Monday, September 17, 2007

So, for all of you that don't know, Erica & I are officially dating, and have been since Tuesday. I don't have much time right now to blog about it, but wanted to say something. I did the "meet the parents" thing on Saturday evening - her parents hosted a tailgate party for the BYU game. It was kinda funny - they expanded their cable in order to get the CSTV channel. I think that it was probably on versus though, but they had to ensure they got it, since they were having the tailgate party. I think the tailgate party was specifically to meet me. Her whole family was there.

We spent Sunday together. We pretty much spend every day together. She called her mom and was telling her how much she liked me with me right there. That was interesting.

We did the alpine loop thinking the leaves have turned, since the front of the mountains are very colorful. A few trees have changed, but most are still green. We stopped at Mom & Dad's place on the way back for a restroom break, and Brigham & Christa talked to her on the phone for a bit. She was surprised by that, and had to hang up on them because it was too fuzzy to hear, and she felt bad about that.


Kim said...

Chad & Erica & Cat (short for Catlin), Erica's best friend stopped by for a bio-break and were talked into some ice cream. Chad & Erica were holding hands. Chad was smiling. Erica was smiling. Looks like things are going pretty fast there to me. I dunno what this new fangled definition of "dating" is but I asked Chad how his new house was and he replied "neglected". Erica strikes me as very self confident, knows what she wants, not shy in the least type of person. She's also a very cute girl. I like her.

Cambrie said...

More pictures please.

I think that is great!! I'm excited for you! She'll fit in with the in-laws of our family if she likes BYU football

Chad said...

HUGE BYU fan. She got that question from Brigham, and told me later that it's a no brainer for her. She's BYU Blue all the way.

Stevo said...

I like her already...but I think you're making all this stuff up! I'll only be convinced when we see more pics posted on Picasa