Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Ann Landers

I'm not going to mention any names, but there's a girl living in my house that is doing a picnic tonight (home-made orange chicken--VERY yummy!) followed by the musical Guys & Dolls. She's going with a BOY and when I mentioned that she should have fun on her date she rebuked me (Buff would pronounce that as "re-bi-'you-ked") saying "it's not a date b/c they're splitting the costs 50/50. A date is only when the guy plans it and pays for it, end of story."
If you're doing two events like these with the same guy--that she's recently been hanging out with a lot--is that not considered a date? Am I in the wrong by thinking this is actually a date? Please let me know...

One who thought he was right but isn't right for thinking he's right because the person who's always right said she's right

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My ship has come in !!!!!!!

This is it...the opportunity of a lifetime. I am going to get rich off this one baby...... CLICK HERE

It's been sitting around my house for a while now bringing me good luck and I thought to myself "Self, what better luck could you get from this than buy selling it in a frenzied auction!?!?" So I did it.

I'll miss the little guy, but hey, money is money.


1. happy birthday to my car who turned 100,000.
2. 2 days ago while running I nearly stepped on a very large snake coiled up in the road. Today while running at 5:30 am I very narrowly missed being hit by a car. The car was approaching a stop sign where I was crossing in front. He had plenty of time to see me so I didn't even hesitate crossing in front of him. The problem was that he was putting on his watch and not looking at the road. once I realized he wasn't even looking up I chanced my route to avoid being hit. Once his car was fully stopped he looked up and saw me there diving out of his way and he rolled down his window and said "Sorry-- I didn't see you!". Um exactly.
3. Yesterday Lydia was dragging Kiera's blanket around the floor everywhere she went as if she too was in love with it. She would pause to cuddle with it and then she would drag it around to where ever she played. Then, today at nap time I went in to grab a diaper and found Kiera with a pacifier in her mouth trying to go to sleep (Lydia's security item is the paci). Kiera has NEVER taken a pacifier. Um, what are we doing ..... switching security items?
4. So tomorrow our fam is driving to LA to greet Steve's brother Kyle who is returning from his mission to Japan. I'm going to say Hi and Bye and hop on a 2 our plane ride to Utah (yeah for no layovers!). And I'll be in utah tomorow afternoon!!!
All y'all who are drivin' t' Utah ov'r th' next couple o' days,

'Be Safe'


Brett's the Man!

So yesterday I came home and thought to myself : "Self, I really need to keep going on this playhouse and get the door jamb finished and get the doors hung but dangit...the stupid lawn needs to be mowed....AGAIN." So I decided the lawn could wait one more day while I spent the evening hanging the front door on the playhouse. And it came to pass that after a while whilst in the middle of my labors, I did hear a sound...and that sound was sweet.
It was of a lawnmower so I didst turn around and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but Bretsker mowing the lawn to my rear. Bless you my son, bless you. So..the moral of this story is when you come and see the playhouse and it actually has doors, you can thank Brett in part.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Learn all about Mormons

View this report to learn all about Mormons, who they are, what they believe, etc. Ok...well this is a clinical view by an outside organization, but it may still be of interest of you to peruse.
Whoa. With only 150 days left 'till Christmas, the Sibling Gift Rotation is being posted:

For Christmas 2009:

The CKD family gives an awesome gift to the CSG Family
The CSG family gives a gift to the CAN family
The CAN family gives a gift to the BKG family
The BKG family gives a gift to the BJG unit / family if something crazy happens in the next few months
The BJG unit / family-if-something-crazy... gives a gift to the CKD family.

As a reminder, in a rule established a couple of years ago, the above exchange is for adults only. Grandkids of Kim & Marilyn can optionally have a separate exchange. This means that the CSG family can't get a princess coloring book for Kiera and have that satisfy the rules. However, the CSG family could get a princess coloring book for Steve, and that would fulfill the requirement.

I believe the previous spending limit was $20. We are in a recession, with the government threatening to take even more of our money. Should we reduce the amount? Keep it the same?

