Friday, November 05, 2010

2 things...

First, I got BJ's snail mail today. She gave me her new address which is:
4315 Lexington Road Apt 6-C
Athens Georgia, 30605-2545
So now you can all write her plenty!

So we usually have our Sunday dinner for the fam each month on the Second Sunday. However, I just talked to Christa, and that is her mother in law's birthday and she will be hosting Brigham's family up there on that day. So we are looking for another day. Yes, I realize that it is Thanksgiving in a few weeks, but I am thinking it would be fun to get together before that. Brett and Brigham can you compare notes and see if there is a day somewhere that you both have off . Chad starts his new job on Monday, but I think it is just a standard 8-5 job with weekends off right Chad? Saturdays work too you know. I suggested this Sunday, but today both Ty and Jacob are sick with fevers...hopefully be gone by Sunday, but one never knows. IF they are better by Sunday, does that work for the rest of ya?


Gramps said...

Cool...that's right across from the East Athens Baptist Church! What an opportunity. She could get transferred next month so you MAY want to consider still using the address the mission president suggested family use(I'm just sayin....) It's on her blog. ("Choose the right...when a choice is placed before you....") Trying to figure out dinners makes me dizzy. Let's just say I'm happy when you show up and when you don't, I understand. You're welcome almost anytime.

Brett said...

As always, my calendar is available for anyone to look at through the link on the left of the page here. If it says I'm free, there's a pretty good chance I am, assuming I'm not sleeping for a shift that night, or unless I have an absurd amount of homework.