Friday, November 12, 2010

Nelson post

For the past 2 weeks or so, every prayer Kiera says includes "and thank you for Buff to come home soon".  I try to tell her that Buff is not coming home for a year but she doesn't get it.  Then on sunday on the way home she was talking about when Buff comes home (a subject initiated by her)  "When buff comes home from Georgia and takes off her missionary clothes then we can have FIVE people in our family again!"  She talked about how Grandma came and took Buff away in the red car.  (Mean old grandma!)  I tried to explain that buff wasn't in the Nelson family.  All of this is difficult for a munchkin to understand. 
Also on the way to church Lydia was talking about Utah and suddenly said "Brett!" (with muscles).  Brett if you were meaning to make an impression or help them remember you, it worked. 

I'm working working working.  This week has been long and frustrating.  Trying to keep up with this crazy schedule of ours when it doesn't feel like it is getting us anywhere at the moment is discouraging. 

Steve is studying for boards that are coming in December (23rd)  He was going to take them at the end of december but convinced him to do it before his birthday so we could at least have a few days to spend together before he is back in school.  So, he is studying like mad every second that he is not in school, lab, or being a full-time daddy in the evenings (since I'm working full-time).  He is super-man.    Oh, he does take a break once a week for intramural football.  My in-laws watch the girls at the sidelines.  Apparently they love footfall.  I come home from work after the games and Lydia is sleeping with Steve's football.  Brainwashing


Marilyn said...

Hang in there kiddo! You do have a challenging, and discouraging life right now!
I wonder why the sudden focus on Breanna? Nope, when she comes home I will get her for a short while until she goes off on her next adventure, where-ever and whatever that will be.

Christa said...

They love Auntie Buffalo! I'm sure she'll be pleased to hear it!

Brigham is studying for boards, too (his are on Monday, thank goodness). Don't you love it?

Your schedule sounds horrible. I feel for you. What is the next step in the baby saga?

Gramps said...

You need to explain to Kiera that just because someone is far away and/or not living with you it doesn't mean they aren't part of the family. You are part of our family though you don't live with us any more. Kiera is part of Marilyn and my family though she doesn't live with us. We are a big happy family! Go Steve Go! (And Brigham)

Brett said...

I'm so incredibly proud of Lydia! Was I hoping to make an impression or get them to remember me? Yep. Success! Lydia, you so totally rock!