Also, if there is a Kiddo gift exchange, Emmy wants in. She'll need the details, of course.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Resturant review"

When I arrived home from church today,Chef Kim had dinner nearly ready. We (Brett and Katie joined us too) were serve fruit and vegtables a la leftovers, but the highlight of the meal was definitely his Raspberry Chipotle Chicken! Yes, the secret ingredient (which I cannot divulge) Christa and Brigham have lots of that they need to eat before they move. This uses a lot of it. I am sure, for a hefty price, Kim might possibly be bribed into sharing his new sensational recipe, sure to be a hit!

4 more days till Cambrie and girls and Dastrups come. The party starts on friday...and rocks on Sat, and Sunday. Come one and all (sorry BJ and Steve have to miss this one) and join the party! Chad and Erica...are you going to join us Friday? I think Chad has to work, but Erica could pick him up after work and come and join us.... I am anxious to see those 3 cute babies together! :)

The playhouse made great strides yesterday after Kim and I put in a full plus day on it. Kim put in about 14 hours, and me about 11! But it is looking more and more like it will be done.
Since I've been blogging all week this isn't much of a blog. But I thought I'd post a picture of Buff in her "Buffalo habitat". I'm surprised that she hasn't worn a hole in her bed from sitting on it so much as you can almost guaratee that is she is home this is where she will be.
The other picture is Kiera playing dress ups with a friend. She loves to dress up although she is currently afraid of necklaces and bracelets.

Emmy the Chipmunk

We did lower the bed... but if you noticed, she's on her knees when she's munchin' in this video. After we lowered her crib to the lowest setting, she still can munch on the edge, but she has to stand. We've got the stuff to put on the edge, but we haven't done it yet. Need to do that very soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Surveying Interest

The Borens have time share time that they told us they're not going to be using, and will go to waste. They told us we could go use it with the fam. The time we could use it is Monday - Thursday (or part of that). It's called Powder Ridge and it's by Eden, Utah (by Ogden) on the top of a mountain. It can sleep 9 people. I think the Dastrups will be gone, but if the rest of us can and want to go up there, we can try to reserve it for our peoples.

It's got a pool and some games n' such. We could go do some exploring and fun things in Ogden area. Frankly, I don't exactly know what there is to do up in that area. It might just be easier with the kiddos to just stay around here. What do we think? Any takers?

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Friday, July 24, 2009

How to be a perfect parent:

Benjamin called me the other day, again to check on the progress of the playhouse. We talked for quite a while. He told me that he tells his mom that she is a perfect mom and he loves her so much, but that isn't totally true. He said that he recently went on a camping trip with one of his friends and that HIS mom ALLOWED THEM TO STAY UP UNTIL THEIR he has a perfect mom and dad. Geez, it seemed really familiar to me! Seem's like I have heard that somewhere before!
It is tough not to be in charge when your parents don't seem to know what is best for you!
The sacrifices continue. Today is a holiday, and we were invited to a BBQ over at my folks, which we are skipping so that we can work on the playhouse! Only 4 more days to work on it till y'all come!

Venting ....lest I kill my toddler...

5 minutes. 5 minutes was all it took for her to remove her pants, her diaper that i had precautiously put on her, put on some princess underwear, and then empty her loose bowels in her bedroom. And THEN, she apparently went all over our house with it drippinG down her legs becasue it was in her bathroom, my bathroom, her bedroom, all through my bedroom, the long hallway, and into the living room where she came to tell me "mommy-- stickies on the floor". After confining Lydia to her crib and putting Kiera in the shower, I then proceeded to spend more than an hour attempting to get fecal material off of our carpet. Of course, this cannot be done to suficiently kill germs since it is fabric. Good thing I don't have anyone who crawls on the floor all day....oh wait...I DO! Well, good thing she isn't constantly putting her hands in her mouth...oh wait...SHE IS! I made Kiera and Lydia sit on Kiera's bed while I cleaned it up. Kiera was wailing and her wailing scared Lydia who cried because she was scared of Keira. So both of them wailed for quite a while why I scrubed my carpets on hands and knees for a very long time.
She had had a diaper on! She removed it! AAARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!! Now both of them are in their beds having early naps and I get to go start laundry and work on disinfecting the bathrooms.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Better news

Graduation was WAY better at home than the real thing. Especially with sick children. We plan on having a family tradition of busting out caps and gowns every year on the last day of school and marching around and having a few *short* speaches and diplomas. I guess we'll have them in storage until kindergarten graduation.

