Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wake Up kiddos!

6:30 christmas morning and my little fam is sleeping away. I've been up since 5:30. Visions of suger plums were dancing in my head all night long and I can hardly restrain myself from going in and waking up my tiny ladies (except I don't want them to be grumpy so I'll let them sleep).

We put our cookies, carrots and milk by the tree last night after our drive home from Grandma Nelsons house. Kiera kept searching the sky for any sign of Santa. I told her Santa goes to Georgia and Utah first and Califoria last. No fair hu?
The girls were all very excited yesterday when we talked about santa loading his sleigh. Of course, Santa had to have a nap (same as my girls). They were so cute and excited. However, as I put them to bed and they realized that the fat beared man was going to be in our house they both got scared. I did my best to calm their fears but it was cute and funny.

Yesterday we acted out the Christmas Story 5 times in a row. Steve was Joseph, I was the innkeeper and the shepherd, and Kiera and Lydia alternated being an angel and Mary. Kiera was to scared to be Mary first, but after watching Lydia do it twice she decided it would be ok. After 3 times through the entire story she was begging to do it again. Thankfully, it was time to go out to lunch for Steve's birthday. Kiera insisted on wearing her Mary attire to the resturant. So Mary, complete with towel on the head and my shirt that went below her knees, went to Souplantation and ate 6 servings of Mac and Cheese. Many people at the resturant were chuckling and commenting on how cute she was (and she was). Then Mary came home and had a nap with her attire still on and the wooden manger and the baby in her bed with her too. So cute-- I should have taken a picture.
I'm so darn excited for tiny ladies to wake up!!


Erica said...

Your post just made me smile! Really big! I can only imagine how happy and excited those tiny ladies were when they finally did wake up! :) We missed you guys today but hope you had a great Christmas!

Gramps said...

Me too....what a great Christmas memory for you. Fantastic.

Marilyn said...

Proof that it is so much better to give than to receive. You are a great little mother, and I am excited to see your little princesses in a few days!

Christa said...

We love your cute family! Kiera is a hoot!