Monday, December 06, 2010

Family Christmas Party - Take II

I'm just passing along and verifying what I heard.  Christmas party has been re-scheduled for this coming Friday the 10th at 4 pm (??)  We're having some Walmart take home pizza, someone is bringing some dessert and someone else root beer.  We'll still do White Elephant and pro'ly play some little kid games (??).  Nelson's/Buff wish you were here :'-(


Erica said...

Emmy and I can be there by 4, but Chad will be late. The earliest he can be there would be 4:30. He's going to try to go in early/leave early that day.

Gramps said...

I just thought I heard someone say 4pm. That's what you get when the organizers don't post and I have to do it by hearsay. :-) I'll have a hard time making it by 4. I'll be closer to 4:30 or maybe even 5 but I'll hurry every chance I get.

Marilyn said...

Erica and Christa what did you decide to do about the little kid gift exchange? You want to start that yet?
Also, could both of you come up with something that the little kids would enjoy doing? Doesn't need to be complicated. Katie has provided the pinata (THANKS KATIE!)
I will provide a fun thing for everyone else to do, besides the white elephant exchange.