Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Ball!" "Ball!"

Last week, Chad, Emmy and I went miniature golfing. Emmy loved it. She loved chasing the balls around, so we had a live, interactive obstacle course. She also loved picking up the balls from the holes for us. We went at 3:30 pm on a school day so we had the whole park to ourselves. A ball-lover's paradise!


Gramps said...

What a little helper. Knowing her and with the help of these pictures, I can envision the event. Thanks for posting!

Gramps said...

...oh...and thanks for posting them over here too so they'll be in the printed book.

Marilyn said...

Nice to have the golf course to yourselves so you can take your time and let Emmy play with the balls. Good post, we have been missing pictures of our Emmy, and the Dastrup boys, but I know why there's not any chance we will be seeing them on the blog any time soon!