Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nelson happenings

Kiera still loves her 2 blankies. She also loves dressing up and especially loves "pretty yadie shoes" (dress up shoes). We took Kiera hiking in the foothills behind our house last week for a study break for Steve. She liked it. I think she is going to LOVE hiking in the woods someday.She was 100% potty trained before albaturkey and is now 100% un-potty trained again. I'm starting my last set of clinicals this week so I'm not going to start up potty training agin. Looks like we'll just have to continue spending $100 a month on diapers for a while.

Lydia has been our little spit-fire lately. She is seeking revenge in grandma's behalf on her mommy. She loves unloading everything and getting into everything. Steve thinks she is just as opinionated as I am and thinks we are in for a difficult daughter. We'll see. I introduced the hose to her this week which she loved.

I just finished our annual "NOW" (Nelson Organization for Women) convention. It is a fun tradition the Nelsons have started of getting all the women together to spend quality time together once a year (since every time we see eachother otherwise we are too busy with child care and food prep to be able to spend quality time together). Anyway, it is fun. I'd love to do something similar in our family.....someday when we are all done with school and potentially have time and $$!!!

One more month until boards. One and a half until I graduate. One week until my half marathon is over. Nobody around here is counting down though.....

Sometimes bad news can be GOOD NEWS!

Our trip at the mountain this time was fun because we got to see little Emmy, which made up for some of the not very fun parts of the trip.
When we got up there, to our trailer, the place had LOTS of mice droppings everywhere! Kim had done his best last fall to find all of the possible openings for mice to get in, and we had left probably 8 mouse traps. I had known there was a mouse problem in there, so I came armed with my clorox. So all of Friday (except maybe an hour) was spent pulling out dirty bedding, washing out drawers and cupboards, floors, sinks, shower, toilet, dishes etc.
We were sitting there talking to Keith and Syd and enjoying some strawberry pie with them...and out from the stove top came a mouse! We had found 4 dead mice in the traps, and we had found 1 where it was obvious that a mouse had been stuck (glue trap) but had gotten away. There were several traps that were untouched....but we had a live mouse! Kim armed himself with a pair of gloves and went after them mouse (which later we had found in the sink)....he was trying to gently pick him up so he could throw him out, but he was too cautious, and he jumped out of the sink and got away.
So we put out more battle array...Decon, cheese in flip traps, and more glue traps and went to bed. We even baited a couple of the glue traps with strawberries and graham crackers. The next morning, we found the strawberry and crackers gone, and some evidence that he had managed to free himself again. One of the new traps was upside down, but without a victim that was intended.
What I want to know was , since when did mice become smart!??? I think we have The Mice from the "Secret of NIMH"!!!!

But the battle was not to end there!
My mom and dad were planning on coming up. Well my dad showed up about 11 am without mom who was "too tired to go" (we found out this week that she has congestive heart failure-but it could take years to kill her-but she is going to be on pills to take off the water weight that is causing so much swelling in her legs). Anyway, dad had come up with some newer carpet to put in his trailer, and some rock he he wanted to dump. But with the higher altitudes, and exertions he had already had to load up his truck, he was too tired to do any work.
While Chad and Erica were trying to get Emmy to sleep in our trailer, I went over with Keith to work on cleaning out mom and dads trailer which is also a major mess. They never used it last year because it had so many problems that Kim had to fix that all stemmed from the jack under one corner breaking during the winter before. Anyway, it was very dirty, and we knew that the mice had also been in their cupboards, so we started unloading everything to take down to the valley to wash it. I started stripping the bed, layer by layer...finding more and more mice droppings. About 6 layers down, I found a dead mouse and an nest of live baby mice! They were so tiny and cute, but also SO unwanted!!! But, I looked at Keith and he looked at me...neither of us wanted to touch them! But dad was there...I knew he would have no mercy! I said, "I am OUTTA HERE!" Keith laughed and followed me out of the trailer while my dad took care of them. Anyway, we took home a suburban full of stuff that needs to be gone through, and either throw out or clean and take back. A ton of work!
My dad and mom are likely never to stay overnight up there again. Dad might, if my mom dies, but if he goes first, he probably never will stay overnight up there again. Dad signed over that trailer to Kim and I last year, which is why Kim did all of the work to fix it when the jack had broken. But we told dad, that while it was ours, he and mom would be the ones using it until they were gone. But with 30 hours of work to do to make it liveable...if they are not going to be using it, I don't really want to do all that work for nobody to use it, and it just needing to be done again the next spring. So yesterday, I asked dad (if it would be alright) that I would clean it up and make it livable again, and that they would still be able to use it always if they wanted to, but that we would like to be able to use it too, if I am going to sanitize the place . He said that was fine. So that is the way it is. What this means is the trailer we got from Grampa Groneman has now become joint property of all you kids! IF my parents do ever decide to stay over night with us there, they we would be bumped back into the Groneman one, but as I see it, that is very unlikely to happen. I will need to get a few things out of it, when the new one is ready...but I will likely just leave all of the dishes in there... towels etc. You boys will need to come up in the fall to learn out to winterize/de-winterize we won't want to have to do that to that one too (with 2 others that we will already be doing)...but it is yours to enjoy!!! And of course, our girls will be able to use it when they visit too. It will make a camping trip much more enjoyable for you! Until it has been ridded of all the mice, we will be leaving everything protected, so we won't have to sanitize it again every time we go up. It has beds that stay beds so you don't have to make them at night, and a nice bathroom! So when you want to use it...well, we will just make you keys...have fun!