Genetics stink

Poor little Kiera vomited (or dry heaved) about 50 times (no exageration). I'm guessing it was from her trying to clean up her stinkies that she got everywhere before I discovered what she was doing (she probably got some in her mouth). Anyway, it is NO FAIR that she always gets so sick. Poor thing-- she finally quit vomiting late this morning but she is still not eating or drinking.

Benjamin's Tour de querque

Ladies and gentlemen, after significant effort and frustration on the parts of both boy and parents, Benjamin has at last conquered the world of the two-wheels-only bike.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Einstein

Yesterday I was on the treadmill when Benjamin came in all concerned about some bug that was in the bathroom. The night before he'd been bitten by a mosquito and was therefore all freaked out that the unknown bug was the offending blood-sucker. He said, "Mom! Come quick! There's a big bug in the bathroom! I think it's a mosquito-- only it's bigger. It looks like a behemoth mosquito!" I was floored. "Did you just say behemoth??" He assured me that he had. I asked where he had learned the word, but he said, "Nowhere. I just used it." What on earth??? I don't think I knew that word until I was in my twenties!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting ready for the Groneman 5k

Are you getting ready for the run?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whats up with us

Lydia has grown up quite a bit this week. She is cruising furniture and thinking about taking some steps alone. She likes me to help her walk (hold my finger) but I dont' do it much. Her new favorite things to do are to climb and to use a spoon. Lydia is constantly climbing on things. She loves kiera's yellow rocking chair and spends most of the day climbing on and off of it. She loves it when I back it up to the couch so she can climb onto the couch too. She'll climb up our 2 step stepping stool (which i'm not so excited about) and she'll climb onto the stool next to the toilet in order to play in the water (so I have to keep the bathroom door closed). Her other love is playing with toy (or real) spoons and bowls. I now give her a spoon to hold while I'm feeding her so she can "help" too. We make a mess but it is better than battling her for the utensil! Oh, she has added quite a bit to her vocab lately. She says dada mama, snack, all done, (drink duck and dog are all "da!") and I think she says "baba" for pacifier. Oh, and she can point to an eye and say "ahey".
Kiera has come a long way with potty training. Hopefully it sticks this time even when we go on our trip to Utah. It is nice to have it mostly done. Nice not to have to spend $100 a month on diapers anymore.

Steve went on a bike ride with his scouts down the coast for 3 days this week. We missed him severely. He had a ton of fun showing off his buffness to all of his 14 year old boys.
I've been busy with potty training and with Lydia's infected ears this week trying to be a single parent. (Oh, and taking Kiera to swimming lessons ever day too). Tough week, I'm glad its over.

11 Days and counting!

Hey people! When you come for this family fun on Aug 1, bring your swimsuits!
Kim and I are working feverishly (literally, yesterday Kim was working outside when it was 102 degrees!) to get this playhouse done. I think we are going to make it. All except the slide. We are going to have to have that specially made...and we just don't have time to pursue that right now.
We are very excited about this upcoming gathering.
We think we should try to get the trampoline up...but I am not sure it would get used enough to justify the work of putting it up and down. Any thoughts?
Also, I am thinking we will borrow a tent from Brett and Katie to put up in the backyard to sleep. Kiera would like it I know. But we'll have floor space inside too....what are your thoughts? We've got the computer room, guest room and play room with bunks. Chad and Erica will be here too...we'll need quiet space for babies to sleep. We can use our bedroom for that too. And maybe Brett and Katies space when they're not needing it private....what do you think Brett and Katie? Wanna squish some family in?
I am open to suggestions....11 more days to wait!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

So long Harry Potter

We gave up a FREE showing of Harry Potter this morning so we could work on the playhouse while it was relatively cool. I'll tell ya...that's sacrifice. I put the door frame in and the front siding on and sealed it all up with caulking. I also got some more sheet rock work done and have it *almost* ready to texture on the inside. One more weekend to work on it before my little buddies get here. By the time I get home from work it's in the high 90's and the sun beats down on the playhouse so it's too hot to work on it then. I usually do a little before I go to bed. It's getting close to done! YEA!
Brett's too tall!
I see him!
From 2009-playhouse
I caught him!
From 2009-playhouse
From 2009-playhouse

Friday, July 17, 2009

Poor Lydia

Tiny Lydia ruptured yet another eardrum yesterday. #3 in 2 months of time. Poor little lady!
Good new: Steve passed his boards and did fairly well. Just goes to show that he was a good applicant for dental school afterall.

