Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good times at the Mtn

Friday night we went to the Mtn with Chad's and Brett's family. We had a great time, roasting hotdogs, pigging out and of course there were the smores that we ate too much of. That was little Lindy's first trip to the Mtn year she will be making her parents extremely nervous as she tries to navigate uneven rocky ground while her parents hover and hope for no falls.
Emmy, who has been so excited to go to the mtn., was still so jazzed, way past her bedtime...that she kept popping up while Chad and Erica were trying to go to sleep, talking about it and how we could continue the fun in the morning. Cute little lady! I never saw such a cute and sticky little smore eater! Erica had the wipey ready to try to control the damages, so the pictures don't do it justice, but it was fun to watch. For those of you on Google+,  you've already seen the pictures.  Cool how it does that.  For those of you sticks in the mud not on G+ yet, HERE ARE THE PICTURES

Brett and Katie brought up a fun new thing that we tried: Roasting bisquits on a stick! It was fun, and when you took them off the stick, you filled them with jam and whipped Cream and they were tasty too!

Sat. morning found us rock hunting for stepping stones for Chad's and Erica's yard. We found some good stones (we figured you guys could pick them up when you come today for dinner). And Kim worked at getting some of those benches ready to be of use. Erica and I tore out 1/2 of the old bench that we have been using for probably the last 20 years. Mostly rotten wood. I was able to get some of the messes cleaned up around camp too while Kim was gone to a water board mtg. It will be nice to have better benches and seating at the Mtn when Kim is done! Thanks honey. Good times. Which all of you could have been there...but we will be going up again soon!


Gramps said...

It was great. To have Brett/Katie & fam together with Chad/Erica & fam it was fun. I really enjoyed the bread on a stick thing. Lindy was just cute and Emmy was a hoot. She kept wanting to take hikes up to see the mushroom, the water, and the tractor. Over and over. My heart was gladened by watching her have such a good time. Hopefully next week Dastrups, but at least Benjamin can go with us. I'm going up Friday AM again and everyone is welcome.

Gramps said...

Oh...we did have water.

Erica said...

We had such a good time! Emmy was so excited. She had been asking to go to the mountain (and camping) for at least a month!

We'd definitely go up to stay the night again this weekend too if they weren't putting the sod in the park across the street on Saturday morning (and we have Seven Peaks in the afternoon so we want Emmy to be well-rested). Oh, And thanks for the rocks! They'll look great when we have it all done. We still need more...little by little, right?

What if we had a "clean up the mountain" day where we all come prepared to do whatever you want us to do to help. Many hands make light work, right? I know Chad and I would be more than happy to help. We love it up there.

Gramps said...

A clean up the mountain day would be awesome. We'd have to do some preliminary evaluation to see what we *could* clean up. Actually, let's plan on doing that next spring. I'm going to do the bench thing the next couple of weekends and will probably do the deck first thing next year and we can clean it all up afterwards.

Marilyn said...

Sounds good to me! My dad, bless him, had a way of hauling up stuff that cluttered things up. It would be good to just get some of the junk off the mtn. Part of what I would like to see taken care of is that pile of long logs at fire area that will never be used until they are cut up. Right now,and for a long time, they have just been an eyesore! With 3 kids to watch though..Christa wouldn't be able to help much unless another adult was watching them. But maybe 1 adult could keep an eye on the kids while others helped. Anyone else interested?

Erica said...

Just tell us when and where and we'll be there. If we want to get really serious about it, we can leave Emmy with someone here in the valley and head up for some intense work.