Sunday, May 30, 2010

memorial day is a bust, so let's save the 4th of July!

Someone must have declared this weekend Family Reunion weekend. Everyone is gone for Fam Reunions. So, the good news about that is that we can plan on doing a Kim Groneman Family reunion on the 4th. Christa already told me that she has been looking forward to being back in Utah for the 4th (where we really do it right-as far as community events go), so we will not be going to the Mtn. We will plan on going to the parade, and doing a BBQ and croquet championship of the world, and of course, we would need to have fireworks too. Well, maybe we wouldn't do fireworks if everyone goes home to put their kids to bed by 7 pm. We are open to suggestions on what you would like. We could also set up the slip-n-slide in the back yard for the kids.

But everyone needs to plan on coming for dinner here on Sunday 2 weeks from today. Steak and Crab will be served! Cambrie's family will be here, and Christa has indicated that she will be coming to church with us until Brigham gets done with his job in the Q, as our church is earlier, not during nap time, and we can help her with Ty and Jacob. That is actually our set up regular time (2nd Sun of every month we eat here together, Christa so we hope that works for you too). And of course, I am sure that while Cambrie is here she will want to see ya'll more than you are welcome to join us more than that. We hope to see ya'll a lot!

Just wanted to Reserve the 4th for our Family Reunion! RSVP, please! Are ya going to be there?


Gramps said...

What happened to our plan for the mountain? We talked about it and blogged about it. Remember THIS?

Erica said...

We're planning on it.

Brett said...

I think we should be good for it. I need to verify with Katie, who ain't here right now.