Nothing tastes better than....

The other day, we had my mom and dad over for dinner. Afterward, we were sitting on the patio enjoying the evening with them...and we had a new experience! I could smell a very delicious smelling fresh baked bread. I had never smelled it before in our area unless I was making bread, and I wondered where on earth it could be coming from! I didn't have to wonder too long before Brett and Katie came out to join us with some fresh backed foccasia bread and balsamic vinegar! It was SOOOO tasty! EVERY bit as good as Macaroni grills bread. They brought us out a loaf, and even though I was not at all hungry because we had just eaten, I HAD to eat it! Katie is a darn good bread maker! I love the fringe benefits of our new neighbors! They are great!


Nursing is Utah's most hard to fill job right now....Computer Software Engineer is the next hardest job to fill SEE THE NEWS ARTICLE

To The Mountain

We went to the mountain this weekend. Emmy brought Chad & Erica up too. It's nice and peaceful. One time I was sitting on the deck holding Emmy and Chad was sitting next to us. Everyone was enjoying the sound of the stream running and the birds singing and Emmy was just into it. Suddenly Erica came onto the deck from behind a tree and scared Emmy to death. I thought she was going to jump right out of my arms. I guess there is a downside to meditating to the sights and sounds of nature. :-)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie Reviews: Wall*E and Bolt

Costco had a Disney DVD sale, and so we decided to take advantage and get a few. We got Wall*E and Bolt, which we'd never seen before.

Wall*E was good. It's got some tree-hugger overtones to the whole movie, but it's not near as bad as Day after Tomorrow. It's an interesting movie, because there are large portions where there is no dialog. It's a really cute love story though. There were a few things that didn't make sense, but overall it's a good movie. Not as good as Monsters Inc., but a keeper anyway. This film is rated G, and I agree with that rating.

Bolt caught us both off guard. Within the first five or ten minutes, I looked at Erica and said, "I guess we'll need to put on our seven-year-old mentalities to watch this movie." A few minutes later I said, "scratch that. Put on your five year old mentality." We were just about ready to turn it off, but we decided to just watch it, since we're planning on having a five year old one of these days. And we were glad we did. The movie quickly improved, and soon had us laughing. It had some good humor that definitely targeted people over age five. I laughed for an entire minute at one bit of humor centered on the cat in the show. Erica laughed at that and many other parts, too. We'll enjoy watching this one again. This film is rated PG "for some mild action and peril" (cover's words). I would rate it somewhere between a G and a PG - it's got the same kinds of elements I remember from watching G.I. Joe or He-Man or something. Stuff blowing up, people in danger, that's it.

In summary, if you have the opportunity, I would recommend that you see both of these movies.

Our Funny Boy

Jacob LOVES Oreo cookies. I bought some Oreo knock-offs for him, which he has enjoyed thoroughly. Today while sweeping the kitchen, there was a big fragment of cookie in the pile of dirt. Benjamin asked me a question, and I turned back around just in time to see the piece of cookie that had previously been in the dirt pile inches from Jacob's mouth. I shouted, "NOOOO!" which startled him sufficiently to keep the cookie from reaching its target. I put it back in the dirt pile and swept it all into the garbage-- under some existing trash in case Jacob decided to look for it. Well, I came back from putting the broom away only to find that piece of cookie once again inches from his mouth. Fortunately another shout once again disrupted it's trajectory, and that time it went down the disposal. Poor Jacob was left without a cookie.

