'm both.  I can still take a tent to Reservation Ridge to spend some time up there with Saundra, but it's time to sell our Aerolite trailer.  Goodbye old've provided us with a lot of good times.   It's time to clean you up and put you on the market.  I've really been in the mood to get rid of unused things lately.  I sold the Canon camera & lenses and two metal detectors that haven't been used in years.   It's hard to part with things I've really enjoyed, but it's time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brett & Katie

(Happy Anniversary)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Water at Mountain

Just talked to the guy that takes care of the water system at the mountain.  The water still isn't on at our place.  He says there's a guy working to fix a couple of bad leaks and he's not sure if the water will be on by this weekend.  FYI.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Calling All Family..

Let's do Sunday dinner this Sunday! Who is in? And then we will get organized....

Also, FYI: I just found out that there is a beach in Cedar Hills (or it my be No Pleasant Grove)! For real folks, and I think it is free! It's a pond with Fish, and I guess sand (cause kids were building sandcastles). And it is a whole heck of a lot closer than any other beaches I can think of. And we have life jackets... Anyway, we should check it out sometime.

An idea to throw to the wind and see what comes back

I (and some of you) have been playing with Google+.  I've been thinking it could be a viable replacement for this blog.  Here's why:

Circles.  You can create a "Groneman Family" circle (and a Dastrup/Kruger/Nelson/Boren/? circle) so you can selectivly share information.  Post in one place, share with whichever circles you select.  Only have something to share with this side of the family?  Easy.  Want to share something with both sides of the family?  Easy too.  Want to share something with family and friends?  Just as easy.

Why is this a benefit?  I no longer have to go to Christa's blog, Chad's blog, etc, etc. to see what's going on and we don't have to beg for you to post on our blog.   You post once, share with whomever, and nobody ever needs to go to more than one place. (Your Google+ page).

Pictures.  I can share my Picasa pictures and videas just as easy as I can share a "blog" post.  Whenever I'm on Google, I'm on Google+   To me this really looks like the next step up in a family communication tool.  What do you think?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lydia's bad day

This evening Lydia and Kiera were fighting over princesses in the other room (nothing new).  Kiera decided to take out her frustrations on Lyida's head by hitting her over the head.  We ran to the rescue as we heard this happening only to find blood dripping down Lydia's face and a large bloody area on top.  (of course, head wounds always bleed tons compared to everywhere else on your body).  Lydia was pretty darn traumatized and I was pretty upset with Kiera.  About 10 minutes later I had just sat at the piano to try to calm down (and not do something rash to Kiera) when I heard Lydia screaming/crying from the garage.  I went running because it was a very hurt cry.  Lydia had been trying to open the garage door.  the button for the door is about 6 inches away from the door itself.  She climbed up on the back of a riding toy to reach the button and held onto the track of the garage door.  As the door had gone up the wheels had gone over her 4 fingers.  It removed some skin, left black tracts, and her poor little finger were swollen for a while.  Poor little thing! 
Later at bedtime when she was talking about her day she referred to the entire situation as her "bad dream".

On a completely separate subject:  we found out today that an LDS physical therapist who was going to come to our area who has been looking for housing for about a month decided to not come on account of the housing situation.  That is 2 LDS family that bailed for that reason in 2 months.  THAT is how bad the housing situation is around here.   

Things to do in Macomb...

Planning on moving or visiting Macomb, IL anytime soon? You'll be sure to want to enjoy the activities the town has to offer...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Concrete update

In case you care, they finally poured our concrete for our front walk today. The rest of the grass still isn't in, but slowly but surely our front yard is getting done.

Doncha just hate....

Don't you just hate overfilled ink jet cartridges that explode all over your hands when you open them? too.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anybody wanna buy a digital piano, cheap?

Steve & Cambrie finally used their credit at the Piano Gallery and got two pianos.  I'm trying to sell this unit for them.  My question is on their web site they say "Free Shipping"!  Why did you guys haul yours in pieces in the back of your car?!?

Strawberry Days Carnival

The CUTEST KIDS ON EARTH were at the carnival.  CLICK HERE. for the pictures.  Here are some samples for my darling little Buffalo to look at:

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Neither your mother nor I can post comments on your blog.  I suspect something is amiss there.  :-(  Some cute things to post comments about if we could.

Happy birthday grandma!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Pictures to go along with Mom's description

Here are the best ones which I've uploaded to Picasa:

Back from Camping

Well, the Parental/grandparental units have returned. Good times were had! Amoungst other activities, these are some of what we enjoyed.
-WAY too much food/junk food
-ATV riding, although it was severely inhibitied this year by rain, and a gazillion downed trees. I never saw so many downed trees in my life-as you will see by Kim's pictures just a few of the downed trees.
-a new sport was enjoyed up there: Tree tipping. Yup. Kinda related to tractor tipping, only with trees. You find a dead Aspen and push on it until it tips over. FEEL THE POWER! Especially when it cracks and timber's. Just doing our bit to clear the forest canopy for alive stuff to grow!
-We took 3.5 mile walks on the same road that the cougar/bear had been on within 24 hours as evidenced by fresh tracks on freshly rained roads and their droppings which were fresh. But I wasn't too worried about the bears attacking cause I have my own bear to protect me :)
-we played LOTS of games
-I worked on my computer, read, and did other F.History kind of stuff.
-we roasted weeners, made and ate tin foil dinners and watched some GREAT lightening shows.
-We road on some HAIR RAISING roads in a thunderstorm, wondering every moment if someone was going to get hit by lightening, and went down Water Hollow Canyon sideways in mud so thick that I couldn't control my 4WD ATV! We are talking lots of adventures.

Next year hopefully you kids can come up and we can tend your kidlets while you go on some adventures too. But, since we had rain 5 days out of 7, maybe this wasn't a good year for it. And next year, I will be having a traditional 4th of July with my family in the hopefully we can do this adventure ahead of this years so it works to do both.

I am anxious to see my kids/grandkids now. Feels like forever since I saw you!
Thanks Brett for taking care of the lawns/watering etc. I think Mother nature about drowned my plants...something I wasn't counting on in July! Although, this year, I should have been!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Jul 5, 2011

Lindy's Blessing Invite

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Katie and Lindy, July 4th, 2011

Just a picture of a couple of pretty cute girls to share.