Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nelson update

By the way,  who has whom for Christmas this year?

News with us...hmmm...   Lydia has been sleeping in a toddler bed this week.  She does fairly well but she is a little jack-in-the-box in the middle of the night.  It seems like every time she wakes up she has to wander in my room and start climbing on the bed.  Then I have to take her back.  Yesterday while I was at work Steve says she apparently fell out of bed.  Her ankle was swollen and she

refused to stand on it for hours.  Today she is walking with a cute little limp.  Poor lady!!!  

I put curlers in Kiera's hair to curl it for church today.  She was so excited and proud of her curlers. Funny girl.  I hated them at her age! 

We have not had any time to try to figure out where we are going to be working 8 months from now.  We need to do some more research and phone calls.  but between my working full time on top of my already busy schedule and steve going to school, tending kiddos while I working, and trying to study for boards we just haven't made the time.  It is absolutely imperitive that Steve pass his boards the first try.  If he doesn't, we have no idea if our baby(s) will be covered by insurance when they are born.  Lots of pressure on Steve. 

The only family time we have all week together is saturday and sunday mornings.  Saturday we went to our local pumpkin patch again.  It is owned by someone in our ward.  The father if the people who own it is also in our ward and has a particular liking of our family.  He told us he would get us some free tickets if we went there again.  To our surprise though he got us wrist bands (which they sell for $200+ each) to get into any ride or anything for free.  We had tons of fun with our girls.  We took them on $25 worth of just pony rides!  Lydia of course had to do it by herself.  Oh, they had one of those things with the trampolines that you can jump on while attached to the bundgee cords so you can jump super high and do tricks.  Yes, Lydia wanted to do it REALLY bad.  They said she just barely made the weight minimum.  But then they informed us that it was the only thing in the park that you had to have tickets and not the wrist bands.  Too bad!  I really wanted to see her do it! 

VERY anxiously awaiting news wednesday.  Nervous and excited.  


Gramps said...

[cough] $200 for rides at a pumpkin patch?!? [cough] You have to be kidding. When does Steve take the boards? Limpin' Lydia. Cute name...sad story.

Marilyn said...

What do they do at this pumpkin patch? Serve cocoa in gold mugs? That is CRAZY! Even Disneyland doesn't cost that much!
Yeah, when are his boards? It seems like Steve and Brigham have been preparing for the boards, forever!

Erica said...

We're praying for you guys! :)

Marilyn said...

Of course you know that I am praying for you too. That just goes without say...I am YOUR MOTHER afterall!