How time flies

I was looking at THIS PICTURE Erica posted and it made me smile but it almost made me cry at the same time. For some reason this picture just really reminded me of what is beginning to be a long time ago, yet it is still vivid in my memory: When I was a young married guy with my first child who was a cute little redhead and I just adored her and loved playing with her and I used to ride her on my shoulders. Another generation is starting to sprout. Before you know it Benjamin or Kiera will be announcing their engagement and the cycle starts again pushing Marilyn and I even further back up the genealogy tree. I love my kids and grandkids! It's so fun to see what fine people we have in our family and it makes me happy to see my little ones smile...but there is just a tiny tinge of sadness around the edges of that too as those memories of mine become further in the past.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Erica and I were given free tickets to go see the latest Harry Potter yesterday. We were able to find a friend to watch Emmy while we went and saw the show.

The show follows the book pretty well. They left out or modified some parts, but we both felt that they did a good job of including important parts, including character-developing content, and ensuring important lines were verbatim. I thought they did an excellent job in particular with the development of Ron and Draco. There were at least a couple of times where the camera was on a member of the Potter group and shifted to show Draco in such a way that was superbly done.

There are a good number of laughs to be had, mostly poking fun at exaggerated adolescent love. There were good effects, especially in one scene with Dumbledore. The movie has some dark parts to it, which is in line with how the book went.

The movie is rated PG. I don't know the reason why some of the others were PG-13, but one thing I noticed about this movie is that there was much less "breaking of rules" and disobedience by the good guys. There was a little, but not much.

This is definitely one we want to add to our collection. I'll give it 5 stars. Not my all-time-favorite movie, but definitely one I'll enjoy watching regularly.

Kim & Marilyn Groneman Family Reunion

It looks like both Nelsons (minus Steve - boo hoo) and Datrups will be here to play Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st then Dastrups go to the Grandma Dastrup's house...but if you can and have the inclination, see if you can keep one or both of those days free on your calendar. Benjamin and Keira and I are going to have some serious playhouse time. I'm sure Bacci Ball and Croquet will be played and there will be food to feed the five thousand. I'm not sure we can get all that many people into the playhouse for a sleepover so you're taking your chances there and I haven't got the AC unit installed out there yet so it may be a little warm. How does the song go?...."I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it....I'm about to lose control and I think I like it...." just left to should live here!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lydia speaks and signs

I was video-ing lydia and happended to catch her saying and signing "all done" near the end of the video. Listen after my food discription for her to say all done and then she shakes her hands to sign it. Interesting note: Lydia's favorite food on her tray was the black beans. Kiera on the other hand LOVES pumpkin pie. Infact, it is the treat that we give her when she goes stinkies in the potty.

Newport vs. Cedar Hills

While walking around Newport Beach we were privileged enough to witness the residential Garden of the Month. This garden has NOTHING compared to another Garden of the Month winner that we know! It gave us a new appreciation for how much hard work you put in to make your yard look nice and that's something you do very well mom!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The million dollar smile

The enemy bombers were right on target and got Marilyn's bridge. It collapsed. I've put so much money into her mouth I should start taking out an insurance policy on it. Every time this happens (often) we have to put over a thousand bucks into it again. Motherly advice: Don't get any tooth pulled that can be saved. So she got it temporarily put back in....and it fell out less than 4 hours later. She's at an oral surgeon right now finding out what options she has. We *were* going to Marysvale to spend a week next week but that's been cancelled because we know what happens when you go on a trip with temporary things in your mouth (right Christa?). Besides...we probably can't afford it now. Good news for Kiera (Benjamin?) I have more time to work on the playhouse before you grace us with the pitter-patter of little feet around here. (Sorry Brett, wear ear plugs while sleeping)

This page intentially left blank


(well, it was the in depth, detailed, nitty gritty post about Devin's family, but Marilyn decided to delete it)

Monday, July 13, 2009

The power of the Internet and satyrical comments


The product.

