Monday, October 25, 2010


UPDATE:  Christa says she lost control of her email account and lost her blog, etc. so apparently this is more serious than I orginally thought.  Suggestion:  Change your password to your google mail accounts asap:

"Hi" That's the subject of an email I have received from both Breanna's and Christa's gmail account.  Here is the text of the email without the KIM included:

my dear
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Sincerely yours.♀
It's coming from: "Received: from not authenticated" which means that someone is spoofing the email addresses and routing them through google servers.  It's actually quite common and nothing really you can do about it so don't worry about it, but just be aware it's happening and you may want to let your friends know it's not you.


Brett said...

That happened to Katie's gmail account too. Yes, I've received them from Christa and Buff too. The question is, how do they get the addresses to send them to? If they're just spoofing the email address, how did they know which email addresses to send them to?

Gramps said...

Check out and you can see if your account has been compromised with the instructions/link you can find there.

Erica said...

Gotta love that the English doesn't make much sense.

Thanks for the heads up.

Brett said...

I'm still betting she gets her account back. I bet it's just temporarily shut down by Google because of someone hacking in. Still, I changed my password.