Monday, August 08, 2011

To the mountain

This past Friday/Saturday we headed to the mountain again.  This time with Dastrups & Chad's family.  Dastrups stayed this time, Groneman's didn't...which caused all kinds of consternation with little Emmy.  After the hot dogs and smores she was expecting to go to the trailer go to to bed.  Nope...her parents had other ideas (they had to help in the morning with a project to put down sod in the park in front of their house).  When Emmy found out they were going home instead of staying the night she was not a happy camper!  Grown ups just don't realize that when you go to the mountain you're supposed to stay the night!  Jacob spent the night with the Dastrup grandparents and Brigham was working, but Christa, Benjamin, and Ty had a good time exploring, making squirrel houses, shooting bow and arrow, playing in the dirt.  They stayed the night.  We even tidied up a beach.  Yes, we have our own beach now at the mountain.  Sand to dig in, next to the stream.  Christa built a little staircase going up and down to it. We had to re-route AGAIN (Chad and I did it before) the stream to not undercut a big pine tree.  There is now a little (probably about 6 foot by 6 foot) sandy beach there.  I love going to the mountain.  I fixed a few more of the benches to put around the fire so now there is plenty of room to sit for everyone.......if some people don't mind having to dodge the smoke!  There's something about roasting hot dogs over the fire that's just tasty and fun.  Smores too.  Unfortunately, we forgot to take our camera to the mountain this trip. :-\

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Marilyn said...

Good times. Now we need to get a bucket and shovel for the beach! Or two! It is sure fun to have family around to share the Mtn with.