*** The Reviews *** (This is worth 1 1/2 times the amount of time it will take to read it!)

The ABC News story.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Host a Murder

Well, as you all know, I hosted a "How to Host a Murder" party on friday. It was the "Roman Ruins" episode. Only 1 of the 7 people I had invited had ever been to or heard of a How to Host a murder party and that was only cause he came to the one I had before... Noone really knew what to expect and it was hectic making sure everything worked out... I think cause noone knew what it was, a couple of people flaked out and I had to scramble to find replacements. But in the end it worked out well and everyone had a TON of fun! I recieved comments like "wow I had high expectations but this far exceeded what I was expecting." Thankyou Thankyou again to Cambrie for helping out! All of my pictures (from both my Utah trip and the party) are up on my facebook for furthur enjoyment but here are some of my favorites! The one with the guy and the umbrella is when me and mom went to "singin' in the rain" He was Cosmo and easily the best actor in the show which was fabulous!

Nelson stuff

Kiera was mommy's helper this week when buff had her "how to host a murder" party (where's the pictures on the BLOG BUFF?) Buff stole our table so we had to eat a few meals at Keira's table but she didn't mind too much. Kiera has been swimming a TON this past week with swimming lessons every day, playgroup swimming (my calling is to go) and also a 1-week-only pass to our local ymca swimming pool where Kiera's favorite little waterslide is. There were many days we did nothing but go swimming all day long basically!

Lydia has started expressing herself a bit more. She can now say Da! (dog) and "anan!" (all done). She can also sign all done. She has discovered her ability to climb which is keeping me on my toes. She's using kiera's stools to climb up to the toilet and play in the water, to climb on top of kiera's table, etc..

HAPPY 6TH ANNIVERSARY TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! Don't you all think I added a great addition to the fam? He is wonderful.
This playhouse has become an obsession for both of us! And while Kim's end is winding down, my end is just getting going. I painted the exterior of it on Friday. Shoulda been faster than it was, but those trees that we love around it were very much in the way! And the ground was very lumpy and bumpy and so I had to level it out so that I could wedge my way up (between the tree and the fort) to the second floor and paint the outside and upper trim which is about 14 feet up it took all day. Now that the sheet rock is done, I can figure out what to do with paint and apply it on the interior walls. Then theres the drapes and couch to make...and it goes on. We are both excited about it...and end up thinking about it instead of what we should be doing at times. Probably we're much more excited about it than the grandkids for sure for now. Hopefully their excitement will grow when they are a little older! One thing is for sure. I don't think either Kim or I had any real notion of how much work this would take before it got started...but we keep thinking up new ideas to improve it, and so it goes...

Video tour of playhouse progress

Brett helped me hang the sheetrock yesterday. It's coming right along but I still don't think it will be finished until the end of the summer. Our next two weekends we'll be in Marysvale ATV riding so unless those good fairies do their thing (I've never had great luck with fairies), I won't start working on it again until the end of this month. What do you think Benjamin? Any more suggestions? How about Kiera? Do you know what a playhouse is? I'm making this for you little people!

United breaks guitars

This is really funny...United Airlines nightmare come true. This has had over 2 million people view it and now United is scrambling to undo some of the negative press this is giving them. Very well done:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here's a cute video of Emmy experiencing Ice. Best part is in the middle (when we're thinking about turning off the camera). It's a facebook video since it was slightly too big for Youtube. I made it so you have to be friends with me to see it.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

54 54 54 54 54 54 54 54

I won't tell you how old she is but TODAY IS MY SWEETHEART'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy Birthday Marilyn! To sloberate we went out to dinner last night with Buff and Chad/Erica/Emmy. Olive Garden. Emmy provided the entertainment. She was busy throwing things on the floor for dad/mom to chase, watching all the servers walk by, and really enjoyed having auntie Buffalo bounce her. I also had a very special moment...I was nibbling on her cheeks and she turned around and gave me a big kiss right on the mouth. It was kind of wet but it was so cute I didn't care. I really love actually having a grandkid around on a regular basis. I got yer mom a laptop, an upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, a french fry cutter, and a blood pressure monitor. How romantic can I get?!? Anyway....Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

:( More deterioration of mom

This morning, dad got a phone call from a neighbor who was a couple of blocks away. Mom was there, walking down the street in her nightgown and had her purse. Her nightgown isn't at all modest...
Dad went and picked her up and called Kathy, but Mom didn't want Dad talking about it, and he had to get off the phone because she was "coming after him with a weapon" (What that meant, I can only guess). Kathy is going to go over there and get dad alone so they can talk about if he wants us to find a facility to put mom in. It has to be his decision, because at least until their money is gone, it will be $4K a month out of their bank. One thing is certain, if she is gonna escape and wander in daylight hours much, she will have to go into a care center. Dad just cannot be awake and watching her 24/7!

