Friday, May 28, 2010

Dastrups are now officially residents of UTAH!

Wow...what a crazy three days. Brett, Chad, Marilyn, and I squeezed into our Yaris and made the 10 hour trip down to Albuturkey. When we arrived we got right to work after a stand up meal (no table). Poor Benjamin wanted someone to play with but we just didn't have the time. We patched and painted and cleaned and scrubbed and packed boxes. I must say Brigham is the king of truck packing. I know that truck could have rolled over and not a thing in the back would have moved an inch. We had that truck packed to within a fraction of an inch of the back door, clear to the ceiling. Everyone worked from early morning until approximately 10pm on Wednesday.
We all slept at a neighbor's house that Brigham rented for a month while they were out of town, then we got up the next morning and hit the road at 7 A.M. Brigham and Chad in the truck, Brett and I in the car. Christa, Marilyn, & kids stayed behind to do the walk through inspection and they followed. Here's a picture I snapped of Brigham leaving NM for the last time. Wahoo! CLICK HERE and you can see a few more pictures I took....though I really didn't have time to take many pictures. Maybe Christa can use one or two in her memoirs.

We (men folk) arrived at the new house about 5ish where Brigham's brother was waiting for us and we all went to work unloading the truck into the house. Brigham's parents came when the truck was about half unloaded so their contribution was greatly appreciated too. Who's idea was it to buy a house with so many stairs?!? Thought I was gonna die. Katie brought pizza & drinks and after it was all unloaded we ate another stand up meal. Marilyn & Christa showed up about then (I think they planned that!) We'll take tables/desk/& stuff from here back up there this AM where we'll go to work putting things away, putting Jacob proof locks on the doors, get the sprinklers running, install washer/dryer, etc. etc. There's just no rest for the wicked I've decided. But it's all worth it to have Dastrups home at last.

Ty was really cute.....he ran around the house and climbed the stairs and his little smile was just radiating. Jacob wandered around...I thought he may be upset, but he climbed the stairs and just explored. He wouldn't go outside. Benjamin was SO excited.....except they put him in the pink room. He said he was going to paint it BYU. Well, off to start gathering stuff to take up there today......  My old body is never going to forgive me for this.


Stevo said...

sounds like it was a great party without us.....I think I'll come visit once it is all put together...been there done that!

Marilyn said...

It was a crazy couple of days! Glad they are in and somewhat least with the bare minimum stuff!