Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lydia's bad day

This evening Lydia and Kiera were fighting over princesses in the other room (nothing new).  Kiera decided to take out her frustrations on Lyida's head by hitting her over the head.  We ran to the rescue as we heard this happening only to find blood dripping down Lydia's face and a large bloody area on top.  (of course, head wounds always bleed tons compared to everywhere else on your body).  Lydia was pretty darn traumatized and I was pretty upset with Kiera.  About 10 minutes later I had just sat at the piano to try to calm down (and not do something rash to Kiera) when I heard Lydia screaming/crying from the garage.  I went running because it was a very hurt cry.  Lydia had been trying to open the garage door.  the button for the door is about 6 inches away from the door itself.  She climbed up on the back of a riding toy to reach the button and held onto the track of the garage door.  As the door had gone up the wheels had gone over her 4 fingers.  It removed some skin, left black tracts, and her poor little finger were swollen for a while.  Poor little thing! 
Later at bedtime when she was talking about her day she referred to the entire situation as her "bad dream".

On a completely separate subject:  we found out today that an LDS physical therapist who was going to come to our area who has been looking for housing for about a month decided to not come on account of the housing situation.  That is 2 LDS family that bailed for that reason in 2 months.  THAT is how bad the housing situation is around here.   


Gramps said...

Oh...:'-( Poor little kid! She needs a Gramps hug but I'm too far away to give it.

Marilyn said...

Poor little Lydia! That was worse than bad dreams cause she could not wake up to make it go away!

Brett said...

Poor kiddo. Good thing it was only a dream -- with unfortunately surprisingly realistic wounds.