And while on the subject of Jacob, yesterday he ran away from home and moved in with our next door neighbors. To make a long story short, he got out when Benjamin's friend came over, and he just let himself into our neighbor's house and started going through their things. Our neighbor sent her son over to ask if the strange boy in her house belonged to us, so fortunately we were able to retrieve him. That boy keeps me on my toes!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The video of Lydia and Ty is just so darn cute I can't help but watch it over and over.

In case ya didn't know

Emmy now has two little bottom teeth. If she'd open her mouth long enough for a picture, I'd post one, but her tongue is too busy getting used to how those little teeth feel.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taking the World by storm...

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) by Jon Schmidt video (a Mormon guy) has had over 1 million views on U tube...and is the second highest ranked music video there of all time. I really like it! Check it out:

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay)

Havasupai Trip

For those of you considering the Havasupai trip this summer, here's some info:

For those of you with Google Earth, here's a file I put together with the key locations on it.

Here's the tribe's website. Looks like we have to make reservations through them.

Another website with info.

The hike is about 10 miles through the desert. You can pay $85 for a helicopter if you're a sissy. There is a little village down there, but beings that there's no cars in the whole place, I'm doubting they have a walmart. It's a backpacking trip. Sleeping stuff. Food/stuff to make food (no fires allowed). Water bottles/filter. They let you clean up in the river with biodegradable soap. The hike is classified as moderately strenuous.

By comparison, the Timp hike to the summit is 7.5 miles with a 4580' gain. This hike is 10 miles with about 2500' elevation difference.

And an interesting factoid is that Supai, AZ is the only United States Post Office that still delivers mail by muel. What more reason do you need to go??

ATV primer - Are they dangerous?

There are two types of ATVs. "Sport" and "Utility". THESE are sport ATVs...the kind people use to race around places like the sand dunes. That is generally the kind of ATV people ride when you hear of them getting killed or injured. Notice they look a lot different than our style of ATV.....the "Utility" type. That's not to say you can't get killed or injured on our kind....but it's a lot more rare and it's generally because it's someone playing around doing something they shouldn't. You can get killed/injured on a bicycle. For those of you who hear stories of people getting maimed on ATVs, please DO KEEP IN MIND that there are two distinct types of ATVs and two distinct types of ATV riders. I just had to post this when you are deciding to support the idea your mother proposed. It really would be a LOT of fun.

Announcing the Groneman Vacation for 2010!!!

We have decided that since Brigham will be done with his residency and Steve will be in his third year (much easier than #2) , we would like to take all our kids/and kids "in love" (as Erica puts it) on a fun trip together....but we would like to see if it would be possible with the kids. So, here is the deal. There is a very old and very cool Bed and Breakfast in Marysvale (where Kim took his sysops 2 years ago). We would pay for the lodging, the main meal for the day, and ATV's so we could all go riding together! Breakfast and snacks for the trail...we'd likely leave to your own preference. Now, the problem is, when? Brigham will be done in June, but they will be getting ready to move and moving then...and the summer is too hot, and stays too hot until fall, but then likely Brett and BJ, and probably Steve would be in school again. Is there any chance that Brigham could take like 4 -5 days off in May? I am hoping that whomever hires you to be their awesome Dr would also pay for your move, so that shouldn't be as big of a pain...
The only grandchild that is even feasibly old enough to be a participant is Benjamin...and I know that CK and Brigham don't want him going on one at all, say nothing of the 60 mile trips we take down there. Babies don't work for that kind of a trip, so you would need to get in-laws or someone else to take them. So, feedback people? Steve would you be available in May or fall?

The last 2 days of the trip were great, weather wise. I went out on Monday with the group. We saw lots of deer, turkeys, elk, squirel...and we found fresh footprints of a bear...along with some beautiful scenery! I think you would all enjoy it very much! So what do you think folks?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Marysvale - the non-rainy days

Here is a link to the pictures of the rest of our sunny atv trip. Weather was rain, just sun and great temperatures. Wish you were all there to enjoy it with us. I had a cheap little digital camera..forgot out good one. The pictures don't do it justice.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cute Times Two

Just when you thought the fun pictures from NM were done with....

