Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So it is really TRUE!

A couple of days ago, I paid an washer repair man $189.00 to replace the pump. OUCH!! I asked him while he was here what caused it to crack. He said mostly it comes from little things coming out of pockets and getting stuck in the pump. Baby socks, barrettes, screws and small things like that should be washed in a bag that can zipper close. But, yeah. WASHERS REALLY DO EAT SOCKS! And ruin them. I thought I should pass that along.

It was fun today: I got a call from the older lady in Georgia that Breanna talked about being such a sweetheart in her letter a few days ago (that took them out to lunch on p day). She just wanted to call and thank me for raising such a wonderful daughter! (It helps to have the cream of the crop from Heaven to begin with though-I am not taking credit!) She says that she is "perfect, and I just love her!" She says that she is going to church now-because of these sweet missionaries that came and helped her, and she is just really excited about them. She also said that they were going to come again today to teach her, and she is really looking forward to it.

Breanna called her "Sweet Bete" and she really is! It only took her 5 minutes to make that phone call, but it is making my day :) How often do we miss opportunities to make someone else's day by doing something simple? I know I have room for improvement in that category.


Cambrie said...

and where is one supposed to get one of those zipper pouches?

Christa said...

Fun call!