Thursday, July 28, 2011

Abandoning this blog

Folks, I'm really considering abandoning this blog. Here's why:

  • Not only can I print my family "circle" stream in Google+, but it prints the comments as well as the posts. One point for G+, minus for blogger
  • I don't have to do an extra sign in and do captcha characters to post a comment on someone else's post
  • I can post private information, like when I'm leaving on vacation and not worrying about the wrong people seeing it.  Only people in my family circle can see it.
  • We can do video chats with Cambrie right from Google+
  • It's really easy to integrate my pictures BUT WAIT....THAT's NOT ALL!  When someone posts a comment on a picture it shows up in my G+ stream.  I don't have to subscribe to anything extra to see the comments.
  • If you guys happened to move from your blogs to Google+ I (and anyone else in your circles) don't have to go to your individual blogs to see what you've posted.  It comes right into my G+ stream (and yours, and yours, and yours.)  
  • Nobody has to "subscribe" to anything.  If you have a family circle with our family members in it, the "family blog" is just created automagically. 
  • The calendar, wish list, recipe site,etc. are already integrated into it.
  • If I post something for the family that I also want to go to other friends, I just add that circle and voila!  I don't have to keep things separate. 
Ok..the downside of moving our blog to G+. 
  •  I can't customize the header graphic.   Yet.  (Big whoop).
  • I can't link to weather.  Yet. 
  • I can't put our calendar on it.  Yet.
  • I can't customize what shows on my page.  Yet.
  • I can't have it automatically email the stream to Buff.  Yet (but she's only going to be gone a few more months and I can send her the info other ways)
As cool and easy as Google+ is to use today, remember it's still in the development stage.  Google will integrate more things into it.  For Christa's complaint that she doesn't want yet another page to have to go's not another page.  Worst case is that you stop going to this blog site and start going to Google+ site.  One for one trade.   Better, and more likely case is that other family members start using Google+ for their worldly communications and it actually reduces the number of sites you have to visit to keep in the loop.  So, what concerns do you still have?

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge." - Tuli Kupferberg


Erica said...

My biggest concern is that anyone who wants to see me or be seen by me on Google+ will have to add me, because I'm not going to go through all my FB friends and invite them all to G+. Just one more thing to have to figure out, and I'm realizing that since my job is not a computer job, I spend less and less time on the computer (once a day, if that). So my posts will probably be few and far between, but I guess that's no change from what it's been, right? Whatever you want to do is good by me!

Gramps said...

"Build it and they will come" :-) I imagine it as a stepped process. We start with what we can. At first you just replace our family blog with G+. No more or less work, just a different place. Eventually though, I think you'll find less reason to put stuff elsewhere as more people join G+ (and I predict they will).

Christa said...

Sounds good to me. I can keep my blog and we'll just replace this one.

Brett said...

I'm all for this idea.

Some people (Mom) may benefit from building a Groneman family website on Google Sites, that isn't really updated, but has links to calendars, recipe sites, blogs, other links. Then again, that's what bookmarks are for. It still may come in useful. Maybe.

Cambrie said...

I'm in. I'm ready.