We went "practice camping" in the backyard on friday night. It was a success and everyone had fun. The sprinklers came on, so it is a good thing I decided to put the umbrella on just as it was getting dark. We watched a movie in the tent and went to sleep. Kiera thought it was great...I guess we are ready for the real thing.

Ok...picture link now works

Ok..sorry about that, the picture link now works

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marysvale: Day 1

No rain overnight. Just as we got on the ATVs...I mean the minute we got on the ATVs it started sprinkling. Not too bad, just light rain. We had about an 80 mile round trip ride today to the top of Monroe Mountain. As we rode, the rain would get a little more intense. When we got to the top and turned around (because the road was still snowbound) it really started raining. We stopped under some pine trees to eat our lunch and it started raining harder still. As we drove back down the mountain and into town it was a downpour. Good thing we had some rain gear. We got back to Pam's house and parked and went inside...and it stopped raining...the sun came out for the rest of the afternoon. So I wanna know....which one of you put the curse on us?!? (I enjoyed was a lot of fun.). I didn't take many pictures because I didn't want the camera getting wet. are a few of them from day 1.

And now a word from your mother dearest:

Can I just say WETTTTTTTT! And cold!!! It was 39 degrees at the top of the mountain, so with the rain and the windchill, it was cold!!! But, I had on my t shirt, sweatshirt, another sweatshirt with a hood, my coat, then a wind-jacket, then my poncho and a bandana. On the bottom side I had on knee socks, boots, pants, windbreaker pants, and another set of windbreaker pants over my boots, and my helmet. I actually stayed reasonably warm until we stopped for lunch...had to get my hands out of my gloves to eat, and then they were wet and cold when I put them back in, so from there, and with the increasing rain hitting us in the face and goggles (which unfortunately don't come equipped with wipers), it got pretty nasty! Likely the last time I will START an ATV ride in the rain...but I will always be prepared for one in case I ever get caught in one while I am out!
Let's just say, this is a day I will never forget! There was some great scenery pictures, but it was too soggy to get the camera out! But mountains scenes in the clouds can be very pretty!

Greetings from Marysvale!

This is the first time I have ever used a laptop. We brought this along because I don't ATV ride on Sunday, so with this laptop and my flashCheck Spellingdrive with PAF on it, I am set up to do genealogy for as long as I want to! Which make for a happy camper.
Raindrops are falling on the roof (soon to be on my head). 3 days ago, we had a perfect forecast for the weekend. Yesterday, they said there would be a 30% chance of showers...yesterday they changed it to a 70%, and the rain started just after we got in the Jeep in Cedar Hills, and it rained most of the way down here yesterday. And it is around 50 degrees, with rain forecast all weekend long. Had I known we were going to have a soggy weekend, I would have delayed this trip. Bummer. If it rains too much, we may have to give it up. We don't have wipers installed on our goggles, and the roads will get too muddy. So we shall see what happens. One thing is sure: We won't have to worry about dusty roads!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Especially for g+g

Great picture

I saw this picture on the Nelson blog and thought it really deserves to be posted over here. I love it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You wandering Groneman family people need to find your way home...Even the National news know where it is at! (But I sure hope that nobody else takes these articles too seriously!) Check it out:

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I would just like to publicly thank my amazing husband for the last eight years. While they haven't always been easy, it's been wonderful to share them with my best friend at my side. I love you, Brigham! Happy anniversary!

Picnic up AF Canyon

Our new neighbors invited us to go with them yesterday afternoon on a picnic up AF canyon. We accepted. We threw some wood in the Jeep, gathered picnic stuff, made a quick stop at Walmart for some dogs & buns (Brett bought) then headed up the canyon (with our yearly pass anyone is welcome to borrow anytime). Just after the turnoff to Tibble Fork, we found a nice picnic spot with a table and firepit in among large trees at the bottom of some cliffs. Brett/Katie had made Strawberry/Mango/Rubarb certainly was delicious. None of us came away hungry, that's for certain. A good time was had by all and we all smelled like smoke afterwards. Thanks Katie/Brett! ...oh, the picnic spot was 10 minutes away from our house...we timed it.

New Job Part 2

So Brett is currently sitting in his nursing orientation for the hospital - lucky guy! While he starts his new job, I'm pleased to announce that I've been hired as well (and in this economy we're both very happy to have jobs).

