Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nelson thanksgiving

Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures soon; but no promises. 
Nelsons had a good Thanksgiving with steve's parents and 1 younger brother (Kyle).  We had dinner about noon.  Kiera had a few bites of beets and that was all because, just like last year, she filled up on junk food before the meal (last year she didn't even eat 1 bite of dinner).  Lydia did better though. 
Bev cooked all of the food 100% by herself other than the pumpkin pie that I made.  Too much work I'd say!  Although we had rolls, they were not orange rolls.   But I made some a few weeks ago so it wasn't TOO sad. 
After thanksgiving dinner we had a turkey piniata (nothing at all like katie-quality piniatas).  The girls hit it a few times before I gave the bat to Kyle who graciously busted it open.  The girls enjoyed it, but I think they'll like it more next year.  Personally,  I like the tradition more for thanksgiving since Christmas  has enough traditions already and it is fun to slay our own turkey on thanksgiving day. 
After that we went to a movie (a tradition of Steve's parents).  We saw Tangled.  It was Kiera and Lydia's second experience in a movie theater.  Both were missing naps and were very obviously falling asleep during the movie and getting whiney and fussy.  But we loaded them up on pinata candy (recycled halloween candy) and they survived.    After that it was time for dinner.  Yep, you guessed it-- Kiera wouldn't eat because she had filled up with candy.   6:00 both ladies were asleep on their grandma's floor.  Thanksgiving done!

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