"Singin' in the Rain!"

Yesterday BJ and I went to Hale Center Theater and saw, "Singing in the rain". It was GREAT! We both liked it more than the movie and would love to see it again! I HIGHLY recommend that my boys take their sweet wives to see it before it is over Aug 4. Except "Wicked" in NYC, that is the best play I have seen since I was 19 (Saturdays Warrior)! Wicked tickets go for $400.00 each, and this was $17.50 and was BJ's favorite activity since she came (above the River run and Park City, which both cost a LOT more!) I wish you all could see it. WAY Worth the money! I will tend Emmy while you guys go...and for this time at least I will come to your house to do it, so she can be in her bed. But you better get tickets fast....they were sold out for 1 week when we bought our tickets online...and good news travels fast! Don't buy a weekend ticket if you can avoid it...or I may not be able to tend.

BTW, if you want to see the pictures BJ took at park city, go see her facebook page. We had fun, but it really is a lot more fun to go in the rain: The crowds go home and the ride is much faster! Katie and Brett went with us that was fun too! Good times will come to an end with BJ tomorrow as she is going back to Loma Linda . Wish you all could be with us more!

Rise and Shout!

Erica and I are getting excited for BYU Football. The full schedule is available here.

We don't get the MTN, ESPN, CBS-C, or VERSUS; so we're hoping to have some good parties with people who do.

With the money that we've saved by not getting those channels, we've got a pair of season tickets. The games are all late afternoon / evening games for the first part of the season, which is good because then we won't be in the sun so much. However, we also have a little one who goes to bed around 6:30. We want to put our little girl to bed on time.

We're going to try to see about getting babysitters sometimes, but we anticipate that it won't always happen. One option we're exploring is splitting up, so Erica takes someone to the game while I watch Emmy, and I take someone to another game while Erica watches Emmy.

We do plan on taking Emmy to at least one game later in the season.

So... Do we have any Babysitting volunteers? Any volunteers to go to the games where one of us can't go?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Just Had to Share

From Funny Boys

I took this about an hour ago-- this is how I found Jacob after quiet time. Benjamin was at a swim party and had left his underwear on the floor. I guess Jacob decided it was time to see what it was like to wear big-boy pants... but they were not as comfortable as he was imagining. They were good to chew on, though...

From Funny Boys

Just cute.This was taken yesterday. What cute kids I have!

Monday, July 06, 2009


I got a job today. I'm going to be making $22 per hour (I know-- not much compared to the $40 I could be making in California) but the great thing is I'm going to be giving flu-shots at walmart, pharmacies, schools, and other places. It is a seasonal job (September-dececember) which is perfect for me since I planned on quiting my job in december anyway. Also, I get to 100% pick my schedule. I'm not required to work AT ALL but I can work up to 40 hours per week. The pay isn't ICU pay, but I doubt I could have kept up in an ICU while only working 24 hours a month or so. So, I'm excited! I'm a professional people-poker.

News #2: Me n' the girls will be in utah July 30th through Aug 5th. Mark your calendars folks. I'd love to see anybody who is a available.

June Common Answers - BrainBashers

Here's the results for June:

117 Katie Groneman 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 27.7778%
270 Christa Dastrup 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 13.0408%
272 Cambrie Nelson 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 12.7785%
290 Breanna Groneman 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 11.7176%
399 Kim Groneman 1 3 1 1 6 1 1 1 1 1 6.9108%
647 Chad Groneman 1 3 2 1 3 1 3 1 1 1
707 Brett Groneman 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 5 1
1658 Brigham Dastrup 1 4 4 1 1 1 2 4 1 1

Nice job Katie! Starting slow are we Brigham? Good showing!.....but that's still not everyone. For July let's make it interesting. The person with the lowest score will get a prize worth at least $10 from me. Grandkids can enter too. ENTER HERE

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Celebrate Good Times!

