Friday, July 08, 2011

Back from Camping

Well, the Parental/grandparental units have returned. Good times were had! Amoungst other activities, these are some of what we enjoyed.
-WAY too much food/junk food
-ATV riding, although it was severely inhibitied this year by rain, and a gazillion downed trees. I never saw so many downed trees in my life-as you will see by Kim's pictures just a few of the downed trees.
-a new sport was enjoyed up there: Tree tipping. Yup. Kinda related to tractor tipping, only with trees. You find a dead Aspen and push on it until it tips over. FEEL THE POWER! Especially when it cracks and timber's. Just doing our bit to clear the forest canopy for alive stuff to grow!
-We took 3.5 mile walks on the same road that the cougar/bear had been on within 24 hours as evidenced by fresh tracks on freshly rained roads and their droppings which were fresh. But I wasn't too worried about the bears attacking cause I have my own bear to protect me :)
-we played LOTS of games
-I worked on my computer, read, and did other F.History kind of stuff.
-we roasted weeners, made and ate tin foil dinners and watched some GREAT lightening shows.
-We road on some HAIR RAISING roads in a thunderstorm, wondering every moment if someone was going to get hit by lightening, and went down Water Hollow Canyon sideways in mud so thick that I couldn't control my 4WD ATV! We are talking lots of adventures.

Next year hopefully you kids can come up and we can tend your kidlets while you go on some adventures too. But, since we had rain 5 days out of 7, maybe this wasn't a good year for it. And next year, I will be having a traditional 4th of July with my family in the hopefully we can do this adventure ahead of this years so it works to do both.

I am anxious to see my kids/grandkids now. Feels like forever since I saw you!
Thanks Brett for taking care of the lawns/watering etc. I think Mother nature about drowned my plants...something I wasn't counting on in July! Although, this year, I should have been!


Christa said...

Too bad about the rain. We're glad you are back! There were many days I was wishing we could come and see you!

Gramps said...

Too bad about the rain?!? We loved it!