Monday, November 22, 2010

Storm's a comin'

I dunno if you folks in Utah have been listening to the weather reports but they say one of the biggest storms in years is supposed to move in with blizard conditions Tuesday afternoon about 5 to 6pm and stay through Wednesday about noon:   They were saying that people shouldn't be out driving during that time at all.  Not only shouldn't people be traveling on the freeway for Thanksgiving, but not even in their towns.  Temperatures are going to be so cold that salt on the roads won't help.   I love my kids.  I don't want to see your heads smashed.  Don't travel during that time, OK?  Should be fine on Thanksgiving day.

On another note, you may have heard that Attachmate bought Novell today.  Not a whole lot of news there..they say they will run Novell as a separate business unit and that employees *generally* won't have to move to a new location.  There will be some layoffs but mainly in redundant positions (I'm glad I don't work in the HR dept.).  Everything has to be approved by the SEC and that pro'ly won't happen until Feb/March so it's business as usual until then.  When I know anything more you'll know something more.   On another's almost TURKEY DAY!!!!!


Gramps said...

Nevermind. False alarm. Sheesh. Storm of the century? Not.

Cambrie said...

That is wierd that Novell was bought out. I sure hope your job stays safe. A little scary.