Thursday, May 20, 2010

Restaurant Review: Blue Lemon

We went to the BLUE LEMON restaurant tonight for dinner. It was pretty good.  It's in Highland, across the street North from Kohlers. I had:
Grilled Balsamic Chicken Panini $8.5
Balsamic glazed chicken with sliced tomatoes, grilled onions, garlic, peppers and herbs, smoked mozzarella cheese and lemon pesto aioli on artisan bread pressed on the grill

And Marilyn had:
Chipotle Pineapple BBQ Brisket $9
Perfect pulled beef brisket, provolone cheese,lettuce, tomato and onion on white or wheat ciabatta bread

(We had a 2 for 1 coupon so the price was pretty reasonable....11.50 for the both of us).  It was really good.  There are other things on the menu I want to eventually try.  I didn't care much for their was VERY 60's, which I guess is the new style in the 2010's.  The food made up for it.  Probably some of the best sandwiches I've had.  They also have entres and salads.  We split a chocolate desert which was REALLY rich and nummy.  I also came out pretty full.


Erica said...

I've seen that place. I was curious how it was. Maybe we'll go there sometime (if we have a coupon).

Brett said...

We're going tonight, based off of this recommendation.

Gramps said...

What did you think? After I'd been there about 3 times, I decided the first time was a fluke and the food wasn't really that good. I'll probably not go back.

Brett said...

Not bad. We liked it. We had a coupon too, which made it more worth while. I had the "fish tacos" based in a popularity vote from an employee. I think I'll go with a sandwich next time. Not overly filling portion sizes, although it was probably plenty of food to meet body calorie requirements -- but that's not really why I go out to eat. It was tasty enough, but small. I'll write more when I can use 2 hands. Lindy is using one.

Brett said...

I must say I was a bit confused by what is expected in tipping. The fact that you pay for the thing right up front like a fast food place, and the whole format of their setup, made me thing that they weren't expecting tips. A step up from fast food for sure, but certainly not the Chef's Table. We told them what we wanted, they handed me the receipt to sign, and there was a section at the bottom for the tip, like a normal sit-down restaurant. I put no tip on there because they had hardly begun any sort of service at all. We just pulled up to the cash register for heaven's sakes and they're asking for a tip.

Admittedly, I'm one who is very against the modern expectations of tipping, much like I'm against the expectations of a standing ovation at any concert, no matter what junior-high you're attending it in. I think it's dishonest for restaurant to be able to advertise a $7.99 dinner for all you can eat, and have that be "it" but then it's still completely expected that you give a tip. They should build appropriate employee wages into their food prices, and have nobody be expecting a tip, unless some truly phenomenal service is done. Much like a standing ovation should only very rarely be done for a truly exceptional performance.

With that in mind, I still am not sure if the Blue Lemon was actually expecting a tip or not. I have no problems not tipping them for service that has yet to be given. In this way, the Blue Lemon actually has high-marks from me in that I will not be tipping them up front at the cash register. It doesn't seem like they're expecting a tip, although their initial receipt has a space for it. This makes it a nicer-than-fast-food place to eat, where they don't obligate tipping. +1 to them for that.

Gramps said...

I, and the rest of the world, am with you. Expected tipping is just silly and the US is the only place that does it. It's right up there with not adapting the metric system, but I digress. The reason they put the tip thing up front is that you pay up front, not at the end. You also have to walk up to the register and order yourself, they don't come get your order. You get your own drinks, napkins, etc. To me that deserves no tip UNLESS someone during the time of the mean gives me exceptional service.

Gramps said...

Oh..but you have to be careful about not tipping in the US. You don't tip, especially when they ask for it up front, and you're likely to have them spit in your sandwich. Another reason I won't be going to Blue Lemon again.