I got called yesterday and was given a job at Fort Herriman Middle School (it's west off of Bangerter, about a 35 minute drive from Cedar Hills). I'll be teaching 8th grade science (a little bit of physics, geology, ecology, etc.) and 9th grade earth systems (I'm actually not really sure what that is yet...) I'm technically trained to teach 7th grade and biology, but that's not what most people need right now. They're letting me work towards getting certified to teach 8th grade and earth systems over about 3 years, while teaching it, so it's not really too much of a problem. I'm nervous, but they seem to have a lot of teams put into place to help teachers support each other, which I'll be taking advantage of.

I had a horrible dream about my first day teaching - hopefully it's not a bad omen, just nerves.

We took all the cardboard boxes from moving to the recycling bin yesterday - yay! It's starting to look habitable down here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Angels & Demons

I remember Christa recommended Angles & Demons when the Davinci Code was popular and I always meant to read it. Now that the movie has come out I decided to finally read the book. I'm only half way through it but I have to comment. No matter how good the writer is and no matter how exciting the plot is, if there is a glaring oversight/mistake in the book it kind of takes some of the punch out of it. This book has such a mistake...and it's a big one since it's the entire premise of the book so far. Someone stole a wireless camera from a stair well inside Vatican city. They moved it and are showing the (I'll leave what it's showing to your imagination if you haven't read the book). Hello!!!! It's a wireless video camera transmitting pictures to the Swiss Guard. That means it's the only thing in Vatican city transmitting on that frequency. That means they could triangulate on it and find it within 10 minutes. Do they think of that? No. With all the high tech gear and training the Swiss Guard has they don't think to triangulate the transmitting camera. Sorry....just had to vent. I'm amazed the book is as popular as it is with an error as big as that.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Emmy Pictures of the week

From Best of Emmy - 3-6 Months

A piece of motherly love and advice...

which of course you are welcome to recieve or toss out.

I know I have mentioned it to some of you, but I would feel like I was hoarding a treasure from people I love if I didn't say this to all of you! Years ago, when I got an MP3 for the first time, I started downloading conference off the churches website and listening to it as I was doing brainless work/ working in the yard/waiting at Drs offices/exercising. I knew it would help me to grow spiritually, and it has proved to be a great benefit to me! I have since figured out that you can also load BYU Ed week talks, BYU Women's conf talks, and the that has furthered the blessing!
I am kinda a slow learner I have decided. I always watch conference. Sometimes I even take notes...but you miss a lot while you are writing down the last thing that you thought was profound. Anyway, my friends would mention something they thought was profound from whomever's talk the next week, and I frankly didn't remember it.
I find that when I listen to those talks another 8 times...they really go to my heart and mind. I remember and recognize lines out of them when teachers refer to them, and can remember what was said after that particular quote. They are a part of me I can keep and benefit from forever, not just a spiritual lift on General Conference days 4 days a year. The benefits have been very rewarding!!!
I would also encourage any of you who aren't, to read and STUDY Preach my Gospel, (and do all of the little assignments they give!). That has greatly improved my understanding and knowledge of the gospel and scriptures. My study is a lot more effective than it has ever been, and as the Doctrine in Covenants says, "A man cannot be save in ignorance".

When I get a new conference edition of the Ensign, I usually start with the Priesthood session talks since I didn't get to hear them. Let me HIGHLY recommend reading Elder Utdorfs talk...probably the best one I have ever read or heard on the subject...and it is a subject that I have been concerned about myself. Satan is so GOOD at distractions from what is important! His talks helps to point out the hazards in not focusing, heart and soul, on what is important.

OK< you may all breathe a collective sigh of relief! I am done!!
Click on this picture for a slideshow of a few pictures of the Chad/Erica/Emmy clan and some of our new patio for those of you outside Utah so you can see what a NICE back yard we have. I had fun with Emmy yesterday. She and I played for a couple of hours while her parents went to the temple.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

NM with pictures!

who says you can't have fun in a backyard filled with rocks?

Having fun with cousins. There is a lot of fun to be had around here.

Twas a windy day at the park today and Lydia and Ty were not so fond of the wind so it was a quick trip

Happy Birthday MOO.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Man, I hate to push down that cute picture of Emmy, but I have a minute, so I thought I'd post something.

