Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not much of anything

Let's see...and update. Hmmmm....well we painted and siliconed the rubber on the balcony and attached the slide so it's ready to rock and roll. (150 lb weight limit....that leaves me out...but I can stand on the balcony!)  The door from the fort to the balcony needs to be hung on hinges but I just may need Benjamin's help to do that.  Oh..for Christa:  East side of your house to the fence: 106", West side 138".  It's so great to have Katie and Brett living so close.  Last week they mowed both lawns and this week Katie mowed the back lawn (while Brett did the weed eater edging thing).  It's been fun to watch Katie's school related projects.  Yesterday she built a solar oven out of a Wii fit box.
Put it in the sun and it got to something like 120 degrees.....then she built a reflector box around it and it got to something like 240 degrees.   She got graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate chips and put them in the oven.....and the chocolate chips spilled and melted to the inside of the oven. :-) Just when she was ready to fix it....some big clouds came over.   All in all though it looked like more of a success than their last project of kites made from garbage bags. ;-)  As I sit and eat breakfast at our kitchen bar every day, I just love looking at pictures of my family on the fridge....and hear other people's stories about their kids and the problems they have and am thankful for not only the wonderful kids/grandkids I have, but the wonderful wife I have that raised the kids to be such good people (mean ol' mom!).  I'm getting cabin fever.....I need a get out in the wilderness fix.


Marilyn said...

Thanks sweetheart! You are so nice! Yes, Kim does have cabin fever. A couple of days ago Saudra called Kim and asked him if he wanted to go ATVing on Sat with her. He did want to but stayed home so that he could get the playhouse/fort slide finished installed. What a hero huh?

Cambrie said...

We are excited about the playhouse!
Wow-- Katie is awesome. I wish I was smart enough to do that!

Katie Groneman said...

Don't be too impressed, the black garbage bag I used as the black heat-absorbing material, decided to melt at about 200 degrees... I think I'll use paper next time. It was an experiment - and it took up my Saturday afternoon, so I was happy with it.

Gramps said...

Yea, you can kind of see that garbage bag melty thing in the picture.