Monday, May 31, 2010

Gramps' Memorial Day

I forgot to remember the ants!  This was a "Kim & Marilyn" holiday.  We got up this morning and went to Orem city cemetary to put flowers on my parent's graves.  Lots of people there!  We then went over to visit Grandma/Grandpa Haslem.  Grandma wanted to know when we were going to her house.  I told her we were there and she didn't believe me until I showed her her china closet.  We then went
to the mountain for the first time this year. mice in our trailer over the winter.  Now we have to concentrate on sealing up Grandma's trailer because it has had lots of mice in it. Marilyn cleaned up the trailer while I turned on the water and generally un-winterized the place.  It's ready for partying now.  Last fall when Chad and I went up to winterize the place, a big pine tree had fallen over the deck but was proped up in the big pine tree in front of our trailer.  I thought it would come down with snow over the was still proped up in the tree.  I used my cowboy skills and threw a rope over it up high, then tied the rope to the Jeep and pulled the sucker down. It's now laying on the deck.  I'll take my chainsaw up there next time and cut it up so we can finish putting the deck together for the summer. I'm currently sitting in the shade of my house under the gazebo in the back yard typing away on my laptop while Marilyn is in her flower garden planting some gladiola bulbs that she had forgotten about.  The thermometer hanging in the tree behind me says 77 degrees and there's a light breeze blowing with the sound of the stream at the back of the yard and kids playing in the neighborhood.  Not a bad memorial day all in all.

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Marilyn said...

I was very relieved to find that the mice had not found their way back in! After all we did last fall, if we still had a problem, I was ready to sell the trailer!