Dastrups also had a good Fourth! Ours started out with a pancake breakfast/bike parade at the church (although I didn't even attempt the breakfast since Brigham was working-- we ate before we went) which was a huge hit with both Benjamin and Jacob. Jacob chased those bikes and scooters until he was too tired to do so any more.

Once Brigham was home, we played some water baseball and then Benjamin started a waterfight by dumping a bucket of water over Brigham's head. Jacob also thought that was hilarious.
Then we headed off to some friends' house for a BBQ and fireworks. It was Benjamin's first time experiencing fireworks, and he LOVED every minute. It was a great day!
We started our independence day celebration at the beach. Although it was fun, I wouldn't go again the the 4th since we spent quite a bit of our time just on parking and walking due to crowds.

A good time was had by all at the beach. Even Kiera who was scared of sand last summer decided it was ok. Lydia had a few mouthfuls decided she didn't like the stuff though.

We also took our girls to their first movie which was fairly sucessful.

Kiera liked the fireworks.

How I spent my holiday

Usually I'm up camping and enjoying myself over the 4th...not this year. With the possibility of grandkids coming later this summer I want to get as much done on the playhouse as I can so I spent my holiday working on it. The "fort" part is almost totally done. I got the roof on (so there won't be any more rain) and have started on the 12 volt light system. I still have a lot to do on the bottom part.
This picture is just to make Christa salivate. (click on picture to get the full effect) Our apple trees are FULL of green apples....this picture is after mom thinned them. They're not ready to eat yet but give them another month and they will be.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

River Running Westwater Canyon

Breanna and I returned last night from our river run and fun! I enjoyed it. But after having done it, I don't think it is really something I would want to take the whole family on. It was the best river run I have been on, but I really love the rapids the most. And your only running those probably 2 % of the day. Nah! I think I would rather do something else with my family. Park City, for instance would be more fun with the alpine coaster, and it costs a lot less. Glad we went...though. It was fun.
We also went to Dead Horse point. It was late evening/dusk while we were there. We had nearly 100% cloud cover and we got some really great pictures, but then mysteriously they disappeared from the camera! So weird! We had stopped on our way south and went to see Chad and Emmy, and we took a bunch of pictures of Emmy, and we had ALL the pictures of Emmy and everything AFTER Dead horse point, but all the pictures at Dead horse...disappeared! BJ is really upset about that...and I am way bugged too. How is it possible for only one group of pictures to disappear while keeping all the others? We are hoping that Kim will be able to find them (as he often is on the computer able to find seemingly irretrievable stuff.) In the meanwhile,some of the Moab pictures that we took are posted on BJ's facebook. Of course we didn't get any pictures of the way fun stuff as the camera would have gotten drenched as we were!!
We went to the Weber's today for a BBQ with them. It was tasty good fun! Mom and Dad came, 2 hours late...but they finally made it!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Update on the Haslem Grandparents

I just thought I would give you a glimpse of my folks lives. As expected, things are getting worse. For the last couple of days, most of the day mom has thought that my dad was her dad. It upsets her when they go out to eat that her dad won't go back and get Acel to go with them, as she wants him to come along too.
Yesterday, while we were there, she thought that Ann and I were her sisters. She didn't really act like she knew we were there, although we were in the same room with her. Entirely different than she used to be. And my dad thinks he recently had a small heart attack, and was anxious to show Ann and I where all his important documents are so we know where the info is after he dies.

Dad requested that we ask our family members to join together in a fast this Sunday (fast sunday) to ask the Lord to release mom from this life. He doesn't want to die and leave Mom in a situation where she will have to be in a lock down unit/care center. I concur with that. I know that you have mixed feelings about that. Mom is someone we all love...but she isn't happy with life at present and it will only get worse.
Of course, we always add:"Thy will be done"...but it is in the best interest of mom and dad that she not have to linger here in her miserable state. I hope you will all join us in a fast in their behalf. Love you all!

My apologies

All this rain is my fault. It was supposed to stop sometime last week but it hasn't. The rain still falls. We got about 1/2 inch last night. I'll try to get the roof on the playhouse ASAP. Friday for certain. As soon as I do the rain will stop. You can count on that.