We are loving having the Nelsons here in the Q! We definitely need to be neighbors in the future! The kiddos are really cute together, and I am amazed at how much Benjamin enjoys playing with Kiera and Lydia both. Kiera will give Jacob random hugs from time to time, which is darling-- until he pulls her hair.

Ty has really made HUGE progress with his sleeping since we started sleep training at the beginning of the month. He now only gets up once or twice a night and has FINALLY mastered falling asleep on his own for naps as well. He doesn't even cry very long anymore! HOORAY!!! I'm feeling like I might survive this child after all!

We celebrated Moo's 5 1/2th birthday today with a "cake" made of a Rice Krispie treat frosted with chocolate syrup and a match for a candle. It was a great party. Too bad you missed it!

The boys finish school on Tuesday. I'm not sure what we are going to do all summer (Jacob has summer school in July, thank goodness, but the rest of May and June are looming...), but people do it all the time, so I'm sure we'll come up with something. Maybe some of you all could come on down and visit!

Emmy LOVES carrots!

She couldn't eat them fast enough! (Hence the reason they are everywhere.) So far she's tried green beans (does NOT like the green beans. She shudders when I give them to her!), squash (they're okay, but I have to prod her to eat them), rice cereal (good), and now, CARROTS! Yum!

She ate the whole container in one sitting! Wow! She hadn't done that before.

We love our little girl! :)

Our patio is done

FYI our patio out by the swing is now finished. AND, as a bonus highlight of this post, you MUST watch this video...and check out some of this kid's other videos on YouTube. What an amazing talent.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The News:

Per popular demand of all the moms I have, I make a posting. Only because I don't want to deal with the current tornado in the living room/bedroom/bathroom/hallway/closet/cupboard...

Katie and I moved. We're hanging out with the parents in the basement apartment. If you need directions, ask. We officially check out of Wymount Saturday, but we had to move earlier because Katie and I work. I worked today, and I'm working tomorrow. So right now, we're living out of boxes. We're probably 50% unpacked. We're having difficulties trying to figure out where we're going to put everything, but it'll probably come together.

I got into the UVRMC RN Residency program. They told me a couple of days ago. This is a HUGE relief for me. I really don't know what I would have done for a job without getting in. Nursing home?? Ug!<

Explanation of what it is:

  • In order to work for Intermountain Healthcare as a newly graduated RN, you have to go through their RN residency program -- the one I just got accepted into.

  • It's a 9(ish) week program where you have classes once a week and they let you choose a couple of areas in the hospital you want to go work in for a while, to see what it's like. You get to work in those areas as if you were a regular employee there for a couple/few weeks, but the patient load is not as high while you figure things out. My two initial areas: UVRMC IMC (Intermediate Care) -- a midway between ICU and a med-surg floor -- and the American Fork Hospital ER, which will be nice seeing how close I am to it now.

  • They pay almost what a beginning RN makes -- which is much less than the national average because it's Utah, but that's an "oh well" for now -- it feels good to me as it's much more than I'm currently making. As soon as I get my official license (which I'll be testing for soon), they bump my pay up the rest of the way to a beginning RN pay.

  • It's full-time benefits with all the goodies that comes along with that -- which will make our costs for insurance etc. be much less expensive than my currently part-time position can offer. Plus one more benefit: Paid Time Off -- a much more real amount that accrues this time.

  • From the RN residency, we get hired officially onto a real department, wherever there is openings. I've already got my sights set on the floor where I currently work -- 7th floor medical/oncology, and from the looks of it, I likely have a position there. I want to work there for a goodly amount of time, even though it's known throughout the hospital as a very busy and sometims stressful place to work. Many people avoid it because of how busy it gets, but I want the med-surg experience as a good solid foundation for the future. They get a lot of different diagnoses up there and deal with a lot of issues. I think I'll learn a lot up there, and can more easily move somewhere else in the future.

  • With the economic situations of the country right now, even the jobs for nurses have become slim around here, because the RN's who haven't worked for years are all trying to come back to work because their husbands lost their jobs -- or some similar story. It used to be that I'd look at the online job board and there were seriously pages and pages of RN positions open. Not any more. There were 15 positions for this RN residency and 115 applicants. I got in. Boooyeah!

  • As an added bonus, because I get to stay with Intermountain Healthcare, I can continue to get tuition reimbursement from them (which ha$ been very nice) and I don't have to pay back my tuition reimbursement I've already received which I would have to if I left them right now.
And that is my awesome news. And now I'm going to bed to work my last shift tomorrow before the RN residency starts next week. Goodnight.


