Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Albuquerque timeline has changed

FYI for the moving crew, the Dastrups have moved up their moving process by a day to accomodate a Dastrup family reunion.  What that means for the packing/moving/tending crew is that we won't be there to help box up.  We'll still drive down on Tuesday but instead of boxing on Wednesday, we'll load the truck so we can then carivan it back to Utah on Thursday.   FYI the old folks will sleep on Christa's air mattress and we'll take individual air mattresses for Chad/Brett.  Room in the itty, bitty car carrying 4 big galutes to and fro will be at a premium so only pack what you need...and we do need some bedding as Christa is using her bedding as packing material.


Chad said...

Pack light, bring my own bedding, bring the little bit of brute force I have... Got it.

Marilyn said...

And I am supposing that Dastrups will provide the Motrin! :)