Monday, September 24, 2007

So me and my new roommate watched Survivor: China this last thursday and It looks like its going to be an interesting season....did anyone watch it.

Other news in my life, as cambrie mentioned, I moved out and i'm now living in an apt with a girl from my ward. It's great. And i've been working a lot lately... I worked my 7th day in a row today out of 10...but I'll be getting some pretty hefty checks :-) anyways, that's about it.


Kim said...

Yup....we watched it. Of course they have to have their token gay Mormon (from Pleasant Grove) but that's hollywood for ya. Looks interesting. I think they voted out the wrong person. I liked Chicken.

BUFFY said...

I agree....and strategically, I think it was a really dumb move. He was one of the only ones on that tribe who was actually working. they should have gotten rid of the wrestler chick. She bugs me.