Monday, November 15, 2010

Wahoo! It is coming!

Hey, is time to reserve a spot on your calendar for the annual Groneman Family Christmas party!!!
Of course, the biggest hurdle to cross in this effort to schedule is to get days off to line up small feat in a family of medical people with non traditional hours of occupation. I have talked to Christa, and we looked at Brett's calendar, and right now, we need to say that it is Friday, Dec 10, just as soon as others can get here after work/school. Brigham as every weekday off that week. Christa suggested perhaps he could trade one of those days to get Saturday off instead (if anyone will cooperate), in which case we could do it Saturday and have more fun (nobody will have to rush home at 6 pm to get little ones down). So kinda hold that day open too until we know for sure.
I thought that the foods you call brought for the Halloween party were spectacular! I don't know that we will ever top that...but if everyone brings something, it will be fun and tasty. I think that each family can again, be in charge of some game, or nativity or something. I am open to suggestions.
- Where we only have 4 grandchildren that will be at the party, and 3 of them are in one family, I don't know what you will want to do with little kids exchanging gifts. Christa, any thoughts since you are the one with the 3 kids?
-What about the pinata? Kinda tradition...but Benjamin didn't enjoy it when he was 2 or 3 at all. Shall we try something else? I am REALLY open to suggestions. ..
-do we want to carry on in the tradition of white elephants gift exchange? It is only fun when people put some thought into what would be a fun white elephant (and I confess, I am not very good at that).
-Would someone else like to be in charge of providing the money trees this year? :)
I would like to hear what has worked really well in the in-law sides of our family's parties. So, there....we await your very valuable feedback!
-We will provide the Spiral sliced ham for this are welcome to volunteer for what you would like to add to that list...first volunteers for each category gets to bring know, so we don't have all desserts. Etc! We will fill in those category's that don't get taken.


Chad said...

December 10th should work for us, after I get off work. Saturday the 11th doesn't work very well for us.

Katie Groneman said...

I'll make a pinata if you want one! .... a 3 tiered snowman... Santa's head... sooo many possibilities!

Gramps said...

I refuse to be in charge of the money tree this year. Oh..I also really missed deviled eggs for the halloween party (hint hint).

Marilyn said...

Katie, that would be awesome! But I guess we better wait and get the headcount for what it will be this year. Personally, I liked Kim's "Survivor" Christmas party the best. But we also need to do a short nativity with the kids.

Brett said...

My vote would be Friday the 10th. Yes, the Saturday day is open for me as you probably noticed, but I'm working a 12-hour shift that night starting at 6pm, so I'll be gone a little bit after 5, and I'll be needing to have some sleep before then, so essentially everything after 12:00 pm is out for me on the Saturday.

Erica said...

Chad gets off work at 5, so we wouldn't be there til 530 if we do it on Fri the 10th. So that could amount to a short party if our munchkin doesn't want to cooperate.

Could we do a Saturday morning thing? Maybe a brunch? As you know, we'd be free after 6am. :)