So, I happen to know that Brett has information that would be fun to see on the blog, and for others to know what is happening in your life....face book knows, why not the family?.
(No, folks, they are not pregnant!....sorry, Ty.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NM update

We've been hangin' out here a couple of days now. Nothing monumental to say. I will say this though: having 2 women around makes life easier while taking care of children since one can entertain while the other gets something productive done (running, cooking, dealing with a crisis). It would be VERY nice to live very close to a sibling/friend to be able to do this on a regular basis.

We tried to go get pictures taken at the mall today of Ty which ended up not working, but they still had fun on the play area at the mall. No other monumental trips. Benjamin and Kiera are having a ton of fun together and Lydia enjoys watching them and laughs at their playing. Kiera likes to randomly give Jacob hugs which is cute and today he decided to give her the not-so-gentle hugs that he gives his mom which was way cute. I got pictures but I have no camera cord so you'll have to wait.

Ty is sleeping much better. Slept 7 hours straight last night; only cried for 4 mins before his morning nap. Much better.

Waiting for an update from Albuturkey!

So, with 2 women on duty there, I am thinking somebody ought to give us an update on the happenings there. How is little Ty doing with his sleeping? Any improvements? How is it to have 5 little kids in the same house? Brigham happy he is working long shifts at the hospital? Have you had a chance to go do something fun with your little kiddos? News is good.....

We have new neighbors

We got some new neighbors yesterday. A young, cute couple. No kids yet. They are our closest neighbors. I actually helped them move yesterday from Provo. Chad was available and he helped a lot too. They sure had a lot of stuff for the short time they've been married! I hope they feel welcome in the neighborhood.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lessons learned about grocery shopping with a toddler

About a month ago I got in a car accident in the grocery store parking lot. But I was not driving my car at the time. So I had one of those huge and bulky shopping carts with the little red car in the front (which makes grocery shopping with a toddler about 50% easier). I had just wheeled the beast out to my car. The first thing I have to do before unloading groceries is to put Kiera in the car so she can't run away through the parking lot. So, that it what I did. I plopped her on her car seat with the intention of doing up the seatbelt later, shut the door, and started pushing the cart around to the back of my car when all of the sudden Kiera was screaming histerically and obviously in pain. I ran to pull her off of the seat belt that was burning her and turned around to see the beast of stroller had rolled into the car that was sitting next to me (just as they were getting in their car) It dented there car and they took down my insurance info. What a pain.

Today in NM I took both of my little ladies to the store with the intention of doing major shopping (and haveing Kiera ride in one of the little red cars. Unfortunately, this grocery store recently got rid of all of those carts. Instead they had little mini carts for kids to push around. At first Kiera loved it and was especially helpful in choosing Tomatos from the bottom of the pile and making tons of produce fall down. As I'm in the process of cleaning it up she is headed for the grapefruits....needless to say we got out of the produce section really fast. So the rest of the time it was trying to keep her with me. "This way Kiera!......OUCH! Don't crash the cart into mommy's heels please....OUCH! This way Kiera...." Near the end of the shopping trip she crashed her cart into a poor little old man who must have been at least 70. I felt SO bad! All I could do was apologize as I thought of the fact that he very well could have fallen and broken a hip or something. I learned to be on the defense for targets after that. Shortly thereafter she broke down crying and sat down refusing to move. I had a cart filled to the brim and Lydia so I had to drag my crying Kiera who wanted me to carry her to the check out line and let her cry at my feet "mommy hold you!!!" while I bought everything. Lesson learned: Those little red car are a great idea for toddlers-- make SURE that the grocery store has them before taking 2 little ladies to the store....but just don't let go of them in the parking lot.
This is interesting. A Geocaching travel bug I started here in Provo went close to Cambrie's house and now it's close to Christa's house. See the map.

Marilyn wins a prestigous national award!!!!

"Mother of the Year" Your mom won the national Mother of the year award!!! You can WATCH THE NEWS RELEASE HERE

Memorial Day Weekend in Marysvale?

