Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool project I'm working on...

The product I've been working on for the past year went to beta early this week, and while it's in Beta, I've been put on a small team to develop something for a conference that is coming up towards the end of June. Yup, as in, one month from now.

The project for a Microsoft Surface. I can't go into details here, because this blog is public, and the details about this project are not public yet (they want to surprise people at the conference). There is a customer that wants us to do it, and we're working with them to get it done the way they want.

The project officially got underway on Wednesday, but I had started tinkering with it on Monday.

On Wednesday around lunchtime, I was surprised to learn that someone had scheduled us to do a demo for the customer on Friday afternoon (today). Apparently we'd promised the customer that by Friday we'd be able to demo a certain set of features... I have my theories as to why I wasn't told about that, or why the project wasn't started until Wednesday, but because this blog is public I won't go into that here.

I put in some long hours Wednesday, some more long hours on Thursday, and then more long hours today (it's 1:30, and I've already put in 8 hours ...). The project has three people, but for some reason (again, won't go into it), I've ended up doing 95% of the work on the project over the past few days. I put together every piece for the demo except one small piece that another developer did (which only took a couple of hours to do).

During this time, I also found out that the customer was most likely to go with the company that was able to do some certain work first. My immediate supervisor (also a developer) was tasked with that, but said he didn't see how we could do it, at least not for a few weeks, because nobody knew how to do a certain step. I was pretty sure I knew how, but I didn't want to bring it up because I wasn't sure I could do it, especially with everything else going on. I did it. It was actually easier than I anticipated. I handed that off to my supervisor (CC'ing a product manager). I got a "CHAD YOU'RE THE MAN!" response from the project manager.

Oh, and I got the demo done 95% single-handedly, with one hour to spare. I've recorded it, and it's pretty cool. I can't post it online, but I can show you next time I see you in person, or when it's public, whichever comes first.

Thanks Erica for playing single mom for the past few days. I'm back now... with enough time to give you a break before I head of to the Q.


Gramps said...

That's my boy...way to impress folks.

Erica said...

I just have to brag about my husband for a second. He is AMAZING! Seriously, he is so good at what he does. ANY company would be blessed to have him, and I think his work this week has proven his MAJOR skills in the software development department. I am totally impressed. If this blog weren't public, I would go into details, but just know that we have a very smart cookie in our family.

Marilyn said...

Yeah, I have pretty much known he is a dang smart cookie for a long time. But it is still fun to hear about his accomplishments now! Thanks for sharing! Bring it (I assume it is small) when we go to the Q! ATTABOY!

Gramps said...

I have no comment here.

Christa said...

Proud to know ya, Chad! We can't wait to hear the details!