Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hi Buff 2

Nelson update here.  I started a job at a nursing home last week.  I've been doing orientation which has had me working a bit more than I'd like.  Nursing homes, as you know, are understaffed. I'm the only nurse at all in the Alzheimer's and rehab unit which is a bit intimidating.  But, the nursing home happens to be directly across the street from where we live.  So, it works well with only being a 1 car family.
Steve is enjoying being a dentist and getting quicker with his skills.  Lots of ward members have been to see him and beings that we live in a small town, we see his patients all over town.   The other dentist (who is being fired) leaves this week and starts up a practice 2 blocks away.  Steve is expected to miraculously change a very bitter and divided group of employees in that office into a great and friendly place.  If anybody can do it, steve can. 
Kiera and Lydia are still cute.  They are the best of friends-- especially since moving here to Illinois where we still don't really have good friends for them.  Their obsession with princesses continues.  But their favorite game is acting out going to disneyland and riding on all of the rides (we pretend the stairs are Soaring Over Ca, the couch is Small World, etc.)  I wonder how long it will take them to forget because i'm sick of that game!.  We just finished 3 weeks of swimming lessons.  I pulled Kiera out on the 3rd day because of her antics that I wasn't willing to fight anymore while trying to do a mommy-me class with Lydia. 
Since everyone feels the need to post what they had for dinner on the blog, I will too:  corn flakes with strawberries.  I came home from work for my 30 minutes break and there was no food in our fridge.  Cereal is always the dinner of choice in this situation  (it beats eating ketchup). 


Gramps said...

Nuthin' wrong with cereal. However *my* choice would have been toast and jam.

Marilyn said...

Are the girls starting to act like they are adjusting to life in Illinois? Back to best friends?