Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hiya Buffaroonie

Just to keep Buff in the loop, we were going to go to the mountain yesterday, but the monsoon rains are back again and people didn't think it would be worth it just to sit in the trailer and watch the rain.  Don't blame them.  So..we stayed home.  We did the Highlands splash pad thing instead.  For some reason, Jacob wasn't as thrilled with it as he used to be.  He played in the water a little, but then wanted to sit on the benches.  Ty had fun running up and down the river from one end to the other. He was also enthralled when one boy brought a monster truck and put in the river and let the current roll the truck down the way.  I think Benjamin needed a buddy to play in the water with..he looked kind of lonely the entire time we were there.  Emmy liked wading up and down but gramps had to kick water on her to get her wet (would I do that?!?) 

After that we came home to Chinese Chicken Salad (from our recipe site).  Jacob has lost his enthusiasm for movies in the basement...he wants to watch Benjamin play Wii.....and only certain games.  If Benjamin is playing the wrong game, Jacob gets upset and cries and tries to get someone to change the game.   It's a hard life being a big brother to Jacob.    Emmy and Ty were up to their Bonnie & Clyde antics.  They were in the back yard by themselves for quite a while and we found they had been in the raspberry patch picking all the raspberries....and as many green apples from the trees as they could reach (which isn't very far up).  No, they didn't eat any, they just liked picking them.  Lindy was an angel though...she didn't get in any trouble at all.

So far no 100 degree days.  Got close a couple of times, but more often than when I've mowed the lawn it has sprinkled on me.   The rest of the country can cook as far as I care as long as we get the cool summer!  Well, we'll try for the mountain again next week if the moisture has left by then. 


Marilyn said...

I enjoyed seeing everyone! Christa, feel free to bring Max up when you come here more often so that Benjamin would have a buddy...

Erica said...

I feel kinda guilty with how amazing our weather has been while the rest of the country is baking.