Sunday, December 05, 2010

More advice from dad

I held my sweetheart last night as she cried over losing and burying her mother.  I remember 3 years ago when I lost my father, laying in bed and tears coming in the dark and a loving pair of arms wrapping me in an effort to take away the hurt.   I think that though our bodies mature, and our minds continually learn through experience, we are still that same child we always were and from time to time we need someone to take care of and comfort us. Though near the end of our parent's lives, Marilyn and I were taking care of them instead of them taking care of us, we both still had an emotional dependancy on our parents because of the many years they were there for us when we needed their love and support.  Losing them still feels like losing a leg on the stool that our emotions sit on, and that the children we really are still depends on.  When that happens you need other people that love you to fill the void.   Don't ever get out of the habit of giving the special people in your lives hugs.....regularly.   It's an outer manifestation of love and the fact you are there for them when they need you.  My advice is to hug that one person you depend on, and that depends on you today.   You never know when they, or you, will absolutely need that support.


Christa said...

Glad we have each other. Will you guys please just make our lives easier and not ever die???

Gramps said...

Find that fountain of youth for me and I'll be glad to oblige.