Sunday, December 19, 2010

MANY, many thanks!!

We are so grateful for everyone who came to help us move. We could not have done it without you.

Grandma: Thank you for doing the kitchen and for cleaning and cleaning!
Gramps: Thank you for the trailers and for organizing everything so by some miracle it didn't get wet!
Christa: Thank you for leaving your family to help us and for cleaning the gross bathroom!
Brigham: Thank you for holding down the fort at your house so your wife could come help us!
Steve: Thank you for helping us with round 1, even on your vacation!
Cambrie: Thank you for thinking about us. We know you'd have been here if you could.
Brett: Thank you for lifting and lifting and going down for another trip!
Katie: Thank you for coming and helping organize and pack everything even being preggers!
Buff: Thank you for being such a good missionary! Emmy loved her birthday card from you.

This is not even to say how grateful we are for those of you storing our stuff!

I wish we could say we're done but stay tuned for our moving party encore in a couple months! :)

We've got the greatest family ever!!!


Marilyn said...

You are so Welcome! And thank you for your gratitude! There are so many people who are takers with no gratitude returned. I feel so blessed to have such a grateful daughter as you Erica!

I thought it was fun to help move. You know, more time with the family!

Gramps said...

All I did was tuck some tarps and tie some ropes. Had a nice chat with your dad while we went to get the 2nd trailer....smiling all the way because we weren't doing the heavy lifting. :-) All I can say is "howdy neighbor!"

Christa said...

I had a great time! And we're looking forward to seeing you more often!

Brett said...

Glad to help. Katie and I were just saying that we had a great weekend. We got to do some playing at the concert, but it felt good to get out and help out a bit too. A project like that is overwhelming for any two people to do, particularly with a kiddo. It's really not a big deal though for a group of willing hands. Oh, sure, it was a project, but nothing overwhelming at all, and it felt good to go do something good with the Saturday.

Gramps said...

Brett, any time you want to feel good, there is always our lawn to mow or walks to shovel. :D