Monday, December 06, 2010

How to fold a fitted sheet FINALLY!

This has been driving me bonkers for years!  I usually just end up wadding them up and stuffing them in a cupboard when I do it (not often, but often enough to be frustrating):

Of course the ONLY way I fold my T-shirts these days is this way:


Erica said...

That's pretty cool. I think I may have to try the t-shirt folding thing.

Brett said...

I differ on her argument that it uses the same time to fold it as it does to find it "digging through your linen closet." I don't have a linen closet. We have two sets of sheets -- one in use, and one on standby. So there!

Of course, that came from a lady who claimed that one of the biggest challenges I'm going to face in life is folding a fitted sheet. My life hasn't been all that difficult at all, but I can think of a few things more difficult than folding fitted sheets -- like taxes, rubik's cubes, and finding the cocktail sauce.

Gramps said...

I can't think of many things more difficult than folding a fitted sheet.