Sunday, August 07, 2011

Lindy's Blessing Day

Today little Lindy was was a sweet and memorable event that I wish that the Nelsons and Buffy could have attended. But don't worry-I thought about you, and I ate enough to count for you too :)
Kim will have to post some of the pictures we took of the event. It was fun to rub shoulders with Katies great family, they are some of the very best people I know. I kinda felt probably looked like we wanted to segregate ourselves from them while we ate, which was NOT the case. But there was a picnic table in the shade and I had on a brand new (questionably washable) shirt and so I needed to eat at a table where my shirt wouldn't catch it all (for us sloppy types). I thought I would go and mingle with the Borens when I was done eating, but then, when our kids decided it was time to head for our house, I needed to go with let them in....and such. But I LOVE Katie's family! They are so gracious and kind about everything. I was able to make Lindy's blessing dress and several of them told me how beautiful it was. It did pick up the pink in Lindy's cute little cheeks very nicely, but that was Katie's picking of the material, not mine.

It was nice of them to put up with us at the luncheon this special day. Little Lindy was such a good baby, the blessing, everything that I would want my grandchild to be blessed with, and the food: Delicious. The company: PERFECT! It will be a warm memory for me, forever!

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Gramps said...

It was great. Phil and Reesa (sp?) are great hosts. Well, Brett and Katie were great co-hosts.