Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Angel Mother is gone :(

This is something that is hard to blog about. And it is harder today than it was yesterday. Mom passed on to one heck of a celebration in Heaven (I am sure) 2 1/2 days ago. But I have had my kids and grand kids and sweet husband to distract me from the pain of mom's departure. This is the first time I have really been alone since she died.

Katie and Erica...and all of my kids in love...I wish you could have known my real mother. She was an amazing woman. She spent her lifetime loving, teaching serving all those around her. She was fun, and somehow managed to "be there" for those she loved in her life even while being a full time school teacher, Relief Society President, and taking care of her own mother in her old age. Mom was always a rock, and anchor in the storm that I knew I could depend on. And even though in reality she hasn't been taking care of me for a very long time...in fact that role was reversed in the end...she has always been a source of comfort to me: Even just knowing she was around to talk to was comforting. But she did get me through several big crisis's in my life. Her love was unconditional and very precious to me.

Well, no, they didn't just decide to put the funeral on this blog actually. It just turned out that way. I am so grateful I have a wonderful family to distract me from the ripped out section of my heart while it tries to heal. Thanks everyone. I sure love you all!


Gramps said...

THIS is something worth commenting on. She left me you which, to me, is the best legacy she could have.

Erica said...

I hope to live well enough that someday I can meet her for real and get to know the amazing woman I'm sure she is. Even in the state she was, she touched my life for good in many many ways.

Cambrie said...

I only know her from the last portion of her life and what I'm told about the first portion of her life. But even that makes her a wonderful person