Monday, November 08, 2010

We need your faith and prayers

Hi Family,

So, most of you know that we have put an offer on a new house (still waiting on it to be accepted, but we're confident it will be). All of this opportunity of moving to a new home is contingent on our selling our townhome (or getting renters, which we really prefer not to do since we already have a rental property) in 30 days from when the offer is accepted--so the timer hasn't officially started yet but it will soon.

We have had 2 people walk through our townhouse, and we have received one extremely low offer. We counter offered, and they then counteroffered a tiny bit higher offer from their original offer. Essentially, we are done with these buyers. It makes me extremely nervous to let them go when the market could slow to an even more crawl than what it is when the snow/cold comes. But we are walking by faith.

That's where the prayers come in. We NEED to sell this place, and we need to sell it fast. We don't want to give it away, but we want to be fair. We are going to drop our price a smidge to attract more buyers, hoping that they6 will be reasonable with us. Please pray for us to find an individual, couple, or family who will be fair with us and be able to buy this place quickly. Everything depends on it.

Thank you, fam. We love you!


Marilyn said...

Will do! And don't worry. The Lord will watch over this. You are righteous people, diligently serving the Lord to the best of your ability. God CERTAINLY has an interest in where you will live while you raise your children. Therefore as you ask in mighty prayer (and try to squeeze in a temple session somewhere) He will do WHATEVER IS BEST FOR YOU, weather it be having your current hearts desire or something different but better.

Cambrie said...

Yes we will fast for you. That is crazy stressful!! I hope it works out ok!

Christa said...

Exciting but stressful times! You'll be in our prayers.