Plans are set. Our trailer is already down there. We're spending memorial day weekend ATV riding in Marysvale. I can rent a couple of extra ATVs from our friends that live there. Who is "in"? We'll be leaving Friday afternoon 22nd, coming back Monday afternoon. You are welcome to come stay for all or part. It's about a 2-1/2 hour drive so you can come down for a day but if Emmy is involved, we'll make sleeping arrangements for her. You won't be sorry. It's very pretty mountain scenery and there is usually some snow still on the higher trails this time of year. Old mines, waterfalls, old cabins, trails and streams. Pines and aspens. It's my kind of country and there is no better way to enjoy it than the open air sitting on the back of an ATV. People come from all over the country to ride the Paiute Trail.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


To all of my little daughters, who are "in the trenches" of raising children: I just want you to know that while your little ones are small and pretty much incapable of showing their appreciation to you for all that you do, it doesn't go un- noticed nor un appreciated! I thank the good Lord each day for my great kids and kids in law that are doing such a great job of raising their children. More importantly, I know that Heavenly Father notices and appreciates the sometimes HARD work you do to be a mother...especially when all the kiddo's get sick at once! (Hope that isn't the case in Albuquerque while Cambrie is there with her munchkins). Anyway, I am not telling you anything that you didn't already know... but I wanted to say thanks for your love and diligence and dedication to being the best mother you know how to be! I love and respect you for it!

About the picture: THIS is why you plant perennials in your yard! After being gone for 5 weeks when not a weed was pulled, nor anything else that has to be done to make it beautiful (minus Kims mowing of the grass that he JUST LOVES DOING :) ), I was bracing myself for an ugly yard that needed a lot of I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Oh, there are 1,000's of weeds to get, but at least to the passerby, it looks pretty good! Made me happy and grateful to my Heavenly Father (my flowering cherry tree has NEVER looked so good!)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Moab Trip Pictures


Thursday, May 07, 2009

We're Home

Just got back from a great trip...nice to see my sweetheart again. I think I saw the tops of some giraffe heads sticking up out of the grass in our front yard. Guess I had better get the machete out and go see if I can cut it down.

Swine Flu

Kiera and Lydia have new runny noses and slight coughs as of yesterday. I just have a feeling deep in my bones that it is a deadly case of swine flu so I'm thinking of going to my local trauma center ER on a busy saturday night to have them check it out. I'm sure that the government won't mind paying for it (since we are on medi-caid).
I'm just sad we have to take this swine flu to the Dastups when we go in 2 days.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

My last update from the Dastrups

Tomorrow EARLY- I leave. Christa will be on her own for 1 week until Cambrie arrives. Ty is doing SO much better in the sleep dept...still lots of room for improvement, but for the last 2 nights CK has only needed to get up with him two times, and he has taken a 3 plus hour nap for the last 2 days in a row. Thanks for your fasting and prayers folks and thanks to whats-his-bucket for writing the Sleep Bible book that CK and Cambrie and Erica love (right, Erica?). We are glad he is saving this generation of mothers from the bone wearying tiredness I felt for the most of the first 10 years after having children, because they didn't sleep as they should have. WHAT CUSHY LIVES YOU ALL LEAD WITH EPIDERALS AND SLEEP BIBLES TO SAVE YOU (Erica excluded with the epideral).
Having said all that, CK and Brigham are currently going on a walk cause they can't stand to hear the baby scream. The first night, it was about 2 1/2 hours, last night about 25 minutes, and tonight, is yet to be determined. We will have to wonder about that probably until Cambrie arrives so someone has time to let us know what is going on here, as CK will be very busy and tired this week.
Ty has managed to wrap me around his little finger this makes my heart ache to leave that little soul. I will miss the rest of the Dastrups too, but you all know that I adore babies, so they usually take first place! But Moab and a whole lot of catching up at home will be waiting for me, so I will not have too much time to mourn over it. I am looking forward to enjoying the green of my yard. It looked lush compared to what I am seeing here! I really like what this area has done with their desert conditions, but I like not looking like I am in a desert even more!

Nothing to say--

Kiera wore her pink dress from grandma again at church. She loves to wear it and she loves all the attention she gets from everyone in it "what is this 2-year-old prom?"

Me n' the girls are going to Albuturkey this weekend. We'll be there for 10 days making messes in the dastrup household. Hopefully steve can have a little bit more effective studying with us gone.

I'm training for a half marathon for anybody who didn't know. running by myself is B-O-R-I-N-G. All my runner friends are pregnant right now so there is nobody to run with.

Moab, here we come!

Pictures of Emmy